Amity and Boscha COULD HAVE BEEN GIRLFRIENDS In The Owl Home!

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The owl House's newest episode for the future Covered so many different characters and story lines that had seriously deep meanings for their character development in the show and there's one particular thing I wanted to talk about and yes you read the title right Amity and Basha could have been girlfriends let me explain why but first.

I have started a new channel called milky Melodies where I will be singing songs from movies anime games and I might make a song as a goodbye to the owl house so make sure to subscribe to that channel link is on the screen in the description and in the comments below I really appreciate any support So in for the future Basha was working with.

Kikimura to defeat loose and the crew and we got a scene where Basha confronted Amity but not in the way we expected we got to see a side to Basha that we have never really seen before usually she is cold-hearted and an absolute horror and Terror to everybody at hexag I mean even at the start of the new episode she took over new hack side.

As the president and literally ruled all the other students but later on in the episode her character hits a breaking point we see her beg Amity to come back and be a team with just the two of them and that they could rule hexai together she explained how there had been so many situations where she had let Amity go and had not pleaded for her to come back.

As she was doing in that moment she talked about how things could be even better th an before when they used to be friends all of these things she said whilst by the way she got down on one knee grabbing amity's hand seemed like an admiration speech for someone that you might see as more than just a friend this scene got me thinking about how.

Amity and Basha could have actually been together and odalia would have definitely arranged this relationship let's not forget that odalia was the one who told Amity that she could no longer be friends with Willow because Willow was not seen as a strong witch which is ironic because Willow is one of the strongest in the heck side Squad and.

Amity was told she could only associate herself with whoever her mother saw fit and we learned that ordalia saw Basha as a fitting friend because she was from a higher class family that odalia worked with so this already shows that amity's mother took a liking to her daughter associating herself with Basha in season 2 episode 20 clouds on the horizon.

Odalia told Amity that she couldn't be in a relationship with someone like loose who was unwanted posters but instead she could find her daughter a new girlfriend this means that odalia wasn't against her daughter having a girlfriend as long as it was someone of her choosing and who would be a better fit in odalia's eyes than Basha although.

This would depend on whether Bosh is into girls but from what we saw in the recent episode it could be argued that she is let me know in the comments below how you would have felt if Amity ended up in a relationship with Basha and whether you think bush is into girls because we have never seen her be into anyone at all make sure to like.

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  1. in actual fact repeatedly had a feeling boscha used to be into ladies, idea they would per chance well play the enemies to followers trope with the total hexside squad purpose off luz had amity, gus had matt and willow had boscha but once amity left boscha i had a exiguous feeling boscha can also’ve appreciated her as greater than guests

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