[Anime Clip] A nostalgic room💫 #shorts #BanGDream #MyGO

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Is that… The previous club presidentseemed to like that band. “On December 12th, I found dust.Its shape is like the Crab Nebula.” That was written by a seniorthree years above us. The previous club president'sentries are near the end. “I saw stars today.” “It was a boppin' starry sky.” Boppin'? I wonder what kind of stars she saw.

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  1. Relaxing reality: The predominant poster is for the Edel point to Roselia hosted in S2E2.Furthermore fun reality: If the “December 12” in Hina's journal is from the memoir's first year, that locations it within the midst of the huge gap between S1 and S2, while if it's the memoir's 2d year, that's someplace within the midst of S3 (while PoPiPa used to be doing quite a bit of reveals for the Ladies' Band Difficulty).

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