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Foreign years ago a chilling event changed a little boy's life forever a criminal tore his world apart suddenly he was orphaned and alone that very night he would make a vow that he would never forget he repaired himself he developed his mind.

Mastered science and criminology he pushes himself to the limits of human endurance determined to strike Terror throughout the criminals he's a Grim's Soul fighting a Relentless war on crime he is the Batman.

thank you foreign where the hell is the Roman he's busy dealing with other business ah yes the man in the High Castle why did you call this meeting don't mauroni we have some.

Problems to fix are you talking about the Vigilante well we have to take care of the bat too I'm talking about Mooney uh yes Fish Mooney who it is at the penguin film is an alliance with the Happy Bear this woman is ruining our business you have to take her down don't worry Moroni in the right time the fish will fall in our bait and then we will.

Take care of that traitor cobblepot huh what happened to the lights can someone turn on the damn light gentlemen lurking in the shadows to hide from Justice won't work I am the thing.

Kill him boys feet out of here don't Maroney let's talk I will tell you nothing you creep what is the Roman planning he's planning a wedding party to his nephew Johnny Vitti and he is also making a deal with Wayne Enterprises just.

Business as usual but I'm sure that you can get more information about that in the newspaper gcpd nobody move so it's just the smaller fishes here Moroni was here with Angelo but Maroney ran away do you know Harvey Dent yes he's been re-elected as D.A yeah well he wants to.

Meet you when tomorrow where we usually meet commissioner the prisoners are ready good take him to Black gate yes sir if we get anything from Angelo I guess I have to get used to that good evening everyone.

First of all I must thank you all for trusting in me as Gotham's D.A my re-election wouldn't be possible without your votes as I've promised in my campaign after we've worked hard and cleansed the corruption from the police department I will be joining forces with the new gcpd Commissioner James Gordon to take down.

The Italian mob once and for all and we will do it by the book because I believe in Gotham City congratulations Mr Dent I'm sure you'll continue the great work you've been doing for the city Mr Mayor I will do my best district attorney Harvey Dent.

I'm so proud of you and I'm so honored to be part of your life my husband thank you Gilda I just hope that I'm able to save this city and buy that bigger house as I promised you I know you will I believe in Harvey Dent I love you Mrs dent I know welcome back sir I'm glad to see that.

You're still alive how did the new suit work out it worked out well Alfred this just did an amazing job the black suit that I made just too heavy for me and how was your days uh I didn't capture the Roman or Moroni but I did get Angelo he talked about Falcone making a deal with Wayne Enterprises Wayne Enterprises investing in Falcone's company this is.

Definitely not good sir it's not Bruce Wayne has to do whatever it takes to avert this deal perhaps I should remind you Mr Wayne has a party to attend in his manner to celebrate his old friend Harvey Dance re-elected as Gotham's D.A look who finally decided to show up I'm so sorry Harvey I had some unexpected business to deal with we started to.

Think you weren't going to show up I'd never miss one of Harvey's famous celebratory speeches thanks Bruce for everything I couldn't have one without your support you don't need to thank me I believe in you I've always believed in Harvey Dent Bruce Tommy it's good to see you.

Harvey this is Thomas Elliott you must be the famous best friend of Bruce's childhood that he talks about sometimes oh he still talks about me I'm shocked yeah sometimes well anyway I just came by to say hello it's a pleasure meeting you Mr dent.

He is a good guy he's also one of the best plastic surgeons I know maybe you can fix that ugly face of yours Selena how are you hi Gilda Bruce where have you been another special board meaning uh something like that Selena let's go get something to drink okay sure.

RV I have to present you to some people Bruce this is Clay Duncan he studied with me at Gotham University nice meeting you Mr Duncan your name it's uh Irish right my family is Irish we moved here to about them when I was five sorry I have to take this Jim.

What is it he did really that's great we meet tomorrow night at 7 pm okay see you there who was it it was Commissioner Gordon we have a special meeting tomorrow night to.

Discuss some important matters Angelo and at least a half a dozen men got arrested by gcpd but we make an arrangements to take Angela out of prison that's good Angelo knows too much to stay in prison what about Moroni he didn't like that you sent Angela to the meeting without letting him know I will talk to him.

