A person introduced house dazzling female lizard americans, and he became surprised to truly feel a surge of lust

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A man buys a beautiful lizard person and then wants to take her home immediately, wanting to get to know her better The owner of the pet store then signs a contract with him and warns him not to look her in the eyes If the customer violates the contract, the store will not be responsible for anything The owner's name is Count D. He is the owner of this mysterious pet store. The story begins when Detective Leon receives a strange case An actor named Robin died in his home Strangely enough, there is no wound on his body But there was a dead silver lizard on his body Several deaths related to pets had occurred in recent years.

Leon couldn't help but think of Count D, the owner of the pet store This time, the victim was a client of Count D Leon went to the pet store again to investigate Count D didn't seem surprised by Robin's death. But he didn't expect that even the lizard was dead But lizards are not a poisonous species Count D said he didn't know anything Leon had no choice but to bring out a box of desserts Because Count D couldn't refuse the dessert.

It's the only way to get some useful information from him Count D said mysteriously: Ten years ago, Robin, who loved acting, suddenly became popular Because his role as the alien prince was so amazing No matter how hard he tried to sharpen his acting skills People only paid attention to his handsome appearance After that, he had no more good works Robin's will gradually became depressed It turned out Robin was a regular customer of this pet store.

He loved to breed lizards and snakes and other cold-blooded animals. His wife also left him for this reason Two months ago, Count D recommended to Robin a rare pet species that had just arrived, a silver-tailed lizard with the appearance of a young girl. Robin was shocked because her skin had the cold-blooded feel of a reptile. Count D said this lizard was used as an assassination weapon in ancient times She has a very attractive appearance Those who look at her will be instantly petrified People also call her: Medusa Despite this frightening ability, Robin was willing to take her home and made a contract with Count D promising never to look her in the eye.

Once home, Robin took good care of Medusa They soon fell in love with each other Unlike other women who only liked Robin's appearance, Medusa relied entirely on him and was completely devoted to him Robin found a spiritual refuge in Medusa and lost himself in its beauty every day. One day, his agent told him He had one last chance to audition for a role. If Robin didn't get the role again,The company would have to take back his house. His pets would have to be disposed of. Robin couldn't live without Medusa anymore.

On the day of the audition, Robin did a great job. He was back to his best. However, he did not get the role because the newcomer actress was in an inappropriate relationship with the producer. Devastated, Robin returned home He was about to lose the love of his life, but there was nothing he could do about it. Embracing his beloved Medusa, Robin makes a final decision He gave Medusa exquisite make-up. They drank wine by candlelight. Robin suddenly removes the ribbon from Medusa's eyes.

Medusa turned her head away in panic. She also realized Robin's last wish He would rather die in his lover's arms if he couldn't stay together Medusa finally opened her eyes. They looked at each other, and Robin was amazed by Medusa's beautiful face. Unfortunately, that one look was the last. Robin left this world with a sense of satisfaction and sadness that we could not be together Medusa saw her lover for the first time But it was only a parting of life and death.

Disheartened, Medusa looked at her eyes in the mirror In the end, she died with Robin. At Robin's funeral, Count D brought Medusa's ashes Hope to bury them together It was the first and last time they met Legend has it that whoever wins Kirin Beast will win the world And Kirin Beast appears only for the real king This is the anime Petto shoppu obu horazu The most exciting episode, you must see the ending.

In a very old notebook there is a story A politician enters Count D's pet shop and buys a Kirin Beast. Count D says that only a king can gain the Kirin Beast's approval, so the person who obtains the Kirin Beast becomes the president at that time. Young Congressman Roger and his secretary Kelly saw the notebook They went to the mysterious pet store They offered to buy a Kirin Beast, but were rejected on the spot.

Count D said, no matter how much you can offer I can't sell what I don't have The three of them were at a standstill and the crowd of onlookers grew Fortunately, Detective Leon showed up and Roger had no choice but to leave. Congressman Roger was born into a political family. He was the least powerful member of his family. His chances of winning the election were very slim He complains about his situation and indulges in gambling and drinking, ignoring his official duties. At night, Roger's fiancée Nancy brings him some tea.

She only sees Kelly working Kelly hurriedly defended Roger But Nancy had already seen Roger for what he was. He's just a philandering aristocrat. Nancy is also from a wealthy noble family, and the three of them have been classmates and friends for many years. Roger only got engaged to Nancy because of her family's financial support.

After years of being together, Nancy has grown to love the honest and gentle Kelly, wanting to cancel the engagement and be with him. However, Kelly firmly rejects her, telling her that he wants her to become the future First Lady. Kelly came to the pet store again He wanted to pick out a gift for Nancy to comfort her The moment they stepped into the pet store Count D immediately sensed something unusual.

All the animals in the store became agitated Even the arrogant Count D saluted both of them respectfully Count D suddenly tells Kelly to come back with Roger tomorrow to get the Kirin Beast In fact, Kelly has been helping Roger for his own personal reasons His father died in the war He and his mother were left with debts and almost couldn't survive At the most difficult moment, he met Roger He was able to continue his education thanks to a grant from Roger's family. He plans to support Roger to become the president not only to repay his kindness but also to govern the country using Roger's power, creating a world without war, and achieving peace.

And then Nancy will be the president's wife. And live the best life possible. But Nancy was tired of all this. All she wants is a normal, happy family. The next day Roger and Kelly arrive at the pet store Roger taunted Count D for his sudden change of heart He didn't even want money But Count D said that it was Kirin Beast's idea They followed Count D into the innermost secret room,.

Where they only saw a beautifully dressed girl sitting on a bed. The girl was the Kirin Beast that had descended to the earth. When Roger saw the girl, he sneered and thought Count D was a fraud. They were about to leave when Count D suddenly shouted, “Your Excellency, the President. ” They stopped in their tracks. With the smell of incense filling the room,.

Count D told them that as long as they obtained the Kirin Beast, their path to the election would be smooth, and a world without war could also be achieved. Thus, they took the Kirin Beast away. They did not know that it was not the king who chose the Kirin Beast, but the Kirin Beast that chose the king. It would fulfill the king's wish at the cost of people's lives. So, who will the Kirin Beast choose? On the way back, a school bus suddenly lost control and was about to crash into the guardrail. Roger and Kelly immediately drove to intercept the bus and helped it slow down and stop.

To save the children, their car went off the cliff Just at that moment, the Kirin Beast showed its true form. It came to Kelly, who was seriously injured, and asked him what his last wish was In fact, for many years, Kelly had deeply loved Nancy, but he knew that his family background was not worthy of her, so he could only hide his feelings for her in his heart. Kelly thought that his ideals were more important than anything else. However, when he really faced the choice,.

He realized that his dream had already become making Nancy happy. This school bus incident was so sensational that it shocked the whole country. None of the children on the bus were injured. However, the two rescuers were seriously injured, and one of them died People were praising Roger as a hero. The outcome of this election will not be in doubt. In the hospital, Roger woke up from his bed. He hears Nancy's news of Kelly's tragic death. But when he looks at the engagement ring on his hand, it dawns on him The real Roger is dead. At this moment, Roger's body is Kelly's soul.

Kelly, who had become Roger, took Nancy by the hand He told her that he would give her a happy family But only the two of them knew these words When Roger was on the brink of death, the Kirin Beast also asked him the same question. His answer was that he wanted to become the president. In fact, Kirin Beast came down to earth for the queen of a country So the person she really chose was Nancy Only the person who makes Nancy happy will be recognized by Kirin Beast

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