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So we saw the demons in the demons layer anime saw the demons even saw the humor juice we know that hashirs are very strong event layers but we have never seen these hasidas training after all Where is the training base of Hathidas, where we do not know, well in this video I will give you such an expression of Ashwin Ghar that you will not be able to tell the story because this video has come on your demand, and that's why don't miss any part of this video. Then let 's start with swords, we have seen this thing that send on the shorts, because the ending was very satisfying, on the whole swords, then after spreading it in the village, the butterfly mansion comes back and we saw that the fresh I didn't get any damage, that's it, but the gas was not really like that, we have been fooled, so I was in a state of unconsciousness for 7 days, then.

After 7 days of rest, when I wake up, I meet the speed And yes its name is Gati I didn't name it from my mother and you know who is Gati it is only one saw that the whole shot was done in it now demons can come here comfortably so this village He will relocate and tells Tanjars that he gets fond of hearing this and says that these people are moving their base. He auto says yes, we are moving base because we have many villages, that is his region. Giving says that we have many villages lying vacant and we knew that someday this will happen with us and my what, I have told you that both lovers have a lot of money, that means it rains money. He listens to sarees and listens to a lot of food, looking at him, Gati says that this is not good for you, friend, and replying to the auto, he says that there is nothing like that, friend.

Eats a lot. The photo says yes it is a bit strange to the friend of Tanjore it also tells that both Luv Hashr and Misr Hashr remained unconscious for two days but they recovered within two days as it is and Tandoorus impresses them and Says friend, it is a matter of lotus, he praises Tanjore here and says that yes, you are also mother, little by little, he listens to all these things and says friend, thank you that you are alive. Yes, but only then the goat has remembered one thing, the road says to Tangi that friend, how is your sister, says to the photo that there is nothing to worry about, friend, now my sister is able to walk even in the sun, it also tells that those people They are doing research on people, whether they are becoming human or they are becoming human, then on hearing this, they say who is doing the research, but the barbarians say no, Lady Tommy is doing it, the food gets stuck in the throats And the speed was gone that don't eat auto so soon, with this he.

Tells Hajiro that now who is your sister and those three girls, he is talking about these three girls, he tells that now there is some critical condition in the team player cops. No, that's why they are all playing how are you, it's good, but there will be no peace even if that yellow-haired child comes here, then it is after that, otherwise it is shown shouting, no, whatever it says, it says to welcome. You are so cute , I will die because of your cuteness, but now she says then go, but after hearing all this, Ju says that suddenly you have started talking, you have done all this for me, and he also says this. That now we will finally be able to get married, after all this nonsense, this show does even more nonsense and says that you used to look beautiful in Moon Night, now you will be beautiful in Sunrise too, but here she gives back the hour to the eyes and says Hai Welcome back Insuke and after sleeping, he says how far he has gone, who tells such people.

That you marry me and I will feed you happiness and L every day, but with this we also know that the flower is angry and Says that where is this pig-faced person and he must have been like this because he has been teaching his name to Najju for two days and says that just call me these people and from this the day is shown to Hashilal. In Ubhayanshiki Mention and we are told that this is an emergency meeting and it is also seen in the time table which says that man, I am very jealous of you people because my sail has not yet fallen on any of you. And after that it is open it is shown that says that both Mushiro and Mishri are fine and here I am singing that he cares a lot for Mistry and Mishri says yes I am fine and here Mistry is very much Be happy caste because he thinks that over come worries me a lot and mutual says yes me too.

Ok but not in full way after this it says in Give that if we give more fate then Demonstrator will be in trouble and keep note of this thing because it has said that Demons of can be in danger and so on In the game, he also says that it is a great thing that you guys have defeated two more markets, after that he tells Sean that it is a great thing that you guys have recovered quickly, she also says that Why this meeting has been called, then the view says that wait for a while, otherwise everything will be fine, after that my wife has come from here and she says that if all of you will come here, then Hemant has a date, brother. He is young , why didn't he cut the banka who came to Mizo? Health is very bad and tell you what.

