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You're watching “BASTARD!! Special”! It's filled with new updatesand info on the TV airing! Thank you. Thank you, thank you. And Happy New Year! I'm Hiroki Yasumoto,today's host and the voice of Gara. It appears that 2023has finally kicked off. Although that's obvious, I guess. But as it says here, I never imagined.

I'd celebrate the new yearwith BASTARD!! Super interesting. We're hoping fora great year for us and the anime. We also have this show today. As we've already announced, in addition to the 24 episodesof BASTARD!! on Netflix, the show will start airing on BS11. Whoo hoo. How great is itto be able to see it on TV?.

So, let's welcome the guests,the cast of the anime. First up is Mr. Taniyama! Yes… I'm Kisho Taniyamathe voice of Dark Schneider. Happy New Year, everyone! I'm in my fourth zodiac cycle.This is my Year of the Rabbit. Thank you for joining us! Next is Ms. Kusunoki,also born in the Year of the Rabbit. Yes. Happy New Year! I'm Tomori Kusunoki,voice of Tia Noto Yoko.

Yay, samesies! Darsh and Yoko are samesies! They actually aren't, to be fair. She's much younger. We have such a young member here. Next is Kensho. Happy New Year, everyone! I'm Kensho Ono, voice of Kall-Su. Every year is my year.

What was that? What are you, like 17? You're not so young anymore! – To a great year!- Awkward. I'm the Year of the Snake. Like the “Forever 17 Club,”it's forever his year. Is that a good thing, though? – Plus, he said snake.- I'll never say it again. Don't coil up in shame!.

Get it? Because you're a snake. I'm a snake, too. You're 12 years apart? – We're the same.- They'll eat us up. – How scary.- We're predators. They've got us surrounded. Be careful, or we'll eat you. Let's coil up! Kensho is the voice of Kall-Su.

This is your first special program.Any thoughts on this? I'm not sure what to talk about… There's a lotyou aren't allowed to say. – We can't reveal everything.- Well… So… we've released up tothe second season of the anime. I watched it all… But in terms of Kall-Su,I kept wondering when he'd appear. It wasn't his turn yet. So I plan to participate todayas a BASTARD!! newbie.

Um… okay… sure. Right, okay. Since we're all hereas we start the new year, I'd like to hearyour New Year's resolutions. Mr. Taniyama? My goal is to avoid injuring my knee. I kept saying it,and then it actually came true. My knee hurt all year. So this year…

I'll take good care of myself. I'm going to not overextend myself. I'll be a life-size Dark Schneider. What the hell does that mean?! A life-size versionof Dark Schneider?! A figure, I guess. Ms. Kusunoki is so kind. She looked worriedwhen you said you hurt your knee. Tell her how.

Well… To put it simply, gout. This is my 9th year. So long. I've been cursed. I locked eyes with Death. It's been nine years since. I'll try to not overconsumedelicious food and drinks. Good luck controllingyour uric acid levels. I have to becomethe opposite of Darsh.

You have to abstain. – For your knee.- I'll be an abstinent Darsh. That sounds wrong. – No longer wild.- That's not him! How about you, Tomori? As for me… I'll drink lots of water this year. Say what now? Are you drying up?.

Are you feeling lost? I actually haven'tcome up with any resolutions yet. Okay, let's leave it at that then. I'm sure you'll think of one soon. I'll drink more water. – You'll get even prettier!- Yay! A year of chugging water.Sounds good. And you, Kensho? – This year…- You with us?.

Well… This year… I want to get rich. Wow, brutally honest. Care to share a specific number? What's the most you made last year? – I'm curious.- But I want to top that. I work hard every year. I'll work hard this year too.

We won't get into detail, then. So we have quite the cheerfulcrowd with us here today. In addition to updates, we have some segmentsfor you today, so stay tuned! – Can't wait!- Thank you! As we mentioned in the opening,BASTARD!! is slated to air on BS11! – Yes!- Congrats! We can watch it on TV! With the release of the anime on TV,.

We'll have an even wider audienceenjoying the series. So Mr. Taniyama,with this TV release… I know you're notmuch of an internet guy. Bingo. So I'd assume TV showsare more familiar territory for you. But we were only on Netflix. That's right. How do you feel aboutbeing able to watch it on TV? This does meanwe'll get a wider audience.

It'll be on BS11, right? I'm sure there are peoplewho only watch the BS11 channel. Sure… I'd love for people like thatto watch the show, too. And the fact thatit's going from Netflix to other mediumsmeans there's a demand for it. So I'm super happy about that. As we've been discussing, the second season,or episodes 14 to 24,.

Was released last yearin September on Netflix. In this segment, we'll talk aboutthe first two seasons. Is that okay, Kensho? It's fine. – Can you keep up?- Yup. – You can?!- Sure. – You seem confident.- I watched it. – You watched it?- Of course. You sound confidentin your Kall-Su voice.

