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In 2039, Shu Ouma is a socially awkward studentliving in Japan, where it is under the strict rule of the government organization namedGHQ following the outbreak of the Apocalypse Virus ten years earlier. While going to his warehouse studio he encountersInori Yuzuriha an internet singer of the band Egoist who is recovering from her wounds,after stealing the Void Genome a genetic weapon stored in a vial from GHQ, keeping it safeinside her pet robot Funell, Inori is then captured by the GHQ Anti-Bodies division ledby Major Guin. To make amends upon her request, Shu bringsthe Void Genome to Inori's boss Gai Tsutsugami, leader of the resistance group called FuneralParlor, However Guin orders the Anti-Bodies.

To exterminate the residents of Roppongi inorder to find the Void Genome. As Funeral Parlor and GHQ battle, Shu goesto rescue Inori, protecting her when a GHQ humanoid war machine known as an Endlave triesto attack them, The attack shatters the vial holding the Void Genome, giving Shu the “Powerof the King”, which he uses to extract Inori's Void, in the form of a sword in order to destroythe Endlave. When GHQ Second Lieutenant Daryl operatingthe Endlave Steiner arrives and intervenes, Shu is forced to retreat with Inori and regroupwith Funeral Parlor, After commending hacker Tsugumi and paraplegic Endlave pilot Ayasefor their hard work, Gai not only lectures Inori for allowing Shu to absorb the VoidGenome since the former had intended to use.

It. but he also states that Shu can no longerstand idly by with the power the latter now possesses, Later Funeral Parlor proceeds tostop Guin, who took a group of innocent civilians hostage to have Daryl and the Anti-Bodiesexecute them, Funeral Parlor launches an attack and tricks Daryl to drive his Endlave Steineraway from Guin's command center to hijack it. Gai then reveals himself and has a standoffwith Guin, in which Shu heads toward Daryl, cutting through his cockpit and extracts hisVoid, a weapon that produces myriad of barriers, As the standoff reaches its climax, Guin ordershis men to fire at Gai, however Shu uses Daryl's.

Void to shield Gai and deflect the lasersfired, annihilating Guin and the Anti-Bodies. In the aftermath, despite witnessing the atrocitiesGHQ are responsible for and what Funeral Parlor stands for, Shu declines Gai's offer to jointhem, The next day Shu is surprised to learn that Inori has transferred into his school. Shu is still shocked that not only has Inoritransferred to his school but is living at his home as well, Meanwhile GHQ Anti-BodiesDirector Shuichiro Keido tasks GHQ Major Makoto Waltz Segai to track a series of hotspotswhere a genetic drug called the Norma Gene is being distributed. After Shu learns that Inori was sent to protecthim, the two meet up with Gai who reveals.

That a student at Shu's school, who is secretlya drug dealer for the Norma Gene nicknamed “Sugar”, saw him during the Roppongi incident. After Gai confirms that he can see other people'sVoids, Inori then teaches the basic principles of drawing out Voids to Shu, who confrontshis classmates one by one, checking for a Void in the form of a pair of shears heldby “Sugar”. After several failures Shu soon figures out”Sugar” is actually his friend Yahiro Samukawa, since his calm demeanor does not match histastes in movies, thereby exposing his identity, Shu subdues an angry Yahiro by extractinghis Void, but stops Inori from killing Yahiro. When Yahiro awakens he and Shu both resolveto keep each other's secrets, However Yahiro.

Turns on Shu the next day by selling him outto GHQ, and Shu is then approached by Segai. Shu is apprehended by Segai in front of hisclassmates and is taken to GHQ Isolation Facility Four, where he remains silent about FuneralParlor, As Segai is taking Shu to the isolation ward, he reveals that Yahiro's younger brotheris receiving treatment at the facility due to being a victim of the Apocalypse Virus,for this is the reason for why Yahiro ratted Shu out. However Segai dismays Shu when mentioningthat Gai plans to rescue a mass murderer named Kenji Kido giving Shu a transmitter in theshape of a pen, to use when he comes in contact with Gai, Later that night Gai disguised asa lawyer, visits Shu to involve him in rescuing.

