Anime TV shows from the 1990s – section 2

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Part two Trigun is a gripping sci-fi anime series that takes place in a distant future on a desert planet known as Gunsmoke it follows the story of Vash the Stampede who has earned himself a notorious reputation as the humanoid typhoon due to his destructive tendencies.

However vosh is more than meets the eye as he possesses incredible skills and abilities that make him one of gunsmoke's most powerful beings roroni Kenshin is regarded by many anime enthusiasts as one of the best samurai-themed series ever created it tells the story of Kenshin himura a former assassin turned peace-loving.

Wanderer who seeks to atone for his violent past during Japan's Meiji restoration era in 1868. throughout this epic tale Kenshin encounters various friends and foes while using his sword fighting skills to protect those in need Digimon Digital Monsters was introduced during Japan's booming digital age where.

It showed how fictional creatures can exist within cyberspace world with humans able to control them through their digital devices like mobile phones or computers connected via internet channels called digiports this adventure fantasy anime revolves around seven children who are teleported into this realm finding themselves.

Aligned with different digimons forming meaningful relationships along their Journey while fighting off evil digimons led by devilish Kings from original Seven Deadly Sins concept laid in Digi worlds or Realms before returning home safely once they've completed their respective arcs uu Hakusho ghost files is a classic.

Anime series that aired in the early 1990s the show follows the story of a delinquent teenager named yusuke uramashi who becomes a spirit detective after he dies saving a child from being hit by a car he then battles demons and solves cases related to the supernatural World while.

Also learning more about his own past and abilities Detective Conan is an iconic anime series that debuted in 1996. the show follows the story of high school detective shinichi Kudo who turns into a child after being poisoned by members of an evil organization as Conan edagawa he continues to solve.

Mysteries with the help of his friends while trying to find a cure for his condition great teacher onizuka is another well-known anime series from the 90s the show centers around akichi onazuka an ex-gang member who decides to become a teacher after seeing how much power and influence they have over their students.

However he quickly learns that teaching isn't easy as he deals with difficult students and school politics more anime TV shows in part three

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