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In the previous story, Minghai managed to find his brother. They looked happy. His brother didn't expect. How could hack come to such a dangerous place ? It's strange on the way to this place but Mihi doesn't understand what her sister means about strange things, that is, her sister doesn't know for sure who they really are. had a lot of time left and told my brother to take him to Professor Wulung quickly minghai confirmed it and asked his brother about.

The whereabouts of Professor Wolong had not had time to answer suddenly a man approached and asked for minghai's identity despite showing his identity card and explaining his purpose that he was here to save the Professor wulong the man also saluted after knowing that Loui is the deputy leader of the special forces in the military There is a possibility that by now professor wulong has fallen into the hands of those evil monsters a woman whispered to her friend she said this matter has gone this far you should tell them At first she didn't believe in luhui But after seeing her status as Deputy Commander of the military special forces the woman ventured forward to tell the woman said that Actually she knows the way to the 4th floor because she is one of the members in charge of safety precautions in.

The astronomy team while on the 4th floor 5 this building there is a bionic helicopter If something happens to the astronomy team then the relevant personnel will bring all the important documents into this helicopter you want to understand now Professor wulang And the others are reached on the 4th floor because they want to use the helicopter on the 5th floor to escape the woman who said the truth on the 4th floor is the location of the most secure information library and astronomy secrets a lot of research for the last 10 years regarding the catastrophe everything is stored there according to speculation the group that attacked astronomy not only aims to catch Professor Wulan but also destroys this information library which is very important for the survival of humanity there is no backup or.

Copy even though there are very important research results about the disaster for the last 9 years it is no wonder that the heavenly sovereign organization is struggling very hard to get into anything it is finding Professor Wulung is a priority especially we say female lawye yellow hair said when we were attacked Professor wulong and his team were the first to get here They wanted to take valuable samples with them but unfortunately they underestimated the determination of the enemy who wanted to destroy everything because Professor wanted to take more samples finally Professor was very reachable by the enemy and in the end the woman it took linkhe Lao Yi and logian to the 4th floor the woman did several security steps to enter the 4th floor after that the roof wall suddenly.

Opened it would take them all to the 4th floor one of the short haired women said so this is the tunnel that leads The Secret Room on the 4th floor huh Yes that's right said the yellow haired woman not long after that the floor Feels like going up when they reach the top there is a system sound that the protective shield is currently active because it detects a protective shield is still functioning so Professor wuloh should still be is inside Come on fast we have to save her haven't finished speaking by something the yellow haired woman got stabbed in the middle of her body and the one who stabbed her was someone the woman knew it was her own friend the friend said we were close like brothers for years and didn't care how many times have i asked you you never told me How to.

Enter the fourth floor of the alley but with just a few sentences for you to believe them earlier and all this time he was not a real human but a monster in disguise during years and soon the monster plans to kill everything that was there and the number They turned out not only one other monster managed to kill one of the officers and people panicked because now they have to deal with 2 monsters far Din What's wrong with you But minghai held that he wasn't Far East anymore one of the monsters smashed the floor then pulled up the other monsters the number of monsters this time there were 3 men the one in the middle was the leader of his monsters and the other two were his underlings not long after that the security shield suddenly broke then when the monster immediately shot inside.

Because there was no longer a shield to block them they were just like the monsters in furau city they had the ability to disguise themselves as humans they were also like parasites able to replace the victim's real body and absorb it mihe dimur until here everything all you have to do is make sure that you yourself are safe i will leave my sister's safety to you no matter what happens you have to take good care of my sister say to Section to help because the monster is on Ring witchman that means the sea Kian can easily be killed minghai justify because -gara and persuaded the man after that laoji chased the 3 Monsters while saving Professor wulong meanwhile the woman who was previously stabbed gave an access card to her sister clear Hei.

After that they decided to leave this place together they went straight to the 5th floor to find a helicopter after arriving at the 5th floor they found the helicopter min-he used the access card obtained from the woman who was stabbed before then only after that the security door opened according to her brother minghai this plane should have information about the catastrophe the woman who was stabbed before might hope to make sure it is guarded safely but it turned out to save closing the security door and letting Lagian and her brother inside while minghai himself didn't go inside minghai did this all because he couldn't trust anyone other than the two of them namely his brother and their other men didn't accept it and felt annoyed But according to intuition mihe mihe felt that.

One of them was a monster the man wearing glasses was angry saying minghai was crazy and a human traitor traitor to humans Who told you what to say what did he mean who told me that said the man with glasses according to miheim astronomy should be isolated from the outside world didn't the man didn't accept because he was suspected by not waiting long and without further ado immediately hit the man and the monster began to show its true form the area was indeed the monster Bere to wait for the helicopter before committing the murder minghai ordered the rest to leave as soon as possible not to wait For a long time, the monster moved forward according to the Goddess. The enemy this time was in range and in the end they fought and exchanged blows, each head of the monster snake could spit out.