Kenji but Shu rejects assistance. As the facility's alarm suddenly goes off,Tsugumi informs the two that Inori has broken into the facility and plans to rescue Shuherself, ignoring orders, Gai is forced to change his group's plan of action againstthe GHQ Endlaves when Shu goes to save her. On the way there, after Ayase protects himfrom harm, Shu encounters Kenji extracting and using his Void, in the form of a gravitymanipulation device to stop the GHQ Endlaves and rescue Inori, Following the facility'sdestruction, Shu once again is offered to join Gai and reluctantly accepts, howeverhe keeps Segai's transmitter and does not inform Gai of their exchange.

Shu is brought to Funeral Parlor Headquartersat Roppongi Fort, where Gai plans to hold a trial for Shu before he can officially jointhis resistant group, While preparing to lead a mission to take over the “Leukocyte”, Gaiassigns Ayase to instruct Shu in training him for the trial, Ayase holds onto his penunaware that it is a transmitter using this as motivation. After a day of hard training with membersArgo Tsukishima and Oogumo, Shu encounters Inori realizing that Gai was the one who toldher to convince him to join Funeral Parlor, After Inori enter Gai's room, a dejected Shubumps into Ayase who consoles and reinvigorates him for his trial, Unknown to them, howeverInori is actually giving Gai a blood transfusion.

On the day of trial Shu has a mock battlewith Ayase, where the goal is to get past and into the vehicle placed behind her EndlaveSteiner, After going to Argo to extract and use his Void, in the form of a flashlightthat temporarily brings out blinding darkness, Shu manages to succeed the task and receiveshis pen back as his reward for passing the trial. Tsugumi gives the members a troubling reportthat Gai, who earlier led a team to intercept the arrival of mercenaries at an airport andconfiscate their supplies, was attacked by the Leukocyte an orbital satellite laser. Although Gai survives the attack both histeam and the mercenaries were killed by the.

Leukocyte blast, At the outskirts of TsukigaseDam, Gai briefs Funeral Parlor that their next mission is to attack the dam where theLeukocyte control system is located, but Shu rejects this plan due to the percentage ofmembers who might die. Meanwhile at Tsukigase Dam, Segai informsKeido that his men are prepared for Funeral Parlor's attack, As Gai gets another bloodtransfusion in a room alone, he feels burdened for the lives sacrificed during the Leukocyteincident. After eavesdropping on this Shu has a briefexchange with Gai, but eventually agrees with the plan, understanding that Gai knows howmuch the lives sacrificed are worth to him, During the operation Funeral Parlor distractsGHQ from guarding the dam, allowing Shu and.

Others to infiltrate the Leukocyte controlsystem. As Shu hacks the control system using Kenji'sVoid, Segai sends Daryl to get Shu but Gai defeats Daryl, However Daryl damages the controlsystem, causing Leukocyte I to malfunction and descend into Tokyo. As Segai shows up Gai makes a deal with himto use the pen which Gai was aware that it was a transmitter, in order to use LeukocyteIII to destroy Leukocyte I, in exchange for Segai to delete all of Shu's data in relationto Funeral Parlor. While Gai prepares to line up the transmitterwith the two Leukocyte satellites, Shu's wish to act upon this heeds Inori to fuse her Voidwith that of Kenji, creating a powerful laser.

Weapon which he uses to destroy both satellitesjust as their paths intersect, With the operation over Shu finally accepts Gai's offer and joinsFuneral Parlor. Shu returns to school, but deals with therumors that have spread due to his absence. Luckily, the student council president ArisaKuhouin fabricates a story for his apprehension to stop the rumors, but he has not heard anyword about Yahiro since his capture. After school, Shu's stepmother Haruka Oumareturns home and welcomes Inori without much question. Meanwhile, Gai initiates a plan to acquirea new supply route for Funeral Parlor. The following night, Arisa and her grandfather,Okina Kuhouin, the head of a conglomerate.

