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[soft, playful music] ♪ ♪ KEN:Hey, Barbie. Can I cometo your house tonight? – Sure. I don't haveanything big planned. Just a giant blowout partywith all the Barbies and planned choreographyand a bespoke song. You should stop by.- So cool. – ♪ You can find meunder the light ♪.

♪ Diamonds under my eyes ♪ – This is the best day ever.- It is the best day ever. So was yesterdayand so is tomorrow and every dayfrom now until forever. [all cheer]- ♪ I could dance ♪ – Do you guysever think about dying? [sound of record scratching] – ♪ When my heart breaks ♪ – Some things have beenhappening that might be related.

– ♪ When my world shakes ♪ – Cold shower.Ooh. Falling off my roof…[screams] And my heels are on the ground. [all gasp] – Flat feet! [retches] [all scream] [upbeat music].

– What do I have to do? – You have to goto the real world. You can go backto your regular life, or you can know the truthabout the universe. The choice is now yours.- The first one. The high heel.- You have to want to know. Okay? Do it again. – ♪ Closer, I am fine ♪ ♪ Closer, I am fi– ♪[screams].

– I'm coming with you.- Okay. [upbeat music] ♪ ♪ Wow.This is the real world. What's going on?Why are these men looking at me? – Yeah, they're alsostaring at me. – [screams] – ♪ You gotta makeyour own kind of music ♪ – Barbie in the real world.That's impossible.

– If this got out,this could mean extremely weird thingsfor our world. This would be catastrophic! – ♪ Make your own… ♪ – We haven't played with Barbiessince we were, like, five years old.- Oh. – ♪ Sing your own… ♪ – No one rests until this dollis back in a box. – ♪ Even if nobody elsesings along ♪.

RUTH:Humans only have one ending. – Get that Barbie! ♪ ♪

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  1. Sooo the place of dwelling is summarized as:”Barbie is accurate n lives in her bubble of a world nonetheless the accurate world starts taking on so she n ken favor to ride to the accurate world to establish her world while there they secure arrested then hunted down by mattle region off barbie (the toy) is cannon in the accurate world and the enviornment cant know there is a dwelling barbie accessible?! 😂 im in on this movie nonetheless i scream ppl the place excessive as kites comming up with the place of dwelling

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