“I watched it.” From here, we'll be discussingthe first two seasons. In Episode 13, Dark Schneider tore outhis own heart to break Nei's curse. That one? It was epic. I'd never torn outmy heart before, so it was hard. I didn't know the correct reactionso I just went over the top. It was epic. – Blood was shooting out.- Splatter!.

– Like a fountain.- The artwork was amazing. It's a notable scene. Those of us who read the mangaremember that scene well. It was well-depicted. In the second season,Abigail fights Dark Schneider as he goes afterAnthrasax's seal that Sheila holds. Abigail talked a lot. – He's incredible.- He talked so much. Mr. Abita's amazing.

It's Mr. Sugita. – Sugigail.- Sugigail?! It's all mixed up. My bad, sorry! – It's all wrong.- Too many jokes. But it was great.I think Sugita enjoys that role. It's super entertaining. I say this because I know him well, but the suspiciousatmosphere he exudes.

Manifests as somethingincredible in Abigail. I totally agree, yeah. He's also Kall-Su's underling.Any thoughts? Yeah… it was a lot of fun to watch. It was fun to watch,but when I watched the final product, even though the artwork was stunning, the sound was epic,and the attacks were awesome, watching Abigail fight made me laugh. It was a strange feeling.

He sounds completely crazy. And when he transforms… Omega Abigail. When he becomesOmega Abigail, it was shockingto see his face come out upside-down. – His white face.- It made me squirm. I couldn't look away.It was upside-down the whole time. And when he… you know…

I don't think he could see very well. That's true. Seeing that was fun too. He didn't seem like that at first,but he had jokes. Yeah, he sort of took onthe role of the comic. Let's talk about Yoko. At the end, she's covered in blood. Yeah, I didn't thinkit would end there. Leading upto that scene,.

Yoko spoke less and less. And she worried a lotabout Dark Schneider, or Lucien, I should say. In the very end, you getan incredibly well-depicted scene of Yoko covered in blood. It makes you curiousabout what's coming next. I want to see more. Yeah, we'll all belooking forward to what happens next. We've heard a lotfrom you all already,.

But I'd like to ask Kisho this. Is there a scenethat you remember most? Up to Episode 24? From Episode 14? It can be from Episode 1. From Episode 1? For me… I'd have to say… the last episode. Like the part whereDarsh rips out his heart. – So episodes 12 and 13.- That's right.

It showed he's the kind of personwho would go that far for someone. It was a scene that made mereevaluate my view of him. He's also put throughthe wringer a lot. He even loseshis lower half. His shoulder too. Yeah. He's constantly wounded all over. That's my overallimpression of Dark Schneider. And while he does seem invincible,.

Because he experienced being humanwhen he shared a body with Lucien, that human vulnerabilityoften puts him in tough situations. Yeah, constantly. Yeah, he's alwaysyelling and groaning. It wasn't easy playing this role, and my overall impressionof Dark Schneider is he's a protagonistwho's always battered. I have a word for Yokoabout that scene. Dark Schneider loses his lower half.

And losesone of his arms. He's all beaten up. Yoko's held captive by Abigail, and she yells, “Fight!” Like, give him a break! That's true. Even in a lot of other scenes,she calls out for Lucien. But it's not out of concern.It's because she believes in him. – Like, “He can do it.”- He can do more.

She's always pushing him on. Sheila and the others, too. She and the others arelooking down going “Fight!” They're a curious bunch. I was like, “Come on, guys!” When Dark Schneider's down,they're like, “We're doomed!” They rely on him too much! – Yeah.- They're a big burden. Figure it out yourselves!.

Bon Jovina tried at first.Like, “Knights don't back down!” Despite all that effort by Darsh, Yoko's interest and concernall ends up being directed at Lucien. I even caught Tomori in the act. To rewind back to when we were talking aboutTomori's memorable scenes, I heard her rephrase her words. – You caught me.- Yeah. She was like, “She worriesfor Darsh… I mean, Lucien.”.

– That stung a little bit.- I'm sorry! Ouch. She trusts Dark Schneider. – The story…- You don't worry about me?! She trusts him no matter what. Not even you, Tomori?! Even when he's battered. He had more in him. She was like,”Don't worry about me, fight!”.

I was like, “Wow, she's brutal!” “I'm doing this for you,but I can't fight!” “How do you expect meto fight like this?!” It's impossible. Yeah, well I'm surewe all have our thoughts. Now, let's deepen our understandingof all 24 episodes with a quiz! Joining us for thisis Producer Tsuruoka. He's with us now. I'm Tsuruoka, the producer.

We'll ask aboutthe details of the series. Mr. Tsuruoka will besharing additional information. We'd like our viewersto participate too. It's not that easy, though. Let's get right into it. Alright, here we go. BASTARD!! Quiz, question 1! From the second season,or episodes 14 to 24, which scene did Director Ozakipour his heart and soul into?.

Please write your answers. Regarding this… If we were to ask the same questionfor episodes 1 to 13, it wouldn't be a quiz. – It's the Slime scene.- I think you all know. So we're asking forhis most recommended scene from episodes 14 to 24. With this in mind,we'd love for our viewers to watch out for scenessuch as this one on stream and on TV.

