Anguirus’ Vacation [Godzilla Animation]

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(Hello, long time no see…) Manda has a nice view. Don't worry kids, he's just sleeping. This is one of the better ways to be woken up on Monster Island. (Luckily there are no ugly children around to bully.) He must have been saving up for a long one. Let's hope it'll strengthen the immune system…? Kumonga, you always get what's coming to you !!! To properly explain Godzilla's motto, it would take a 30 minute video.

(Oh Anguirus, I hope you know we miss you very much.) Oh no, he passed away. (I would like to live here. But there's nowhere to plug in my computer.) What an ugly little bird, I hope it gets swept away by sewer water. Jr. doesn't have much schooling. Dad wants to stick with the naturalist lifestyle. “I'm getting too old for this.” (Sorry Legendary fans, these two don't want to smooch.).

Seeing your friend happy makes it all worth it. There is limited land on Monster Island. Kaiju that could not claim their own section of the island are forced to live together. Some enjoy the “humanist” lifestyle. Others do not. At least there's interesting entertainment. Unfortunately, bills are very “humanist.” Gorosaurus is one of *those* roommates. (A lot to see here.).

“My leftovers… damn you…” “We learned math and spelling back then.” “Then we forgot how to spell and do math. Good times.” Not many can be nostalgic about having their jaw broken. But Angie is a good sport. Cons of having a house made of dirt. Something left by a good friend…? This looks fancy. The guy on the cover looks fancy, too. (If anyone deserves a vacation, it's Angie.).

It took a lot of convincing to make Godzilla get a phone. He got the cheapest one available. Junior would like to know who's calling. Hey, a Meganulon needs a bigger tank than that. “This place better be clean when I get back.” (There's someone really cool back there.) There's only so many quadrupeds, shoot your shot if you get the chance. Courting failed. I guess these Larvas like doing this…?.

“Someone actually wants a vacation?!” Little winged rats. (He's right, you know.) Anguirus remembers he's not really a people person. These glasses will have devastating effects on the art-style. Remember to drink your Green. “Is this allowed?” “Don't mind us.” (There he is, are you happy now?).

That has to be the worlds largest fish. Angie has some serious beef. They can sense something … There's no one around to burn his hammock down. It's almost like he's laughing at you. An intense nightmare. Good thing it's over. Nevermind !!!! He's going to miss the bug-kebabs… Bummer…

They must take after their mother. Endurance pays in stressful situations. Don't worry, Uncle Angie is here. At least he loves himself. Don't look, Junior. Anguirus Ball, works every time. (Don't go power-scaling in the comments, he deserved this one.) Some vacation that was… A thumbs up from Godzilla himself..!?.

It's a true honor. “I can vouch for him, he's nice, I swear.” Yipppiiieeeee!!!!!

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