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I've left out a crucial part in all of my videos and that's because truthfully I've not been applying it myself until now and I've been paying the price for it you'll have gone through this too and that is the constant feeling of I'm not doing but by the end of this video you won't ever be worrying about it again with the countless comments about how.

Much my videos have helped people I felt like I had to make this video to include a detail I hadn't yet mentioned and it's demonstrated perfectly in episode 11 of haiku's latest season right at the end of krastner's long battle within azaki the score is tied at 30 or Ultimus serves the ball and receives comes back to kagayama who with nerves of absolute.

Steal fixer Setter dump over the net to put karasno at match point but they're exhausted the rate at which they've been attacking is simply not sustainable and as dead desperate endless as soon as possible with a familiar call of just one more Point tsukushima's clever Mind Games return as his serve completely catches in a razakiot card and krasna.

Begins to relentlessly launch attacks at them it seems sure that they're going to win but their wise coach ukai seems to think otherwise he desperately shouts on the sidelines take it slow slow down and I remember being really confused as to why the first time I saw this because why was he telling a team renowned for its speed to slow down that was what had.

Got them to where they were and the blistering attacks crossed over far enough they were sure to win right wrong as he says this the corners of the screen darken kras Nerf hit a point where they're going so fast their attacks becoming less and less effective to the point where nothing is happening besides tiring themselves out even more.

Their speed has become a curse until with a call of I've got it the wings of karasana crowns his team with a beautiful high pass such a simple trivial thing yet everyone forgets it but in that moment it was the best decision any of them could have made and you might guess where this video is going from here but there's so.

Much more to it there's a crucial point in that you've been so shocked at where Hinata got this from that I'll come back to but before that here's a question for you how often have you said health is the most important thing at least a few times right but how often have you actually prioritized your help I believe in sacrifice of things which don't.

Really bring you any actual enjoyment for things that do in working hard being disciplined and Aiming High but only after you've taken care of yourself you're likely not taking it to the same extreme I was but I bet if you're also honest with yourself you've said the Line Health is the most important thing countless times but almost never.

Actually prioritized it and known to be more guilty of this than I have recently as my maintenance Community post a while back my working weeks recently have been ridiculous hours hence why the upload rate has just been so so slow but really it should have been even slower I'll stay up till 2am game four or five hours sleep not going to gym not eating some.

Days not doing anything but working on these videos and I do just want to reiterate that this purely came from my own slightly Reckless ambition that hasn't been a single comment saying you need to upload more why haven't you uploaded it or anything like that it's to let everyone watching this kind of content understands that it takes a long.

Time to make these scripts like they are hard to make but the point stands that I was sacrificing my health for Speed and it was having a detrimental effect on me because eventually I hit the point where that lack of sleep really caught up to me I wasn't able to come up with the ideas for the scripts because I was just too tired to focus just like karasino my.

Speed was slowing me down and I feel actually likely the best most common example trying to go too fast and staying up late to work will actually slow you down because the next day you're just gonna sit there and stare at the screen because you're too tired to actually work in a different video which I'll link at the end I'll talk about how.

You're likely aiming too low but trying to go too fast the complete opposite of heinous is high slow toss and there's two main reasons for that the first of which is frustration feeling behind now hinita knows his best than anyone remember this guy could barely train for years he'd spend years with no one to train with for a team sport Denny had to.

Watch both two consumer and kageyama get caught up for National Training and I can't even imagine how frustrating being relegated or seemingly relegates to come back to so being a ball boy after going through all of that must have fell for him now you might feel behind from the people around you but you also get a lot of pressure without even realizing it.

From online which links him very nicely to the next point and that is unrealistic time frame expectations so imagine hinderton day one when he barely knew how to play volleyball saying I'm gonna be like those Pro players I saw on TV in three weeks or that guy says well I'm gonna start going to gym and look like this guy after two months I mean.

It's ridiculous right but a very similar thing is likely happening to you without you realizing it so our brains are simply not wired to process anything more than a few people around us in our little tribe so the online world is incredibly difficult for us to process you see the top 0.01 of the world in your Instagram Tick Tock YouTube.

Whatever fade and the algorithm makes your brain feel as though everyone is doing that well and because you don't see how long they spend working to get to that stage your brain simply can't handle it it gets frustrated because it doesn't understand why it's not there right now henching into this awful stay and suffered a big problem I faced.

Lately and the one that Hinata has sold to me you've likely experienced something very similar where even though realistically you're just not in a state to work you feel like you're falling behind if you don't or can't shake that feeling that you should be doing something all the time maybe you've even had it to the same extreme I had where.

You'd be out doing something else you know seeing friends seeing family and you'll feel like you should be working you feel almost agitated whenever you're not doing something productive and this links him really nicely to an earlier scene which is Hinata's perfect receive remember how he needs to spend half a season just as a ball boy how at the.

Time it seemed like a complete waste of time because after all what possible good could come from being a ball boy it seemed like everyone else was flying way ahead of them that everyone else in a much better situation he was as Odell doing so much more than him but if it wasn't for hindus's time at the camp he would have never honed his receiving.

Skills to the level needed to pull off that beautiful reserve and in the context of this scene he would have never even thought that slowing down his play that's a complete opposite of its current playstyle but without that Cresta would have likely lost this game this seemingly pointless situation he was forced into gave him a unique.

Advantage and when he never would have found he 'd kept going full speed all the time which is exactly why Dutch was so confused as to where this new Hinata had come from Simply going full speed all the time is often not the best way to go about doing things you know you're not falling behind because you're spending some time doing other things.

Within reason of course obviously if you're unhappy and your routine is what I used to be a few years ago where you just wake up and play League of Legends for 12 hours a day then you're taking it too easy you know and I've got a ton of videos to help you with that but if that's not you here's something to bear in mind the reason you and I strive.

Towards whatever goal it is you're aiming for is to feel good right whether it's feeling good about your physique for me I was at a gym thinking about your grades from our studying or familiar obviously as my subscriber girl but there's plenty of other things in life that will make you feel good too and I don't mean instant short lasting.

Gratification I mean genuinely good you know social connection time in nature learning new hobbies try new things or for me where I've not been going to gym sleeping enough or eating I've lost a notable amount of gain and that really hurts to look at myself and you know what if I can't hit my sub goal without sacrificing my sleep ruining my health.

Cutting out my social life then I simply can't hit that goal I'm still aiming for 50k but if I can't hit her well I'd deprive myself of all these essential things then so be it some things can and should be sacrificed but some things definitely should not be now of course you can't do everything and it's a very difficult balance to find but it's.

Important to remember there's so much more to life than any one thing also that nothing will make you feel better thank good health and if you're sacrificing your health in the slightest then much like harassment attacks it simply isn't sustainable which of course is always the most important thing so take care of yourself first go to gym.

Cook the healthy food get enough sleep then work on your Ambitions not vice versa and give yourself some time to do the other things in life that matter and just like you need to surpassed you'll go higher than you ever would have focus on just spiking at 100 speed all the time thanks for watching bro if you enjoyed.

Us check out these two videos here and I'm gonna drop the channels very first please like And subscribe as mentioned there'll be more hiki content in future so see you then for that one

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