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Hello Honeys today we're talking all about Vivid kiss from its real life Inspirations to chords you probably never even heard of I found everything there is to know there will be Major Spoilers for iut suit and minor spoilers for iotu on Parade so that's okay with you let's get started Vivid kiss confused me so bad.

When I first started this research the official description for the brand is roughly translated as inspired by La casual Weare and West Coast Designs this brand gives the freedom of expression that brings out the pop in you I'm from the West Coast so I thought I could totally figure out where all these random designs were coming from but if.

You actually look at La casual Weare and West Coast Designs from 2013 the year Vivid kiss was being created it looks absolutely nothing like Vivid kiss not even close I was there and I can confirm that myself instead the important part of this description is the freedom of expression and pop keywords those give us the real Inspirations Amika jiaru and.

Po they're both based on American fashion but both styles were curated in Japan amaji Garo is a substyle of Garo fashion which comes from the Garo counterculture that's existed in Japan since the 1970s to put it very simply garu is a philosophy and lifestyle that can be identified through fashion it's mostly based on breaking taboos and.

Challenging traditional Japanese standards for women the name Garo comes from the word girl and G are often referred to as gals in English gals are known to be loud freesp spirited and fun-loving there's also a more mature element to the culture with a focus on sexual expression so if you're going to research gar yourself just be prepared.

To see some mature content along the way however none of that content is relevant to aikatsu so I won't be discussing those aspects of the culture the name amaji directly translates to American casual and in Garo fashion it refers to an exaggerated almost cartoonish interpretation of American culture its inspiration stretches from the 1980s to.

The 2000s is known for being very bright and colorful popular brands include Coco Lulu ritage spy marle Q blue Moon blue and anap girl amaji garu fashion was featured alongside other Garo Styles and magazines like ranui pop teen and egg I have found mature content while browsing some issues of egg so I would avoid that one if you're under 18 Garo fashion as a.

Whole reached its peak in popularity around 2011 when it entered mainstream pop culture it declined around fall 2014 remember Vivid kiss came out in March 2014 IU's design team was most likely as following trends when it picky as one of its Inspirations pulling from its free spirit and fashionable reputation however because IU's audience is mostly.

Young girls they tone down a lot of the amaji inspiration with another style pop K pop K is a very loose Japanese fashion St style that shares alaji G's vintage inspiration it can be recognized by its youthful colors mixed patterns and vintage elements its main Brands include ACDC rag Galaxy and spank and it was featured in magazines like cutie and.

Zipper I want to focus on spank for a second because it's one of the strongest matches for vivid kisses style spank is a small but influential brand based in Tokyo with its head designer T taking her inspiration from 80s '90s American nostalgia in an interview with she names the American sit come full house as one of her.

Inspirations if we look at Full House ourselves we can see a lot of connections to Vivid kiss and its costume design if a vivid kiss cord uses a lot of denim or a tropical theme that's amaji garu if the chord uses mixed patterns Patchwork and chunky accessories that's pop I've heard from a lot of people who find it difficult to.

Understand this brand including myself I think it makes sense if you consider that one of the main goals of 80s fashion was to break rules and avoid traditional Styles a lot of that transferred into the '90s tastes as well if you're interested in learning more about either garu fashion or pop K there's some really informative videos.

Linked In the description that will give you a good starting point despite being exclusively inspired by Japanese fashion trends Vivid kiss is based in Los Angeles California and the USA we never see its actual headquarters but the brand does have a satellite office in studio in Japan the office is located in downtown skyscraper and.

Appears to be consultation only since we only see a housing reference materials and fabric samples the studio is located in a nearby beachfront property called Bloom Marine Cottage the K's top designer is a woman named kako who has no other name staff members the brand is famous enough to be a subject of an international documentary and is at.

Least 8 years old since we know kaiako was already a top designer when moo was around five we may not know much about Vivid kiss as a brand but we can draw some more conclusions based on how kaiako is described in the anime the official series guide book says that Vivid kiss is a brand that imagines a free world.

View that is not bound by Common Sense designer kako was also an unconventional woman with a distinctive way of speaking kako is heavily implied to be a gal and her design matches contemporary fashion for the on garu AKA older sister garu substyle these are gals who have grown out of their Bolder more youthful Styles and have transitioned to a more work.

