Anime: Bleach Season 02 Episode 38 Full Outlined – Desperation! The Broken Zangetsu

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Moviepedia Presents Bleach, Desperation! The Broken Zangetsu is thethirty-eighth episode of the Bleach anime. As the high-ranking members of the Gotei 13continue to react to 5th Division Captain Sōsuke Aizen's murder, Ichigo Kurosaki continues hisbattle with 11th Division Captain Kenpachi Zaraki. In the Eighth Division compound, Lieutenant NanaoIse stands atop a damaged wall and inquires what the Riteitai wants with her because an order couldhave been delivered via Jigokuchō. Kneeling on the ground behind her, a Riteitai affirms this beforerevealing that his message is signed by both Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamotoand 10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya, prompting a surprised Nanao to wonder if itis a top-secret order being delivered to her.

Meanwhile, within the Senzaikyū compound,Ichigo Kurosaki frantically runs through the alleys between the buildings away from11th Division Captain Kenpachi Zaraki, who swiftly runs after him in pursuit. Upon beingconfronted by Kenpachi in an intersection between several buildings when he rounds a cornerin front of him, a frightened Ichigo barely manages to block a grinning Kenpachi's subsequentslash of his Zanpakutō with his Shikai, Zangetsu, and struggles to hold Kenpachi back beforeangling Zangetsu so Kenpachi's Zanpakutō slides off it and slams into the ground nextto him, leaving Kenpachi to glare at Ichigo. As Ichigo runs off, Kenpachi questions ifrunning away is the only thing he can do. With Rukia Kuchiki standing silently in theShishinrō within Senzaikyū, Ichigo continues.

To run through the compound and tells himself tocalm down, as he knows that he can cut Kenpachi. After recalling his prior failure to even scratchKenpachi with a full-force attack that cut open his hand instead, Ichigo grips his shaking swordhand and asserts that he is not scared. Suddenly, a wall near Ichigo begins to crack, and as Ichigocomes to a halt in front of it and assumes a battle stance, Kenpachi bursts through the walland criticizes him for running around so much. With Ichigo intimidated by this, Kenpachi statesthat he does not like to chase down weaklings and swings his Zanpakutō at Ichigo, who dodges beforeclashing with him. Pushed back several meters by the force of Kenpachi's blow, Ichigo leapsinto the air and comes down onto Kenpachi with another slash, only for the latter to effortlesslyblock this. As he lands, Ichigo attacks Kenpachi.

Twice more, and Kenpachi blocks each strikebefore slashing at Ichigo, who has the ground underneath him cratered by the force of the blow.Ichigo and Kenpachi clash once more, and as he glares at Ichigo, Kenpachi sends him skiddingback with a forceful slash of his Zanpakutō. Though intimidated by this, Ichigo simply cursesand resumes his attack on Kenpachi while the latter's lieutenant, Yachiru Kusajishi, watchesfrom a rooftop above in concern. After seemingly pushing Kenpachi back, Ichigo strikes at him, butKenpachi merely smiles and allows Zangetsu to hit his left shoulder, once again not being harmed byit. Stepping back from Kenpachi in astonishment, Ichigo runs off, leaving Kenpachi to express hisannoyance at this, and stumbles into an alleyway, where he jams Zangetsu into the ground andleans on it while panting. Ichigo recalls.

His failure to cut Kenpachi and wonders if thereis that great a power difference between them. Despite this, Ichigo forces himself to calmdown and notes that there is no reason for him to not be able to cut Kenpachi because heis simply overwhelmed by the latter's Reiatsu. Theorizing that he should be able to cutKenpachi if he simply sharpens his own Reiatsu, Ichigo repeatedly tells himself to calm downand remembers Zangetsu's words about dying if he hesitates or retreats, allowing him to findhis resolve. However, as Ichigo pulls Zangetsu out of the ground and prepares to resume thefight, he is shocked to sense the disappearance of Yasutora Sado's Reiatsu and wonders if helost or died, which Ichigo refuses to believe. Back at the Eighth Division compound,Captain Shunsui Kyōraku looks over the.

