Avengers Assemble S3 E23 “Civil War Portion 1: The Tumble of Attilan”

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IRON MAN: Las Vegas. Everyone on your best behavior. Nice view, IronMan, but I'm guessing that's not why we're here. This is where the securityalert said Maximus would be, Hawkeye. BLACK WIDOW: Maximus?.

Black Bolt's brother. Tech genius, got athing against humans. Heard the Inhumans exiled him. What's he planning? Don't know, Cap. Black Bolt didn'tinclude any details. I assume the alertcame from him. It's one dude. How hard is this going to be?.

[LASER BLASTS] I should know by now not to ask. [SHOUTING] [LASER BLASTS] Where did Maximus findsuch pathetic goons? Off to the side, please.

You'll be morecomfortable over there! Goons are covered. Take the fight to Maximus. [LASER BLASTS] The Avengers are here. How exciting. [BLASTING] Move in!.

[CHUCKLES MALICIOUSLY] [LASER BLASTS] Ugh! Oh. You Avengers may have madeit past my shock troopers, but you're too late. My Terrigen bomb willdetonate at any moment.

Uh, Maximus, youknow the Terrigen mist has already been dispersedall over the world, right? Created lots of new Inhumans? In certain forms,Terrigen can become very unstable, like the isotopicform I'm using right now. It has the powerto level the city. I don't think that'sBlack Bolt approved. Gonna have to shut it down. [BOOM].

My brother is a fool. You humans are nothing next tothe great Inhuman civilization. The idea that we can worktogether disgusts me. My scans show the bomb islocated in this building. We've got to get pastMaximus and disarm it. Destroying one ofthe great human cities will show thathumans and Inhumans.

Can never live in harmony. This beast needs tobe taught a lesson. Ah! Ah! Ugh! Stay on it. It's regenerating. Ah!.

Here's your ride home. [LASER BLASTS] CAPTAIN AMERICA: You'resurrounded, Maximus. Then it's time to do this. And now the famous lightsof Las Vegas extinguished. Maximus is getting away. I've got him.

[LASER BLASTS] Ah! Ugh! No, I– I don't. IRON MAN: It's fine. We've got bigger problems. 50 seconds to detonation.

Not a lot of time. Widow, Hawkeye, keep him busy. Our dooms, crazy robot, giantbombs, still not the worst weekend I've had in Vegas. [LASER BLASTS] But it's close. [THEME MUSIC].

[LASER BLASTS] [GRUNTING] Lousy robot keepsfixing himself. [LASER BLASTS] Enough of this foolishness!.

I know one place where hewill not bother us anymore. [ROARS] He is no longer Earth's problem. FALCON: Thecircuitry is complex. No time to disarm it. Well, how aboutgetting it out of here? It's hardwiredinto the building,.

Running off the power supply. Pull it out, and it could blow. But we can cut off the juice. No more power, nothingto set off the bomb. [BLAST] [BOOM] Hulk, rip thosepower cables out now. [ROARING] I don't rip!.

I smash! Rah! IRON MAN: Vegas canadd this to my tab. Hmm? How's it going? Huh?.

[SCREAMING] You left withoutsaying goodbye. Yes, very rude. You stopped thebomb, but Inhumans and humans living togetherwill not end well for anyone. It will lead to thedownfall of our great race. I'm always upfor more punching. Why don't we letBlack Bolt deal with it?.

He isn't the onewho sent the alert. I am. Hmm, Truman Marsh. Seems like you thinkeverything's your business. Jerk. Only what threatensthe safety of civilians. Ghost nearly destroyedAvengers Tower, and now Maximusthreatened a whole city. You Avengers have a duty tomake sure Inhumans, old and new,.

Don't get out of hand. Um, is that inanyone else's contract? Because I don'tremember that part. At times like this, we allhave to do a little extra. Good job capturingthis criminal. Don't need yourperformance review. Time to get Mr. AngerControl Issues to Attilan. I'm coming, too. After you exiled Hulkand nearly got us killed?.

No, you're not. TRUMAN MARSH: Don'tyou dare hang up! [CHATTER] Did you see that? Over here. Do it again. Over there.

Avengers, welcometo the new Attilan. Wow, this place hasreally changed, Gorgon. Since the Terrigenwave, new Inhumans have been arriving in Attilanto learn about their legacy and to practice their powers. Thank you for takingcare of this problem. Sorry for the chaos he caused. You don't knowwhat you've done.

