Babata ⫶ there’s no hope, “it is over”

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So as we saw in the last part Golden Best by putting all my energy Let's refrigerate and with lots of missiles attack him but on golden beach Every attack was no less, he should survive every attack went and that the whole port destroys forward handwrition Arriving at the War Good Palace in a very injured condition Where are the Master Homes to save everyone from this disaster.

Let us inform about Golden Beach Everyone would have been surprised to see the video of the devastation are now forward loophen says this time of great disaster to humans You have to do it in front only then people are master of throwing. Screen opens in front of master listen d result She wants to have a meeting with the palace Master hangs up after listening to his request.

Accept as well as master Told them all beforehand that if they any information about this monster If found he can contact directly Huh [music] [music] Next Master Home from American President ask we have video of american port.

See it's really big for all of us If there is a disaster then how now in America Situation is the President tells me Under war monster continued to attack And he also got the signal after the disaster. started creating havoc because in the last time golden best was screaming loudly And all these sims from Golden Beach monster came out of the water and they all.

Master hearing that they are creating havoc together lisson says there's two amps best that Both are not active but now if they get If you go then it is very difficult to handle the situation Everyone is surprised to hear this because On one side golden based and on the other two improve Level Best able to handle both together very difficult and for this situation will be quite critical says master home.

Let us know about this monster soon Have to collect only then handle from all of us Does anyone know if you can find it Where did the monster come from? President of the Hans Tells as far as we have received information According to the character of this monster it is a extra test monster hai means this monster who came from another planet and to do deep research, we have set up a.

Commander Leave had opened secret research Explains the movement of these monsters Explored deep enough to understand And in the meanwhile we got tension life in which there were some records of universe life And he got a few accordions from Leon Monster hai who achieves universe level can do and star these monsters Majority Says Elders Say I.

Never heard of this master before And all the other Elders belong to this monster. talking about the forward commander leave Tells a special of this monster Ability is it can swallow anything may What type of monster is this that military base someone swallowed master home If you ask how strong is this monster.

Have you achieved the universe level Whether or not Commander Lee tells Data's According to the body of a universe level monster Length of 1000 you would be congratulated till 10000 meters and it's only 108 meters now and According to us this monster is available 8 or 9 star traveler may or may not be a monster This is also a master home of star level. It is said that if this happens then humans for the first time.

In front of a star class monster Everyone is fond of hearing that will do and About Star Level Monsters in Let's discuss here Elder Mohan Henderson was getting very angry because it Moisture to Puri Port in front of them destroyed they say angrily how to do it tomorrow character it continuous People will keep dying in America master.

We tell the data according to this Mau Maximum speed of ₹ 14899 is the second on the meter after hearing this Surprised by Master Listen Master Home It is said that his speed is two or three of us. Looping is many times more here I say Bus Mantle of Start Traveler Level Three Master Hoon Arvind Mere Haveli Forbidden Settle with Speed ​​in Remix ₹5.

Thinking that only seconds will go on kilometers attack and according to this data humans can anytime Can't win with this monster after hearing that Everyone is surprised because they have no And there was no other option, further take fan buy so that enters the virtual space she was resting so lavering wakes her up and shows him the video of the monster do you know anything about this monster.

Do you know I tell him suddenly about the monster gets nervous seeing the video and she asks from where did you get this video says this monster is still surprised on earth while saying is it on earth and she takes a closer look at her monster And she says it is impossible because our master more than 60 millennia have explored the universe but they.

Only got three skype votes but their The bloodline is not that high and says trembling hey hey bloodline what does that mean There are two top bloodlines of the Skype letter type. a film star Don't believe in Golden which is the highest This snake is also meant to be bloodline shows that this whole earthquake Throw Lua on hearing that she will destroy.

Absolutely or becomes speechless and shocked He misses every moment of her school friends her parents suzy and all the people who grew up with him Hansa is just an ordinary citizen and Hansi If there is a part of humanity then everything not going to end i have to do it tomorrow He will have to kill the monster only then comes there comes and says are you.

Hosh se ho tum bus a start riviera level you are the mental master of 3 and you are the universal talking about fighting a monster and you and all of your marshals Its bloodline even in front of the servant extremely powerful so you can use it tomorrow talking about doing it's just a dream bye when we don't need to fight If the danger increases even more, then inside you.

Hiding and no one can destroy it Maybe because of its heavy weight, it Can't destroy tells people enough is enough says don't be stupid and no need to worry with you Laughing says to bring your relative too Why only we can hide After that when this situation will calm down The entire human race must have been wiped out on the tower.

All our close people must have been killed What does it mean that my family will survive then how are we alone on earth from this desolate place It will be very difficult to imagine Is it then I say angrily about you You can't understand humans Fight even if you are not fit for the opponent wanna do blue open says i like this Can't spend my life just imagine if.

Meaning if only one person survives Death is better than what will be his life blue open says meaning is my root to us Country is my root and I am one of I am leaf, when the roti is destroyed, then it how will the lift stay alive the person to whom it clicked to master Very powerful weapon will be needed and Its manufacturing process is very.

It's complicated, it took years to make Will go on the speed of the golden base The accordion is only inside a man. will destroy the whole meaning but another way meaning many There are specific reaches and there are a lot of those rikij powerful canon but it's all bad and It's not even worth doing it, it's our luck Pay depends because Rakesh's.

Very rare to meet in which very powerful Your martial hall is also a weapon is specific but any powerful in that You tell me this monster is not a weapon He is exactly so powerful and because of this with this episode ends on For more updates subscribe your channel click d show links and enjoy watching d video.


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