Disease he has, so yes, today he will have his meeting, sitting here, he just says that I will play for him, Aman tells all those humorous juices that as you Know that there is such a demand in our midst that has made Sun a whore and Mosan D Michael Jackson will follow him soon so that he himself can also make Sun a whore and with this the time has come that now we have a huge Will have to be ready for batting and we also come to know that Egypt had put a mug on Hasi and Luv's face that too during the fight and we look at both of them and she asks is this on both of your faces. How is mother, brother, tell me quickly, she is talking about friend and Mark, Cross had told Mane and after that we start our story, then listen carefully, it will be fun. Aman tells that some such shots were shot during Sen Koka. There were people who were almost finishing Mulsan and all of them had such a path which was like that of Demon Christ,.

Meaning there was a symbol type on their face, some knowledge passed on to the elder of this value, that's why only a few people . There are those who know about it and Sunny also says that I don't know about it but it is like this, so why were we not told, this thing was kept hidden from us, she tells us that it is because of some demons Always used to think that why this mark did not come to us, as if I am most relieved that why do not you guys subscribe to me, even after working so hard, well with this, over time, I had to search for this Demons Sher Market Information. This mark was hidden because many in demand lions were dying because of this mark, that's why the information about this thing was hidden from everyone, but we have a knowledge that whoever it kills, it gets spread, then it is a relief. It means that the path is spread, it is a relief, along with this, the man also says that this mark.

Has not come to any pillar yet, but this mark has been kept for the tanjars, but this body zero was asked about it, so he did not explain. We could have done it, we would have left this thing at that only, but now this mark has reached Mysore and Muthi as well, that is why we now request him to tell me how is your friend, then Mishra says that it is okay, I will tell. Hoon Mistry tells that when she got this mark, her body became super light, but along with this, she also does strange things and makes noises, and then all Haseer and Aman stop me and look at her and they are new. Ko is very shy but in the end the mechanic says that I do not know, I am sorry but this mark has come to me like ₹ 500 and when I ask about this, then it happens that I do not The address has been settled but still the atlas tells that some strange thing was happening with me and if this saree belongs to Aji, if it.

Is with any demonstrator, then it can also mark him. He tells that in his recent fight his condition was very bad, he also says that he was getting poisoned and was not moving even on his hand, but then somehow he did it in his body by breeding style. The poison was reduced from spreading, he also tells that some boy bought his help and that boy was in his hands to do it himself, but he helped me and along with this, he also got his old last memories back. After this he had no control over his emotions and he went to feel very overpowered. The s ame hero also tells that his heart beat was very high, around 200 and his body temperature was also very high. My body temperature has reached 39°C .

Was and then tells me that his mark is A, that's why he was able to survive and he also tells that those who get this mark survive and those who don't get it, they can't and here it's an obvious thing . Talking about the battle with the demand of Hai, Aman asks the question that 200 heart beats and how did you come to know that your body temperature has risen, then the movie tells that when I assure one thing When I went to Shinobo and he measured my body temperature it was only 13 degree Celsius and even while fighting him and the demons, I felt as if I am safe after listening to all these things. After this, my beloved Babu will remain silent, it is possible that even Sunny Babu says that there is so much air in the coming of news that he says to listen to this, see, Sunny is also jealous of me and not you, because you have this The thing is going easy and here.

The video was not really jealous, he was taunting me, what did you say? Mare hain gay ke upar aur ghiya bhi rai 2-3 rate maarega sunny par but nothing like this happens in the glory of gas and giving, Yomi keeps on enjoying others too much, after listening to all these things, Yomi says that I am also in this. If I achieve the thing, then after hearing this, the tension starts that it will be good that we all achieve this mark, it says that I will tell the training that we will have to do to achieve this mark . I will give you and here Xiaomi is doing this thing with everyone's heart, after this she says thank you to all of us and leaves from there, after this you say come on brother, I am gone, I am short, I have to do training So I pass the time here, why stop together,.