They'll be fun to watch. It looks likewe've written down our answers. As a side note from me, the director's a rather weird guy. He's not just a perv, he's weird. Because he's weird,I'll say the Abigail Collider scene. We're not that familiar with this,but “Collider” was an attackoften used in old robot animes. Right.

I feel like he remembered thatand messed around with it a bit. That's my answer, as an example. – Are you done, Tomori?- Yes. I've written it. My answer is Lich versus Gara. The final blowwith the Murasame Blade. He sucks out his spirit. The artwork was so cool! It sure was stunning.

Yeah, and Gara is my fave. What?! That's too much! Are you trying tobeat me down, Tomori? – It's too much!- She likes the character. Gara's cool! He's everyone's brother. He eventually becomes everyone's mom. I love this scene.

It was an awesome scene. – My answer's the same.- Really? It's the same. Surprisingly. I thought recommendingthe final few episodes would be a bit too predictable. So I avoided those. But it was a great scene. I liked that scene too,.

Even thoughI jokingly said Abigail Collider. The staff also loved Lich versus Gara. A lot of people from our industryalso wanted to see them fight. We did work hard on that scene. – That part with the Murasame Blade.- That was cool. We even drewthe kanji characters individually. Oh really? Then we added them to the scene. I bet my answer's right.

– It's right.- It might be, actually. A lot went into it. – But we have to ask him.- Let's see the answer. Or else he'll get sad. I'm sorry. – He's already upset.- For me… Mine's Abigail, too.Omega Abigail. The bio-organic armor. As an animator, as an illustrator,.

I think it'san exciting scene to work on. Yeah, and the design is so eccentric. Yeah. As a creature, he's incredible. I think as an animator,you can pour a lot into this. Also, Dark Schneiderfondling Princess Sheila's ass. That scene's all about the booty. It's about making it look soft,you know with the rubbing and all. I bet a lot of thought went into that. But as for the second season,.

I think the answer for thiswould be Abigail. It's Lich versus Gara, versus Abigail. We're split in two. Did anyone get it right? Let's see the answer. The Golem Punch? “…Golem Punch and Kick!” Look at that face. He looks like Sugita.

It's funny if you imaginethe head is Sugita. He can only see up at that angle. “What a beautiful sky.” “Abigail, here I come!” “I see. I understand now.” He looks serious. But he's up-side down. – He can only see the sky.- Exactly. He only sees the skyduring Abigail Collider.

“What's he trying to do?” – Isn't this Abigail Collider?- It is. “You're nothing buta mere speck of dust!” “Abigail Collider!” You got it right. I was just joking, though. But I think I got it right. The correct answer is… Gorem versus Omega Abigail.

“We poured a lot into this battle scene. Due to the sheer load and technique, it was hard to find staff to work on it. We utilized CG, and it allowed us to depict the electrifying action in a way that suited cel animation. We recommend watching.

This scene on a big screen.” Your answerwas mostly right, Mr. Yasumoto. I believe the correct answer would beboth of your answers combined. Golem is also a focal point here. Yeah, definitely. We used CG for bothOmega Abigail and Golem while incorporating hand drawings. The director thinksthe battle scene was done very well. It's an explosive scene.

It's a high-quality,heavyweight scene. And in the end,after all the build-up, we get Abigail Collider. The lightning-like flashyou see in this part was also done with CG. This is also a very powerful scene. A lot of effort was poured into it. – My apologies.- My apologies. No, but we also puta lot of work into Episode 18.

We perfected it. As for my answer,I'd only meant it as a joke. But it was right. None of this feels right to me. I should've written something else. I just wanted to writeAbigail Collider. But you guessed right. No, but it's an awesome scene. Moving on,we have our second question.

“Throughout all 24 episodes, how many timesdid Yoko get mad at Darsh?” No clue. I'll have to guess. I'll go with my intuitionsince I'm the one getting scolded. I feel like I want tomake the closest guess. How many times on average? Any idea? How many times per episode? Darsh was scoldedin every scene he had with Yoko.

But I'm not surehow many scenes they had in total. They weren't togetherin every single scene. They were together in most scenes,but not all of them. This is actually pretty hard. Over the 24 episodes, they're sometimesin different locations. I wrote down a rough guess. My answer is 72 times. That many?! 24 times three?!.

– Three times per episode?- On average. I'm sure some episodes have more,but some episodes, they don't meet. So on average,three times per episode. But there were serious scenes too,so maybe it's not this much. But she's mad often. I thought it was a lot less.I'll aim for somewhere in the middle. What's your answer? My answer isthe same number as my age. Around twice per episode.

I initially thoughtit would be around 24 times. But aiming for somewherein the middle, I'll guess 48. – Got it.- Yeah. – I'll pick Tomori last.- Yeah. He's calculating. Seriously? Not many peoplewould try calculating this. Show us your equation too. – It's done.- Props to Kall-Su.

