After the man sold a mermaid residence, he surprisingly was tubby of lust.

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A man bought a mermaid and was attracted to her beautiful looks and sexy figure, He stared at the lower half of the mermaid's tail, and he was curious about where her secret part would grow on her body He began to study her body every day There is a mysterious pet store in Chinatown The owner always wears a beautiful Chinese tunic They called him Count D, The store sells all kinds of exotic animals As long as the contract is kept, these “pets” will bring good luck to the customers Even realize their dreams.

But if the contract is broken, the store will not be responsible for any accidents Just a short time ago, the beautiful and popular singer Alba She fell into the sea during her cruise ship wedding and her whereabouts are unknown The news quickly spread throughout the city A week later Alba's husband Yeso came to the pet store in Count D to claim the pet Alba ordered before she died So Count D took him to a secret room, Yeso saw a huge porcelain vase in the dark room,.

Looking down from the jar's mouth, the water was pitch black, and suddenly a woman's face appeared in the water It was the missing Alba She still had their wedding ring on her hand Yeso was very excited, but Count D warned him not to approach, It was then that Yeso realized that the woman in front of him was a mermaid, Count D said he found the mermaid on the night of the full moon last week on the beach She had lost all her memories when she was found And that was the day Alba had her accident Count D continued mysteriously According to Eastern legend, mermaids live in palaces under the sea,.

They occasionally come to shore to unite with humans Maybe your wife, Alba, is really a mermaid Yeso listened and couldn't wait to bring “Alba” back Count D signed a contract with him Yeso was told not to let anyone see the mermaid And to change the seawater regularly Most importantly, never let her go hungry Otherwise, the pet store would not be responsible for what happened, Yeso brought the mermaid home and kept her in his pool.

And took good care of the mermaid He looked at the mermaid's face and he had the illusion It was as if Alba had never left him The next day, the detective in charge of investigating Alba's disappearance found Count D and suspected Yeso of being involved in her fall into the sea But Count D said he could see that Yeso was grieving from his heart, The detective thought that if Yeso wasn't the killer, maybe he was covering for someone, They soon found Alba's assistant Louise, who had returned to her hometown right after Alba's accident She and Yeso were once lovers But Yeso later moved on and got together with Alba.

If Louise resented Alba And chose the wedding day to take revenge on her This speculation sounds reasonable On the other hand, Yeso was sitting by the pool every day He is sad that Alba has forgotten himself In a trance, he heard the mermaid singing Alba's hit song, Yeso went up to the mermaid and hugged her excitedly He vowed to stay with her forever At that moment, he has completely recognized the mermaid as Alba.

Soon the detective found Louise But she said she and Yeso had long since broken off their relationship Sincere tears confused the detective Without evidence, the investigation was at a standstill When Count D heard this, he taunted the detective that there is no truth in human female tears, Just then, police found Alba's remains, half-eaten by fish, confirming her death News of Alba's confirmed death spreads Louise rushed to Yeso, Yeso appeared distressed and told Louise that Alba was his true love.

They were ready to start over and told her not to bother them anymore But all Louise sees in the pool is a big, fierce fish After rejecting Louise, Yeso turns around and goes back to the pool He embraces the mermaid like a lover, but is completely unaware His body, under the sharp claws of the mermaid, had already appeared wounds Yeso, who was in a trance, had forgotten about the pet store contract, Because she was worried about Yeso, Louise finally told the detective the truth It turns out that Yeso has been in love with Louise all along He told Louise he had to do it for his career and future.

He had to get together with singer Alba At that moment, their conversation was all watched by Alba in her wedding dress, The proud singer could not bear such a blow She jumped in to the sea in a fit of rage Yeso and Louise feel guilty for Alba's death So they agreed that they would never see each other again Now Yeso mistakes a strange fish for Alba Louise is convinced that this must be Alba's revenge The detective remembered that Count D had sold Yeso a mermaid,.

He went to the pet store in anger and questioned her, Count D said calmly that if there was an accident Maybe Yeso forgot to feed it The police then immediately went to Yeso's house The air was thick with the smell of blood, The pool was filled with blood and the remains of Yeso's body, A huge monster fish jumped up from the water It turns out there is no mermaid at all Later the police found in the belly of the strange fish.

Alba's upper body remains And that's when the dust settled Two people who did not love each other In the belly of the monster fish to complete the vow to be together forever A few days later, a sad couple came to the pet store, Their daughter had recently passed away, and the husband decided to buy a pet to comfort his wife , Count D suggested a valuable rabbit that had just arrived at the store, which would certainly please them, However, when the couple saw the rabbit, they were shocked because it looked just like their daughter Alice,.

The wife questioned Count D, but he insisted that it was just a rabbit from a rare breed on a remote island, The couple decided to buy the rabbit and signed a contract with Count D, He reminded them to follow every rule in the contract, which included not letting anyone else see the rabbit, keeping the accompanying incense burning, and only feeding the rabbit vegetables and water, If they broke the contract, the pet store would not be responsible for any accidents, At home, the couple was ecstatic to have “Alice” back, and the rabbit even called them “mom” and “dad,” further solidifying their belief that it was their daughter,.

They only fed “Alice” vegetables and water three times a day as stipulated in the But that day Alice suddenly wanted to eat the cookies on the table The wife did not hesitate to get up to get The husband reminded her of the contract But after Alice's pleading, her husband finally gave in After seeing that Alice was not affected by eating the cookie, they forgot about their contract with Count D. Alice's personality started to become more and more violent and she refused to eat anything other than pastries At this moment, Alice suddenly covered her stomach in pain.

When Alice suddenly began to grip her stomach in pain, her abdomen started to bulge and a lot of living creatures seemed to be inside her. Finally, her body was torn alive. A number of baby-like creatures emerged from inside They kept crying for their mother At that moment, Count D sensed that they had violated the contract When the police arrived, the house was filled with the strong smell of blood In the darkness, thousands of rabbits were glaring. The male host had collapsed in a pool of blood The police interrogated Count D, asking what kind of monsters he had sold.

But Count D said it was just a rabbit with a high reproductive capacity He also stated that they had breached the contract first and that he was not responsible for anything Later they found the lady in the corner who was in a trance She stated that every time Alice ate a cookie, she would smile like an angel, and she just couldn't bear to see her daughter upset She told them the reason for her daughter's death. Alice had been the apple of her parents' eye since she was a child Their family was so well-off that they did everything they could for their daughter Later Alice became more and more unruly and the couple did not stop her Until she started hurting others and even became addicted to drugs.

While in rehab, she begged her mother to give her illegal drugs Just once, just one last time Her mother couldn't say no to her daughter, and it was this “last time” that led to Alice's death That's when a bunch of rabbits swooped in. but instantly fell to the ground in agony, all dead. The additives in the snack are harmless to humans But for small animals, they are highly toxic. The rabbits, like Alice Both died of the couple's over-indulgence.

Trying to satisfy all of a child's demands in order to make them happy ultimately became a tragedy. Anime named Petto shoppu obu horazu Is more than 20 years ago the old anime The store owner Count D is a very interesting pet store owner The pets in his store can be purchased without money But you must sign a contract with him If you violate the contract, he will not be responsible for any accidents that occur. So you adopt a magical pet first? If you also like.

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