Take him to theprocessing center, and then transfer him to themaximum security facility. He will be dealtwith appropriately. I know you are busy, butplease, stay for a bit. [LAUGHS] Look at all these peoplewho picked up and left their homes and their lives. It's kind of amazing.

A place whereyou can be yourself and work on making the mostof your skills, a new home? I see the appeal. For the first time in a longtime, there is optimism here. We can see a newfuture for our race. Even with allthe new Inhumans, there's a sense of peace. [BLAST].

Uh, heads up. [CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] We appreciate the tour, butwe need to talk to Black Bolt. Of course. Come with me. I think I'll keeplooking around. I'll come, too. Marsh.

Avengers, nice of youto make an appearance. What took you so long? Doing some actual workinstead of just showing up when the hard part is done. Did I say that out loud? You know you sayeverything out loud. Avengers, it isalways good to see you. Black Bolt, Medusa,and I were discussing how to help allthese new Inhumans.

Integrate into the world. They're adjusting well so far. Why fix somethingthat isn't broken? You don't think what happenedin Las Vegas was a problem? That's why the NationalSecurity Council has proposed the Inhuman Registration Act. I don't likethe sound of that. Every Inhumanwill be registered. They will have theirpowers tracked.

Those that don't complywillingly will go to prison. I can't believe you'reeven listening to this. Your Majesty, you think heknows better for your people than you do? Black Bolt has come toaccept that everything has changed for the Inhumans. There are so many of us. We can no longerisolate ourselves from the outside world, butwe do not like this proposal.

There must be away to compromise for the good of our people. They seem happy. [CHATTER] But I wonder whatkind of challenges they'll face backin the human world. They've got a community now. Makes things easier.

Yeah, I can see that. Banner had acommunity of scientists. Wish there had beena community of Hulks. And I used a little ofthis to save Avengers Tower. I was a newbie likeyourselves once, too. You'll get the hang of it. Whoa. Oh!.

Ah! We got this. Wait, where are you going? How's it going, Inferno? I thought I was gettingbetter at controlling it. Stop and think before you act. Instincts will catch up. It's good to see you guys.

The royal family'sbeen great and all, but they're so focused on thenew Inhumans they've left me to explore Attilan on my own. Did you know they havesecret laboratories? Oh, and they have catacombs. You! New Inhuman withthe power of fire, what do they call you back home? Freak?.

Misfit? Wherever you come from,they don't trust you. They'll hunt you down. Ignore him. No! It's not true. My family and friends, they– They know you'renot like them. You'll never be normal again.

Normal is overrated. Ah! Ah. (ECHOING) You're a monster. No, I'm not! [YELLING] MAXIMUS: [LAUGHING].

Remember what I told you! This is the opposite of control. The registrationdisk itself is small. Everyone will forgetthey're wearing it. Sounds convenient for you. It's the sametechnology I developed to track the movement of theHulk, but even more powerful. This would make it possibleto locate any Inhuman who is out of control.

Or whose powersyou just don't like. [YELLING] Ah! We shall not be turnedinto pancakes today! But we mightstill be barbecued. [STRUGGLING] Dante, what happened?.

What are you doing? [STRUGGLING] Can't stop it! Ah! Sorry to bring bad news, butMaximus escaped, and there's also this Inferno thing. Ah! Ah! Inferno! I know you can handle it.

I saw you. He was right. I am a monster! You're wrong. We've seen you be a hero. [GRUNTS] Please, help. [SCREAMS] HULK: Dante!.

Split up. Find Maximus and Infernobefore they do any more damage. Think I might knowwhere Inferno is going. I'll go on my own. Don't want him toget freaked out. You know, that's the firsttime we sent the Hulk somewhere to not freak someone out. The rest of us needto track down Maximus. I'm already way ahead of you.

I had a registrationdisk attached to him at the processing center. He's headed toward the bridge. Still think it's a bad idea? Listen to us for once,and get yourself out of Attilan for your own safety. Halt! We have unfinishedbusiness, Maximus.

The Avengers were rightto thwart me in Las Vegas. Destroying the city would havebeen merely a symbolic gesture, but my plan has evolved. And you brought me rightto the perfect target. I'm about to destroy Attilan. Why would I let you leave? You couldn't evenblow up one building. What makes you think youcan destroy a whole city?.

By bringing me here,you've also brought the explosive Terrigen isotope. It only takes a small amount. Now all of Attilanis one giant bomb. If you want to keep humansand Inhumans separate, why destroy Attilan? It's too late toisolate ourselves again. The outsiders are already here. Better to destroy it all thanto let our society be corrupted.

