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Hey, is that ” Asali Bhoot ki NakaliKahani” podcast edited or not? It hasn't been edited yet. Didn't edit, hey it was tobe done live today man. In how much timewas it to go live? Had to do it till 5:00 pm, now 10 minutesare left, now it will not happen anyway. Will be done. Are these the clips? Done.. Finished !.

Whatever has happenednow, you must be wondering that in one click the entirepodcast has been edited. But no, now this is also possible and yes,in just one click, let me tell you how? So here is a website from whereyou have to download their plugin and after that your entire podcastwill be cut completely in one click. And apart from that, ifthere is a gap in your clips, then it will remove that too in one clip. By the way, I haven't even triedthis yet, let's see how it works? So without wasting timelet's go to our website.

So the name of thewebsite here is Automatic editing forvideos, podcasts and shows. So they have already toldthat this is a tool for podcasts. So here let's see theirfeatures, multi-camera editor where you will have manycameras, two or three cameras. Social Clip Creator. Well, what does this SocialClip Creator do, auto-reframe. That is, if you have done yourvideos in the format of YouTube, then it will do it in theformat of Instagram or shorts.

After that there is Jump Cut Editor which will remove all thesilence or gap in your video. So we have to try both these tools. And now let's download it. Start Free Trial, Here I Enter My Email. So, it was showing on theirwebsite that there is 30 days free trial, but they got the paymentdone first brother. We downloaded it, for now, I'll install it. So for now we have downloadedtheir extension from their website.

As soon as we go to premium,it will start showing us there. For now my 30 days trial is going on, after 30 days my payment will beautomatically deducted from the bank. I will cancel it before that. Now let's go to Premiere Pro, newproject, here we will enter Auto Podcast. Brother, the commotion in the flat abovealso starts only when I record the video. But leave it, let's see the podcast. So first of all, whatever cameras youhave, I have two angles of cameras, we import them here.

So we have Samrat Bhai's podcastfeaturing two Harsha & Lakshya Chaudhary. I was not there at that timeor I was not taken intentionally. I have been cheated. And yes, for now we have tomake do with Samrat Bhai's podcast as we do not have any alienstory or ghost story podcasts yet. So first of all we have to sync them. Now we will go to WindowExtensions, Multi-camera Editor. Now here you can choose a lotof things, like A1 is of Lakshya. A1 means audio 1.

Samrat Bhai's file is on A2. And V1 of Lakshya and V2 is of Samrat Bhai. After that we have to comehere on the cutting method. You can see here, eitheryou can keep the standard. Or you can keep it enabled and disabled. So that later we can choose whetherwe want to keep that clip or not. After that we have to do multishot frequency here on medium, that how fast your cuts are taking place. We have two speakers, we have two cameras.

Now let's click here,create multi-cam edit. That is, it is telling me that bothyour clips should be at the same time. This video is a bitextended so I'll trim it down. Let's select, Create Multi-Cam Edit. And it has started, sonothing has happened yet. Hey, it's done? Oh no dude, I'll see once. You have the rightcamera on the right audio. If Samrat Bhai is speaking,then Samrat Bhai's face appears.

And where Lakshya is speaking,the camera with Lakshya goes there. And it did it in just two seconds,with just one click from me. Now my job is really in danger. And I used a really shortclip, mine's an 8 minute clip and it only took two seconds to edit. Brother, my job is about to go. Thank goodness I don't edit podcasts. But you can see howquickly it has created all these. I have seen it completely, thereis nothing wrong with it anywhere.

Where the person who is speaking,we see the clip of the same person. But there's a problem with itthat no one else will tell you. This will work only when the audioof each person is on a separate track. You will have to link aseparate audio file to your video. If there is a clip of SamratBhai, then there should be only audio of Samrat Bhai andnot the other sitting with him. Because here, after applyinga cut in the audio itself, our face cam is placed over it. But with the speed with which it has donethis, no one can leave this speed behind.

And when you press Ctrl+Z andsee, you will know each and every step. It's done every single step, butit's done it in just two seconds. Right now I want to do this again. Create Multicam Clips But here Ido standard instead of enable-disable, so you will know the differencewhat is the difference between both? Create, And 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.. Now look at the clips that were here, you could enable and disablethem according to your wish.

But here in the standard,it has been deleted, but everything else is completely exact. So the podcast feature of Autopodwas very cool, but they have another tool that you can find in thisextension called Jump Cut Editor. So first let's put one of our videoshere, so we imported our file here. Now you can see how many timeshere I was looking at the screen and my face was not in front of the camera. Now if I want to make acut in it, how will I do so? Cut here, then I will go ahead, thencut here from C, I will delete the middle.

