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meet the hero of our story a young boy nameditikido who is fighting bravely against a mighty dragon with mysterious Powers until he wakesup in truth he is just a typical high school student who wants to enroll in the NationalUniversity School of Medicine his childhood friend choa comes to his home and then theygo shopping back at home Joe asks him about a famous girl in his class misuzu natsukawa everymorning Eda starts his day with an anti-love oath at school he asks his friend why everyoneis in love who tells him that he is just different so Ida explains that his parentsdivorce for their lover and left him alone eda's homeroom teacher rearranges theirseats and by A Stroke of Luck the girl with.

Silver hair masuzu matsukoa the one choa wastalking about is now assigned to seat next to Eda everyone in the class gets jealous of him buthe ignores them and decides to focus on studying nalki Daily Faces other students jealousybut still decides to focus on studying and just like days passed and one day his fatechanged when masuzu invites him to walk home with her Ida doesn't believe her and thinksshe has some kind of ulterior motives until she reveals that she likes him and makes thesituation more complex forcing him to leave the class with her with their arm linkedthey walk their way to home but Eda is still not convinced and has his doubts so takes her tothe parks where no one sees them masuzu admits that she lied to him and before she revealsthe truth a gust of wind lifts her skirt and.

Eda gets a chance to see something very crazywhich leads them off topic for some moments now back to the topic me Souza reveals ever sinceshe arrived at school she is continuously getting dating proposals from boys and grew tired of thisand to stop this [__] she needed someone to act as her boyfriend and as they both believe inanti-love so she asked him but he refuses until she brings out a notebook and starts reading thestory from it Nita recognizes it's his notebook and wonders how did she get it she tells him shefound it inside the book that she brought from an old bookstore he remembered he also sold some ofhis old books to that store he tried to grab it back but she says she already has a backup on hercomputer and might be leaked on the Internet by blackmailing him she asks again to pretend herboyfriend and he has no choice but to obey her.

The news of their relationship spread quickly andeda's childhood friend Chua confronts them their way Chu asks either why did not he tells her aboutmisuzu and by revealing some of ita's secret she tells misuzu that she needs her permission to datehim so misuzu introduces herself and then they continue their walk leaving Chua frustration laterat home Chua tells Eda that she will be popular in no time and get a boyfriend after school Edatries to convince misuzu so he could at least tell Chua about their relationship but she refusessaying that it wouldn't be secret if he tells her before going she asks him to bring shua to herthe next day Eda takes Chua to misuzu who is waiting for them misuzu invites Chua to join theclub that she made to help her to become popular by showing eda's fantasy notebook she tells herthat the notebook helped her to become popular.

She tells the book belongs to her first lover whovanished so she creates this club to research the book and help others to become popular but Chuastill refuses to join the club until misuzu tells her that Ida also gonna join the club Chua agreesto join the club after this they chose a name for the club which is a club for the young maidens torecreate themselves later at the club masuzu tells them they need a Target Chua suggests a seniorbasketball Ace but masuzu advises first impressing his brother who is Anita's class misuzu afterreading eda's notebook tells choa that people in the bands are more popular especially guitaristsbut Chua can't play the guitar so she gives her a case to pretend one later as they planned Chuaenters eda's classroom with an empty case and acts like a guitarist while the target boy is alsothere but instead of impressing him choa ends.

Up embarrassing herself in front of other studentswhen they ask her to play the guitar and runs away at the club while Chua went to the bathroommasuzu tells Eda she thought chiwa might quit after the incident Eda explains that in middleschool choa was expected to be a Kendo star but had an accident and lost her goals the club isnow her new focus and she won't quit then masuzu tells Ida that is her boyfriend she wants himto not look at other girls while he is with her the next day the new plan to make choapopular is to expand on her past life Chua thinks she was a princess inher past life so misuzu tells her that act as a princess battling her past lifeenemies and Promises to make a script for her later astua enters eda's classroom andbegins to act out the princess role according to.

