3 thoughts on “[Anime Clip] Sasanqua⚡ #shorts #BanGDream #MyGO

  1. Seeing the varied bands as cameos at some level of MyGo had me extra hyped than seeing cameos in MCU films 😭 I legit geek out every time I gape themThis sequence is basically superior. Thank you so noteworthy Sanzigen and Bushiroad for this masterpiece as continuously! Looking out on the sequence became better and better brings me so noteworthy pleasure 😭 I’m so enraged to leer extra!!!

  2. Despite this short being literally their total (on stage) look this episode, I cherished each and every second of it. The from-within the assist of shot of Ran is wallpaper generous.And on the band cameo tangent, seeing CHiSPA procure again for the first time since S1… I correct can't jabber how chuffed I was to leer that. Per chance within the future we'll catch the fleshy-length model of their one tune…

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