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’Miraculous Ladybug Awakening’’ movieis going to be premiere on July 5. However, there will an early-premiere on June11 in Paris. Both for June or July, we are so close tothe release of the movie! Meanwhile, the new details about the moviehas been published. Details are very exciting because one of themcontains the reveal! But as always, before we get into the video,first, the intro! Aside from the premiere news, the movie novelof Miraculous Ladybug was also released. And the chapter titles of the novel have aninteresting one. There are 7 chapters.

They are listed as:‘’Good Luck’’, ‘’Saving a life saves the world’’, ‘’Two halves’’,‘’Mission for Marinette’’, ‘’Stronger Together’’, ‘’With an open Heart’’,‘’Down with the masks’’. ‘’Down with masks’’ is shocking one. Because it means the reveal of identities! As I explained before, this movie is actuallythe creation of Jeremy. That means, many things in the movie are waydifferent than it is in the series. So the reveal of identities doesn’t haveto go parallel to the series. It would be a perfect way to end the movie,isn’t it?.

Also, who do you think will reveal his identity? I’m asking that, because I don’t thinkboth of them will reveal at the same time. One of them will reveal in the first movieand the other one is in the second. That way, Jeremy can maintain the hype. Let’s talk about the other chapters. ‘’Good Luck’’. Why is it Good Luck? Because she’s a clumsy girl who doesn’thave self-esteem. That was also shown in the trailer of themovie.

She couldn’t play the flute and she madethe class explode. At the same time, almost everyone in the schoolmock her. Furthermore, we have Chloe. We know that in the series, Chloé greatlydespises Marinette as she treats her cruelly and takes any chance she can to humiliateher. So this didn’t change in the movie either. We knew that Chloe had also treated Marinetteback in first school years. Episode ‘’Derision’’ shows how shebrough trauma to her. In the published script of the book, somethingthat is stated in episode ‘’Origins’’.

Also stated. Marinette’s hoping to not be in the sameclass with Chloe. Because she’s tired of her. So all of these are considered ‘’Bad Luck’’. However, things are going to change when atthe end of the day, Chloe tries to drive Marinette into a corner. Marinette will escape and then while hiding,she will enter inside a room by mistake. And now it’s where her ‘’Good Luck’’starts! This is the moment of Ladybug’s appearance.

‘’Saving a life saves the world’’. I think this part is about the friendshipof Alya and Marinette. Just like the series, Alya and Marinette metwhile Chloe bullies Marinette. Because on the first day of school, Marinettehits someone by mistake and the drink pours on Chloe’s cloth. Alya stands up for Marinette and that’show they met. Unlike the others and despite the rumors aboutMarinette’s clumsiness, Alya is very supportive of her. So this part of the movie could show the scene,where Marinette understands that, everyone.

Needs a support in order to change the worldand live a better life. ‘’Two halves’’. Two halves are of course Marinette and Adrien. In the part of the book, it’s also revealedhow Marinette and Adrien met each other. Once more, Chloe tries to drive Marinettein a corner and Marinette escapes. She decides to dive into the library, whereusually there’s no other person. And there, she sees a cute boy. Yes! Our Adrien!.

Marinette quickly starts falling for Adrien. At that point, I need some information. I don’t know its reliability, however somefacts about the movie were also released. And it contains Adrien’s situation in theschool. Adrian goes to school freely after his father'sapproval, but is actually kept separate from the students in the library. He’s only in the library and that’s whyour love-birds meet here. Of course, there’s no any second that Marinettedoesn’t act clumsy. While she looks at him, she falls to the ground.

‘’Mission for Marinette’’. I think this part is also be going to similarto episode ‘’Origins’’. Having a huge responsibility suddenly, Marinettewill struggle to continue her super–hero life. But as she realizes that she’s able to changethe fate and confront the bad people, she’s going to understand how important her powersare. And there’s going to be the moments whenthe several akumatized super villains will encounter to threat Paris and Marinette’sgoing to understand that it’s her responsibility to do it!.

We have two more chapters: ‘’StrongerTogether’’ and ‘’With an open Heart’’. ‘’Stronger Together’’. This part is obviously about ‘’LadyNoir’’. After the transformation, our heroes meeteach other. Again, thanks to Marinette, with her clumsiness. Heroes face several super-villains in themovie. They are completing the each other and that’swhy, they are stronger together. ‘’With an open Heart’’. They are successful in fighting but what aboutthe love?.

Love square in the series involves 4 peoplein a romantic relationship. Adrienette, LadyNoir, Ladrien, MariChat. It’s already a known fact that Adrien andhis super-hero form Chat Noir are in love with Marinette. Marinette and her super-hero form Ladybugare in love with Adrien. That’s how it happened in the series. Actually, until season 5. Because with season 5, we have Adrienette. I think the same love square will apply forthe movie as well.

Because, thanks to the spoilers, publishedby Jeremy Zag, we’ve seen some scenes where Chat Noir defines his love towards Ladybug. In the trailer, he gives a hand to Ladybugto show what he prepared. So, in that part, I think Chat tries to showhis love with an open Heart. Apart from these information, there are someother rumors about the movie. First of all, the way Gabriel has the butterflymiraculous is way different than usual. In the series, Butterfly miraculous is obtainedby Nathalie, Gabriel and Emily. And then it’s brang to Agreste house. In episode ‘’Origins’’, in order touse it, Gabriel demands Nooro to talk about.

The usage of the miraculous. However, in the movie, the butterfly miraculousis brang to the Louvre museum. The owner of the museum gives Gabriel thebutterfly miraculous. But the purpose is the saim. Emily is under a curse, because of the brokenpeacock- miraculous. At finale, HawkMoth prepares a huge attackto our super-heroes. For the second movie, he also discovers thesecret identities of Ladybug and Chat Noir. Another interesting fact is about Master Fu. In the movie, Marinette is 16 years old andshe has known Master Fu since she was 6 years.

Old. This is totally different from the series. In the series, Master Fu chooses Marinetteto wield the Ladybug Miraculous after she unknowingly passes his test by courageouslyrescuing him from oncoming traffic. When it comes to both her and Adrien, he believesthat they are made for each other. Question mark about this part is, how willAdrien receive the Cat miraculous? Could he be tested as he was in episode Origins? Who knows! But as I said, I don’t really know if theserumors are true or false.

These are just the information I found online. Okay guys. My video was up to here. I hope you enjoyed the video! Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channeland like the video! I really wonder about your ideas, so pleaselet me know what you think about the movie! See you in the next video! Kisses!

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