Appropriate fashion sense mode AKA High fashion Garo would also be a good fit for her the closest English equivalent we have to garu slang is valy girl slaying from Hollywood celebrity culture which is where Kyoko gets her distinctive speech pattern in English subtitles she lives in LA and according to hinaki travels frequently she is.

Known to host parties with a strict dress code that are exclusive to people she thinks are fashionable Kao also attended one of Amah honey oa's designer parties at angeling Mountain when Monica was little Kyoko met hinaki about 3 years after this party when hinaki was in fourth grade haki was already working in the entertainment industry at this.

Time and had already discovered Vivid kiss and decided to ask for a premium dress however Kyo instantly recognized H's cord and offered her a gentle critique she asked her what's the news about today's fashion points and when HEI couldn't answer she said that's like totally a rip of the cord on page 57 from this month's fashion Min I'm the.

Type to check every on the streets each month there's nothing wrong with a little imitation that's how you build up your own of fashion still I won't be handing over my premium address you're still missing a certain something and when HEI asked what she was missing kako only said when you figure it out hop on back from this we learn that Kyoko is.

Extremely knowledgeable about Trends and does a lot of market research herself she is firm but fair in maintaining her fashion standards even to a young child she respects hinaki enough to be honest with her and helps Inspire her growth by challenging her instead of giving her specific criteria to meet she wants to see how HEI develops her own taste.

Something she can't do if she focuses too much on kyoko's own preferences between 1 and 2 years after this meeting k met mizaki this range is because mizaki met mikuru one year after hinaki Met kako mikuru was already wearing Vivid kiss at the time so this would have been miki's first known exposure to the brand and the earliest time she.

Could have contacted Kyoko one year later musicy scouted and kururu for a unit group and asked kako to make their unit dresses we know it was musiki because mikuru hadn't met or contacted Kyoko herself up to that point Kyoko was in the US during wm's debut and promotional period and miziki called her while she was watching one of Miko's.

Interviews on TV there are two possibilities here miziki could have asked her to watched the interview and A Rang this conversation or it was a coincidence and Kyoko was just very excited to talk about mikuru either way Kyoko told Mizuki that she approved to mikuru and miziki asked her to place an order from muro's gardening shop she was.

Happy to be able to fulfill miki's request clearly having a lot of respect for her and prepared to fly back to Japan for one of her parties when mikuru arrived at the party to deliver the requested flower Kyoko was excited to see her she said your love and passion for vivid kiss was for serious transmitted me through all your.

Interviews I also saw how diligent and hardworking you are with all your work it might just be okay to entrust you with this PR prium dress in exchange you better have a fantastic sto alive or I'll blow a fuse Kyoko gives her the resort cancer cward and attends her performance whether or not Kyoko found the initial interview on her own she.

Obviously watched more of them and was following miku's promotional work we already know that Kyoko follows fashion magazines so it makes sense if she was also inclined to follow idols and pop culture another thing to know about this interaction is that fashion is never brought up here mikuro did wear a variety of outfits that match VI's style.

And all of her TV promotions and this seemed to fulfill kyoko's criteria however it is notable that M's endorsement is a strong factor in Koko's approval of mikuru Miki arranged their meeting in a way that would help mikuru make a good impression on her favorite designer and Koko was impressed when she saw the results me crew's work after.

This Kyoko is seen attending the Starlight Academy Middle School yearly recital and the next time we see her is at another party at blue marine Cottage there she recognizes HEI when she arrives with her friends and stops to watch their impromptu fashion show when they all fall down and are covered in grape juice she seems to have already.

Gained a lot of confidence in them and she doesn't try to help them at all instead she watches to see how they'll react she's proven right when they make a smooth with recovery and when hinaki announces that she's found her own fashion sense she says now you've got it Kyoko invites the girls in and thanks them for firing up her party but stops.

Hinaki to ask her to perform for the other guests she clearly knows that haki has become an idol potentially from The Starlight Academy recital she attended before after she watches haki perform Kyoko tells the girls I like totally got flooded with ideas for vivid premium dress seeing he on stage better prepare yourself for next week's Christmas party.

I tot want you to wear it to fit the holiday theme Kyoko makes and then sends the Clara Carol cord to Starlight Academy for hii her notes says I made this Vivid kiss premium dress with you in mind HEI Merry Xmas I'm totally excited to see you rock Christmas in that you know from kaiako I think the only reason she sent it with a note was.

