Ash At final Leaves The Pokemon Anime

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This is our first look at the Pokemon anime without Ash it's time for the latest news out of Japan we've got a new trailer giving us a whole lot of extra information on this new adventure it includes more detail on the new main characters liko and Roy they'll follow the franchise's new slogan and Pokemon together but they seem to have different.

Goals liko is interested in investigating talking about how she needs to look for things herself Roy brings up challenging Pokemon from the Legends they'll be traveling together but if they have different dreams we could see some fun tension between the pair they're both sporting mysterious artifacts while Roy's strange antique.

Pokeball is still unknown we've got a new clue about liko's pendants we mentioned already that it perfectly matches the inner gem scene within gen 9's Terra orbs but since then Pokemon's given us another option it's also a perfect match for the stone atop the new legendary a Pokemon to rapagos that will be featured in gen 9s the hidden.

Treasure of area 0 DLC will liko be seeking out this Pokemon or will she be looking into the terrestrial phenomenon either way the leading Duo aren't the only ones we've got more information about the mysterious traveler freed is also in the new trailer and he's riding a Charizard now between that and his partner Captain Pikachu this guy seems.

To be slipping into a third protagonist role he's got all the old mascots to give older fans someone to root for Freed's sample line tells us a lot about who he is apparently he's a Pokemon professor of some kind so he may slip into a mentor role for liko and Roy sharing his knowledge and wisdom throughout their Journey or he could be.

Lying about being a professor to try and look smart he could be someone with less knowledge but more practical experience there's also a new character introduced in this trailer we don't have much information about them yet even their gender is unclear still they're well dressed and make a strong impression they could be a rival for liko and Roy.

The one solid fact we have thanks to this key visual is their likely partner sarulage given that Pokemon's status as one of a pair we should expect someone to be getting its counterparts armor Rogue to counter this mystery character this could be one of our main characters or someone new according to this reference sheet our new main characters.

Were both both designed by Ken sugimori the legendary artist who created the first generation of Pokemon that's a pretty strong connection to the beginnings of the franchise but the olm team is shaking things up too for the 2023 series Saudi Den will be the new Chief director this is the first time the position has been held by a woman in.

All the Pokemon animes 26 years on air a tie to the old era and something entirely new hopefully this combination will be enough to start this new story on a high note Pokemon's new season begins on April 14th with a one hour special broadcast Ash is gone and we still don't know anything about his dad meanwhile after over 25 years one piece.

Has finally revealed zoro's entire family tree

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  1. Is it me or does the 2 unique protagonists explore hintly' fancy the Detective Pikachu two predominant characters? Investor- kind girl and a man who desires to Grief pokemon.. Factual guessing 😅

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