Ash Refuses To Leave The Pokemon Anime

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Ash Ketchum is returning to the Pokemon anime it's time for the latest news out of Japan speaking in the spring 2023 issue of automedia magazine Pokemon director kunihiko yuyama shared his thoughts on the current state of the anime he had a ton of cool things to share he confirmed that last year's far-off Blue Sky special was in the same.

Alternate continuity as I choose you oh and that Pokemon everyone wants to see will appear at the end of Ash's Adventure but the biggest bombshell he dropped in this interview was the fate of Ash yuyama doesn't outright confirm anything but he strongly implies that we'll be seeing Ash return to the anime at some point he also doesn't see the.

Crew aging Ash up referring to him as forever 10 years old Pokemon fans have been running wild with speculation over this news we haven't even seen the first episode with liko and Roy as main characters but the show is already teasing Ash's return this has left some fan sense far less enthusiastic about the new show since it seems it may even.

Be a temporary change instead of taking his place forever liko and Roy may only be around for a season or two before Ash starts his journey again maybe as part of a generation 10 anime but the meaning behind all this may not be so simple yuyama is not the current director of the Pokemon anime his title right now is creative supervisor that's a senior.

Position but his word isn't definitive he's not Jun awada the current series director of Pokemon Journeys whatever Yuma might want to see owata is the one with the final say also seeing Ash again can have multiple meanings While most fans are assuming yuyama is talking about seeing him in the Pokemon TV show there's another option to consider now.

This could be about the I Choose You continuity far off blue has already given us a TV story set in this alternate Ash focused Universe there's no reason to stop this just be because Ash isn't the main character of the main series anymore going forward this would allow Pokemon to balance new and old viewers producing specials and side.

Content celebrating Ash while having the main show focus on newer characters we could still see an older Ash in that main Universe having him be a Pokemon Master our new main characters look up to movie Ash can stay 10 years old forever while main series Ash can finally grow up and Achieve his dream now as for what will happen to Ash's.

Pikachu check out our video on his replacement

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  1. I’m hoping that wasn't final, it could perchance well maybe be fully uninteresting if Ash merely displays up and he's the identical 10 one year used tiny one. Be pleased procedure on, point to some god rattling progression already. Its been years, americans need to explore Ash as an adult now.I wan't to explore him as a reigning pokemon champion or something.

  2. that wont salvage me that happy i desire him to be the protagonist with out demolish tho if he remains to be within the purpose to as fancy the pause champion i will most seemingly be kinda happy but when she beats him within the stop im bawl quiet

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