Misuzu script Edo wholeheartedly supports herplaying along with the ACT their performance successfully captures the attention of otherstudents drawing them into the scene however despite their efforts the students perceiveit as a comedic skit rather than a serious Act later by agreeing with misuzu's advice choa putsa letter in sakagami's shoe locker with hope in her heart Chua anxiously awaits his responsesurprisingly sakagami comes to respond and asks her to watch movie together that night at homewith a sad face Chua asks Eda if he is okay with her dating someone else hida reassures her theycreated the club for that reason and he also sees her as a sister but chua's emotions get the bestof her she lashes out and runs away crying as Eda Ponders the situation memories flood his mindtaking him back to the time when Chua returned.

Home after her accident it was a period ofhardship as it coincided with his parents divorce leaving him alone during that time he learnedabout choa's inability to participate in sports due to her injury recalling the conversationthey had where Chua asked about his life goal and he made a promise to study diligently andbecome a doctor hoping that one day he could heal her injury the next morning Ida getsup early to spy on choa's first date with sakagami when he arrives at the spot he meets with misuzuwho has the same idea but a different purpose so they decide to watch joa together from thedistance masuzu tells that Chua is wearing the clothes which she wore back her sixthgrade as time passes Chua anxiously waits for sakagami when he finally shows up with hisfriends and they witness a different side of him.

Sakagami and his friends start making funof her mocking her for her appearance and belittling her feelings masuzu who had priorknowledge reveals the truth about sakagami's Behavior to Ida despite masuzu tries to stop Edahe decides to stand by Chua and rushes to save her to protect your Eden braces a delusional actclaiming Fantastical Powers the ACT gathers a crowd sakagami and his friends assume he mightnot be mentally stable so they decide to leave them alone as they walk away Eda seizes theopportunity to confront sakagami demanding an apology for his hurtful Behavior towards choa butIda ends up getting beaten badly as the situation intensifies one attempts to harm choa but someonethrows a pole at her reacting swiftly she picks up the pole turning it into a weapon to defendherself and protect Ida one by one Chua defeats.

Them then she apologizes to sakagami sayingshe lied to him and has no feelings for him after that incident at school now everyone knowsabout sakagami and misuzu is absent but while it is on his way home misuzu grabs him from behindas masuzu is about to leave she turns to him and kisses him she tells him to remember the kissclaiming to be the first one he has kissed later at home he defines Chua in his bathroomand is taken aback when he discovers masuzu in his kitchen he tries to hide both of them fromeach other hoping to avoid a complicated situation however his efforts to keep them apart eventuallyfail leading to an awkward and tricky situation days later he defines a love letter in his shoelocker and shares it with his friend Kaoru who hints that it might be from choa at the clubmeeting Ida suspects choose sending the Love.

Letter despite his suspicions Chua tries to enjoyher time with Eda hoping to create a special moment between them however their moment is cutshort when masuzu returns interrupting their bonding time then they discussed how to deal withthe whole monitor and Chua suggests including War member after school he defines Another Love Letterin his shoe Locker he hides it from misuzu during their walk home when masuzu tries to uncover thetruth and blackmails him with the notebook Ida stands his ground refusing to reveal anythingjust then a blonde hair girl shows up masuzu becomes visibly shaken the girl tells her thatshe come here to check on her and assures masuzu she won't report about Eda to make masuzu jealousshe kisses Eda in front of her and before leaving she reveals herself as Mana masuzu's little sisterJuanita asks masuzu about Mono she refuses to talk.

The following day choa Falls ill and her motherasks Eda to take care of her as he looks after her he begins to realize that choa couldn't havebeen the one who wrote those Love Letters to him the next day Chua recovers and arrives at schoolwith Eda however his day takes an unexpected turn when he finds yet another love letter in hisshoe Locker the letter instructs him to meet someone on the rooftop as Eda goes to the rooftophe encounters a girl named Tamika akashino who confidently claims to be his previous lifelover before he can process this startling Revelation hamika Embraces him in a tight hugright in front of misuzu in choa when lesuzu and Chua asked him about what relationship she haswith Eda she tells them she is his ex-girlfriend later he defines hamika at their club and mezuzahreveals that she invited her to join however Chua.

Is hesitant about the idea feeling that hamika'sinterest lies solely Anita masuzu asks hamika to write a poem to prove her dedication to the clubbut choa insists on doing practical training as well while following choa's instructions Edaand others engage in Practical acts for the club however their training is interrupted whenthey are caught in the act by the hall monitor Eda and the others find themselves cleaningthe pool as their punishment on their day off suddenly Mano arrives in a car deliveringunsettling news she informs misuzu that she couldn't convince their father whoorders her to return home immediately misuzu agrees to return home cutting ties withEda she tells him not to show his face again while misuzu goes to change hamika approaches Ida withher notebook confessing that she wrote the poem to.

