AOT Info 🔥 Begin Date LEAKED? Assault on Titan Closing Closing Closing Allotment 😳 (Shingeki No Kyojin)

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So we just got some news it seems the final part of the showis expected to drop pretty soon but is it the first part of the final part?? are we going to have a split final season again? None of this is confirmed yet,but it still worth mentioning So yeah let's talk aboutattack on titan's latest news Hello everyone and welcome back to mychannel for this quick attack on titan update as usual, Twitter is the biggest providerof leaks and this week wasn’t any different first, we have the update from attackon titan sounds director, Masafumi Mima.

This isn’t the first time his tweet got traction, and last month he got peopleto believe AOE is confirmed and if you don’t know what’sAOE, check out this playlist but anyway, Clearly the sound director is an incredibly powerful character thatgives us glimpses into the future No disrespect but this time he twitted that themusic production is still ongoing we do love updates but that in itselfdoesn’t give us much information but next to his update, we got another tweet froman account that deals with attack on titan leaks.

This information is not verified but this account has predicted a lot of thingsover the years so I figured it is worth mentioning Quoting from the tweet: final part first cour 4th marchfeaturing freedom eren now there are a few interestingthings about this Information the first thing we got is a very specific date,the 4th of March which is right around the corner but then I actually came acrossa word I didn’t understand, and if you are from Franceyou would probably know it… but I had no idea what “cour” meant,.

Even as I type these words theauto-correct won’t accept this word so I checked it out and apparently, it'sJapanese for a french word that means a quarter so in terms of time, a “cour”would mean a quarter of a year. a period of 3 months the tweet talked about thefirst cour of the final part, which made people understand that thefinal part would have several sections like for example, taking thefinal part, and splitting it. that way we will have the final part of thefinal part of the final season of attack on titan Oh wow, that's…that’s horrible.

I think it makes the word “final” lose its value.and honestly, I feel it already kind of did in addition, the tweet also mentioned”freedom Eren” referring to this Eren, and of course, I won't give youspoilers for what exactly is going on but that made people further believe this final part will be different from whatwe are used to in regular seasons and with that, I agree, simply because there are not enough manga chaptersto cover an entire season NHK also called it the final arc, whichis an unusual name in terms of anime but that made me believe the finalpart will be a bit different and.

My biggest bet was that it will havefewer episodes but longer than usual like maybe 4 episodes each one hour long, and again that's just an example,there is no confirmation for that but still, the word courpretty much-confused everyone so I figured if cour is a quarterof a year, which is 3 months… maybe the tweet meant the first couras the first quarter of the year, which of course March 4th isin the 1st quarter of the year and that's what I think he meant to say. that the final part will begin in thefirst quarter of 2023, on March 4th.

And like I said, that is an extremelyspecific date, so maybe it’s not verified, but I will keep a close eyeon that in the upcoming days Another thing I came acrossis this blurry image of what seems to be grown-up Eren, Armin, and Mikasa All standing next to a very familiar tree which of course made a lot of peoplespeculate about the ending…again But to be fair, I have no source for this sothis can be someone’s art for all that I know But in case it’s legit, there it is again so what do you think the tweet meant?are you excited about the final final final part?.

Let me know what you think in the comments also, how many episodes do you think we are going to get? and are they gonnabe regular or longer ones? let me know what you think and I will keepyou all updated here, on youtube shorts, and also on TikTok, so don’t forget to Subscribe I will see you all real soon in my nextvideo and even sooner in the comments but until then let me just remind you all to dedicate your heart, to humanity inside, and outside.

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