Seriously? Are you stupid? You just multiplied it by four! I haven't seen that equation in years! What is it called? When was the last timeI saw someone do short multiplication? – 96 times?- 96 times. About four times per episode. So twice, three times,and four times per episode. And lastly, Tomori.

My number's a lot lower.I guessed 12. You don't remembergetting mad that much? It felt more likeonce every two episodes. I'm not exactly surewhat counts as “one time,” but her anger just lasted a long time. She wasn't angry many times. So not that many times. – I think…- That's what I thought too. Here we go.

I just adjusted a bit. But it's tricky enough to be a quiz. I guess you remember it morewhen you're on the receiving end. What? That's his impression. Go… Go back to calculating! – Go do math drills.- It wasn't even that deep. Let's see what the answer is. (Number of times: 1).

(Number of times: 2) “You pervert!” “You pervert!You're a huge pervert! Seriously!” “Hey, Lucien!” (Number of times: 5) “I can't care lesswhat you've been up to…” “Don't you dare make girls cry!” “You're such a sleaze!” Real nice.

(Number of times: 9) This was an epic scene. (Number of times: 11) (Number of times: 12) I remember this one. (Number of times: 13) I heard a metal clang. But it's her fist. “Hey, stay still.”.

That counts as scolding? (Number of times: 16) “You should've diedwith Abigail!” Brutal. It's the last episode. (Number of times: 17) “What were you thinking?!” The correct answer is 17!Tomori was the closest. Hooray!.

But I guessed lower. 17 times, huh? She didn't get mad this much. I was influenced by your answer. But look at that guy's number! – Get outta here!- I had to. – You had to?!- He pulled out a 72! – You had to do it…- Had to, huh? But she scolded him a lot.

And the answer was a prime number. – Not that anyone cares.- Not divisible. It's not divisible. But even though she gets mad, there are various situationsand emotions involved. Some are playful. In some others, she calls him a perv. There were many types of anger,and we encourage everyone to go watch. That wraps up the quiz.Did you get any right?.

Take this opportunityto fully immerse in BASTARD!! That's all for the BASTARD!! Quiz! Without further ado,we'll reveal some new updates! We've prepared something special,and we want Tomori to crack it open. – Okay!- Bring it over. A “kusudama” ball. You gotta love that handmade look. – The string's getting away!- You okay? – Ready?- So cute.

Three… two… one… Man, it was facing the wrong way! More episodes of BASTARD!!coming your way! Great news! We were just saying how we wantedto talk about what comes next. Thanks to everyone,more episodes are coming! Congrats. How do you feel, Mr. Taniyama? “Can you do it?”.

I can do that impersonation. No one else knows who that is. No one knowsTatsumi Fujinami like we do. “Wait wait wait.” – This is chaos.- “Wait!” I didn't want toget my hopes up too high, but I did want another season. As people from our generationwho are fans of the original manga, we know there's so much more,and that it only gets better.

I was over the moon to hearthat the anime will be continuing. And we'll see what happensafter that bloody scene. Yeah, I'm so excited!I think we're all curious. It's like, “What happened?!” It was bloody. I'm happy. You finally get toread more lines, Kensho. Finally! Seriously, the time has finally come!.

The time has come.I was confused for a while. Like, “Why did I need toaudition for this?!” For me,BASTARD!! is all about Anthrasax. – That's it?- That's what I was invested in. We can finally seewhat happens in that aspect. He's on Anthrasax's side. I can't wait to get into it. We hope our viewerslook forward to it too. So more BASTARD!! episodeswill be coming our way.

Ms. Kusunoki, can you tell us when? It will be releasedon Netflix in 2023! That's next year! – Thank you.- This year! It's this year. – We said Happy New Year!- Right! New Year's made my brain fuzzy. They will be released this year. Kensho, tell us a bit more about it.

The additional episodes will covervolumes 8 to 12 of the manga, up until… Hell's Requiem! Hell's Requiem! What was that about?! Get it together, man! Come on! What was that? That silence was a requiem itself. It was “dead” silence.

Say that again? Producer Tsuruoka will tell us moreabout Hell's Requiem. Alright…Let me explain a little bit. First off,it's really thanks to you all that we were able towork on additional episodes. Season 1 was released on June 30th and for two consecutive weeks,it ranked in the Top 10 ranking list. This ranking is based onthe number of views worldwide. It also made it into the Top 10in over 30 countries.

It was watched by many viewers. Because the anime was watched so much, I believe it ultimately led tothe production of additional episodes. The story goes well beyond the storydepicted in the additional episodes so please stay tuned. – Thank you very much.- Thank you. So now, about Hell's Requiemthat the episodes will depict. This storyline was the most popularin the manga actually. A lot of new charactersmake an appearance,.

And we also get to see the fateful showdownbetween Dark Schneider and Kall-Su. In order to deliver every detailof this part of the story, Hell's Requiem,will consist of 15 episodes. There will be plenty to enjoy. The main staff memberswill continue to work on the series. So don't worry! Awesome. We have Director Ozaki, Mr. Kuroda,and all the other members.

