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We have all gone through this phase where wealways find ourselves feeling hopeless over not having a side of success to reach ourgoals. But to tell you the truth if the most successful people had gone through this phase.We are all aware of it, yet, it feels as if we are in a simulation where the deities haveomnipresence and have taken control over everything, even your goals and your dreams,and most of the time it feels like they are all against you and everything that you do.Well, I can't tell if these deities exist beyond a level where we can possibly never perceive them orif they just our imagination either way in the end everything that occurs in your environment affectsyou the most whether a positively or negatively. Is it because you're tooconscious of your thoughts?.

Is it because you're too pessimistic or judgmentalwhether you want to achieve something or not? Do you fear being regretful? Do you fear failure?It can be any one of those or maybe something even beyond our comprehension.Now try to close your eyes for a bit and relax. Imagine that you're in the center ofthis universe and everything follows in the direction surrounding you or maybe, tomake it more interesting, imagine yourself as the main character of an anime, you're the mainprotagonist of that world, and you're so powerful that you have this one ability that no one elsein this entire universe has and that is to take control of your life story – “Your Plot”.You can take control of almost everything that happens surrounding you – yourdreams, your hopes, the person YOU like,.

The things you like to do, your thoughts, the wayyou can handle positivity and negativity and the way you can turn both of those up into a singleentity and become the better version of yourself. You have the possibilities to do anything thisis how you can go under gradual “Evolution” – the constant development of oneself whether physically, emotionally, socially or psychologically. Now I may sound like a Blue Lock Fanboy atthe moment but sometimes it's okay to think only of yourself because this world is likea soccer field and the ground is composed of every person that wants to drag you downto the abyss. Everyone wants to reach their goals and this leaves you with no otherchoices but to follow your ego because as you can see that everyone is chasing theball, I call it hope and perseverance,.

In order to fulfill their dreams. They try to makeit a reality. Everyone in this field is trying to defeat each other. They're devouring themselvesin order to overcome and become a better player while pursuing their goals too on the otherbehind suppose you're just the goalkeeper. You're at a static position where you most likelydon't move from the one spot that you are assigned to hold or here in this metaphor, you don't makeany progress in this field of competition, and simply watch others who fight each other tilldeath moving forward to score. You can be the most crucial part of the field like a goalkeeper yetthe majority of the time most people just don't care about you. Why is that so? Is it becausebeing the goalkeeper is boring or is it because they don't understand the values of a goalkeeper?In any case, it can be concluded that people only.

Care about you the closer you are towards yourgoals even though most of them never support you at all in your journey. Almost everyone you'llmeet is envious of one another but the degrees of the effect are variable. The close ones areless affected but your haters have the most. Hardly a few people ever praise you if you dosomething great and most of the time people just blame you even if you make the most microscopicmistake. That one grave mistake can overshadow your thousand correct moves. This leaves you upin feeling of Despair whether you should try more in order to reach your ultimate goalor is it just a big waste of time and you should move on or in other words – “will you evergive up?” Your answer might be “NO” right now but are you confident enough that you'll havethe same answer once faced with the actual.

Challenges in real life? Because that answerwith determine the climax of your story. Dreams, Hopes, Success – the three fundamentals thatI believe play a major role for people to stay motivated in order to pursue their dreams (or goals). Let'stake this fairly underrated early 2010s anime called “Bakuman” for our example in this video. Ifyou haven't watched the anime I'd highly recommend checking that out especially if you're planningto write like lightnovels, books or even make a manga. DISCLAIMER – This video will contain some minorspoilers at least for the first season Bakuman tells the story revolving around Mashiro Moritaka and Takagi Akito, two ninth grade boys who wish to become “mangaka”. Mangaka if you don't know is aJapanese word which means a 'Japanese comic book.

Author', also known as a manga author. Moritaka don't(didn't) have the inspiration to be a mangaka at first after his uncle who was also a mangaka died dueto Karoshi or death due to overwork it was only Akito, his genius classmate, who wanted to startoff as a manga author and found moritaka to be exceptionally good at drawing and so they teamedup. Both of them the same goal in mind that is to make a manga popular enough which gets adaptedas an anime by the time they become 18. They both had a dream of becoming a professional mangaauthor and set a goal to find success by that age. Sounds very simple, basic and almost to thepoint of being called cliché but the reason I've chosen this anime over the other anime or sportanime for this video is because of the somewhat realistic approach of relatively normal peoplewho are planning to h ave a dream. Most of us in.

The current Society aren't too athletic. We aremostly the people who study hard to get into a university, studying even harder to find a jobwhich we are ultimately not happy with and if you have other goals you sometimes work upon it.But the most important thing that everyone says and we still miss upon it is “willpower.” Nothing ismore stronger than your own will to find success even the most ridiculous ideas are possible tobe made real. Bakuman shares the exact theme. They want to have a manga popular enough to have ananime by the time they reach adulthood; when most people likely to start around that age to comeup with a story idea let alone publish a manga at that time. Bakuman is a slice of Life which wecan use to learn something from I can tell that all individuals belongin' to any socio-culturalgroups or from any part of this world have a.