Called the Kuhouin Group, attend a party ona cruise ship whilst GHQ Colonel Dan Eagleman briefs Daryl, Segai and GHQ Intel OfficerRowan in using missiles to attack the ship, following intelligence that Okina plans tomake a business deal with an international party outside Japan. As the operation begins, Shu and Gai sneakon board the ship dressed as guests. When Shu runs into Arisa, Gai distracts herwhile Shu receives information from Tsugumi regarding Eagleman's plan. To save the ship and its passengers, Gai tricksArisa into coming to the upper deck, where Shu extracts her Void, in the form of a ballthat projects a huge disc shield, and uses.

It to defend from the onslaught of missiles. Okina, after witnessing this operation, agreesto have the Kuhouin Group form a partnership with Funeral Parlor for their new supply routewhen contacting Shibungi, one of the members. Before leaving the ship, Gai tells Arisa thatdespite her toughened exterior, she is shy to the doting of others. As Shu and Inori leave for school the nextday, Shu admits that for the first time he is glad for the power he possesses. Shu and Inori is requested by Gai to bringSouta, Hare and Kanon classmates of the motion picture research club to visit a beach resortat Oshima, though in a guise as a mission.

In which will require drawing out Souta'sVoid. After having some fun on the beach with theothers, Shu pays a visit to the grave of his late father Kurosu Ouma the leading experton the Apocalypse Virus before his untimely death amid the Lost Christmas incident. Gai explains to Shu that the mission is tobreak into a covert GHQ base disguised as a shrine, but Shu has to make use of Soutahaving feelings for Inori in order to draw out his Void, Later that night at a sidewalk,as Souta attempts to confess his love to Inori, Shu rushes in and draws out Souta's Void,embarrassing himself in front of the Funeral Parlor members hidden around the area.

As Shu Inori and Gai enter the vault of thebase using Souta's Void, in the form of a camera that unlocks anything, they discoverthat the item they were looking for has gone missing. Keido who previous infiltrated the vault usingKurosu's access card, stands before Kurosu's grave holding the item a canister containinga meteorite which was the cause of the Apocalypse Virus, The next morning Shu and Souta makeamends to their friendship due to their inability of understanding each other. Finally as everyone leaves Oshima, Inori explainsto Shu how people's Voids change based on his relationship with them.

Before being tracked by Segai, Yahiro managesto escape with his younger brother Jun Samukawa after taking refuge at an orphanage, Afterschool Kanon makes an excuse to leave the classroom to give Hare the opportunity togo shopping alone with Shu when he arrives in the classroom. However Hare's moment to confess to Shu onthe train is inadvertently interrupted when Yahiro bursts in carrying drugs, After Shuparts with Hare, Yahiro takes him to see Jun explaining that they went into hiding afterthe incident at the isolation ward, so Shu calls Ayase to arrange a transport in resolveto help Yahiro escape with Jun. However GHQ tracked down Yahiro, and Segaiand Daryl commence an operation to eliminate.

Jun, prompting Shu to forcibly extract Yahiro'sVoid, Daryl uses his Endlave to attack Shu, equipped a new weapon designed to target Voids,but Jun is targeted instead when he stands up causing the virus to migrate into the Endlave. As it malfunctions the Endlave proceeds toattack Yahiro, and as Shu stabs it with Yahiro's Void, he enters Jun's memories of the eventsbefore and during the Lost Christmas incident with Yahiro. Jun saying that the virus enabled him to seeVoids and the darkness of people's hearts including that of Yahiro, begs Shu to useYahiro's Void to sever his life thread while he still has fond memories of Yahiro, whichShu reluctantly does so in order to save Yahiro's.

Life, As Yahiro awakens he is horrified whenShu admits to having killed Jun. Shu's recurring traumatic hallucinations costFuneral Parlor a mission to stop a convoy, Due to these panic attacks, Gai and Ayasetell Shu not to be involved with Funeral Parlor anymore, Meanwhile Major General Yan, afterputting Keido under house arrest for stealing the Apocalypse Virus meteorite, plans to haveit transported overseas. but Funeral Parlor stages an operation toattack the transport plane and retrieve it, However the transport plane is found to beunmanned and Funeral Parlor falls into a trap set by Segai, After school Hare slaps a depressedShu when he attempts to seduce her, because she can tell that he is just using her asa replacement for Inori.

