A stubborn president Chapter 36 (English Sub)

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This is chapter 36 why there is no reason whenI say no I mean no Johnson has orange for you to be my assistant you can start tomorrow be hisassistant he was kind enough to let me go out to work just to make me happy it never occurredto him that I could be free and press Papi I'm not going good girl don't be grumpy huhI am not losing my temper I'm just making a point I want to go out and work on my own not beyour assistant see push him is there a difference there is a difference of course I want to realizemyself worth not be a tough by your side forever isn't it yourself or to stay by my side and doyour own Duty what a few days and it's all gone yeah isn't my father just a dog by your side Iforget sorry I don't feel well I'm going to race because how could I say that when I didn't meetit why can I Contour my emotion in front of her.

Is it really nasty feeling and then uh sorryyou are the bastard the feeling the devil do you really think so thenyou did better not go to Goose um I'm not going what did you say goose yeahum you said no no I will go I want to go Ming I promise you I will come back to accompanyyou every day on time I'll talk I go to work everything will not change still be the sameas before you don't call me Mr gong anymore um coming thank you the news political action to thank me oh no I haveto report for duty tomorrow so go to bed early

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