Goal that they wanted to pursue and worked reallyreally hard in the beginning of their journey. Even me as a YouTuber perhaps could be an exampleof this scenario as I am a very new content creator. It is indeed an easier said than done, both Akito and Moritaka were very excited to publish their first manga on the Shonen JackPublications (which is just a Bakuman version of their real life Shonen Jump publication). Theystarted working on their manga almost every day so much so that Akito who had always scoredthe highest marks in his entire class started to fall off from his academic position becausehe was so passionate about serializing a manga “Passion” is a very important thing. Passion canbe anything. Like liquids, it can take any form of sizes. You can aim to become an artist, awriter, a singer, a footballer, a wrestler, a.

Rapper, a manga author, VTuber and basicallyanything you can think of. Like Anne Rice, an American Author, once said – “Don't bend, don't waterit down, don't try to make it logical; don't edit your own soul according to the fashion. Ratherfollow your most intense obsession(s) mercilessly.” It is quite obvious but here obsessions equateto your passion. Once you pursue your goals there will be a lot of hurdles sometimes you mayfeel so down that you might just want to give up and unfortunately many people did follow thatroute. Sometimes these burdens and obstacles may feel so unrealistic that it makes you wonder – “whyam I the one who's suffering?” “Am I just not worthy enough there is a term called Kafkaesque thefeeling of being powerless to some bizarre events that no one can explain or even control thosesituations or because of how surreal it can be.

However even if it's not possible to control allof those moments because they are out of your reach, it doesn't mean that you are not able tomove forward anymore. In fact, keeping those factors in mind you can be more cautious about thingsthat you probably didn't even know. Let's go back to Bakuman. Both Akito and Mashiro had faileda lot of times to get their mangas serialized. They were frustrated as well and it's understandablebut with each failure they gradually improved the art style and the way they can make a compellingstory. However, since there are literally almost 8 (Eight) billion people on this planet and with a limitednumber of choices or resources we have over something chances are you may face competition andso did they and honestly it's a good thing. To be able to compete with someone sharing a similarinterest as you should motivate yourself as well to .

Continue further and earn their respect instead oflooking down upon them. In this case a 15 year old genius mangaka, Niizuma Eiji, tagged as a prodigy, who hadalready started serializing his weekly manga. He was a great challenge for both Mashiro and Akitoto overcome. Yet that didn't really stop them either. Instead they focused on their dreams even more nomatter what steps they had to take. Mashiro even thought of tackling him heads-on by trying tomake a mainstream manga. Keep in mind that this aspect of mainstream Shonen Manga was theirweakest spot because of how Akito usually ends up with the most complicated stories that didn'tturn out well for achieving mainstream attention. If you had written a story, probably you mightrelate to him (cause I do lol). But if he could pull it off they can actually hope to hit a jackpot because eventhe most simple things can be the most complicated..

That is what Akito had realized sooner. It's okayif you feel demotivated not every time one can constantly feel the same probably not even themonks who spend almost the entire day meditating and controlling their Id (Pleasure Instinct) and super egos (Moral Instinct). You mightthink, “What is the point of working on my dreams if it never pays off? I don't want to regret it later.”To that I'll let Akito to tell you something – [Speaks in Japanese] You may find yourself in this loophole, where even if you work your ass off all dayand night, it doesn't mean that you'll find your success and this is actually Whenit hurts the MOST. It is surely uncertain, to say the least, to point out if you feelyou're getting successful because trust me once you do have even a tiny bit ofsuccess, hope and support from a few.

People along your journey; I can guaranteeyou – it feels like the best feeling ever! [laughs] I guess they can tell it too. Now, typically asper my observations there are a lot of people from the Anime Community who aspireto make manga and dreams to publish them in Japan. Some are supportive of thisdecision but the others say it's a bad idea because generally the longer publishingcompanies usually accept the manga made by Japanese authors and typicallyno foreigners except a few. At least for now. Although, with the rise in popularity of anime amongthe culture over the West in the past few decades or so there is still hope. So, what is yourdream? What would you really want to become? An artist, a singer, a doctor, an engineer, a voice actor, amangaka or even a YouTuber or whatever you're.

Trying to be – JUST GIVE IT YOUR ALL. Remembernot everyone is the same and you shouldn't be comparing yourself with the others. It'llbe difficult but we will not lose. Also, thanks for the 200 subscribers (300 now during upload lol), your support in thelast video that I have made was immense like um I really can't thank you guys enough. Well, let's meet in the next video Kings. Bye

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