Anime: Bleach Season 02 Episode 31 Rotund Explained – The Resolution to Abolish

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Moviepedia Presents Bleach,The Resolution to Kill is the thirty-first episode of the Bleach anime. Ichigo Kurosaki and 6th Division LieutenantRenji Abarai conclude their rematch. With the sun beginning to set in Soul Society,Ichigo Kurosaki and 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai stare each other down near thesteps leading up to Senzaikyū in the Seireitei, with Ichigo having sustained a head woundfrom Renji's last attack with his Shikai, Zabimaru, that drips a considerable amountof blood onto the ground. When Ganju Shiba and 4th Division 7th SeatHanatarō Yamada express concern for him, Ichigo assures them this is nothing and Hanatarōis amazed that he can remain standing in this.

Condition, though a sweating Ichigo noteshis vision is blurry and his legs are trembling as he mentally urges his body to stop shaking. Grinning at the sight of this, Renji beginsrunning toward Ichigo and taunts him as being just barely able to stand despite how confidentlyhe is speaking before leaping into the air and bringing Zabimaru down onto Ichigo, whonarrowly dodges by rolling away. As he angrily proclaims that Rukia Kuchikiwould not be going through this if Ichigo did not exist and had never met her, Renjiextends Zabimaru overhead and brings it down onto Ichigo once more, prompting Ganju towarn him to run away. Ichigo leaps out of the resulting dust cloudand onto the roof of the building next to.

The one he crashed into prior, and upon seeingthis, Renji declares that he will not let Ichigo get away while slashing Zabimaru diagonallythrough the corner of the rooftop. With Ichigo running away from this, Renjijumps up onto the rooftop and rushes toward Ichigo, who clashes with him in an explosionof force that radiates outward. While Ichigo and Renji continue to clash,a stunned Hanatarō sees Ichigo being pressured and concludes that it is impossible to fighta lieutenant after all. Elsewhere, 5th Division Lieutenant Momo Hinamoristands with 3rd Division Lieutenant Izuru Kira as she shows him Renji's lieutenant badgeand explains how she found it in front of Renji's room in the Sixth Division barracksafter he left the lieutenant's meeting early.

When Izuru inquires if the captains are awareof this, Hinamori admits that she has not told them and sadly notes that she only refrainedfrom telling her captain, Sōsuke Aizen, because she did not want Renji to get punished forthis. Though Izuru assures her that this was thewise decision because they do not know what is going on, Hinamori questions what it couldmean for Renji to remove this before he left, and Izuru observes that it must be importantas he recalls how Renji has been concerned about Rukia's situation before promising tolook for him as well. Back outside the steps leading up to Senzaikyū,the ground shakes with the force of the battle while Renji sends Zabimaru hurtling into Ichigo,who is sent sliding back after blocking it.

With the broad side of his Shikai, Zangetsu. Retracting Zabimaru, Renji breathes heavilywhile he glares for several seconds at a panting Ichigo. As Renji inquires if he really wants to saveRukia this badly, Ichigo clarifies that he will save Rukia, prompting an angered Renjito slash Zabimaru into Ichigo's right should while reminding him that Rukia's crime becamemore serious because he stole her powers. Proclaiming that it is Ichigo's fault thatRukia is going to be killed, Renji slams Zabimaru into him, but Ichigo manages to stand hisground while blocking with Zangetsu and asserts that he is going to save her because knowsthis before pushing Zabimaru away.

Ichigo watches closely as a surprised Renjiretracts Zabimaru and mentally notes that he has finally deduced Renji's limit of threeattacks. In the past, as they stand in his undergroundtraining area, Kisuke Urahara details to Ichigo how attacks are limited to fewer consecutiveuses the more powerful they are. When Ichigo expresses confusion at this concept,Urahara uses revolvers that can only fire six bullets and missiles that can only fireonce as examples of how successive attacks are limited to certain numbers. In the present, Ichigo mentally reviews Renji'sthree attacks of extending Zabimaru and attacking with it twice before he is forced to retractit, which he decides to test while recalling.

Urahara's explanation of how the maximum numberof attacks matters more than the total each time. As he remembers Urahara's assertion that anenemy will always use the maximum number of attacks when the battle is intense, Ichigoruns toward Renji, who curses him while sending Zabimaru hurtling toward Ichigo. Sidestepping Zabimaru, which crashes intothe ground, Ichigo mentally counts this as the first attack and recalls Urahara statingthat his chance lies in figuring out the maximum number of successive attacks. Dodging Renji's second strike with Zabimaru,Ichigo remembers Urahara's conclusion that.

