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Episode start A goes back to the spaceship and he Maurya stores wine in his space ring thinks of doing only then tells about luofang to moin wine in space ring Can't store it in your garden Keeps in mind says ok then Loop and drill we should go from here doing it gets out of the iron.

Then a fighter plane comes to him there and he goes in the same motion Thinks of leaving the van but Bobhata says First of all I am your fighter I will modify the system and it will use its oil starts modifying the whole system from asks why are you doing this Tells that the first authority of the system master is home and second authority is you.

Also whatever you do here master home will know so value off makes the fan the first authority and Makes master home on second place Also the master home has something to say about it. doesn't even know Tell further Mohan wine from Fan Ke Bagh comes out but that moin wine loops immediately Is.

This Moj Vine is very loyal and it lives its life. Sucks only one master at a time yes now you have to give it your blood cut it from the low funk flying app and make it your own gives blood and as it gets blood on it tell me your master would have accepted the fan it also corrects the village it's so you as your master likes a lot says so much.

If so tell me an apple turns out that ever try to cultivate from there didn't because she was worried that it Don't get too strong then she says Is If you have enough week, then you can take it with your can't control That rate fruit is our master's specialist.

Made for moeen wine and it's yours is more expensive than Fragment and it's all for you Train according to master's plan Will lower fan wait for the day when you will become the domain master and only then I accept you as your master I'll do it here Frank Morin looks at the van Hai baate says to you now with you.

You can keep away from the fruit because it takes a long time to digest people lose fine but they are mohian mounts on the body of the louofen Laughing Imagines in the Next Chain Which one of the Moin van is connected to him and With this method he can manipulate All in all, the Livo fan does a pretty good job It seemed to him that there was something on his body.

Extra layer is very comfortable full does just wait for it to evolve then it will help you a lot after that I'll look no less than the blackboard suit then his plane x marshall hall a Goes people come out of the plane only then There people come to pick up the luofan was going inside the throw hall when suddenly.

Bavato comes there seeing the laughing Bavato gets surprised and asks are you all this don't want to keep secret then you out Why did you say I am a projection I am doing this to technology image directly on your retina creates like only you me you can see me and others can't Will be able to tell then the extreme marshal hall.

Looks with one eye and tells industrial or transport is just and It was badly damaged This is what our underprivileged people say the master is the spaceship of the home You are stupid, we will be full of this in future can roam in the universe and the universe would need a spaceship to travel in and it is very difficult to repair.

We have to collect more malvae so Us It is surprising that the specific assembly This is her new thing says it's yours don't you mind Looks like who I am I'm an artificial I am intelligent and have a lot of knowledge then go up thru the lower throw lift looks and tells Bobhata then I.

Talking about spaceship malway been and that mostly ancient civilization derived from and it is believed that His Vince from different power houses took him to and punch me There is a way to talk to Major Countries About this exchange to muaajim crystals I will deal with my heart, let's see does it or not baba says yes but.

Before that your internal organs are enough it's fragile it's so fragile that this universe K can't jail gravity and that Apply lot of pressure to demo the fan does it gets buried under it then tell me She says wait a while, I will cultivate you. I will guide you a lot in improving Tell me when you reach the final destination very small in nucleus storage.

Lies down and with that it falls on the fairies ends up

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