You know what's not too late? Stopping your insane plan. [BLAST] [CHUCKLES] Even if he spread theisotope around the city, he can't make all ofAttilan go up at once. But what would it take? Basically a lot of fuses.

You're wrong. I just need one. One that moves,that's out of control. Sound like anyone you know? Dante. Get through the force fieldor everyone on Attilan will be trapped. Let's hope Hulk's havingbetter luck with Inferno. Inferno!.

It's me! Just want to talk. [BREATHING HEAVILY] Go! I destroyed the palace. It's all my fault. That was all Maximus. No one blames you. I always just feelso much stronger here.

And what Maximus said,it's like I lost my mind. I thought I'd be safer here,or maybe everyone else would be safer from me, but they're not. No one is! [MUFFLED BLASTS] Hey, did you see that? My EMP arrow shortedout for a second. It must be interferingwith the field's frequency. I can work with that.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Focus yourattacks on the same spot. First things first,evacuate the city. We could still saveit if we find Inferno. And where we findInferno, we find Hulk. OK, all things first. [SCREAMING] Hold onto me! Come on!.

Help us! Ugh! Ugh! It's too late. We must begin the evacuation. Fellow Inhumans,evacuate the city at once. Make for the bridgeinto the human towns.

[SHOUTING] Run! MEDUSA: You must remain calm. You will not be abandoned. Go to safety. [SHOUTING] Protect one another. [SHOUTING].

I'm sorry, Your Majesty,but it's time to go. We cannot abandon our home. The new Inhumans need yourleadership now more than ever. We can't leave Hulkand Inferno behind. Go. I'll catch up. Get the royal familyto the human town.

I'll stay with Widow. We'll keep looking untilthe last possible moment. [BOOM] No matter what it takes. Attilan, it's all gone, andwe've lost one of our own. Iron Man, Widow, Hulk,they're still alive in there, and they'll find Inferno.

Hulk! I'm not reading any signs. This may have been a bad idea. Whoa! Ow! [SIZZLING] Oh! Go, get out of here. It's too late.

It's never too late. Get ready. Whoa! What? Heat resistant andnearly indestructible. I only had theprototype standing by, but I thought it'dcome in handy. Now we're ready to rescue.

Hulk, Inferno! Hulk! Where are you? No one could survive here. Not here. It's no use. No, I'm not giving up. There's nothing left here,nowhere for anyone to hide.

Hulk wouldn't want youto sacrifice yourself. You're right. [GROWLS] Hold on! [GRUNTS].

You can't save me! An exploding citynever stopped the Hulk. [EXPLOSIONS] Friend Hulk! We thought– it'sgood to see you. HULK: Job's not done yet. Ah!.

I got this. [STRUGGLING] Look who I found trying toblend in with the civilians. The destruction of Attilanwas a beautiful sight. You call yourself a king, butyou have betrayed our legacy. The Inhuman raceused to be proud. You will forever regret theday you allied with the humans.

No! (ECHOING) Brother. Ah! Ugh. In trying to keep usapart, Maximus's actions have taken a toll on bothhumans and Inhumans today. In a way, he's broughtus closer together. The Avengers areat your service.

We'll come up with a plan. We'll do something. We need to finda temporary shelter until Attilan can be rebuilt. I told you that theInhumans are dangerous. What happened todayproves my point. Now everyone can see thatsafety precautions are needed. I– I'm here toturn myself in. [GROWLS].

Even though not everyonethinks it's a good idea. Thank you for your help. I have to do this. Arrest him. [GRUNTING] The world has changed inways we were not prepared for.

This was not yourfault. It was Maximus's. But there are manyInhumans now, and we do not know what they are capable of. Today, Inhuman historychanged forever. We must do what is best for ourpeople and for the whole world. We will cooperate withyour registration plan. Thank you, Your Majesty. I expect the Avengers' helpenforcing registration. We'll see about that.

And for those who won'tlisten to their king, these are the designs for anew maximum security prison. Refusing to be registeredwill be considered a threat to the security of the world. This is my tech. And are those guard botsbased on my Hulkbuster armor? As one royal toanother, Your Majesty, you cannot just hand over thesovereignty of your people. My husband wouldlike to remind.

You that this is a new world. We must use new tactics, andanyone who does not adapt is doomed. [THEME MUSIC]

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