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Make sure to watch this video to the end, as there is a very important announcement that I'll make that I'm sure anybody in the AoE community will be interested in. I usually forget most of my dreams when I wake up. I don't know if the reason I'm having these dreams about AoE are because Cour 1 is coming soon, or because I'm simply just remembering my dreams more. I had the craziest AoE dream today though about what would happen in the dream scene we got a preview of Cour 1’s PV. This dream led to me taking a closer look at the dream we had. The dream opened with Kid Eren in a cave, confused and trying to get out in the direction of a light source.

Then the camera cuts to the small opening in the cave, and we get a clear view of Adult Manga Eren, looking down into the cave at Kid Eren. Then we see Anime Eren flipping through his ages, Kid Eren all the way to Adult Eren with all of them yelling in anguish, then the dream ends. I like to think that this dream I had is the prequel to the dream that I had eight days ago, where it was the aftermath of us watching the raw broadcast on the NHK channel, where people on Reddit were exploding about how a Cour 1 opened with an anime original dream scene,.

Then it cut to opening song. In fact, I even photoshopped a mockup of the Reddit post I saw in that dream, because I remember it so clearly. It's a really funny coincidence how both of those dreams line up. IT’S NOT Honestly, it makes me think about how important that dream sequence will be for AoE. For example, the WIT version of Eren waking up shows Mikasa standing up before Eren is initially laying down on the floor, and then he sits up. The MAPPA version of Eren waking up shows.

Eren initially laying down on the floor, sitting up before Mikasa stands up. The Manga version of Eren waking up shows Eren already sitting up, leaning against a tree as he was asleep while Mikasa stays standing the whole time. Even more so, I realized something very strange as the result of the dream inspiring me to take a closer look at the preview. The MAPPA version of Eren waking up is much further away from the WIT version. The WIT version is right behind a rock, and a field of blue flowers behind it. The MAPPA version, however is further behind,.

And we see the rock, but the field of blue flowers are completely missing. And, I almost forgot to mention this, we see a strong gust of wind blow away Eren’s tears before the scene ends. You may be wondering why I stopped making the Attack on Titan videos lately. That's because January 9th, 2022, this line came into existence. However, there is major lore have been building up around that line for the past year. The culmination of this will be when I release my mega project, which revolves around the anime original ending.

Day of Singularity is my homage to the culmination of our entire journey we have gone through as a community. I plan on posting a video of every time I use this line before I release Chapter One, so you can see every instance of foreshadowing. There are three true meanings to the line, each having extreme importance to the overall story, and importance to AoE itself. Day of Singularity will be three chapters: Chapter One will release soon after Cour 1. Chapter Two should release about a month or so before Cour.

2, and Chapter Three will release when Attack on Titan ends. Chapter One will be about 15 minutes long, and yes, it will be extremely well written, at least better than the anime original ending. This part of the video is also extremely important. I have made a Google form that you should participate in. This is the password for the form. This Google Form is only for those who have at least 95% faith in AoE. This is your declaration that you believe AoE will happen, along with your username.

Your username that you submit will be used in my final AoE homage video. It will be a text reel of all of those who believed in AoE until the very end. Are you willing to take the risk? Please participate in it, and get others to do the same, as the form closes a month before Cour 2 releases. With that out of the way, here's an exclusive preview for the first chapter of Day of Singularity.

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