A Will Eternal Season 2 ( yi nian yong heng) episode 29 (81) English 1080p multi sub on-line

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A will eternal season 2 ep 29 The Outer City Was Surprised by Xiaochun Breakthrough Turn the Sword Array Thousand Faces At this moment, change the target of the sword array frontal battlefield You will not be able to contain Nascent Soul The Power of Alchemy.

At that time, recharge and switch to attack The outer city will fall The eastern city wall is now broken The morale of the two spiritual blood sects soared Combat power soaring All because of Bai Xiaochun alone as long as he dies All crises can be resolved All Black Armored Golems.

Foundation monks cooperate with sword array kill Bai Xiaochun in this way Xuanxi Sect can't stand it anymore The puppets They all went to Shaozu The monks Follow me to intercept them.

Let me down just now Consume too much of your aura the poison in your body Just temporarily suppressed by me To eradicate I have to find a safe place as soon as possible Are you okay Purple Gas Cauldron.

You adjust your breath first give it to me here that is Xuanxi Sword Formation Even if the life of the foundation disciples is used to fill the Using all the energy of the Zongmen Formation I must kill this son too Even if you sacrifice yourself Trap us here too.

Too much deceit don't be afraid Why this scene deja vu Disciples of the Blood Stream Sect listen to the order Xuanxi Shameless Dare to entrap my ancestor Immediately fight against Xiongcheng Rescue Shaozu.

Even if the Spirit Array is repaired I'm afraid it's too late It's over Thousand Faces Back to inner city Go invite treasure Those pictures in my mind He is also desperately guarding but.

That is not my memory If the person he wants to save is really me how nice Bai Xiaochun leave me alone you go Spell light aura I can still fight the flesh As long as I have breath.

Our life no one can take it away Shattered Throat Lock As long as I have breath will never let you get hurt Blood Lord Shao Zu we are here boys.

Du Shaozhu how are you Send her to the back for treatment Be sure to take good care of Shao Zu Blood Lord order now It's time for us to vent our anger Shao Zu.

You order Shao Zu We all listen to you My spirit has recovered Xuanxizong takes care of me in every possible way It's time to give back come on with me Touwa Yujo.

Lin Mu Outer city defense is up to you waited so long It's finally my turn Xuanxi sect's You are already alone and helpless Surrender quickly drop I promise.

Do not kill prisoners What a cruel practice The one who betrayed me Xuanxi kill poultry everyone follow me Blood Lord don't worry about us.

The power of the sun give me back Bai Xiaochun The tomb has been waiting for a long time die for me Vegetation All soldiers Yin Moon Tribulation Rainbow This person's cultivation level is comparable to mine.

But victory lies in Zijia's overbearing Strange technique play against Can't keep hands Sun and Moon Tonghui Just use this drop of Tongtian River water Melting My Immortal Blood break you first.

Armor Bai Xiaochun inside What's the situation What a wise move Unfortunately useless try this Using poison.

You know that I have been in Danxi School for many years And this special puppet Can also block poison not necessarily What's the situation Why are there spiritual plants all around itchy so cold It's so hot.

How could this be This is the real use of that trick Only break a few cracks can defeat you just now I was careless But I haven't lost yet want to run Sword array.

Protect me Kill Bai Xiaochun for me You can control the sword array Bai Xiaochun also has means Inside how can you eight Lin Mu is dead Let's now.

Let's conquer this great city Blood Lord's Combat Power Is Boundless Renze Bafang

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