Hare also admits to witnessing him draw outYahiro's Void to destroy the infected Endlave, Segai who previously had the Anti-Bodies vaccinatethemselves, activates a genetic resonance broadcast at Tokyo Tower, causing the meteoriteto spread the Apocalypse Virus all over Tokyo. With both GHQ and Funeral Parlor in disarraydue to the virus the Anti-Bodies attack both of them, in which Rowan rescues Keido fromhis confinement and takes Haruka prisoner, Finally Keido watches the chaos from GHQ Headquartersdeclaring he will finish what he started ten years ago. As the Apocalypse Virus continues spreadingover Tokyo, Daryl kills his father General Yan and subordinates upon learning about GeneralYan's affair with his secretary Emily, Keido.

Announces taking over command of GHQ in whichthe cause of the virus outbreak is falsely reported on the news to be started by FuneralParlor. Shu learning about this from Tsugumi, contactsYahiro and his friends to ask them for their assistance to save Funeral Parlor after revealingto them his power of drawing out their Voids, Meanwhile at the airport Haruka manages toescape from the Anti-Bodies thanks to Eagleman's sacrifice and encounters Inori and Gai. the latter infected with the Apocalypse Virus,and works with them to stop the outbreak, Keido and Segai head to Roppongi Fort withthe meteorite to a hidden facility inside the base to start the next stage of theirplans.

Haruka manages to program a resonance broadcasterout of a radio tower, allowing Inori to sing her Egoist song through it to stop the outbreakand cure the infected, At the same time Shu and his friends breakthrough the airport barricadeand defeat the GHQ forces by using his friends' Voids, much to the relief of the other FuneralParlor members. As Shu finally reaches Inori, a mysteriousblond boy named Yu suddenly teleports behind Inori and extracts her Void to kill Shu, onlyfor Gai to protect Shu from injury, As the outbreak resumes virus crystals throughoutTokyo spiral into the air and form a crystal tower. Keido releases Segai from his services givinghim data containing information on Voids as.

Promised before going to the crystal tower,Meanwhile Gai tells Shu to follow Yu who helps Shu regain his memories, When he was youngerShu and his older sister Mana, living on an island at Oshima spotted Gai washed up onthe beach. Gai spent the summer with them at their beachhouse, becoming best friends with Shu while falling in love with Mana, After experiencingthe flashback, Shu finds himself in the crystal tower where Keido has Inori bound. Keido explains that Inori was created to resurrectMana, whose soul lies preserved thanks to the virus, in order to spread the virus toannihilate the human race, and he intends to create new race by marrying Mana Ouma,As Yu prepares a ceremony, another flashback.

Reveals that Mana told Shu that she wantedto marry him. However Gai later learned that she was infectedwith the Apocalypse Virus which induced her insanity but Mana threatened him not to tellShu, Back in the present Shu tries to stop the ceremony, only to be bound by crystal-likeplants controlled by Mana. Gai and Ayase arrive in the tower to fightback, but Ayase's Endlave Steiner is destroyed in the process, The last flashback revealsthat Gai asked Shu to meet him at a church to tell him the truth about Mana, but Manacame instead and tricked Gai into shooting himself with a defective gun. Shu was disturbed by this upon his arrivalthen rejected to marry her, which caused her.

To go berserk and spread the Apocalypse Virusall over Tokyo, ending up destroying herself from her own power out of fear, As a resultGai vowed to become stronger seeing as he was responsible for this. while Shu repressed his memories about Manaand Gai due to trauma, Shu who finally remembers his past, extracts Gai's Void a gun that forcesout other people's Voids, and goes to rescue Inori while Gai heads to the pod to free Mana'ssoul, Keido tries to stop them but Yu knocks him out for failing to marry. Gai reaches for the pod but is pierced bythe crystals protecting it, Shu has no choice but to stab Gai through his body with Inori'sVoid to destroy the pod, As the tower crumbles.