Damage inflicted to the compound by Sado'sfinal attack and admits that he would have been in trouble if it had hit himas he stands over a defeated Sado, who lies on the ground with a blood spatter oneither side of his body. While Shunsui muses on how impressive it is for any Human to fight sowell on top of entering the Seireitei to begin with, Nanao frantically runs over to him anddeclares that they have received a message. With Shunsui inquiring why she isso out of breath and observing that a Riteitai was here earlier, Nanao reveals5th Division Captain Sōsuke Aizen has died. Nanao elaborates that Aizen was killed byhaving his Saketsu and Hakusui removed, as well as his heart destroyed, and concludes that he wasmurdered by an unknown assailant before asserting.

That she believes the message is accuratebecause it was signed by Yamamoto and Hitsugaya. Acknowledging this, Shunsui decides that theyshould pay their respects and begins walking away, but as she starts to follow him, Nanao stopsand narrows her eyes upon noticing Sado. Meanwhile, at the Senzaikyū compound, anervous Ichigo concentrates his spiritual perception and realizes that Sado is stillalive with a flicker of Reiatsu left. Back at the Eighth Division compound, Nanao asksShunsui what is wrong and points out how Sado is still alive before offering to deal the finishingblow as her hand glows with Kidō. Suddenly, Shunsui grabs Nanao's hand and calmly states thatthis is not something which girls should do, and when Nanao claims that Aizen was likely murderedby one of the Ryoka, Shunsui expresses doubt of.

This being an absolute certainty. With Nanaoconfused by this, Shunsui clarifies that he is talking about possibilities and orders her to havethe Fourth Division take him to a cell because it is all the more important for him to stayalive if one of the Ryoka really is the killer. Apologizing for her attempt to interfere,Nanao promises to contact the Fourth Division immediately, leaving Shunsui to sigh as henotes that things have gotten out of hand. Meanwhile, at the Senzaikyū compound, Ichigoexpresses relief at Sado still being alive and berates himself for his hesitation due toall his allies being put at risk if he fails. After declaring that he does not have time to beafraid, Ichigo confronts Kenpachi, who is sitting against a nearby building. When Kenpachi standsup and inquires if he has come back to die or give.

Up, Ichigo proclaims that both of these are wrongbefore rushing at Kenpachi with Zangetsu held out. As Kenpachi raises his Zanpakutō in an attemptto block, Ichigo knocks it aside with his first swing and mentally promises to come for Sado oncehe wins as he slashes Kenpachi across the center of his chest, successfully cutting him. Kenpachistares at the blood spurting from his wound while Ichigo apologizes and states he cannot die becauseeverything on his shoulders will be destroyed if he does. However, with Ichigo mentally observinghe can actually cut him, Kenpachi merely grins and claims he knew Ichigo could do it beforeapproaching a surprised Ichigo as he instructs the latter to stay sharpened and not let hisguard down yet due to the fun beginning here. Holding up his Zanpakutō, Kenpachi exerts hisReiatsu, causing Yachiru to smile and note that.

He seems happy as Ichigo and Kenpachi clash oncemore. In the Sōgō Kyūgo Tsumesho within the Fourth Division barracks, Captain Retsu Unohana kneelsin front of a bed containing Aizen's corpse as she informs 9th Division Captain Kaname Tōsenand 7th Division Captain Sajin Komamura that Aizen has passed away. With her lieutenant,Isane Kotetsu, standing to the side, Unohana elaborates that Aizen was no longer breathingwhen he was lowered from the East Holy Wall, and when Tōsen suggests the possibility ofa Gigai being used, Unohana acknowledges it. However, Unohana reveals that her efforts toinvestigate all other possibilities, including a Gigai being used to fake death, only resultedin her confirming the truth of his death. After noting that a new 5th Division Captain will beselected by the Central 46 and the other captains.