And the cast, too? Of course! I'm glad I avoided scandals! – Of course.- If I was taken off… You'd barely have done anythingif you were taken off… Good thing neither of uswas involved in any scandals! “Hell's Requiem!”would've been my only line. The requiem would be for you. You're the requiem!.

Production actually starteda while back, so we've recorded a lot of it already. I think everyone's at various stages, but in any case, we will becontinuing into the next season. We'll continue torelease new information, so please stay tuned for that! Now, here's a short clip for you guys. A never-before-seen teaser! (More episodes coming your way).

(The destruction of Meta-llicana…) (2 years later…) It's been two years. We failed to breakDark Schneider's seal. (A world engulfed in chaos) I'll fight… even if I'm the last one standing. On my own will! (A new chapter).

(Hell's Requiem) (By Kazushi Hagiwara) I know you're alivesomewhere out there. Lucien, from now on… (A life devoted) I'll protect you. (BASTARD!! -Heavy Metal, Dark FantasyHell's Requiem) (Coming to Netflix in 2023) (Airs January 10 at 1 AM on BS11!).

You just watched the teaserfor the coming episodes. There was a lot to unpack,but can you tell us the highlights? Yes. As you saw just now, the trailer showed contentsfrom the first three episodes. It shows where the characters areafter the span of two years. First, Dark Schneiderhas become Lucien again. Two years later,Yoko also becomes a leader. She holds a crucial positionwithin the samurai bunch. She also goes into battleof her own free will.

Up until now,she was the one being protected. And now she uses magic. And we also have Kall-Su. He barely spoke. He suddenly talks now! So suddenly. He talks so muchas if to make up for it. He sure does. And everyone calls him “Lord Kall-Su!”.

Yeah. With the arrival ofthe Sorcerer Shogun, I also felt that Kall-Su is placedin a higher position. That's right. That's certainlyone of the highlights. While there's so much morewe'd like to hear about, and while some havealready read the manga, I'm sure many are wonderingwhat happens to Darsh. He doesn't appear.

It's almost as thoughhe switched places with Kall-Su. In the beginning. We actually have artwork. Do we have it? If this exists, he'll appear. Yeah, he will. Guess you're right. He'll be in it. But according to the teaser,he's not in it!.

He hasn't appeared yet. I was told he was the main character! Don't worry, the art exists. Really? That's a relief. As long as he makes a few appearancesduring the 15 episodes. What about Yoko?She might just be in the beginning. Do we have the artwork? She looks so mature now. This was the final episodeof the first batch.

It had a shocking ending. This is for the next batch. If this solid artwork exists,she'll be in it for sure. – You saw her!- Are any of them not? She's in it from the beginning. What is this outfit? Is it a skirt? What is it? – That is…- Is that a skort? – It's a skirt.- A skirt?.

It opens up in the middle. It's barely there. – How should I put it…- Barely there. Barely, barely. Seriously. Barely there? – It's barely there…- The front… Go on, Tomori. I like how the thigh peeks out.

Like I said,it's barely, barely, there. Don't know where to look,huh Kensho? She looks a lot more mature. Yeah, she changed the most. The way I played her rolechanged as well. You changedover these two years, too. – Really?- Yeah. Yay. It's like you're marchingin step with Yoko.

– With Yoko?- Yeah, Yoko and Tomori. In order to play the more mature Yoko,did you change your approach? Actually, when I firstwent into recording, I didn't change much. But in order to showa significant change, I opted to talk in a calmer manner. Even when she would get mad,I tried not to bark as much as before. I made it a pointto scold in a firm way. We hope our viewerswill notice this change as well.

Although we heard him talk… Do we have the artwork for Kall-Su? – Voila!- There he is. He's so cool. But he changed too. Totally. His costume is different. On the right is his new look. You can see his expressions too.His age is unknown.

The wizards are a mystery. Yeah… his time has finally come. Kall-Su falls deeperinto the dark side. So in that sense, Kensho did a brilliant jobportraying that darkness. He does have a dark side. You have a dark side? A lot of the roles I playdo possess a dark side. – A lot of them, huh?- Yeah.

And also… a lot of my roles only havea few lines at the end. Kall-Su did that too. He leads you on. – Yeah.- He tends to do that. That's true. He also playsa crucial role in the story, so make sure to check that too. As for Gara…

…no art, I guess. Your fave. Come on you guys… I know, Tomori. You like Gara and Yasumoto. What's that, you say? You're going to make me blush. She said she likes me too! An afterthought?!.

You sound like an old man! Is that all I am to you?! You're like a sad uncle. You're just stroking my ego! I like recording with you! Well, we did record a lot together. Let's show Gara's artwork too. He also got a new outfit. What a stud!.

Right, Tomori? – He looks so cool.- Oh, shut up! You're the one who asked! You can't say that to her! The way he first appearsis really cool. Yeah, that's right. If you've read the manga,you might know. It's pretty awesome. He also has an unexpected journey.

