As a result of being fired, this man’s profession is much extra suited

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This boy is Kurt Warner, a boy that lovedto watch American Football matches. He was very impressed with a player namedJoe Montana who became an MVP that year. Since then, Kurt was very obsessed with becomingan American football player who competed in the NFL, but then, Kurt realized that It'snot that easy to be an NFL player, because only one percent of players get into the NFLfrom the college league, and only one person can be an MVP each year, but Kurt didn’tgive up. He started his journey to become the bestAmerican football player on the campus level. However, his performance continued to declineuntil he was made a substitution in his club. Sometime later, one of his best friends, Hudnutt,invited him to hang out at a nightclub.

There, Kurt saw a woman dancing and it waslove at first sight. Since then, he often went to the nightclubuntil finally, he had the opportunity to get acquainted with that woman. At first, the woman was reluctant to get acquaintedwith him because she was a widow with two children, but Kurt didn’t give up and kepttrying until finally, she wanted to introduce herself. She is Brenda, a widow with a son named Zackand a daughter named Jesse A few days later, Kurt visited Brenda's houseand immediately became close to Zack. Zack suffered from blindness since his eyesightcouldn’t work properly.

This made Brenda's mother, Jenny, amazed andasked about Kurt to Brenda. Not long after that, Kurt said goodbye becauseBrenda was going to take Zack for therapy. When Kurt left, Brenda found out that he cameall the way to her house by walking for miles and she was amazed by his effort. After that, Kurt returned to the match andremained on the bench, Kurt protested to his coach. He had been benched for four years and hadnever been played. He asked the coach to play him as a starter. The coach said that Kurt had good vision andpinpoint throw, but he often left the defense.

Line. Then Kurt discussed it with the coach, andafter the two of them chatted, finally, the coach gave Kurt a chance to play, but Kurtdidn’t perform as expected because he kept getting knocked down by the opposing player. Shortly after, Kurt came to visit Brenda andinvited her on a date. They talked from heart to heart and Kurt alsosaw a tattoo on Brenda's hand. A tattoo of the motto of the Marine Corps. Brenda told her past that she was a memberof the Marines. She said that she was advised by a woman toenlist in the marines because Brenda had talent.

As a Marine, so after high school, Brendasigned up to become a member of the Marines. Then, Brenda married a fellow Marine namedBrad, but the marriage didn’t end up well because Brad had an affair with another woman. Kurt then asked about Zack’s condition. Brenda then said that Zack was not a disabledkid as he knew. He was born normal, but one time, Brad calledher and said that Zack had difficulty breathing, and when examined at the hospital, it turnedout that Zack’s brain was swollen. Brenda wondered what happened to Zack untilhe ended up like that. Later, Brad confessed that he accidentallyhit Zack’s head in the toilet and that's.

What caused Zach's vision to not function. Further, Brenda also said that if it's notbecause of Brad’s clumsiness that made Zack suffer, she might forgive the affair he had. Since that chat. Brenda and Kurt got closer. They often spend time together. Their relationship became a motivation forKurt to train and play better to the point where he was predicted to be the dark horsein the NFL. Later, during the NFL transfer season, oneof the agents contacted Kurt and said that.

He was being promoted to compete in the NFL. On the other hand, Kurt was serious abouthis relationship with Brenda. Kurt introduced Brenda to his mother, butit seemed that Kurt's mother didn't really agree with his relationship because Brendawas a widow. His mother asked if he was ready to acceptall the consequences. His mother then reminded Kurt that the nextday was the announcement of the transfer of NFL players. Suddenly, Brenda told Kurt that the next daywas also Zack’s birthday, and invited Kurt to attend the party.

Kurt accepted the invitation without any hesitation. The next day, Kurt came to Zack's birthdaywith a long face because no NFL club decided to sign him. Brenda then cheered Kurt and said that itwas not the end and she was sure that he would play for the NFL. Turned out, she was right. In the evening, Kurt finally received newsthat he was contracted by an NFL club called Green Bay Packers. He also received an initial payment of $5,000.