After the wartime operations are concluded,Unohana requests that Tōsen and Komamura return to their divisions before promising to jointhe front lines soon as she stands up with her sheathed Zanpakutō in hand. Upon exiting thebarracks, Tōsen and Komamura are met by their lieutenants, Shūhei Hisagi and TetsuzaemonIba, who appear before them with Shunpo. When Hisagi thanks them for their efforts and asksthem how Aizen was, Tōsen simply shakes his head, and when a saddened Hisagi inquires what Unohanasaid, Tōsen relays her statement of Aizen's passing as he observes that the quickest route tolearning the truth behind Aizen's death lies in ending this fighting. With Hisagi realizing whathe means, Tōsen confirms that he will be joining the fight and walks past the two lieutenantswhile admitting that he would prefer to not.

Fight at all before noting that things will notgo so smoothly. Tōsen asserts that fighting is the reason that people are misled by ugly emotionsand that such tragedies occur to begin with. As Hisagi watches this and observes thatTōsen's Suzumushi will finally get to cry out, Tōsen walks out of the pavilion as he concludesthat he wholeheartedly detests fighting. Back in the Senzaikyū compound, Kenpachi dragshis Zanpakutō through the ground and Ichigo swings Zangetsu downward through the air as they clash,causing a shockwave to ripple outward around them. Grabbing Zangetsu by the blade as it cutsinto his hand, Kenpachi twists it around, yanking Ichigo off his feet and into theair, and thrusts his Zanpakutō forward, prompting Ichigo to let go of Zangetsu with hisright hand so he can narrowly evade this attack.

With Kenpachi's Zanpakutō ripping throughthe collar of his shihakushō, Ichigo kicks Kenpachi's hand off Zangetsu and flips overin midair as he lands several feet away, only to discover that Kenpachi has vanished when helooks at where the latter was standing. Suddenly, Ichigo hears the chime of the bells in Kenpachi'shair and holds Zangetsu above his head just as Kenpachi brings his Zanpakutō down on him frombehind, resulting in another struggling clash as Kenpachi praises Ichigo's reaction speed. Ichigopushes Kenpachi's Zanpakutō away and leaps several feet back as Kenpachi notes that his concentrationis improving if he can hear Kenpachi's bells. Explaining how he wears the bells and his eyepatchso he can get more enjoyment out of his battles, Kenpachi asserts that there is no point in doingso if Ichigo does not take advantage of them..

However, when Ichigo assumes that Kenpachi ismocking him by not releasing his Zanpakutō either and warns him to not let his guard down becauseZangetsu can cut him now, Kenpachi claims that his Zanpakutō does not have a name, surprisingIchigo, and details how it has never had a sealed form to begin with. With Ichigo grinning anddeciding this is good to hear because it means Kenpachi's Zanpakutō will not get any stronger,Kenpachi swiftly jabs his Zanpakutō at Ichigo. While Ichigo blocks this with the broadside of Zangetsu at the last second, Kenpachi inquires if he was thinking that thiswould allow him to win soon and elaborates that he does not seal his Zanpakutō because his Reiatsuis so powerful that he actually cannot do so. As Kenpachi concludes that he constantly holdsback while fighting so he has time to enjoy.

His battles rather than instantly crushing hisweak enemies, his Zanpakutō pierces Zangetsu and stabs a stunned Ichigo in the chest, promptingKenpachi to remind Ichigo of his instruction to not lose his concentration and focused Reiatsujust because he found an opportunity for victory. Kenpachi pulls his bloodied Zanpakutō outof Ichigo's chest and through Zangetsu, which snaps in two along the puncture it created,leaving Ichigo to fall to his knees and collapse as Kenpachi expresses his disappointment in thisconclusion. Observing that it had been a long time since he met someone who could give him a realfight and hear his bells, Kenpachi stares down at Ichigo and wonders if this is the end beforeturning around and walking away as he moves his Zanpakutō to his right hand. As he repeatedlycurses and mentally asserts that he does not want.

To die in a place like this, Ichigo claims that hecannot afford to die yet while coughing up blood. With Ichigo mentally urging his body to move andstop bleeding because he still has to save Rukia, Kenpachi swings his Zanpakutō overhis shoulder, only to stop as time comes to a halt around a confused Ichigo.Suddenly, Zangetsu walks past Kenpachi, and as Ichigo stares at him in shock,Zangetsu's cape flares out toward Ichigo.

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