I personally love that part,so do check it out! – A journey of Gara's manhood.- Which manhood do you mean? Now we'll introduce new characters! Let's stay on track. As you may have seen, we saw four Sorcerer Shogunin Episode 24. Kall-Su, ice wizardand ruler of the four kingdoms, leads the 12 Sorcerer Shogun. Here's one of them. Let's see it.

Yeah, we saw a bit of Yngwiein the final episode. Voiced by Suwabe. He's a full-on knight. Mr. Suwabe was the perfect fit. He's a sexy guy with a “tear mole.” Mr. Suwabe was amazing. Mr. Suwabe had also auditionedfor one of the samurai roles. He requested to audition for it. But he was so powerful,we decided he'd be Yngwie.

I do believe he wasthe perfect fit for this role. We have another one. Let's pull him up too. Zion Sol Vanderverg,voiced by Koji Yusa. What a cast. Really great cast. He looks undefeatable. – He really does.- He looks strong. He's powerful.

But as you can see here,he's very expressive. Make sure to check that out as well. Let's introducethe other 10 Sorcerer Shogun. There's a lot of them. So many characters. You don't often see so manynew characters be added afterwards. We have Macapine, Shella,Ba Thory, and others. They'll all play a part in the story. Please look forward to that.

So here we havethe other 10 Sorcerer Shogun. Do any of the characterscatch your eye? Well, for one thing, I want to remember them individuallyso I don't get them confused. But out of this bunch… some are handsome, and others aren't. They're pretty distinct. I wonder how the unattractive guyswill make their presence known. – I won't say who.- Like Vlad Kills.

And Ba Thory. He's a funny guy. I like Ba Thory. You like Ba Thory? Man, I don't get it! Darsh and I aren't includedin the men Tomori likes! You guys are probably too polished. – But really? Ba Thory?- He's a funny little guy. I want her to like me too!.

– I do!- What about you two? – My favorite is…- Ba Thory? That's enough! I like Bol Gil Bol. – Classy choice.- He's cool. Bol Gil Bol… Your cute underlings. I like Macapine. Nice. He's an interesting character.

I can't say it,but the voice actor's great. – We can't say it?- Not yet. I'll only say thathe's very interesting. It's masterful casting. With the new characters,it's fun to see. – You want to know the actors.- The cast is superb. “Macapine” is fun to say out loud. You want to go like, “Macapine!” – Macapine!- Macapine!.

– Pine!- You're hilarious. What do you want? Are you trying tofall in love with me even more? But there will also bemany other new characters. Next, we have the samurai aimingto revive the Iron Maiden Kingdom. We saw him too. Joshua Belaira,voiced by Takuma Terashima. Handsome and beautiful. He also plays a big part,so stay tuned.

But I think the next guyis more up Tomori's alley. Yeah? – Next?- Let's take a look. Mifune. It's Nills Schon Mifune. – Wow.- I like him. I don't get it. Me neither. He does have an incredible voice.

Mr. Show Hayami. His voice hasn't changedsince fourth grade. Show, I mean. He said his voice hasn'tchanged since fourth grade. He's a swanky man now, but as a child,he ran around hills and fields. He was a naughty little youngster. In his deep voice, “Wait!” “Wait for me, butterfly!”.

With that said, make sure to tune in to see how Mr. Showplays the role of Nills Schon Mifune. Let's have a lookat the other main samurai. It might seem strange seeingKai Harn in here. But after some twists and turns,she becomes part of the samurai bunch. That's something to note. We have Schen Karr,Vai, Jorg, Angus Yarn, chief operational officer Hammet, and everybody's favorite, Mohi.

Who do you like here? From here… I'm interested in Vai. I mean, he interacts a lot with Yoko. That's right. I was on the verge ofgetting super jealous. While I was gone… While Darsh is gone,Vai falls in love with Yoko. A lot goes on. It's like when a man's beenlocked up for two or three years,.

And his wife gets a secret lover. Don't say that! And he finds out when he's released. – Vai's endearing.- He is! – He's mischievous.- He's young. These characters are voiced byamazing actors as well. Combined, they createa highly entertaining story. So definitely stay tuned for that. We hope you look forwardto these unique characters!.

Enjoy. We showed you highlightsand new characters. The many characters make the series,which brings us to our next segment! “Create your ownoriginal BASTARD!! army!” If you were to lead your own army,which characters would you choose? In this segment,we'll choose characters from the 12 Sorcerer Shogunand samurai introduced earlier. Here's an example. So we're going tomake teams with characters.

That appear in the beginning. And as you can see, Kai is also a part of the samurai. There's… Joshua, Mifune, Schen, Vai,Jorg, Angus, Hammet, and Mohi. Then there's Dark Schneider,Yoko, Lars, Lucien, and Kai. We removed Gara becauseTomori will choose him. Dang it! So we took him out this time.

Dang it! He has a winner's mentality. From the Shogun, we have Kall-Su,Yngwie, Zion, Macapine, Shella, Ba Thory, Ran, Gil, Zakk, Ida,Vlad, Sykes, and Ross. Please choose five charactersto create your respective armies. You can choosethe character you voice, but you don't have to. This is your army,not your character's. Got it?.