He says, oh hello, wait here, we have to decide what plan we want to make next, while replying to me, he says, look, you are six of six here. Lo baat wat me chahiye man keep me out of all these things and you will soon know why Jio is doing this Open seriously lo give tea from there but have to stop again because the setting says where are you You are going, she says that Jai Karo after explaining your point completely, why does the story also say that look friend, I am new like you people, do whatever you want to do, then this person is getting very angry, he says that Wait son, you had said this thing long ago and here it was being sung that the mood is of fighting but here the atmosphere was getting village that brothers clap in their wheat for a lot of Teej and this Everyone sits quietly after listening, whatever sir says that I have a proposal, after this it ends like this and the next scene happens, the.

Mansion is here, body is zero and here the haga is not bowed down, body is zero. meet and we see here that here Hagane gives the sword to the bowed Tanjiro and it is the same sword that came out of Yoruichi's doll in the Sword Smith Village and told him like the talisman from the sword if morning Tanjaro is very happy to see this thing of Rainbow inside him and here there are some things of both of them like Tanjiro's sword has become too black to you, after this he tells some more details. As in the big one of the sword, it is said that this time he has written L in kanji on the sword, which means that it was already written, but this has made it emerge more . He could get something written on his sword and after giving it all, I came to know a detail that it may be that you are a beautiful woman, crying out in sorrow, she.

Says that look, I have worked so hard for you, so in return I will give you dumping for the rest of my life and I have done it in my hand, here he is talking about this thing and here both of them are making a lot of noise and Jiniya is lying next to the merchant, Jiniya says that the band is making noise. Do it otherwise I will have to go to a separate room but then he breaks the window and enters inside. He tells Tani what are you doing if anyone finds out she will kill you . Peoples are being called that's why we have to go from here but they themselves know why they have been called here, but I know why they are being called here, because from this point the Hashr training is going to start, next panel I would have shown There are many demons layer running here and here we have information that.

All the members of the demons layer crops who are less than the achieved level will be given a special training, see from now on here Those who have a sense of humour, they do not have enough time to train anyone, they can only train their special students. Hashir is so busy with other work that he does not get any time, we do not know how to do all this. It is a simple thing that can be understood here that Hasidas do not have enough time, they are not so willing to spare their time for these Pappu, well, this training has become very important because there is a There are demos who have done Sun Kaun Karte and ever since Nazaron Ne Sun Ko Kaun Karte Hai and Aana have become bands but here this thing is not going to be happy because it may be the calm before the storm Ho that's why all comedy ras milk will give training in morning and reduce security at night and we have come to know that.

Yeh sari ki saari baatein kehta hai woh yaar badi kamal ki baat hai but apne show ki to fat rakhi hai he says that you This is talking about Kamal means you make our situation worse who says that you have to be strong because your opponent is stronger than you but he gets very angry after hearing such things and says that if you It is going right, otherwise I am not your friend, this thing is good for you because you are moving here lying down, but my condition is getting worse, so it is going to work, but Tanjore says Ki thanks. Sanju tells him that he used Jasu's technique to fight on the immense moon. Tell him yes. He says if you also do Hasida training in the same way, then you too will become too much of yourself and Jainshu's mood gets clouded after hearing this. Goes and he becomes happy means you are understanding that very fierce race breathing is going on, in the next scene of tanjiro.

Where the crow has gone from, who has brought a letter from Karaya and this scene ends with this. And in the next scene, we are shown the legs, and here the six-moon horses are talking to everyone that all of you are late, the legs are flagging and says that you are not running away Will you defeat someone else ? First of all training will make everyone physically fit Second name of this training is Mysorei of Mythsuri will make everyone flexible Third training is going to be with Mochilo who will make everyone move fast Will teach sportsmanship and will get the training done in the last.