Gai finally holds Mana in his arms and theydisappear together, while Shu and Inori float to safety and mourn for his death. Two weeks since the outbreak, GHQ has initiateda quarantine in the infected region called Loop 7, cutting off all forms of telecommunicationwithin the area, Tennouzu High School is now being used as a shelter for young refugees,Tsugumi and Ayase decide to stay at the school with Shu and Inori assuming Funeral Parloris disbanded. Souta suggests to Shu and others to hold aschool festival to create a relaxing environment for the refugees, Shu later shows Yahiro thathis power has evolved, which enables him to extract Voids from people without renderingthem unconscious, Meanwhile Segai, now taking.

Over the Anti-Bodies, sends Daryl undercoverto spy at the school. As the students prepare and run the festival,a group of disgruntled refugees prepare to attack the school with a Humvee and an Endlaveprovided by Segai, As the disgruntled refugees attack, Shu tries to bring Ayase to safety,but she scolds him for treating her with pity due to her inability to walk. Shu helps Ayase by extracting her Void a pairof leg braces that allow her to rapidly skate over ground, jump with incredible power andeven fly, allowing the both of them to defeat the disgruntled refugees. Soon after a television signal broadcastsKeido, revealed to still be alive and now.

In command of the Japanese provincial government,announcing that Loop 7 will be sealed off for the next ten years. During a student assembly concerning the lockdown,two male students named Takaomi Sudou and Hirohide Nanba are distrusting of Arisa beingthe student council president, suggesting to elect a new student council president inher place. Tsugumi insensitive at the student council'sopinion against this suggestion, later talks with Inori and reveals that she has been orphanedsince childhood, As the student council discovers a Genome Resonance Gauge that allows themto measure the power of a person's Void. Segai enacts Keido’s plan to exterminatethe civilians inside Loop 7 by Endlaves operated.

By a “Ghost Unit”, Segai allows the news ofthe slaughters to spread, causing distress and panic as part of his demagogy strategy. The next day trouble arises on campus as theresult of an internet rumor saying that they will be granted freedom once they turn ina member of Funeral Parlor to GHQ, When Arisa attempts to restore order to the panickingstudent body, Hirohide and Takaomi accuse Tsugumi and Ayase of being members of FuneralParlor. However Shu arrives and reveals his affiliationwith Funeral Parlor to stop them from harming Tsugumi and Ayase and prove that the rumoris false, using Tsugumi's Void a wand that can create holographic projections of people.

The doubles of Shu, Tsugumi, Ayase and Takaomiare created and sent to the barricade, only to be shot down by Daryl and the Anti-Bodies,As Funell sends a live feed of the scene to the crowd, Shu advises them not to trust GHQto survive together. Yahiro convinces the students to elect Shuas their new student council president. Yahiro then gives Shu a list containing thepower of each student’s Void as ascertained by the Genome Resonance Gauge suggests theyprioritize those with powerful Voids. Shu is not too fond of the Void ranking systemsince that means categorizing the students by usefulness, To make matters worse, theblockade gradually draws closer and the supply of vaccines starts running low, Yahiro andArisa give Shu a list of the students in prioritization.

Of vaccination, though Shu is opposed to thisidea. Later Shu is approached by Souta and otherweaker students, who are afraid of being left behind after finding out about this list,asking him to draw out their Voids to use for training purposes to which he complies. Hare is encouraged by Tsugumi to confess herfeelings to Shu, but she refrains herself and comforts Shu instead, seeing that he feelstroubled questioning his leadership, Shu later learns that Souta and other the weaker studentsleft the school to look for the supply of vaccines instead of training, and he rushesto help them with his friends. The group is attacked by Daryl and the Anti-Bodies,and both Shu and Hare end up seriously injured,.

Hare uses her Void to heal Shu first, butit is broken by a helicopter shot before she is able to heal her own wounds, Shu wakesup just to find her lying dead beside him, horrified when the virus crystallizes anddestroys her body when he takes her into his arms. An enraged Shu draws Inori's Void by forceand destroys the Anti-Bodies with ease, Blaming Souta for Hare's death, Shu vents his rageby beating him and declares that he will implement the ranking system and become a ruthless king,something Hare did not want him to become. Argo is airdropped into Loop 7 as part ofhis mission to rescue Arisa for Okina, who plans to negotiate a peace treaty with thehead of a conglomerate called the Ming Hua.