– Let's do this.- This is hard. I haven't made up my mind yet. I'll show you mine as an example. I quickly put together a team. Here it is. Ta-da! I've got Dark Schneider,Macapine, Shella, Mifune, and Mohi. This is Team Fun-To-Drink-With. True! First, Mifune will sharesome profound stories.

Then, when things start to get heated,Darsh will come destroy the mood. He'll be like,”Shut up, you old geezer!” – I enjoy banter like that.- They know each other too. Macapine will be the rational voice. He'll go between Mifuneand Dark Schneider, while Mohijust nods along next to them. So why Shella? I chose her becauseshe's a good singer. We'll go to karaokeand listen to her sing.

Clever. So Team Fun-To-Drink-With. That's a good team. You're good at picking. Shella's a good singer. Now I get why you chose her. She'll be fun at karaoke. Yeah, she plays instruments too. Such a lovely woman.

Those are my picks. You can do it like me, or you can choosein whatever way you come up with. Darsh and Mifune actually drinktogether in the coming episodes. Yeah, that's right. That was fun to watch. I want to go drinking with everyone. We can do that. – Another day.- I want to drink!.

– I want to see yours first.- Yeah? I had a hard time choosing, but I mentioned I was curiousabout these guys earlier. Team Not-Good-Looking. They have that unattractive vibe. Are they worthy enoughfor Team Kusunoki? I never said I like unattractive men. We had it wrong! Is that so?.

That's not what I said! I like them based on their personalityand how fun they are. Their personality… – Not how unattractive they are.- My misunderstanding. I guess you can call themTeam Unpopular. I'm sure some even strugglewith an inferiority complex. They've given up on women,assuming they're not popular. But some use that as fuel. I want to have faith inthe power of these five.

Who use theirnegative emotions as fuel. Maybe they'll get strongerin front of a woman. – What about Kai?- They'll get all fuzzy. Oh, they'll get weaker. And I'm the leader. You have to lead them. Yeah, I will! I'll organize a mixer party! Like, “Are you guys ready?!”.

I'll even take them to “those” places. “Prepare yourselves!” “If this happens, you have tochange the mood like that!” “Then more will happen!” There's an evaluation too? “Did you notice whenthat happened over there?” “I'm talking to you, Mohi!” “Read the room, Mohi!” “Angus, you're good.”.

“You're always quiet.” By the way, the charactersaren't really like this! “As for Hammet, let's put yourglasses and beard to good use!” He can feign attractiveness. I like Hammet. But Ba Thory is hopeless. He'll be too eager all the time. That's my army. Team Not-Good-Looking. You'll be last to share, Tomori.

Why?! – How come?- Go ahead, Kensho. I looked through everyone's profiles,and noticed that all the men are strong, handsome, and big. So I focused on the “big.” – Got it.- Their size. This is Team I'm-The-Tallest. I see what you did! I'm the tallest here.

I didn't even look at their height! There's data. I didn't realize! – Here it is.- Kai's pushing it. Yeah, I wasn't sure about her. You can find out their blood type too! Hammet's pretty short. Yeah, he is. And wheneverwe're in a critical situation,.

I'll have Lucienturn into Dark Schneider. Then you won't be the tallest. Then it'll be Team I'm-The-Best. But Lucien's only 140 centimeters. – Nice.- But who would've thought? We both have Hammetand Shella on our teams. I guess they're a popular pick. Yeah, a lot of you picked the same. That's Team I'm-The-Best.

They're small. But that's an interesting angle. The data's pretty specific. Especially their height. So that's fun. Dark Schneider's 192 centimeters. And he weighs 96 kilograms.He's about the same as Shohei Ohtani. Gara's around 2 meters. – Angus and Vlad are massive.- 3.2 meters tall!.

They're difficult to draw. – Taller than a basketball hoop.- They won't fit. This might make the animeeven more enjoyable. Without further ado, we have Tomori. I want you all to guess. The theme of your army? What a brazen young lady! Here it is! Mifune, Schen, Zion, Gil, Angus.

What could it be? – Blood type?- Middle-aged men? Wrong! They have lines in their hair? – Oh, close.- It is?! Lines? All men of few words? Nope. This is… Team Widow's Peak.

Beautiful widow's peaks. Yeah, my guess wasn't too far off. – They look lucky.- Lucky?! But they do have widow's peaks. A lot of them do, actually. Mohi has a huge widow's peak too. I also chose characterswith their hair pulled back. They have all small foreheads. You can say that.

– Team Widow's Peak.- You like widow's peaks? Not in particular. You like handsome guys? Yeah… I do. Which character isyour absolute favorite? My absolute favorite is Gara. Stop showing me! Did you think it'd be me?.

– Is that what you thought?- Yeah. I knew she'd say Gara! The camera caught me off guard. Gara's presence is reassuring. With Dark Schneider,Yoko gets flustered and worried. – Yeah.- Do you like Mifune too? Yeah, he's also reassuring. Don't forget about Macapine. That's a different kindof reassurance.

