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Drag is one of the two Heavenly dragons and the arch rival of Albion he is called the Red Dragon known as the Welsh Dragon why dragot Red Dragon Emperor and Red Dragon Emperor of domination who resides within the longinus boosted gear wielded by ISE hayudu.

He is feared among the Angels Fallen Angels devils and the various other factions in the world for his destructive Powers which are said to be able to kill both gods and satans appearance Drake is a dragon with the appearance of a large red Western dragon with a long neck and green eyes described as red in.

Volume 2. he also has red and golden spikes throughout his body personality Drake's personality has changed a great deal as time has passed at first he had a great deal of pride in himself though he admits that he had an intense rivalry with Albion the other.

Heavenly Dragon since that time he has become somewhat depressed because of the fact that he has become known as the pay dragon and a breast Dragon Emperor Drake even requires counseling and medication because of it Drake has shown that he cares a great deal about his current host issei as.

Much as Albion cares about Valley despite the fact that their hosts are the ones responsible for their demeaning nicknames he has also shown that he really likes his current lifestyle which doesn't involve fighting his rival every time they meet but knows that there will eventually be a time when he and issei.

Must fight Albion and Valley it also noted that he has an extremely high level of intelligence and is also wise enough to give advice to others especially to issei as he can tell all things about mythological things just like azazo although he and Albion are powerful enough to challenge gods and satans they.

Both agreed to avoid fighting evil dragons claiming that they are more brutal than other dragons history in the past Drake was a fearsome Dragon known to have powerful Flames that can incinerate anything including gods and will never go out till they burn the opponents to ashes.

Drake eventually met Albion who was immune to his flames happy to meet someone who can rattle him Drake sealed his flames and started to compete with Albion to improve themselves developing techniques such as boost and penetrate and both eventually became famous as the two Heavenly dragons.

During their many battles to improve themselves both the Heavenly dragons rampaged in the realm of the Dead drag also fought against Grendel and nhggr at an undisclosed time in the past before the start of the Great War draick had borrowed some of taimat's Legendary Treasures for his upcoming battle with Albion.

At one point while continuing his battle with his arch rival The Vanishing Dragon Albion which was interrupted by the Angels devils and Fallen Angels who were at War during the time in Anger both dragons attacked the leaders of the three factions which led to their bodies being destroyed and their souls being sealed into two.

Separate sacred gears with Drake being placed inside the longinus sacred gear boosted gear timeat's borrowed treasure was left to be stolen and Scattered across the world since then she has been chasing after Drake and his hosts for a long time in order to retrieve her stolen treasure however Drake always detected her.

Presence and asked his hosts to run away this was because he could not return her treasures and felt that he would be chased for it over the centuries Drake has met with countless hosts possessing his sacred gear some of whom have faced off against possessors hosting Albion Spirit to continue the dragon's long-lasting.

Rivalry up until his current host ISE hayudu relationships main characters Drea gets along very well with issei addressing him as partner but later on when everyone starts calling him the ape Dragon he becomes extremely depressed to the point of crying due to his.

Reputation being demolished little by little he has taken a great interest in hisei and admires his courage and tenacity as well as the fact that he works hard and protects those that he cares about he was with issei when he died and he was devastated to the point that he cried and told office that he was the.

Greatest possessor of him although he later returns from the dimensional Gap along with these say even when Euclid lucifuge offered him a more powerful host by joining him Drake quickly rejected his offer saying that he wants to remain with ese despite gaining the pay Dragon nickname and being the weakest of his past hosts because he's a.

Better host than all the others rias gremory while there is a very small amount of interaction between the two Drake has shown to have some degree of concern for her well-being as he warned her to leave ISE when he was about to enter Juggernaut drive to fight Shelby elzebab as the power and destruction from that.

Form would kill her the reason behind this though is most likely due to Drake's knowledge that he say cares deeply for rias Ravel Phoenix drag is shown to respect for Vel as he says tactician as he was willing to follow her strategies during the Azazel cup.

Dragons Albion the other Heavenly Dragon and drag's archrival the two of them fought each other in the past which resulted in both of them being sealed in sacred gears after so many years of fighting each other both directly and through their.

Hosts both Drake and Albion have forgotten the reason as to why they started fighting nor do they feel their usual antagonistic feelings for each other which is most likely due to their current hosts however both realized that the battle between their hosts will happen eventually.

Ironically the two have become closer due to the fact that they both have gained derogatory nicknames from the actions of their hosts both of them cried due to their broken pride and each tries to comfort the other tannin at one time he was a dragon king and new.