Group in exchange for arranging a marriagewith Arisa, As Argo explores the area, he witnesses Hirohide and Takaomi attacking twoother students for vaccines. However two female students named Ritsu Takaradaand Miyabi Herikawa recognize Argo as a member of Funeral Parlor and take him to see Shu,but Argo is shocked to see how much Shu has changed. While the high ranked students are a partof his Secret Service to enforce his rule and maintain order, the low ranked studentsare forced to repair an abandoned battleship in exchange for being vaccinated, Argo refusingto swear loyalty to Shu, is locked up in a jail cell, where Tsugumi explains to Argothat the students accept Shu as their leader.

Without challenge in desperate need of survival. Argo later escapes from his jail cell to findArisa who is also locating him as well, Shu sends Inori, Yahiro and the Secret Serviceto search for Argo, eventually finding him in the school stadium to confront him. This is interrupted when steel beams falloverhead and Shu tries to push a female student of the Secret Service to safety, but her Voidis destroyed causing her to be infected with and killed by the virus. Shu now learning that a Void user will dieif their Void is destroyed, realizes that Yahiro lied to him of how Hare died, but Yahirojustifies this to assure that Shu would implement.

The ranking system, Argo tries to bring Shuback to his senses, but Shu forcefully pulls out Argo's Void, pondering on whether he shoulddestroy it. Arisa who witnessed everything, tries to warneveryone of the truth about Voids using the broadcast room, but she is stopped by Inoriwho gives a maniacal glee before attacking her. With the rescue mission a failure, the headof the Ming Hua Group cancels his help, but advises Okina to leave Japan as a large navalfleet is on its way, Meanwhile at GHQ Headquarters Keido and Haruka resurrect Gai. Shu continues his ruthless behavior whichbrings concern to Yahiro, but Shu chooses.

To act this way to avenge Hare's death, Arisatraumatized after being attacked by Inori is contacted by an unknown individual, whoconvinces her to turn the students against Shu. Arisa seduces Hirohide and convinces him tohave Takaomi secretly spread the resentful rumor to the students regarding their impendingdeaths from the potential destruction of their Voids, something Shu neglected to mention,Yahiro after speaking with Arisa, goes to tell Shu that Inori should be punished forbeing the one who attacked Arisa. However Shu views Yahiro as a hypocrite andexiles him from the Secret Service, Later the students later commence Operation Exodus,attacking the Ghost Unit Endlaves guarding.

Tokyo Tower, while Shu manages to reach TokyoTower and blow up its supercomputer, deactivating the Endlaves and causing the tower to fallinto the barricade. As the students escape through the barricade,Arisa and the students turn on Shu, However a GHQ Endlave unit led by Gai attacks them,in which Gai cuts off Shu's arm and takes the Void Genome onto himself, leaving Shuin agonizing pain. At the United Nations Headquarters, the worldleaders learn that Keido has covered up the true events taking place in Japan, With GHQunable to be trusted, the majority of the United Nations vote to destroy Japan to stopthe virus. A United Nations stealth bomber attempts tobomb the students, but Gai extracts Voids.

From Hirohide, Takaomi and Ritsu as sacrificesto destroy the plane, After Gai kills a maddened Miyabi by destroying her Void, Gai ordersAyase, Tsugumi and Argo to join him or die, but Daryl intervenes and blames Gai for makinghim kill his father. In the confusion of Daryl's insubordination,Inori escapes with Shu while Ayase, Tsugumi and Argo escape on their own, and Arisa defendsGai before escaping as well to join the Anti-Bodies, The United Nations naval fleet sent to destroyJapan are obliterated by a Leukocyte blast operated by Kenji. where Gai tells the United Nations to notinterfere in their operations or he will activate the 256 Leukocyte satellites orbiting Earth,Three days after this announcement went worldwide,.