And this training for Infinity Strike in Xiaomi will improve everyone's elephants and demons, but it is also possible that someone's mark war wedge becomes so dangerous After the train and with this, those who have been given mark A, they have to preserve this mark and this way demons layer cops will become dangerous, but here Sheenu will not be given any more training, but brother, why is it like this, then look at the gas, listen to that. So we know that a hospital is on fire but where is the glue busy ? that who came outside my house thinking that maybe i misheard someone must have said that can i go because we know that u are very introvert but but there is something more inside tanjore room because we all know Tanjuka.

Says, well, do you also know where Zero went, I am going to return to duty the next day. Can you train me because he says no otherwise he says you are getting angry because I am smelling you are getting angry why he says you had to become a water pillar and what are you doing here yes Today Baji means betraying and says well, it is a matter, but the robot had already discussed this thing in advance and anyway will send water, it is a basic breathing style and it has many derivatives too, so it does not give It is not such a thing that someone has to become a border pillar. It will be because the seat of the water pillar is empty and here the fresh one who gets confused and says that you are right then why does he say that no, I am not a water like let's go from here, he says comfortably that.

Now You go from here but even after eating this thing, Giv asks body zero that yours is like this but here the scene is swift and the scene of Ubhay Aashiqui's house is shown and I already told you that Ubhayanshi Fourth stage show has been kept, no, it is not at all like that, the matter is very serious, here Ubhay Aashiqui says that I cannot walk now, but still I have to talk to Jio, this time is very important and I want everyone together Reduce love, it also says that I do not want that I am going to leave us and now Tanjore is shown here and I had told earlier that I had come to Tanjore, if you remember then yes. Woh crow over hai aashiqui ka message aaya tha tanjaron ke paas and now present scene is being shown where pe tan zero is insisting a lot to talk to u it has been like this for 3-4 days but finally ready to give again Happens to talk and.

Now here one you tell your paste, give a big secret to be revealed and he says that I never passed the final selection, which would have been the same whistle or flower wala mountain jo tha wahi pe Exams go on, are you talking about this, what view tells that there was a boy like me whose family was killed and his name was all top view tells that I went with this girl in the finance sector, that's why they all sons Got it because both of their families were killed by demons. Give tells that all were too kid banda and all of you alone killed many demons . I was attacked, then Savito came and saved me, but the matter did not end there, after saving the give, everyone went to save the other members, but with this, after surviving the whole day, he gets selected. New says that I was the only man.

Who didn't kill a single demon on that mountain and he tells that this is the reason that I am not fit to be a water pillar and this is the reason that I am here today. I am not even able to stand and after this he says that whatever you train with other blessings is caste, after this he says that I can never get this demonstrate mark because I do not deserve it but if proved If you were here then it would have come to him that you go away from here your staying with me is just a waste of time that I can understand that the one you loved is not with you then how would you feel but with this Tanjeer It is known to everyone that the one who trained him on the mountain was only proof to prove how great he was. There would have been marginalization and this is the reason that it would.

Have been good to prove that Rahat was alive and this is a big reason for his depression and now here Petan Zero remembers Run Gogo and he thinks that if Ren Goku was still alive then how much Kamal Ka Hota Mr. Ren Goku spent his whole life just protesting the weak he is really a legend that if I had killed him that night instead of Ren Goku then it would have been much better for more demons lions but only then Tajro got these I have remembered Osho's words, you know, he says that he has put his trust on us, so don't think unnecessarily and keep doing what you are doing, but after that where do you go, he says why man or not man, but now There is a water pillar but then zero understands that you have left the responsibility of proofs and now after this it is actually shown that because what happened with fast so guys this video was part one and part 2 Just wait a little for this and with this tell me.

How I liked this video, but you will tell me how, just get 5000 likes done on this video, but this won't end these things with Euro, Kamal's video is right for you click on the video and watch it

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