The most important attack is the last onebefore the enemy begins their successive attacks once more and deflects Zabimaru once moreon its third strike. Ichigo runs toward Renji as the latter beginsto retract Zabimaru and recalls Urahara revealing that the enemy will be completely open duringthis period before leaping toward a surprised Renji and declaring that this is the end. However, when Ichigo slashes Zangetsu downwardat him, Renji evades his attack and sinks Zabimaru deep into Ichigo's left shoulder. As he reiterates that Ichigo cannot defeathim, Renji rips Zabimaru partway down Ichigo's chest, resulting in the wound spurting bloodwhile Ichigo falls to his knees and wonders.

How Renji countered him. With Ganju and Hanatarō watching in concern,Renji observes that Ichigo seems shocked by this. After admitting that Ichigo's strategy oflooking for an opening between attacks was good and his timing was perfect, Renji assertsthat this came about because Ichigo is slower than he is and cannot overcome the differentin their power. Raising Zabimaru above his head, Renji claimsthat Ichigo cannot save Rukia before slamming Zabimaru down onto Ichigo, creating a cloudof dust that spreads over the area while Ganju calls out to Ichigo.

In the Shishinrō within Senzaikyū, Rukiaexpresses astonishment and looks out the narrow window. Elsewhere in the Seireitei, Yoruichi Shihōinstands on a rooftop as multiple Shinigami run around below. Upon sensing the powerful Reiatsu surge fromRenji's attack, Yoruichi expresses concern for Ichigo. Meanwhile, Hinamori is left stunned by Renji'sReiatsu as Izuru leads three other Shinigami toward the battle when he senses it as well. Back at the battleground, the dust clearsto reveal Renji standing several feet back.

From Ichigo, who uses Zangetsu to push himselfto his feet while Hanatarō expresses relief at him being alive and Ganju realizes thathe dodged the blow at the last second. With Renji commenting that he really is stubborn,a heavily panting Ichigo stares at him and recalls more of his training with Uraharaprior to entering Soul Society. In the past, while kneeling several feet awayfrom Urahara to catch his breath, Ichigo angrily accuses Urahara of having actually tried tokill him with his last attack, which Urahara confirms before revealing that he is tryingto push Ichigo into a corner. Walking over to the chasm Ichigo left in theground earlier, Urahara explains that his plan is to push Ichigo until he can use thetechnique that created the chasm on command,.

But Ichigo asserts that this was a fluke andnot something he can do whenever he wants. However, Urahara states that he has to beable to use it at will and observes how Ichigo has only just begun to access the true powerof his Zanpakutō. Though he notes that Ichigo has potential,Urahara describes him as only being at the level of a 3rd or 4th Seat right now and beginsapproaching Ichigo as he concludes that Ichigo will need to be able to use his techniqueat will if he wants to fight evenly with combatants of Lieutenant-level strength and above. When Ichigo admits that this is easier saidthan done because using the technique before took everything he had and he does not rememberhow he used it, Urahara cheerfully affirms.

This before suddenly leaping forward and jabbinghis Shikai, Benihime, at Ichigo, who narrowly blocks it with the broad side of Zangetsuas he is sent sliding back by the force of the blow. Jumping into the air above Ichigo, Uraharaslashes and jabs at him, both of which Ichigo dodges, as he takes advantage of Benihimebeing lodged in the ground by his second attack to balance on top of the handle and kick Ichigoin the face, sending him crashing to the ground. With Urahara pulling Benihime out of the groundand lunging toward him, Ichigo barely manages to block his subsequent slash with Zangetsuwhile lying on the ground and angrily attempts to push Urahara back, only for Urahara toflip over his head and onto the side of a.

Nearby rock pillar, which he leaps off ofbefore clashing with Ichigo once more as the impact pushes the latter back. After reiterating his plan to push Ichigountil he remembers how to use his technique, Urahara sends him flying into the air witha slash of Benihime, resulting in Ichigo smashing into the top of another rock pillar. As Tessai Tsukabishi, Ururu Tsumugiya, andJinta Hanakari attempt to tend to Ichigo's injuries, Urahara steps in front of them andrequests that they not do so yet before running toward the pillar Ichigo crashed into, leavinghis crew surprised. Having fallen onto the ground behind the pillar,a bloodied Ichigo realizes that he really.

