A person i keep within the rain Chapter 34 (English Sub)

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Chapter 35 she looks very confident if she hadn'tanswered herself I'm afraid she wouldn't be so calm what are we going to do right don't worrywe sold contact the lawyers show her underground State the Netherlands the interest of the companyand transferred her Equity without permission resulting in damage to the repetition of thecompany in addition find out where her quality transfer paper is as soon as possible get it backto me before it is an answer Evan you are coming breaking news here are the two best practicesthey are so beautiful how can I refuse my screen's invitation next alone it is the hardest meetingof the QI entertainment so with a good cooperation me too Anna you have to give us an explanationtoday why do you transfer yourselves with permission have you considered the company whatright do you have to give your Equity to others.

You must give us an explanation today or youwon't live has everyone finished then I will start first of all the equity belongs to me companyregulations speed towards that the equity transfer does not file at any lower regulations secondly Isigned the equity transfer VA for two months ago in fact I was before you confident the sellholdersmeeting privately so the agreement is valid IFA is now an equity holder you can find her if you haveany questions third I always say call your resign from today everything of the chain determinehas nothing to do with me their clients stayed in bitter heart how long did you plan how can youtransfer the sale of our group to others outside what are you up to do you want the company togo bankrupt Clinton there are so many people here you'll sub maintain your emails so asnot to discredit the company are you talking.

Reference on me or reference on your sister orare you going to read it against the wall print group the entertainment is operated by you withgreat efforts how can you build to destroy it the change entertainment is operatedby me drinking with other every day I don't care about this but you have been using meand betraying me why so that work for you quilty since the change entertainment Belongs to Youbrand please let it continue to be offered by you I won't work for you anymore Miss green Missgreen Miss green how about the general meeting of cell holders borrow your microphone pleaseladies and gentlemen I have to be announced from now on my pregnancy entertainment ends andthe future everything has nothing to do with me my adjustment with brain presidentof the chain that I'm a company is.

Also officially canceled what he doeshas nothing to do with me since then

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