He then immediately bought a car with thatmoney. Unfortunately, during the training session,Kurt didn’t perform as expected. He reasoned that he didn’t read the trainingguide which made the coach angry and fired him from the team. He tried to convince if he has talent andasked to be given one more chance, but the coach ignored himKurt went home confused because he had no job now. He then visited Brenda and confided that now,he didn’t have a job or a house. Hearing that, Brenda then invited him to livewith her at her house because she had planned.

To continue studying at a nursing school soKurt might be a big help for her to take care of the children when she left for school. To fulfill his needs, Kurt worked as a salespersonin a shop at night. Seeing Kurt’s effort, Brenda became reallysupportive of Kurt’s decision and told him not to give up, so while working and takingcare of the children, Kurt also continued to practice by himself. One day, when Kurt and Brenda were havinglunch, they were suddenly visited by someone named Jim Foster. He was the head coach at Iowa Barnstormers,a club that played in the AFL or arena football.

League. Jim offered Kurt to play for his team as thequarterback, but somehow, Kurt immediately refused the offer, because for Kurt, a clubin AFL was nothing more than a team with discarded players. Jim was not angry after hearing that. He then left some money and his business cardin the hope that Kurt would join his club. Brenda then tried to persuade him so he wouldaccept the offer but Kurt still refused, because, for him, the real tournament is the NFL andnothing else. However, Kurt was currently not contractedby any NFL club and their financial condition.

Was also concerning. After that, Brenda's father, Larry, askedKurt about his seriousness with Brenda. Kurt said that he was serious but he couldn’tafford to marry her yet. Larry then told him that he and his wife weregoing to fly home to Arkansas because they felt better there. When winter came, because they had no money,they couldn't afford a heater. It made the children suffer from fever. Therefore, Brenda decided to stop attendingschool and want to work but she was immediately stopped by Kurt, suggesting that they shouldtemporarily stay at his mother's house, but.

The problem came. When they were on their way to Kurt’s mother’shouse, their car ran out of gas. Unfortunately, it was snowing heavily outside. After collecting changes, Kurt went to theclosest gas station on foot, but as soon as he wanted to pay for the gas, the money thathe brought was not enough. Thankfully, the seller wanted to help andlet him take the gas with him. Meanwhile, Kurt's financial condition forcedhim to accept Jim’s offer to join Iowa Barnstormers. At the club, Kurt reunited with his best friendHudnutt. As a poor club, they made wheat fields astraining grounds.

Sadly, the team didn’t perform well. Finally, Kurt’s first match with the teamstarted. The match was held at the Rodeo arena. At that match, once again, Kurt made a fussand made the spectators ask the coach to remove Kurt from the team. After that, Jim, who knew that Kurt had talentbut lacked training, then called him and coached him personally until he was ready to playin AFL. In the next game, Kurt performed differently. He showed progress and even managed to scorea touchdown, and because of that, he got a.

Bonus of $100 from Jim. He was initially confused by the bonus, butthen Jim explained that whoever on the team could score a touchdown would win a bonusfor each touchdown. The bonus burned Kurt’s spirit to the pointwhere he won the match and scored 7 touchdowns. After the match, the team members celebratedtheir victory by partying with the girls. This apparently made Brenda jealous. In the next match, Brenda planned to surpriseKurt by watching his match without telling him, but Brenda had a hard time finding Kurtbecause the security guard didn't believe that Berenda was Kurt's girlfriend.

Then, Berenda was shocked because Zack suddenlydisappeared. Brenda yelled calling for Zack and her voicewas finally heard by Kurt. Unfortunately, after they met, the only thingthey did was argue. Brenda said that she had a hard time findingKurt but Kurt said that it was all because Brenda didn't tell him. Brenda’s anger escalated when Hudnutt toldKurt that there would be a party with the girls to celebrate their victory. Sometime later, Brenda met Kurt at the trainingground. Brenda asked him about the seriousness oftheir relationship.