Okina and his secretary Kurachi believe thatGHQ is now being controlled by the secret organization named Da'ath, whose former goalwas to get Shu's Void Genome, but is now trying to capture Inori. When the Anti-Bodies locate Shu and Inori,Okina and the Kuhouin Group ambush the Anti-Bodies, When Arisa is attacked by Okina, who is disappointedin her for dishonoring their family name, she shoots him down in self-defense, Inoriis slowly losing herself to Mana, who is trying to take over her body and mockingly callsInori a monster, but Inori pushes this aside. Inori comforts a depressed Shu that he shouldstop blaming himself as she will always be there for him no matter what, In order toprotect him from the Anti-Bodies, Inori plans.

To be a distraction for him against Gai, Howeverwhen Shu objects to this she knocks him out and kisses him goodbye. She faces off Arisa's Endlave battalion whileshe admitting that she is a monster, but she views herself as unique since Shu loves herfor who she is, Despite destroying the Endlaves Inori is captured by Gai, Shu wakes up learningof Inori's capture and is in resolve to save her. Haruka opens a safe guarding the third andfinal Void Genome, but Keido who is revealed to be her older brother, stops her and shootsher after confessing that he was the one who killed Kurosu, Although she manages to escapewith the Void regardless, an arrest warrant.

Is issued on her, and Segai offers to leadthe search for her. Meanwhile Arisa is approached by Shu who convincesher to help him rescue Inori, as she wants to learn more about Gai's true intentions,Haruka heads to the Kuhouin estate for shelter and chances upon Kurachi, who takes her tosee Oogumo at Funeral Parlor Headquarters, since the Kuhouin estate is unsafe to hidenow that Okina has died. However Segai tracks Haruka down and raidsthe place, forcing Oogumo to stay behind to ensure his companions escape at the cost ofhis life, Reunited with Ayase and Tsugumi at another Funeral Parlor hideout, Argo informsthem about Oogumo's death. Meanwhile Shibungi is brought before Gai andexpresses anger towards the ruthless individual.

He has become, As Haruka explains to Ayasethat the Void Genone might reject one's body if injected, Segai attacks their hideout,Shu finds out his friends are in danger and leaves Arisa to help them. Ayase convinces Haruka to inject the VoidGenome into her but Segai prevents that from happening, Both Segai and Ayase fight forthe vial until it rolls over to Shu, Haruka urges him to not use the vial, but he thanksher for her concern and injects the Void Genome into his body. Shu reveals his own Void a crystallized armthat replaces his lost one and has the power to gather the strengths and weaknesses ofother people's Voids, By using the power of.

His friends' Voids, Shu defeats Segai's Endlavesand kills Segai himself, However everyone finds out that Shu not only absorbed Souta'sVoid but also his viral infection as well. At GHQ Headquarters Gai makes a worldwideannouncement that the Leukocyte will destroy the world on December 25th, The remnants ofFuneral Parlor, the Kuhouin Group and Tennouzu High School students escape Japan on a ship,where Shibungi released by Gai, gives Shu a journal written by Kurosu detailing thehistory the Apocalypse Virus. In 2013, Keido a college professor researchingon Genomic Resonance, befriended his student Kurosu who was interested in his research,In 2017 Kurosu married his colleague named Saeko Shijou, moving in with her after shebecame pregnant with Mana.

In 2022 a meteorite crashed on Earth, firstdiscovered by Mana and Saeko, In 2023 Keido and Kurosu discovered a virus inside the meteorite,which reacted when the Genomic Resonance was used, meaning Mana and Saeko were infected,Yu the representative of Da'ath, offered to help them with their research believing thatthe virus will start the Apocalypse. Yu ordered Kurosu to disallow Saeko to havean abortion during her pregnancy with Shu, since Mana chose Shu as her mate to starta new race after the Apocalypse, but after Saeko died by the virus after childbirth,a grieving Kurosu refused to work with Da'ath anymore. Keido later joined Da'ath by helping themfind a more suitable mate for Mana by experimenting.

