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Haikyu has this funny way of being completely different on each re-watch it just feels like a whole new show depending on what you've been going through lately certain scenes will stand out more you'll see what characters do in different ways and then soon enough out of nowhere you'll be here with that scene that makes you pause the episode.

To just sit there almost shocked as a single scene somehow Earthly presents a solution to your problem recently for me it's been that feeling of being behind in life and haikyu just solved it it just got rid of that awful feeling for me I've always liked the scene but on my latest rewatch it hit very very differently as is the case with all.

Worldwritten shows this scene doesn't start on the episode as in but much much earlier so let's head back to the start of season 4. krasner just pulled off the impossible taken down Shira to rosawa and the overwhelming ushiwaka as a test in a New Vertical jumps kagema gets the news that he's been selected for National Level Training which.

Realistically isn't too much of a surprise but there's another announcement a smaller first year only camp on a regional level is also being held and winners mentioned that one of the team was invited I immediately assumed to be Hinata but as the news hears that was in fact tsukushima instead combined with kagema being a.

Dick about it heinous frustration grows and grows because this is not the first time he's been through with us since day one he's been one left behind he had to train on his own for a team sport for three years you know he struggled to do anything without kayama he still kind of does and now after finally making some progress to have even made ushiwaka.

Acknowledge Him to be rejected for this Camp is I'm understandably extremely frustrating for him and it's something I've been feeling a lot myself lately you know I've just started a new job and I put so much effort into all my exams through a level in the University but whilst end up getting top grades it didn't really do much for me although.

It's not all bad the current job is very frustrating and I can't help but feel as though when I look around at people I know back where I used to live or people that went to University with and just where I thought I would be I feel very very behind and truthfully quite useless I had that same overwhelming stomach churning feeling that Hinata Hazard he.

Breaks into the first year training camp you know he takes this drastic Reckless action to try and catch back up with the hope you'll get to train alongside these other great players but as he gets in there full of ukai the shuritorizawa coach tells Takara it's fine if we have another Bull Bar and immediately this just sounds like a complete waste of.

Time I mean being a bull boy was everyone else's training but kojo Kai says this is a brilliant opportunity for him a point I'll come back to however the shuritor is our coach evidently doesn't agree as he brutally tells Hinata without that Cesar kagyama I don't see any worth in you and although it's a horrible horrible thing to say.

You can't hear something like that and not get fired up to prove them wrong and so hinto with a fiery yell declares I'm a rule boy and I'm 164 centimeters tall and it's really interesting that he mentions his height evenly that's something that's been on his mind as he's surrounded by all the Giants selected for this training camp however.

This bravado doesn't last long as by the end of the day he's realized that he spent all this time just as a ball boy whilst everyone else is getting ahead and training but just as I was thinking about how much this relate to my own situation and I found my own frustration growing again coach who classes a liner hit me like a truck and made me pause.

The episode as all the pieces started fitting together my brain think about what it is only you can do that don't go underestimating what it takes to be a ball boy why did I say he need to have spent his time just as a ball boy why did me Hina turn everyone else assume that being a ball boy would automatically be a bad thing because.

Heinous proves this very very wrong you know what initially seemed like an awful situation turned out to be exactly what he needed obviously I'm only 24 I don't have all the answers but in my experience things in life are far too complicated for us to be so short our initial assumption was correct often we can't know for sure until we really get.

Stuck into it or perhaps won't even realize why until years and years later you know part of what makes Hinata so terrifying for the opponents is his Relentless inhuman drive to hit every single ball there's just no one else on the planet of that kind of drive because no one else was denied simply hitting the ball for so long no one else had.

Spent three years training alone for a team sport that whole time must have felt so frustrated so disadvantage and so behind and as you try to explain to him that this would action at being so beneficial to him he wouldn't have believed you and yes of course everyone had a more normal training route his fundamentals would have been a lot.

Stronger but he can always work on us later you know as he has done but he got this unique one-of-a-kind Advantage from a seemingly awful situation and hopefully you see the point of making you know don't be so quick to write things off as being an awful you know even if it feels like they are you very well man of looking.

Back and thinking huh that let me down a much much better path than I ever could have planned to now of course there will be exceptions to this but as hard as it is to accept sometimes not getting what you want in this very moment right now will get you something so much better for years to come and it'll be something which is just incomprehensible to you.

Right now you know so in my case let's suppose everything went the way I wanted I got a perfect job out of the unit which paid really well and wasn't so long hours there's just no way I'd have the same driver do for this channel there's no way I would but if I tried to explain that to myself a year ago where I was working a very humiliating job I.

Was pretty broke I was just very miserable for reasons I'm not going to go into in this video but if I try to explain to myself then that I would actually look back at the paradise a very important very beneficial time in my life I wouldn't have believed myself because there was just no way to explain to myself back then it would result in.

This whole journey of me learning all these things and then eventually making a YouTube channel on it and who knows how big this will be coming where it will lead me you know maybe I'll come back to this video in a year but as heinuso will tell you you can't always tell where the ball is going just from watching it alone you need to look at.

The whole court it's just very unfortunate that we often can't do that until much much later on so we just need to have the faith that as long as we keep trying to progress we keep working on ourselves and keep moving forward at some point eventually the ball is gonna come right to us and that is exactly what happens it's about halfway through.

The final set of innerizaki and krasnar are barely hanging on us atspo and his team continue to overwhelm them hence's simple service received by Aaron and after a couple back and forth at smooth leaps forward to set the ball to his twin who then completely breaks the harass new defense by baiting them into a block bull flies across to Aaron and.

With no crastic blockers in place hatsumu just laughs as all the pieces fit together for innerizaki and karasimo crumbles except for one man about through the whole world wrong about him whose Blind Faith in himself a faith that no one else or even he could really understand at the time finally pays off.

As everyone falls into silence and all of what's just happened kagyaran admits he never thought a day would come where he would say nice receive tahinata but Hinata isn't interested in any of that because as the ball connects with his hands everything has been through up until this point finally connects to I don't know if this was an intentional of.

The writer but hinatu isn't the exact right place at the exact right time not just in terms of his receive but in everything before that as well all that time is spent at trainer Camp just as a ball boy that felt so frustrating and meaningless yet he hadn't taken a time to go through that kind of period he would have never have achieved this.

Beautiful receive and now you're looking at it this way you'll start to make the most of the situation that you're in you know for hinita not having a team to practice with is about as awful as it can get for someone whose goal is to become a volleyball player especially especially for a game so heavily dependent on teamwork but instead of.

Simply saying well I'll just have to wait until things change he made the most of it training on his own training with the women's team training with his friends who didn't even play volleyball when he could manage to convince them to do so he took making the most of a bad situation to an insane level but going back to what else Sam maybe it wasn't a.

Bad situation as impossible as it may be to understand right now you're exactly where you're supposed to be I'm going through this right now you know I'm looking around me at different players and wishing hours where they are but the board isn't going to them it's going to somewhere I I can't even figure out at a moment but I know a year from now I'll.

Look back and realize that even if I couldn't realize it at the time I was standing in the perfect place all along thanks for watching bro if you haven't already check out my other high Q video if you enjoy this and obviously all the algorithm and stuff really helps me as a Subs the likes the comments otherwise have a great day and see you again soon.

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  2. What a dazzling methodology to position it; as most other folks watching, I also am going by many identical feelings. I too rating comfort in Hinata’s struggles; it no doubt makes you might per chance well like to stand up and retain transferring even can obtain to you actually no doubt feel nailed to the floor. Succesful diagnosis and video 😢

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