Brenda said that they were not meant for eachother. Brenda, who had experienced a failure in hermarriage, decided to break up with Kurt. After that, Kurt returned to the competitionand won again, but this time, he looked gloomy and unhappy, different from the usual. His mother, who watched the match, saw thather son could not enjoy the victory that he and his team got. After the match. Kurt's mother advised her son about life. She knew the turmoil he was experiencing becausehe broke up with Brenda.

His mother said that if she supported therelationship between Kurt and Brenda. It was all because since they were together,he had become better and happier. After that, Brenda suddenly called and toldhim that both of her parents had died due to the storm that hit Arkansas. Hearing this, Kurt immediately rushed overto meet Brenda in Arkansas. After the cremation, Kurt Returned home, whileBrenda still had to clean up the mess in her parents' house. When Brenda returned from Arkansas. it turned out that Kurt had prepared a surprisefor her.

Kurt proposed to Brenda. Thankfully, Brenda accepted his proposal,and sometime later, they got married. The children also started calling Kurt theirfather. The weekend has arrived. The final match between Iowa Barnstormersand defending champion Tampa Bay Storm had arrived. The match was exciting yet intense, but sadly,Kurt and the team didn't win the match. After the match, David Gillis, a representativefrom St. Louis Rams, one of the clubs that played in the NFL, met Kurt and offered himto join the team.

He was very happy because he finally had thehope to play in the NFL. Nevertheless, Rams’ coaches experienceda difference in opinion. The head coach named Dick Vermeil really likedthe way Kurt played, while the technical director named Mike said that Kurt was very slow, plushe was over his prime age, and even his performance was below standard and had no selling points,so it was impossible for him to be included as a member of the team. Even though there was a difference in opinion,Dick believed in his decision. He could see that Kurt is a skillful player. Mike, on the other hand, never really believedin Kurt in the practice sessions, but, despite.

All that, Kurt still tried to stay strongwhile showing his abilities. Long story short, Dick gave Kurt advice andalso encouraged him because he believed in Kurt’s abilities and talents. Therefore, Dick gave him the opportunity toshow his abilities, even if he was only a substitution. Hearing this, Kurt’s enthusiasm rose againand he promised to prove it. By joining the NFL club, Kurt’s economywas improving. He could buy a bigger house and provide forhis new family. In 1998, Rams’ ace quarterback was badlyinjured and couldn’t play.

The coach was upset, moreover, he was thebest player on the team. Now, the only backup quarterback was Kurt. The coaches were arguing about whether toplay Kurt or not. Likewise, the sports analysts were discussingwho would be playing in the quarterback position. Then, Kurt was called to the coach's room. The coach asked if he was ready to be playedin the next game. It was done because the coach wanted to seehow good Kurt’s mental was by asking some very intimidating questions, but Kurt didn'tfalter and firmly answered the coach’s questions that cornered him.

Not only that, but he also asked to be giventhe opportunity to prove it. After that, the coach held a press conferenceand stated that they were ready to play Kurt. The news became a hot topic since Kurt’sname was never been brought to the media, let alone be played. Amid the pressures, Kurt tried to stay calmahead of the match. Before the match started, Brenda met Kurtand read him a letter written by Zack that ignited Kurt's enthusiasm to play his best. The match finally started, but Kurt hadn’tshown his best performance and still often made mistakes.

In the middle of the match, the coach calledhim and said that all this time, his hard work was to make him a champion and he wassure that Kurt was ready for it. After that, the match continued and Rams managedto keep pace with the opposing team's game. Kurt showed a quality that no one had everseen. Kurt Warner played calmly and excitedly. Apart from that, the coach gave him full controlover the team so he managed to bring the Rams to become the league champion that year. After the match, Kurt thanked everyone thatbelieved in him, especially Brenda that tirelessly supported him so that he could pursue hisdream.

Kurt, who was once an unknown player was nowthe best player in the league. The achievements obtained by Kurt led himto become an MVP that year, as well as being the best player in NFL. His career didn’t stop there. He kept playing until 2009 and achieved manyawards.

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