Join the club however Mana snatches The Notebookfrom hamika's hands and starts reading it aloud mocking her efforts until she cries promptingAda to intervene unfortunately he is restrained by mana's bodyguard me Souza returns and stopsMana Eda stands up to Mana when she tries to interfere angered Mana orders her bodyguard toattack Eda but himika defends him and asks Mana to leave them alone witnessing hamika's courageand receiving support from their friends masuzu decides to stay with the group she also makesmono apologize to Ida and hamika before leaving later masuzu approves hamika's membership witha new member the club excitedly plans a summer trip however their plans are shattered when thepink-haired hole monitor I shows up and disrupts everything by shutting down the club later hedefines himself sharing a bed with hamika in the.

Nurse's office before he can understand misuzu andCho arrive and he hides under the curtain while humika opens the door and lets them in massuzufound him but before she could lift the curtain the whole monitor I shows up again I sternlytells the club members to disband and cease acting as a club both masuzu and choa casuallyagree and tease her about her inability to find a boyfriend in a surprising twist I claim she doeshave a boyfriend who is a college student and heir to a big corporate group as the club shutsdown Eda decides to attend summer classes to his surprise he finds I in the same class as him alongwith his classmate in ice childhood friend keoro at night Eda is happy to focus on his studiesbut masuzu blackmails him into meeting her Peta meets with misuzu she tells him to reopen theclub they need to find eye's weakness and orders.

Ida to confirm that the boyfriend I talked aboutis fake the next day Eda thinks about me Souza's order after class Koro invites him to have dinnerwith I and is planning to make them closer he asks I about her date she hesitates but seems willingto reveal the truth however Chua suddenly appears and starts putting pressure on eye to confesssoon after hamika also joins the scene he realizes it's all set up by misuzu feeling cornered Iends up telling more lies to protect herself Eda believes I wasn't lying about her boyfriendbut masuzu still has doubts and insists on continuing the investigation in class Koro informsITA about the upcoming fireworks festival and asks him if he's going to the fireworks festival andwho he's going with I is excited that she might get a chance to go with him but Ida replies thathe's not going and plans to study at home instead.

Kaora suggests that the three of them go watcha movie together on their day off Eda shares the movie outing idea with masuzu and the girlsmisuzu proposes a double date plan asking Ida to make I fall for him to capture incriminatingevidence choa joins the plan the next day Ida and Chua join keoro a night and go watch the moviewhile masuzu is tailing the from behind inside the theater while watching the movie Chuaand I get engrossed in a heated argument they find themselves supporting opposing love rivals inthe movie which Sparks a fiery debate between them as their disagreement escalates Eda tries tointervene but the atmosphere becomes tense masuzu observes the situation after the failed attemptto take pictures masuzu admits her mistake and I tells Eden not to be concerned about theargument during the movie later in class.

Ida discovers a notebook and when I arrivesto retrieve it she accidentally mixes it up with his in a hurry she takes the wrong notebookand quickly rushes away Eda picks up and starts reading I realize as she has the wrong notebookin a panic she hurries back and he defines it's just like his own delusional notebook I thinkshe couldn't find who wrote it but remembers she already wrote her name on it Upon returning tothe class I pretends The Notebook isn't hers but it's too late she chases after Eda who runsaway with her notebook she manages to catch him I started crying saying now he thinks she is weirdbut Eda tells her he would never do that and said what's wrong with having delusion fantasies healso has his and started his delusional act as Icees eat his delusional act she begins tocalm down and feel more at ease in a sincere.

Moment she thanks him feeling guilty abouther delusional notebook he accepts her request the next day as Eda accepted eyes request heaccompanies her to the local Festival they spend time together enjoying the festivitieswhen the fireworks are about to start and as they reach their secret spot and watch thefireworks I surprises Eda by revealing that she is his childhood friend from kindergartenmemories from their past come flooding back and Eda remembers her to his astonishment I informshim that according to their childhood promise they are also engaged to each other and ask himto stump the marriage proposal as Eda asks about her boyfriend she admits that it was an obviouslie and after hearing her cool line Eda runs away I reopens the club and tells them that we'llalso be joining as an advisor with no other.