Will die at this rate and is shocked whenUrahara appears in the air in front of him and slashes at Ichigo with Benihime. Ichigo narrowly dodges Urahara's slash asthe pressure created by it gouges a fissure into the ground behind him, and while Ichigorolls out of the way upon seeing him rushing forward, Urahara slams Benihime into the groundwhere he was standing, creating a large impact crater around himself as a cloud of dust rollsover Ichigo. While Ichigo pants heavily, a solemn Uraharaexpresses disappointment in Ichigo's condition before asserting that his blade only resonateswith fear. Detailing how Ichigo's every move revolvesaround his fear, Urahara declares that this.

Will not bring him victory in battle becausenothing is born of fear as he raises Benihime above his head. With the air around him distorting due tohis intense Reiatsu and chunks of the ground flying upward, Urahara tells Ichigo that hisactions should revolve around his resolve to kill and not let himself or others be killedbefore drawing attention to Benihime, which he describes as being filled with his ownresolve to kill Ichigo. Upon seeing Benihime glowing with red energy,a stunned Ichigo gets to his feet and glares at Urahara, who is startled to see Ichigo'seyes glowing blue. As Urahara's crew watches in astonishment,Ichigo raises Zangetsu above his head and.

Begins exerting his Reiatsu, resulting inthe air around him distorting as well while Zangetsu glows with blue energy. While a smiling Urahara notes that this willdo, Jinta and Ururu realize that Zangetsu and Benihime are howling, which leads Tessaito observe that they are crying out because they cannot wait to cross blades. In unison, Ichigo unleashes a Getsuga Tenshōas Urahara uses Nake, Benihime to fire an energy wave of equal strength, and the twoattacks detonate on contact, creating a massive explosion that rips through the surroundinglandscape. The dust and light clear to reveal Tessaishielding Jinta and Ururu with his body, and.

As they sit up, the three of them expressshock upon seeing Ichigo and Urahara standing on opposite sides of a newly-created X-shapedchasm. As Ichigo pants in exertion, Urahara commendshim for having resolve after all. In the present, Ichigo glares at Renji, whois unnerved by his newfound resolve, and rests Zangetsu on his shoulders, prompting Ganjuto realize he intends to continue fighting while Hanatarō notes he is completely differentfrom before. Apologizing for keeping Renji waiting, Ichigoclaims he has resolve now and promises to get Renji this time as his eyes glow blue. Stunned to see Ichigo's body briefly glowwith blue Reiatsu before exerting pressure.

Outward, Renji wonders what has happened tohim and remembers how something similar happened during their first battle in the Human World. However, Renji concludes with astonishmentthat it is different because Ichigo is currently calmly controlling his Reiryoku, which isnow much stronger, instead of exerting it at random like he did before. Upon seeing Ichigo bearing down on him inthe air above while yelling, Renji sends Zabimaru hurtling toward him, but Ichigo dodges itin midair and mentally recalls Urahara's instructions to revolve his actions around not lettinghimself or others be killed. When Ichigo lands behind him, Renji cursesand slashes a still-extended Zabimaru at him,.

Prompting Ichigo to block vertically withZangetsu as the segments of Zabimaru grind across his blade. Ichigo repels Zabimaru and lifts Zangetsuabove his head, and as it begins to glow with blue Reiatsu, Ichigo repeats Urahara's instructionto kill when one attacks. Though he slashes at Ichigo once more, Renjifinds Zabimaru shattered and his chest deeply cut by Ichigo's subsequent Getsuga Tenshō,resulting in a large amount of blood spurting into the air while Renji's hairband is destroyed. With a sphere of energy expanding outwardfrom the point of impact, Ganju declares that Ichigo did it as Renji is sent flying back,where he crashes into a large chunk of rubble.

As he realizes Ichigo got him, Renji questionswhat just happened and sees Zabimaru has been broken. Mentally cursing as he looks along the lengthof the newly-created fissure in the ground to see Ichigo still standing, Renji recallsIchigo asserting that he has resolve now and notes how much pain he is in, with his bodyfeeling heavy, his legs not moving, and his arms unable to rise. Upon realizing that he has lost, Renji coughsup blood and screams skyward as he thinks of Rukia.

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