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Diagonals with the popularity of blue lock many anime fans are looking for other similar shows blue lock has become a viral sensation not only have the manga and show caught the attention of anime fans but blue lock gar neared attention during the 2020 FIFA World Cup after the Japan team won their matches against.

Germany and Spain while wearing jerseys inspired by the show with the show's popularity there are many looking for other sports anime Similar to Blue Block that's why today I will show you the top 10 best animes to watch if you love blue lock if you enjoy this video make sure to leave a like And subscribe I'm the defenestrator with es anime and now.

Let's get right into it at number 10 we have Inazuma 11. the original Inazuma 11 anime centered on the Raymond team previously considered one of the strongest football unions they are now at risk of being dissolved due to their lack of members their team captain Mark Evans aims to restore their reputation by winning the football.

Frontier Championship however things take a turn when aliens invade Earth the aliens make a deal if they are defeated in football they will leave Earth alone at number 9 we have Captain Tsubasa it focuses on tubasa ozora a boy with a huge love for football who dreams of winning the FIFA World Cup for Japan during his final year in elementary.

School he transferred to a new public school and quickly became the football team's Ace after proving his Tal Islands to basa and his team aim to compete at the national championship at number eight we have clean freak aoyama Kun it focuses on the titular character aoyama and he is a first year student and a talented football player.

Who has competed in u16 matches and is currently a midfielder in his football club he is known for his unique playing style which was created due to his fear of dirt misophobia and clean freak tendencies at number seven we have Hungry Heart wild Striker it revolves around Kayano kayozuka he looked up to his older.

Brother AC Milan football player Kano saosuke however after continuously being criticized and living under his brother's Shadow kyosuke loses his drive for the sport this all changes when he meets tujiwiki Miki who fuels his love for football once more he joins the joyo football team and with the help of his friend discovers his place in the.

Football world at number six we have shoot goal to the Future shoot go to the Future aired in 2002. it is part of the shoot franchise which includes the original manga and the 1993 anime for those who are the fans of the original anime awoke denzetsu shoot this is a must watch the series revolves around atsushi kamiya.

The former captain of kakegawa high school football team and the famous Captain for a famous Italian football club a student of the same school haideto tsuji has no interest in the football team their meeting and teamwork will be the spark of a new legendary team at number five we have whistle the anime.

Centers on Shu kazematsuri a middle school student of a small stature as he moves to a new school he hopes to join the football team as he never got a chance to play in his old school due to his height the show follows shoes journey to improve his skills despite his height disadvantage doing everything to make the team viewers will get to see.

If shoes hard work will pay off at number four we have days it centers around tsukushi tsukamoto while visiting his friend sayuri tachibana tukishi is attacked by bullies he is saved by The Talented football player Jin Kazama though disheartened by his weakness Jin's Talon's spur tsukishi to join saizaki High School's football club.

However joining is not as easy as it seems he will have to prove his Worth to be accepted at number three we have awoshi it follows the story of ashutu AWI a third year Middle School student ashito is a talented football player and is also known to be a difficult boy he meets football coach tatsuya fukuda and.

Despite atushi's Behavior tatsuya believes in his abilities and invites him to join his football team with his addition to the team ajito is touted to change the football world at number two we have the night in the area it focuses on kakiru isawa he is a younger brother of a soccer Prodigy suguru izawa due to a traumatic injury.

In his left leg kakeru quits playing football and opts to be a club manager instead however following a car accident that injures kakeru and takes sujuru's life the latter's heart is transplanted into kakeru with sujuru's heart kakeru returns to play football to achieve his brother's dream of winning the World Cup for Japan and at number one we have.

Giant killing it focuses on the Rival of East Tokyo United a football league that has lost its Fame and reputation they are doing everything to avoid disbandment to save their league etu hires Tatsumi takishi as their new coach this extrinsic coach proved himself as a manager for one of England's amateur teams despite his.

Unorthodox methods of coaching etu reaps the benefits and proves themselves as a team to watch out for well that's it for this list if you enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like And subscribe also check out my other videos see you next time

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