Because the writers wanted to hear had Mr arim read her lines because Kyoko delivers the bubble's mermaid cord personally when she drops by The Starlight Academy Valentine's party a few months later for this cord she tell hinaki it's like a surprise I totally wanted to give you this now a little something I've been thinking youd look.

Great in I like so finished it I sure would love to see how glamorous you look in by The Little Mermaid based dress kako would next design he unit dress for passion jalapeno offc screen in collaboration with Sosa designer and Sierra o soon after this she moved on to design Peter Adventure just in time for HEI to approach her for a new premium.

Dress she says I feel like I nailed the whole Peter Pan thing down pretty good but this dress it kind of feels like is lacking some real spice even though she feels disappointed with her design she still presents it to HEI proudly she seems to trust HEI with her true feelings but that doesn't mean she's willing to drop her confident attitude.

Kyoko encourages haki to share her own ideas for the cord and loves her fresh perspective saying that's fantastic Peter Pan and denim it fits his audence to a tea and is crazy fresh I see somewhere along the line I ended up with blinders on thanks HEI you'll get my best dress yet for your concert when she personally delivers it to the spice.

Festival concert she says I'm confident you'll rock this adding denim in like Ki said brought it all the way up to the next level kyogo also approves of haki's choice of Milky Wendy for jury praising the balance between her spice and Angel sugar sweetness we next see kayoko when she personally attends one of H's photo shoots and is excited to see head Mr Sim.

There as well arim shows concern for hinaki as a result of her loss in the iutu E election and brings up Ron as an example of a brand Muse an attempt to pit hinaki as a muse for vivid kiss kako is aware of Ron and acknowledges that hinaki is just as devoted to her work as Ron is reassuring AR that she has high hopes for her future kako and arim are.

Both pleased by haki's work at the photo shoot and kako calls her back later in the day to give her another premium she's confused when HEI apologizes for the first photos being bad and reassures her that they were the best she's ever seen saying I couldn't help but get greedy to be honest when I was looking over all the shots we got yours were all.

Way too good Just One Look made ideas come spilling out of my head my hands kept moving on their own I went ahead and designed something new it's a story dressed based on the town musicians of Breman the fine drum chord up to this point Kyoko has already treated haki as her Muse she's designed dresses for her un prompted personally overseen her.

Growth and directly asked for her creative input she finally acknowledges hinaki as her Muse before luminous' debut concert partially thanks orim's prompting because this is the second time we see someone intervening in kyoko's professional relationship with an idol we can assume that she has a much less formal vision of her brand as.

A result of her free spiritedness she tends to go where she's most inspired and it takes someone she respects to direct her attention to more official matters like reaching out to a potential client in mikuru or formalizing a creative partnership with hinaki kako doesn't appear again until the Starlight Queen cup is ramping up she accepts.

Haki's request for a premium dress and is very excited at the opportunity to be involved in the competition she invites hii to participate in the design process and since mikuro has returned to Japan for a comeback tour they go to see her concert for inspiration after the concert mikuru suggesting that they all go shopping together turns into a.

Suggestion that they hold a premium dress design Retreat Kyoko agreed forgetting that she's already been booked for a documentary shoot scheduled at the same time the documentary is meant to feature Vivid kiss so they make the premium design process the subject of the shoot during an interview for the documentary Kyoko has asked are you.

Under great pressure as a world-renowned top designer and she responds unbelievably so it's no joke but worrying isn't going to suddenly change what I'm capable of all I can do is totally engross myself in designing until I come up with something I can be proud of so when I put my heart and soul into my work and address I bet myself on.

Is accepted it's hard to express the happiness I feel in words this is the first time we get confirmation that kaiako is isn't as carefree as she appears to be she's aware that her designs are experimental so all she can do is push them as far as she can and take risks that feel right to her she believes in her creative abilities but.

Still feels relieved when her work is accepted this is why being accepted by Idols like hin makuru who continue to take risk themselves is such an inspiring experience for her she feels like she has room to create Boulder designs thanks to their enthusiasm for her work it's for this reason that Kyoko is so inspired by the mural that HEI and.

Muro paint on the exterior of her Cottage she bases the street art cord on it symbolizing the creative Bond they've all formed together mikuru and Kyoko attend hinaki solar performance debuting the cord and also show up to support her at the Starlight Queen cup they're both so impressed by her that mikuru says she'd like to face hinia arrival a.