Drake before he was sealed he is shown to have an amicable relationship with tannin as tannin helped trainees say Tiamat draig has mentioned that Tiamat hates him in the past Drake had borrowed timeat's treasure for his upcoming battle with.

Albion only to lose it when he got sealed into boosted gear since then she has been chasing after drag and his possessors for a long time to retrieve her stolen treasure although Drake is a Heavenly Dragon taimat's anger is strong enough to make him cower in fear as he cannot retrieve the treasure in his current state.

Faffner Drake doesn't seem like he wants to associate with fafner due to his perverted nature as revealed in Volume 15 when ese asked Drake about what he thinks of the Panzer Dragon King he responded by saying that he didn't see anything office.

At first only got curious to Dre exchange from red to Crimson but due to a series of events and with the help of ese they eventually became friends great red and drag have shown to communicate with each other and also work together to say these saves life Grendel.

Since their first and second meeting to one another Drea doesn't seem to like Grendel very much and knowing the fact that Drake sees him as a more brutal crazy and wicked Dragon than he was in the past he became Furious and a bit angry after meeting Randall for such a long time causes Grendel to return these feelings.

Nhggr in the past they have seemed to know each other but like Grendel he hates and dislikes him very much to the point that he mentioned his name in a light yet with anger toned azzy dahaka although the two don't meet in person they know each other Drake admits to ese that he would prefer.

Not to engage a fight with a deranged evil dragon Haka knows him and Albion very well and calls them by their original names which they had discarded in the last 2000 years powers and abilities immense strength as one of the Heavenly dragons Drake has immense power.

Surpassing the dragon Kings the four Great satans and God surpassed by the dragon gods Azazel stated he'd surpassed the three strongest evil dragons even crom croach before his training it took the three factions aligned together to kill the Heavenly dragons both of whom would have been among the.

Top 10 strongest beings once resurrected his strength overpowered apollon defeated Typhon then fought Crum crutch who was said to have surpassed drag he then fought and overwhelmed the fake Albion who was said to be above Dragon King immense durability in volume 25 typhon's.

Powerful lightning storm was unable to inflict any damage at all Drake was also able to repel a palan's light just by wrapping himself in his Aura and flapping his wings drag also endured crump's vicious and Powerful attacks even though the evil dragon is said to have become stronger than him.

Doubling and transference one of the powers he developed during his rivalry with Albion Drake is known for his ability to multiply his own powers and transfer that multiplied power into another being or object penetrate another one of his original Powers which allows draig to penetrate.

Through all defenses he has greater skill than he say infusing it into attacks but experienced opponents can distinguish them from normal attacks such attacks could be used to bypass his opponent's attacks fire breath Drake can use the standard dragon breath although more powerful than normal dragons capable of covering.

The entire Sky he can enhance it with Boost and penetrate as demonstrated during his battle against Typhon blazing Inferno of scorching Flames draig's finishing move and ultimate Flames which can incinerate almost anything until nothing remains as well as being almost impossible to extinguish however the only ones these ultimate.

Flames are ineffective against are Albion great red and office Drake sealed disability after meeting Albion he later regained the ability but will only use it in special circumstances out of concern that the undying Flames will cause massive collateral damage Walsh Dragon Flair a technique which he.

Developed after observing his current host issei where he breaths out a massive amount of flames able to cover an entire Island Dragon Aura drag can release a tremendous and dense Dragon Aura befitting a Heavenly Dragon being one that is much stronger than ese's diabolo's Dragon making the air around.

Him feel cold from the presence alone it can be doubled more from using boost as well as releasing ore bullets like issei's Dragon shot which can be imbued with penetrate both allowed him to damage apollon and Krum Crouch who surpassed Heavenly Dragon class Soul transfer all Drake has the power to transfer the souls of other beings into.

Other vessels this was shown when he transferred ese's Soul into his armor and then into the vessel made from great Red's flesh after issei's original body was destroyed telepathy Drake can communicate through people such as when he uses telepathy to communicate with issei Albion Azazel rias and other dragons.

Keen intellect drag is a very wise dragon as he can easily teach issei how to properly utilize and control his hidden and new powers he is also knowledgeable enough to tell he say the relationships and history of the two Heavenly dragons the other powerful and active dragons such as great red Opus and the five Great Dragon.

Kings as well as information regarding the mythological worlds flight being a Dragon drag can fly using his wings if you want to support me check out my patreon at https colon I tend to polls that decide important plot stuff in my pee at triun many thanks to my awesome patrons.

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