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Ancient times demon rampant Born out of chaos Distribute the aura of heaven and earth to save the common people from water and fire after the chaos subsides rare peace on earth In the chaos, it was frozen on the Kunlun Snow Mountain Waiting for the moment to be awakened by the servant host snort.

A trash whose spiritual pet has been strangled It is also worthy of being compared with the Sixth Highness Wang Hao If you're being sensible, call off your engagement to my sister. otherwise This marriage contract is the order of the parents I will never stop Su Muyu from seeking glory and wealth But what I hate most is when someone threatens me with a marriage certificate. let him beg me himself.

Ah what do you want Su Huang, you are just relying on the Su family's wealth be so rampant if i die today If I get it in the future I will teach you to wait ten times and a hundred times for repayment bah that's bad luck let's go If there is an afterlife I will kill all the gates of the world where the strong bully the weak.

Bring justice to the world this is my corpse I have a corpse So pure and righteous ah Zhou Shan, you were drenched in the rain last night I just found the young master from the bottom of the cliff Why are you so energetic this morning? I am used to it.

Oh, by the way, Uncle Zhou Immediately the Enlightenment Ceremony If the young master can't wake up again will we be kicked out of the king ' s house It doesn't matter anyway, we will go wherever the young master goes. wait a minute sir How can there be such a strong righteousness Th is is the power of the seeds of chaos Not only reshaped my soul-seed, but also in just one night.

Let me reach the realm of soaring divine power God actually gave me a chance to practice again Those who used to ride me like me I have to seek justice one by one Master, you are all right yes, thank you Zhou Bo, what is this? Resurrection in the forest, physique breaks through innate Interesting, as expected of that man's son.

It's fine it's warm I'm going to continue to sleep in my cage sleep Why Did Zhubu find something? Brother Wang Hao Brother Wang Hao I heard the news that you fell off a cliff just after I got back. So I rushed here immediately.

Uh you look ah don't worry i'm fine haven't seen for many years If it weren't for this awakening ceremony don't know yet when can i see you little girl Dad put me at home to practice every day suffocated.

So I came to Pyeongchang city this time must stay longer Brother Wang Hao we can see each other every day You are really playful Wang Hao 3 days expired get out of here Hum, inferior people are inferior people.

The place where I live also smells sour presumptuous you a servant How dare you be rude to the young master of the Wang family master Hahaha, this trash takes a breath for the Wang family Not to the whole Pyeongchang City An insult to the entire state of Chu Where are you from, wild girl.

It seems to belong to the crab family He came to Pyeongchang City a few years ago Hahaha Wang Hao Unexpectedly, you are becoming more and more useless Hide under a woman's skirt and let him show you off Hahaha Yo want to leave the island Even a dog has more status than you. What can you do to me? Close the door.

Lady release let go of me help help what do you want to do when you close the door The door is closed to beat the dog you Brat see trick Brother Wang Hao ah ah ah ah.

What is this possible you you trash Wow ah ah The stinky boy really has revenge. i won't let you go Zhou Chanan opens the door okay sir ah ah.

Ah watchdog finished It's time to meet his master

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