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How are you friends, I hope you are in good health and today I will try to discuss one of the famous anime in the 2000s. This anime has made famous creators and has been played in several regions of Europe and America It's amazing, isn't it ? so let's check it out or also known as in group C Adventure is a manga series from.

Japan written and illustrated by Hero Mashimo . order to bring peace to the world by defeating the criminal group Demon was serialized in Weight magazine from July 1999 to July 2005 and has been published in 35 volumes . 51 episodes of the anime series aired on the tds channel from.

October 13 ober 2001 to September 28 Network for the United States region on June 5, 2004 as part of this programming blog generally received a positive response and the general aim is aimed at the storyline and picture quality on the other hand the adaptation of the Series A anime criticism of some Tokyo 's edits to the original resulted in confusing dialogue and uninspiring music all stemming from a force known as the mother of.

All trying to destroy it with her sword but what happened was Open drive yes this all a huge explosion destroyed 10 parts of the world that was used by Shiba at that time was finally scattered into 5 parts due to over drive and Shiba could only take one part of it. However, Chiba had not been able to destroy Sinclair and was only able to injure him . to the main ko of the series is the second heir of the 5 butterfly.

So being the only person using it since shiba is retired he goes on a dangerous journey to find the 4 fragments to destroy the 5 which has the same power used by the Demon Core the character should be portrayed as a young man with lower eyes and he always wears a necklace that his father gave him when he was little and fragrant has several strengths including.

He is a swordsman must practice with his sword every day to get stronger and constantly face other skilled sword users not only sword masters but fragrant has great skills in hand-to -hand combat and she is able to face several enemies unarmed furthermore there is a beautiful character named who is a member of the revoriors and the main heroine of this series due to not remembering her past She travels with a price in search of identity snya through trues stories.

She realizes that her birth name is none other than the legendary 15 year old dancing girl from simponia who created 5 batteries has material power described as the strongest and most dangerous type of magic ever existed has potential described as doting God eterian also said to even go beyond overdrive also uses his magic power to shoot bullets made of magical energy then next there is the javalet.

Is a sentinoid character of Dragon He is also a member of the Red Warriors and was previously one of the palace guards in Minecraft originally and appeared as a scaly lizard green or humanoid then after undergoing the test a dragon appears with a human appearance now has short gray and spiky hair then with his trademark scar on the forehead then is the leader of silver Return.

He is also one of the last members still alive lives from a musical family along with his grandfather then there is my favorite character which is Sig hard Caesar is one of the main character of the series that is a powerful magician who is very dedicated to his mission to save time he is loosely associated with dimencord to eliminate the king and appears as a minor antagonist against influence and his friends with the aim to eliminate as he judges that the power of etherion is a direct threat to time itself after.

His first confrontation with fragrant stops shooting at Ali until realizing that the Girl is symbiotically a lock on time itself after further investigation then he announces friendship with Haru and his friends to bring world peace 50 years have passed since then Haru Glory, a teenager living on an island found a strange creature that has a small body and nose as you can imagine . told by si that it is necessary that the creature is the creature.

That accompanies the Master's chorus as not long after that a fiber member of the dimension that plans to use Dark Bray to rule the world finds shiba and asks shiba to give a Drive Shiva refuses and finally then gives the drive to Haru and told him to run away but had to refuse to run away and try to help when I tried to take the rack from Haru Haru suddenly took out Drake's power with his punches which finally periodically.

Exploded, namely the move was also shocked and realized at the same time that Haru had been chosen by the people to become a rap monster the second and since that day had to start looking for the part of Rei and start a journey or destroy in Minecraft from that storyline we can imagine it would definitely be a long adventure for Haru and those cute little creatures then starting from the manga story this series was adapted into seriously l An anime with 51 episodes called Gruvi Adventure.

And is directed by Kakashi Watanabe and the music is composed by Kenzi Kawai this anime premiered on TBS on October 13, 2001 and ran until September 28, 2002 this anime series is based on the first 12 volumes of this also collected in a total of 17 DVD volumes between February 6, 2002 and June 4, 2003 Tokyo pop licensed the series for release and broadcast in North America like manga Tokyo pop released the series under the name raef Master then Rita produced Paris English edited the series for content.

And length and named alternative music score composed by Clans and for those of you who like old school games Konami also published this Game Master Bang ref Master has been well received with western releases appearing on graphic novels distributor manga and anime series also receiving impressions positive of the Jason Thompson manga books which have given the series reviews w positive from 3 stars.

This artwork was also praised by Ellen diverse from the anime news network Okay I hope this anime can be on your list and if you have an anime that you recommend Please write it in the comments column and maybe next time I will try to review it that's all for today I hope the information can be useful Assalamualaikum

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