This is how work happens. But better than this you select this, goto Window Extensions, Jump Cut Editor. Here it will ask for silence dB cut off. Means you have to cutoff the audio below 50 dB. Create a Jump Cut and just wait.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.. They have started applying cuts.. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. In 11 seconds it has editedthe entire video of 5 minutes.

And you can see there's nosilence here, it's all audio files. You can see it has worked well. Let me do one more thing, let'stake the previous project of Lakshya, now let's see how itworks on a big project. How does this work when we have many clips? So this whole clip hereis around 23 minutes. Now let's cut it and see Create Jump Cut. Well saying that it doesnot cut multiple clips at once. If you want to cut, do it inside it, next,and you can jump cut the single clip.

Let's do it. Completed. Done. After that we will next do it. Let's edit this now howlong does it take, 321.. And I'm not touching the keyboard atall, it's magically removing these gaps. This tool is absolutely cool. If there is a clip of 1 hour, then it used to take me around one toone and a half hours to remove the gaps.

But now I am feeling that it willfinish all my work in just 2-3 minutes. Don't tell this trick to Lakshya. Seeing this, I am feeling alittle scared, don't know why? Completed. And it has cut down the timelineof 20 minutes to 12 minutes. Brother, in this thing, ithas done it within 3 minutes, which used to take me 1 to 1.5 hours. In the last video I said that no, AIis not going to eat my job so soon. But looking at this toolI feel that just now.. :(.

But to tell the truth, it is a very goodtool, it has cut everything very well. Their podcast and Jump Cut tool is perfect. Does the job well, doesn't get any errors,gets done quickly, is efficient too. So would I like to buy itby paying money or not? So it depends, if it makes my job easier. Like if it leaves little gaps then Iwill have to make cuts later also. But yeah, it's a great tool ifyou want to save time anywhere. The one with podcast is the best. So if you shoot a lot of podcastsand want to save your time in editing.

Then you can definitely use this tool. Rest I will give 8 out of10 to the podcast tool, because it works absolutelyperfect and is good too. This is a paid software. Though I have got 30 days free trial but after that my moneywill start getting deducted. Before that I will unsubscribebecause I don't edit podcasts. But if you want to removegaps from your videos, that is, to use jump cut feature, that too for free,then you can use a tool called Auto cut.

Autocut.fc is its website. From here you can download it for freeby going to this and what do you get here.. Jumps Cut in Premiere Pro, Pre-Cutbase for faster results, that's all. And here you are getting it for free. Means I had to apply my card there, but here, I downloaded itfor free and it got downloaded. Let's install it. After installing we will go toWindows Extensions, Auto Cut. Now let's see how it will work.

As you click on thisextension it will bring you here and send a 14 day trial key to your email. I activate it, just got it on my email. And now let's see how it works? So here it has two versions AutoCut AI and Auto Cut Version 2. Now let's see the one with AI. Well, it is showing how it willcut, if this audio is mine here, then it is showing the red one. I want it to be cut more closely.

I will go to the 4th one. Well, AI aggressiveness, it willtell that if you have selected 1, it will remove silence from very fewplaces here, leaving it at some places. But if you select 4 it will removeeverything wherever there is silence. You can see the previewhere as if it was a gap. Below you can see like the red onewas there, there was no audio here there was silence so this will remove it. At the place of the indicator youcan see what it is going to remove. Not going into muchtechnicality, we press cut.

Well, our Autopod was easy touse, but there were no such frills. But this is also working well. But how it works, it will first cutyour video, then remove the silence. And you can turn it on & off from herewhether it only cuts or removes the silence so this is a good thing. Friend, if all this goesso far, then it is very risky.. As it is showing here, there are 306 cutsout of which 180 have already been done. Friend, seeing all these things, I amgetting scared that no, now my card is over And here it has been cut.

Here it is showing that 306 cuts havebeen made in 9 minutes 11 seconds. It took a little more time than that butI think its cut is more clear than that. So if there is not much gap inthe cut between the two clips, then it is a good thing. You also get to see Auto cut version2 here. It will have the samesilence remover and all that but here is Auto Zoomwhich is still in beta. So here, if you auto-zoom it, then itcan also zoom in, while making cuts. So that was it in today'svideo, both the tools are good.

If you go to try using thefree one, I told you Auto cut. And you can use podcasts or even paid ones,which are a little better, easier to use. Then you can go with Autopod. If you like the video thensubscribe the video, like the channel, because my future is in danger. But no, it won't happen, restof the work I have to do, ok bye. Yes bye, see you next week.

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