Sentiment that Kyoko supports the very last appearance for Kyoko is an iatan parade when she participates in the desire scavenger hunt event at the IU Grand sports festival at Sumi R Nuru is also participating it's unclear why they haven't been paired together despite both being associated with Vivid kiss mikuru and hii serve two.

Different roles in the story mikuru is implied to be a g herself with her boundary baking personality and layback appearance being recognizably guaru to Japanese audiences she wears Aid kiss even before meeting Miki it's important that she looks up to Kyoko as an older garu role model for mikuru Kyoko is an aspirational figure she shows how it's.

Possible to be confident successful and free of traditional obligations as a woman for kyogo mikuro is a reminder of her younger self and a vital source of inspiration her brand is all about Youth and vibrancy something that only gets more difficult to express as you get older haki is not implied to be a gal but she ends up getting more of Koko's.

Attention this is because H was essentially written to oneup mikuru and be seen as more deserving of the Muse role mikuru already had a strong connection to Kyoko so haki's character had to revolve around Fashion in order for her to have a fair chance haki's struggle to develop her own fashion sense and gain kyoko's approval is the.

Driving force behind their relationship while hinaki struggles after meeting Kyoko for the first time Kyoko is meeting muru and making dresses for her when hinaki finally succeeds kyoko's support is her reward it's therefore very important that all three of them are shown supporting each other by the end of the show emphasizing that their.

Shared love of vivid kiss is more important than competition within the anime A TV host mentions that Vivid kiss transcend genres a notd to the fact that Vivid kiss has relatively little consistency in its chords themes decades colors and Silhouettes can all vary widely between designs just compare Clara Carroll with.

Neon rothbart we've already talked about how these discrepancies are a part of ' 80s and 90s American fashion which is the main inspiration for the brand but we still need to explore exactly what is going on with these cords Vivid kiss is a pop type brand and apparently a very popular R within the show as 44 chords from the original series 27 of which are.

Shown in the original anime and are covered in my Vivid kiss ranking video I gotu on Parade adds four more chords Vivid devil brand new days chatty Flamingo and brand new look Vivid kisses constellation is cancer and premium rares are Resort cancer Clara Carroll bubbles mermaid Peter adventure and street art its main dream story is Peter.

Pan and also has chores under finocchio and town musici of Breman its main romance stories are The Nutcracker and the Little Mermaid and also has coords under Swan Lake snow White and Cinderella its boom cords are emerald curious for jewelry and Popp and cracker for party Deco and finally Vivid kiss's fever cords are easy vacation popping.

Cracker color Crossing Vivid star Emerald curious and street art I think Vivid kiss is a naturally divisive brand even the small changes iotu and PR makes to its color palette seem perfectly in line with the other wildly contrasting elements that coexist in the original series chords Vivid kiss was the only prominent pop RAM for the whole aari.

Generation so it had to be flexible enough to accommodate a lot of different styles the ' 80s '90s inspiration is a good cover for this but it's still noticeably out of line with the stated La inspiration with so much variation what can we say about the design rules for this brand the main one is probably contrast every piece should have at.

Least three bright colors whether they're neon or pastel asymmetry is also welcome even if the only thing different between two sides is an extra button or sticker darker colors are okay as long as the overall design still reads as feminine and playful and wherever possible there should be contrasting prints and patterns other than that you.

Can pretty much do whatever you want photo cuts contributes 37 More chords for a total of 85 Vivid kiss chords my other deep Dives I praise photo cazu for being extra creative but here it seems like the designers have narrowed vivus down to two main design tropes Denim and Patrick patterns there are a few exceptions but honestly I'm not sure if.

This is an improvement or if I actually miss Vivid kisses anything goes approach to design I'd love to know your thoughts on this since I think it is just a matter of preference even so I do want to emphasize that even though Vivid kiss isn't my favorite brand I do enjoy a lot of these coars and I think it makes a lot of sense design now that I put in.

The time to understand it better fashion should be Innovative and exciting and styles Like These Are Meant to push boundaries and subvert expectations if you can't do that in the show meant to encourage kids to be interested in fashion and cultivate their own style then where can you do it if you love Vivid kiss make sure to check out my.

Vivid kiss ranking next and look out for my Bohemian Sky ranking next week bye-bye I'm

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