Macapine's a fun, reassuring guy. There are a lot of characters, so there are many waysto enjoy the series. That's all for our original armies! Now for announcements. Take it away, Mr. Taniyama. First, the anime. Episodes 1 to 24 of BASTARD!!are currently available on Netflix. Don't miss it!.

And, more episodes will bereleased this year on Netflix. Make sure to check them out! Next, the TV release. The first two seasonswill air in January on BS11. Stay tuned! Next, regarding the manga. Volumes 1 to 27 of the mangaare available for purchase. Digital chapters and comicsare available on Jump Plus,Young Jump, and Zebrack.

Preorder Medicos Entertainment'sArshes Nei 1/7 scale figure from hobby shops throughout Japan. Order from Medicos'online store for a gift. Dark Schneider 1/7 scale figuresand Sean Ari 1/6 scale figures can also be preordered online. Check Medicos Entertainment's officialwebsite or Twitter for details. Here are the figures. Dark Schneider and Sean Ari. I'm grateful for Sean Ari's look.

She looks good. It's hard to choose the right words,but I appreciate the design. This is a sexy angle. I want to see from a lower angle. – I'm grateful.- Ditto. Beautiful down to her toes. We also have an unpainted Arshes Nei. Yeah, the Arshes Nei prototype. Look at that body.

There's a lot stuck to her. There are the lightning bolts. There's a base at the bottom because the lightning bolton the side drops below it. So you have to prop her up like that. Amazing, yeah. It might be better flat,but this design looks more balanced. We hope you enjoy the details. – I love that her thighs are so thick.- Agreed.

Legs of a warrior. Exactly.That's what makes it so alluring. You like that? – It depends.- Answer wisely. This is crucial. Your answer here's important. Well… I don't mind the legsbeing a bit slimmer. – So you prefer thin legs?- Well… yes… I do.

But it's not the looks that matter. It's the toes.Wait, that's still looks. – Looks matter, then.- It's all about looks. For more information on BASTARD!!, check our official websiteand Twitter page. Please follow our official account! That's all for announcements. “BASTARD!! Special” filled with new updatesand info on the TV airing!.

We've reached the end. Thank you all for coming. Thank you! It was a really fun show. How was it, Mr. Taniyama?Do you feel closer to Tomori? I do on my end, yeah. This kind of interaction is fun. Yay. She mustered upthe courage to tease you.

Yeah, that's right. To be honest,I prefer it if people teased me. So I'm grateful she did. I think with Tomori,she's finally grasped that vibe. We're finally closer. Like, “I think I canpush his buttons a little.” She realized I'm just a personwho wants to keep saying funny things. And I'm satisfied with that. She can take advantage of me now.

It was a fruitful show, then. Being able to talk like thiswith a woman half my age was really fun. Tomori, and you? I had so much fun. You'll go far, Tomori. During recording,we never got this much time to talk. It wasn't until the radio showthat we got a bit closer. We did three episodes!.

All in one day! You must've been exhausted. It was great to hear the new updates, and I hope to talkwith everyone again soon. Please watch the series! Kensho, you're up. This really was fun. – I was like, “Finally!”- Kall-Su talks! When I was recording the first batch,.

I usually went into recordingall by myself. I recorded, and then likewent straight home. And you know, we're alreadyrecording the next episodes. This time when I went into recording and shared the same booth as you two,you were having so much fun. Tomori and I? – Yeah.- Jealous? I was like, “Wow, I didn't knowit was so much fun!” Like, it was this fun?.

“They're having a really good time!” So everything is going smoothly. And Kall-Su will finallyplay a part in the story. Please look forward toseeing him in the series! Thank you! Producer Tsuruoka, do you havea few words for our viewers? Firstly, I'm glad we were able to tellyou that more episodes are coming. We will continue providing updatesas we move into the new season. Make sure to check ourofficial Twitter page and website.

It's going to be filledwith new characters. Until its release,we'll keep announcing new cast members and characters. So please stay tuned for that. The anime will be released this year.We won't keep you waiting long. So stay tuned. Mr. Taniyama, can you say a few wordsas a representative of the cast? “Damned”? Not that? That's last.

You've only talked aboutbecoming closer to Tomori. Oops. A proper commentabout the anime, please. Lots of characters, seriously! Darsh won't appear in the meantime, but you'll get to enjoycharacters of all sorts. The story will becomeeven more interesting, as you'll discovermore perspectives and favorites. That's another wayto enjoy the series.

The world of BASTARD!!drastically expands from what we've known so far. It made me realizethat the first 24 episodes were a spectacular”hop and step” leading up to the “jump” of the next 15 episodes. “Jump” as inthe magazine by Shueisha! See what I did there? We expect to showa mag… mag… magnificent jump. I stumbled over my words there.

The team has poured its heartinto this series. We'd love for you to watchuntil the very end! Thank you! That's all the time we have.Thank you for watching. We'll end with the wordMr. Taniyama's itching to say. Let's close it off with that spell. Ready, everyone? Damned! Bye-bye!.

(“BASTARD!! Special”Thank you for watching!)

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