Different elements and then gather, managed to catch one of the snake's heads then hit the monster. until the snake's head broke off instantly the range is in the heavenflaler range one level higher than the snake monster's range because menghei can increase his abilities faster than humans in general to prevent unwanted things from finishing off the severed snake's head by stepping on the monster has 5 heads and five heads it's like 5 sets of pure liquid Stars for this Mi to be able to increase her strength because of being irritated the snake monster spouts fire at nenghe not only fire then she spits out sulfuric acid also at any direction prepares to use wind fists to break through towards the snake monster after the distance got closer they also collided with each other.

After a very fierce fistfight occurred entertaining managed to catch two snake heads with both hands then the other snake head tried to cook pulling its head to the side and at the same time Nike shot a kick towards the monster's body snakes and monsters even that Was flung a few meters back the snake was also in pain while clutching its stomach The goddess said that the enemy's body parts had not finished evolving Attacked the lower part of his body prepared with his spirit arts style minghai also rushed towards the snake monster and landed a punch on the monster the snake then knocked down the monster by zipping it then minghai took out his art department and the big fist hit the monster very hard and minghai managed to win the battle this time because the enemy has 5.

Heads meaning the enemy also has 5 fluids equivalent to guys so the enemy can mingle with humans the enemy has changed the composition of his essence to be similar to humans so there will be no problem when consuming his essence . long after insulting felt the strength in his body has started to increase your body was too weak before you have to understand that when you are still a few years old you also cultivate so starting your software upgrades automatically but all hardware remains stable said the Goddess To my essence this parasite will helped strengthen minghai's body and made the body's software and hardware.

More compatible with each other that's why Mike's strength immediately rose to Middle rank heavenflare range was in bird city used to fight against the monster king minghai fought desperately to fight him but with the power of decorating currently If against those of the same rank as her that is not difficult for after reaching the current range the Purple soul art can now be freely used for the redsoft Regent Talent skill it will be her trump card Ninghe may only be able to use it once before her body reaches the limit on Heaven rank is the right choice for hiding his strength now still no one knows that minghai has the redsoft Ride ability meanwhile the Reservoir is 10 minutes left before the helicopter Takes Off.

According to hei there will still be some other people who want to get on the helicopter so from it's minghai trying to hold them from getting into the helicopter it does feel weird they think how can there be a monster in disguise among the people in astronomhe feels what is because the previous news might not be accurate information in it after that there was an explosion in front of mihe in it after that two people appeared, namely and Professor Wulo but still felt suspicious of Prof, yes, I'm Holong, young man, how come it seems quite familiar to me? Have I seen you somewhere before? said Professor wulang . quickly help Professor wolo get into the helicopter because according to him Professor Wulung.

Is the hope of humans Legian and brother Hehe also told menghei to act quickly to help and immediately open the shield protecting the helicopter people are not dead they are right behind us the time is right Why are you still hesitating like this says through it is useless even if we get on the helicopter now it will still take us about 10 minutes before the helicopter starts flying this is prearranged so there is no way for us to change it they will probably catch up to us now before the helicopter can fly but Silence hem apologizes because he couldn't let Professor wulong into the helicopter suddenly a statement about the other friend smallest Hey what do you know what you're saying our special forces team is currently stressing them out by fighting monsters from the.

Enemy side we are willing to sacrifice ourselves so as to save the Professor wulong Do you know what Professor wulong means to humans Have you really been brainwashed by the dragon tooth organization who wants to betray humans Hah mihi replied I'm sure of what I'm doing but since I'm already standing here only I can decide who will be able to leave this place Get out of the way who do you think you are Don't forget I still have the authority to discipline you yes I can discipline me however you want as long as you have the ability to do so I can no longer trust anyone including you otherwise yes you've become ridiculous Now i thought i was beyond saving trying to lock the neck but minghai was able to turn things around and slammed Loui to the floor then comforted.

Ready with a punch but was able to move at high speed and suddenly got below behind this ready to absorb the splash holding up a through attack with his hands because His louis kick is very strong , Ning even snatches it far back according to the Goddess, that person is in the range, which is one level above the current rank of shock . the gauntlet has been modified But according to the goddess it's not enough if it only increases menghe's ability to use various elements but not worry he has a precious thing gloves mutated with ice crystals then combined into two into one not too bad according to.

After linghai fusion already preparing to fight again while Lawye prepared with extraordinary speed moves Minghai was surprised by Lauik's ability to be able to move quickly to produce a shadow at high speed then move to attack but hey was able to avoid it meanwhile Loui continued to attack but before the attack then he arrived gave resistance first with a punch, even loye was blown far enough but changed positions very quickly as if there were two things then laoi moved back to attack let him approach you said the goddess to issue a curved ice dragon fist moment. The big ice near nihe is ready to attack and at the same time this is the end of part 22 which is.

Episode 111 the new episode hasn't appeared yet, guys, when Mimin appears, he immediately gasses again and next, there will be a video, the storyline is the MC who has 5 different jobs The MC who cheats like that guys, okay, the episode is already stuck on episode 20 in the Chinese version, so there will be a lot of Mimin right away, it will be a bit long later, and the editing will take too long, it's about 45 to 6 days because once it's up, the duration will be long okay then for Barbarian there's still one episode that's too much of a burden to update because if it's one episode it's possible that it's only 5 to 8 minutes long so I'm waiting for the first episode to be collected, yes, the episode from Mimin info. That's all from Mimin Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh bye b

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