On children with the Apocalypse Virus, In2028 Kurosu who have since kept busy on finding a cure for the virus, fell in love with hisnew assistant Haruka, who also took care of Kurosu and his children eventually marryinghim. At the same time Keido adopted Gai, who wasa victim of child trafficking, but subjected him in the experiments, eventually leadingGai to run away and encounter Shu and Mana on the beach. In 2029 on the day of the Lost Christmas incident,Keido became bitter and jealous after learning that Kurosu managed to find a cure for thevirus by creating the Void Genome, but wanted to keep the burden creating it on himself,When Kurosu caught Keido in his office, Keido.

Killed Kurosu and stole his research beforeHaruka found her husband's body. In the present Haruka reveals that Mana wasable to enter Inori's body during the second outbreak and slowly taking control of herbecause the Voids that Shu have been extracting are pieces of Mana herself. When Shu tries to return the Voids back tohis friends, they all refuse already knowing that he is risking their lives, and Shu forgivesSouta for betraying him, Shu and his group set off with allies from the United Nationsto attack GHQ Headquarters. As it is realized the 256 Leukocyte satelliteswas a bluff, Shu promises his friends and allies that they will stop Gai and rescueInori, Ayase allows Shu to help her into her.

New Endlave Steiner, Gai uses the Voids ofArisa, Kenji and Yu to decimate some of the United Nations fleet. Thanks to Tsugumi's void, Shu and FuneralParlor manage to sneak inside and hack into the base system, allowing the United Nationfleet the chance to counterattack, As Tsugumi part ways with Shu and the others, Gai preparesto get rid of Inori's memories before Mana can take over her body. Gai questions Inori why she loves Shu, towhich she responds that Shu showed her the value of life both its pain and beauty, Ascrystals take over her body, Inori sings a song only audible to Shu, who leads FuneralParlor to the center of GHQ Headquarters.

Shu is separated from his allies and is confrontedby Yu, while Funeral Parlor faces against Endlave led by Daryl, who now operates thenew model Endlave Gespenst, Yu revealing that he is actually an embodiment of the will ofDa'ath, is impressed on how far Shu has done and offers him to become Mana's mate but Shurefuses. Yuu uses the Voids of his followers to attackShu, lamenting on how Shu squandered his chance to restart the human race all because of Inoridescribed as a “doll”, However Shu tells Yu that Inori is a human being, who was alwaysthere when he was down vowing to rescue her. Defeated Yuu allows Shu to meet Inori beforedisappearing, Shu confronts Gai who reveals Inori has finally transformed into Mana.

Mana now completely resurrected, greets Shubut he shuns her after she speaks ill of Inori much to her anger, Gai draws out Mana's Voidto fight Shu while she triggers the Fourth Apocalypse, spreading the Apocalypse Virusthroughout the entire world, Haruka confronts Keido, who commits suicide by injecting thevirus into himself while admitting defeat. Meanwhile Funeral Parlor continue their fightwith the group of Endlaves led by Daryl, who believes he changed because of them and wantsto go back to his old self, Tsugumi finds that her attempts to hack the based systemare being repelled by another hacker as skilled as her, in which Shibungi figures out thatKenji is responsible for this. Shibungi tracks down where Kenji is locatedand kills him, allowing Tsugumi to operate.

Freely and help Ayase defeat Daryl, Just whenShu is about to be killed by Gai, Shu sees a flower within the crystallization whilehearing Inori's voice, He pulls out Inori's Void within the flower with his last strength,using it to defeat Gai with a finishing blow. Before dying Gai reveals that his actionswere needed, so that Mana can start the Fourth Apocalypse so she would finally be able torest, otherwise she would always be resurrected by Da'ath, Shu recovers the Void Genome thatGai stole from him, using its power to stop the Fourth Apocalypse from happening. Shu uses his Void to draw in all of his friends'Voids to cure them of the virus, slowly being consumed by the virus, but Inori sacrificesherself to save Shu's life, The Apocalypse.

Virus is no more, Ayase and others manageto escape GHQ Headquarters before it collapses. Some years later Tokyo is finally rebuilt,and Shu, now visually impaired with a mechanical prosthetic right arm, celebrates Hare's birthdaywith Ayase and his friends, Later Shu sits on a bench beside a lake to listen to oneof Inori's songs, while Inori's soul and he embrace, for while they remember their daystogether.

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