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Is undoubtedly one of the best known one-piece characters like Luffy Zoro wants to be the best in his own category that is he wants to become the best swordsman in the world surpassing his Idol and rival dracul mayhawk who is said to be the best swordsman in the world Zoro uses three swords at the moment but has used several others.

During his career and in this video we will rank all of zoro's known swords based on their strength but before starting this video if you are new here please like and share this video And subscribe to our channel for more videos at the starting of the series Zorro had two unnamed Katana that he used alongside the wadong ichimonji for an.

Unknown period of time however they were destroyed during zoro's first duel with dracul mihawk furthermore there is almost no information available about these two swords after which we have sandai kitetsu like all swords made under kitetsu's name this one is said to be cursed and is supposed to bring horrible.

Death to all its owners the sandai kitetsu has a sharp edge making it easier to use for cutting when Zoro used it to test his luck against the curse his previous owner tried to warn him that he would cut off his arm and when the blade passed without harming Zoro he slashed deep into the ground leaving only a quarter of the blade sticking out.

Of the ground however Zorro has commented that the sword has a mind of its own making her a Troublesome girl it can also be noted that Zoro can sends the presence of this Sword without even seeing it after acquiring it Zoro uses this sword as one of his three for the santorio next one is yubashiri yubashiri is another blade that brought a Noah.

Zorro got his hands on during the lopetown Arc of the series after displaying his courage and testing his luck against the curse of sandai kitechu epon Matsu was extremely impressed rest with him and thus decided to gift yubashiri to him known to be a very light blade yobashiri was the exact opposite of the sandai kitetsu and.

According to Zoro was very easy to control despite it being very light its Edge was said to be very sharp however Zoro didn't have much trouble getting used to it yubashiri was a fine blade however Zorro lost it during the anise Lobby Arc of one piece when he faced Shu a man with the powers of the rust rust fruit the sword was put to rest after.

The events of the Thriller bark Arc and Zoro gave it a funeral alongside the rumble pirates in soil that was from the West Blue after yobashiri we have wadong ichimonji wadong ichimonji is the first name sword that rodanoa Zoro carried in one piece it was forged by shimotsuki kozaburo a person from wanu country this sword once belonged to koshiro the dojo.

Master of Zorro from shimotsuki Village and was meant to be inherited by Queen his daughter however after her death rorino azoro asked for the sword to be able to carry the promise that he made to queena and become the the best Swordsmen in the entire world this war doesn't carry any particular nature neither is it hard to control in terms.

Of rank it is superior to both the wazamonu swords and the rayovazamono great swords this sword belongs to the group of 21 over zamono great swords which are only exceeded by the 12 seijo over zamono great swords next one is enma also forged by shimotsuki kozaburo anmer is an incredibly powerful sword that also belongs to the class of 21.

Over zamono great swords it was first wielded by Kazuki odan the damio of wanu countries kuri region alongside another blade of the same class known as aim no habakeri together Odin used the two blades to perform Odin natoriu a powerful style that he described to be best in the entire world anma has a purple Hilt and Scabbard which is rather.

Similar to nidai kitetsu in some ways in terms of power it is one of the finest blades to have ever been created but also one of the hardest to control a special ability of the sword is that it drains you from the body of the user automatically and thus the slashes from it are much larger than intended and at the same time hard to control after.

Zorro returned the sword of Yuma to wanu Country Kazuki hiri gifted enma to him as a replacement and at the last we have shusui another one of the 21 over zamono great swords shusui was once the blade of the sword God shimotsuki Yuma using this very blade Yuma was able to slice off a dragon's head in wanu country and that's known to be just one of the many.

Great things that he is accomplished over the years after his death it was in the possession of his zombie who after being defeated by rorinor Zorro at thrillerbach gave it to him as a sign of respect for his way of the sword due to the regular Improvement of armamentaki over the years Yuma was able to turn his sword permanently black thus earning the.

Title of kokuto along with mihok's yoru shusui is the only known Black Blade in one piece so far in terms of power chusui is known to be incredibly strong a slash produced by it was able to swallow up the slashes produced by both wadong ichimon quite easily as stated by Zorro indeed Zoro immediately notices that it is.

Significantly heavier than his old Katana rusted by Shu yobashiri and describes it as difficult to handle moreover during his fight against Oz He judged that he was not yet able to fully Master this sword above all this blade is especially known for its hardness and durability so these are all of zoro's swords in one piece so far and that's it.

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