Choice misuzu accepts her as a member Itell Zita she will definitely get a stamp under eyes Guidance the club starts itsactivities however massuza shifts their focus as I officially joins as the fifth memberthey become an official club and plan their summer activities everyone agrees to go to beacheshamika suggests because she has never been there and Chua asks Eda to go shopping withher the next day chewa meets with Eda who was waiting for Chua she plans to go on a date withEda disguising it as a shopping trip however her plan is sported when misuzu unexpectedlyshows up and they get into an argument are also there and also want to be with himat the mall amidst the arguing misuzu and Chua askida to choose swimsuits forthem as they go to change I shows up.

And drags Eda to choose a wedding dressfor her eventually masuzu and the others arrive and everyone comes together andITA ends up spending time with everyone on their way home massive Isuzu asks I aboutthe club funds and they meet it as Aunt siko who asks about eda's girlfriend when misuzuintroduces herself sico sees through the act and questions Edo about which girl he trulylikes the most harida's house they gathered to discuss various ideas about how to collectfunds for their beach trip misuzuki and hamika share their creative suggestions then Seco offersthe girls a chance to save money on the trip by entering a marketing contest for her new game andintentionally excludes misuzu she also explains why she thinks Ida and misuzu's relationship isfake sico asks masuzu to join them and announces.

That whoever wins the contest will become eda'sgirlfriend as everyone prepares for the trip to the beach Ito observes I and hamika becomingclose friends Upon returning home while he is talking with Chua she gets a call from I thisrealization makes it aware that I Amika and Chua have formed a strong friendship but italso highlights that masuzu has been left out the long-awaited beach trip day hasfinally arrived and the group sets off with excitement and anticipation to makeother jealous masuzu link arms with Eda as Ian masuzu board the train they tryto act like a couple to deceive choa I and himika but the girls see through their charade upon arriving at their stay the Mika isthrilled to see the beach for the first.

Time they all head straight to the beach andspend the day together enjoying various speech activities playing in the waves building sandcastles and simply enjoying each other's company before going to bed choa I and hamika decideto give matching keychains or cell phone straps to misuzu as a symbol of their club and atoken of gratitude for her role in creating the club at night masuzu confidesin Edo about not fitting in and her doubts about winning the contest still she decidesto participate and shows him the promise in his notebook with choa misuzu thanks him and saysshe will set him free after the contest the next morning while Eda is taking a walk and enjoyingthe view he has accidentally run over by Mana then as Eda and Mana have a short conversation Idaexplains what happened to them and Mana tells him.

More about misuzu during their talk Mana realizesthat Ida likes misuzu and thanks him for that asks Mana about being with a liar and shehints that only her accomplice can handle it he'd immediately rushes and arrives at thecontest as the contest begins choa bravely steps forward as the first contestant in frontof everyone Chua musters the courage to lay her feelings bare and declares her love farida herheartfelt confession Echoes through the crowd as the contest continues I and hamikaare disqualified and finally mezuzu's turn arrives masuzu appear as sad andapologizes revealing her recent breakup Eda can't stand to see massuzu sad so he comesforward he tells her that their relationship doesn't have to be fake and he genuinely wantsto be with her and confesses his love for her.

After telling the suzu that they have theworst personalities together but deserve each other the couple shares a kiss on stage asthe other girls look on from the crowd the next day eda's Aunt tells him to make the girls hatehim so they can move on Eda tries to make Kamika hate him by revealing his past life as a villagerbut it only makes her love him more and his first attempt fails next Eda goes into eyes room withthe intention of tearing up the marriage proposal but as he starts to do so he ends up accidentallystamping it instead his actions inadvertently create a cometic and unexpected situation andthe second attempt to make I hate him also fail then he finally meets choa who criticizesherself for being small and tells him she always wishes to be like misuzu overwhelmed withemotions she starts crying and in a surprising.

Moment she steals a kiss from Eda in the endmezuzah's sudden appearance interrupts the moment leading to a heated argument betweenher and Chua indicating Another Love battle thank you for watching don't forget to likecomment and subscribe for more videos like this if you have any suggestions or questions feel freeto leave a comment below until next time take care

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