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Cartoon Network was formed in 1992 as a way for Turner Broadcasting to Showcase its acquired MGM and Hanna-Barbera properties that the corporation bought in the 80s and the early 90s eventually the network crew popular enough that original programming like Space Coast to Coast was made in the middle of the 90s along with an.

Anthology series what a cartoon that would spawn in many cartoons that Cartoon Network would make in the 90s along with a Seth MacFarlane short that would turn into Family Guy in 2001 Adult Swim was formed to capitalize off of late night viewers and its main claim to fame is the purchase of the syndication rights for the canceled Family Guy which.

Led to its Revival in 2005. along with a whole slew of original programming like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Robot Chicken though it has been a pinnacle of the block for the greater part of its existence has been the Airing of reruns of fox anime shows like Family Guy King of the Hill The Cleveland Show American Dad Futurama the PJs and Bob's Burgers.

Before midnight Adult Swim began its existence as a block that started at 10 pm to 1am eventually expanding to 5 a.m in 2003 then even further to 6 a.m in 2005 because those were hours the kids don't typically watch TV because they're sleeping or you know should be sleeping in the early 2000s kids networks typically had programming blocks new.

Episodes on Fridays from about 6 to 10 pm but those eventually phased out in 2010 Adult Swim began to extend its grasp further into the early evening moving at 9pm then moving to 8 PM in 2014 which earlier this month Adult Swim expanded its programming blocked the start an hour earlier at 7 pm now there are plans.

To expand the adult oriented block even earlier and it has to do with the demographics of Cartoon Network dramatically changing over the past two decades the news dropped yesterday with court cutter news and I'll read a portion of this article and then we'll discuss quote Cartoon Network which advertises.

Itself as targeting or audience of boys and girls age 6 to 12. now though most such viewers are over the age of 18 with 75 percent of its viewers are now over the age of 18 and 43 percent over the age of 30 according to statista because of this it seems that Warner Bros Discovery wants to use Adult Swim to help drive up its viewership earlier by.

Moving it up to 6 pm it has even been reported that in 2022 during the hours of 6 pm to 8pm 68 of Cartoon Network's audience was over the age of 18. this time block has traditionally been big with school-aged kids looking to watch TV before bed dot dot dot it was also announced that Adult Swim will help be a lead for this newly.

Expanded Adult Swim block we will have to wait to see the full Adult Swim schedule once it is expanded so there's a lot to unpack here but what cord cutters is saying is that the demographics for Cartoon Network has changed from children to adults what Warner Bros Discovery is doing is expanding its adult programming block to.

Appeal to the current audience since adults don't want to watch Teen Titans Go what's driving this change is that younger audiences are no longer watching as much TV as earlier generations of young people did before like 2010 that's mainly because of the rapid increase in online entertainment and streaming that.

We've seen increase over the past decade kids can watch YouTube content and stream their favorite shows on demand so there isn't as much incentive to watch a new episode or even reruns because they have instant access to those shows Once they come out there's also free to play multiplayer games like fortnite and ball guys the kids can easily dedicate.

Hundreds of hours into that weren't available 20 years ago then there are a variety of YouTubers and streamers that kids can rot their brains on so the idiot box doesn't even have the Allure that it did in the past parents don't need cable to provide entertainment to their kids and it's cheaper to just have internet than to have both inevitably.

It's possible that in five to ten years Adult Swim could be the main driving force of the network and Cartoon Network is relegated to a block like how kids WB existed in the 2000s as such WB Discovery has made efforts to bolster Adult Swim's lineup by bringing back up routine Hunger Force for its 12th season after the success of its.

Second movie and commissioning new shows like tartakovsky's unicorn Warriors but Adult Swim needed to supplement its programming anyways as Family Guy left for FXX in 2021 and the first eight seasons of Bob's Burgers will fall in September of this year the network reacquired King of the Hill and Futurama in 2021 which has led to murmurings that.

Disney could pull these shows since they're both being revived on Hulu but since the old swim shares the rights with FXX for King of the Hill and Futurama it's less likely that this will happen as Adult Swim had exclusive syndication rights to Family Guy in the first eight seasons of Bob's Burgers the article notes that American Dad will be.

The anchor for the early hours of the programming block but I guess that adult sumo will rely heavily on reruns of American Dad King of the Hill and Futurama to solidify that section I don't foresee American Dad being on from 6 to 10 P.M every night even though Adult Swim airs up for two hours on a regular basis I think that's a bridge.

Too far to go to four ultimately time will tell what the plans are for Adult Swim whether they will acquire more shows or reruns or create their own we're seeing similar moves to creating more adult animation with Fox as the port that wasn't sold off to Disney has been heavily invested in metal box entertainment to make their own.

Programming that fox doesn't have to share with Disney and the move to more interest in adult animation stems from the success of The Simpsons which led to the creation of adult swim in the first place what we're seeing here is that most likely people that grew up between 1990 to 2010s to watch animation as adults.

Before shows through the Simpsons South Park and King of the Hill adult animation with Slim packings but networks have realized that there is an increasingly growing audience for adult animation especially on cable it's a shame that close enough was on HBO Max because it was the perfect fit for Adult Swim and could have been used to shore.

Up the block but it was apparently used as a tax write-off and if that's the case there's no chance that it will reappear because if it was going to go on Adult Swim it probably would have been moved immediately after it got axed from HBO Max so this should be a good development for adult animation unless Adult Swim decides to shovel reruns.

Instead of making new cartoons which is altogether very possible because they've kind of been doing that for the most part for 20 years for kids cartoons it basically means that cartoon Arc is dying but that doesn't necessarily mean that kid's animation is in trouble what seems more likely is that the content will primarily move to online.

And streaming and subcable which is the way most media is trending like if you watch basketball you'll notice that he talks a lot about new SpongeBob episodes not having a lot of viewership and it's not because SpongeBob was following a popularity it's more popular than it's ever been it's just that kids don't watch SpongeBob on TV they watch.

SpongeBob online they like their YouTubers to say dude once every three words too bad they don't know what Real Entertainment is the Bible you question the words of the mighty Jimmy no foreign

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