Later this Batman is ruining our business our only hope is the Wayne Enterprises investment any news about the deal Alberto the board meeting is scheduled for tomorrow Richard Daniels said that he will convince the board to approve it very good my son I am proud of you.

Foreign Johnny my sister and my nephew it's so good to see you you haven't forgot about our meeting today have you of course not Carla Sophia Alberto I think you have more important matters to deal with Yes Papa now let's talk about Johnny's wedding.

Party can you tell me more about your past could you be a little more specific well let's begin with your childhood I had a very disturbing childhood I guess and why is that when I was at school some boy started making fun at me because I was very shy.

They bullied you yes did you tell the school about it yes but the boy's parents were very influential in the community at the time so nothing happened and the boys kept bullying me did you try to defend yourself I did I said that what they're doing was.

Wrong but they didn't stop bullying me after a while they started punching me it made me so angry every time they Punch or kicked me and what did you do with this anger did you beat them no.

I I never unleash that anger I kept it to myself I just couldn't give back what they were doing to me it's wrong but keeping this feeling to yourself until today is very dangerous Harvey it's been at least what 15 years that.

You're just keeping this anger inside this can cause a drastic problem to you in the near future if you're not able to control it anymore I always do my best to hiding but recently I almost did something very wrong why I almost killed a dog from the neighbor.

Because I was barking a lot in the middle of the night and that's why I came here doctor I think it's time that I look for help and you did the right thing Harvey as I said before it's very dangerous if you keep all these negative feelings to yourself next session we'll start with a special.

Treatment to help you with your anger issue okay doctor thank you how was it harv it was good it's a start that's great to hear are you going to the office today I have to did you take a look at some lawsuits and tonight you shouldn't wait.

For me awake Gilda because I'm going to arrive late oh okay and why is that I'm going to meet Jim at gcpd tonight we're going to meet someone you mean yeah him this is outrageous how can you make such a reckless decision like that investing this company's money into a criminal like calm down Bruce Mr Falcone is not a.

Criminal he doesn't sell drugs or anything illegal he's a Shoe Dealer I'm even wearing one of those right now I agree with Richard Bruce this is business and this deal will make millions for our company it's dirty money the decisions already been made Bruce the deal is almost done we're just waiting for the government's approval so.

We can sign the papers foreign Lucius making this deal is wrong Falcone is a criminal everyone knows it no off record is the special suit I made for you suiting better yes it's working pretty well thank you Mr Fox you're welcome Mr Wayne now I.

Have to go delicious I have a meeting tonight where is he he should be here by now and how is everything at home with you Barbara and your daughter it's good Barbara understands what about you and Gilda gentlemen Batman Dent congratulations on your re-election.

Thank you I suppose that you called me here to talk about the Roman yes we have to take him and Moroni down they are just ordinary men but they put themselves above the law but they aren't aren't they then why are they still running free.

Commissioner what about Angelo commissioner did you get anything from him no Angela's lawyer bailed him out that's just one of a dozen cases that happened the same thing theft kidnaps murders all with their names related but they buy Witnesses and juries.

They are untouchable so you know what we have to do just to be clear on this and our enthusiasm to take down the Italian mob we can bend the rules but never break them if we will take them down we will do that by the book we have to show that our way works.

Of course deal I believe in Gotham City Gotham is my home I've stayed 10 years away from my city so I could learn how to save it save it from people like you but it seems that's impossible.

You have every politician and jury in your pocket even companies I am a lucky man Dr Daniel said that the board approved Wayne Enterprises doing business on my company but that you were against it and I must admit when I heard that you didn't approve of this deal I was.

Disappointed after all our families do have a past my father saved yours because he was a good man more than that he was a doctor he made a vow to save every life that was at risk even scum like you and your father if you came here to ask me to undo the deal the answer is no Mr Wayne and about your accusations they're only true if a.

Jury can prove any of it one day you will be taken down enough of this I believe that your girlfriend Mrs Kyle is waiting for you enjoy the party Bruce and be careful I assume that you are the famous Playboy millionaire Bruce Wayne it's billionaire Miss Viti kala Viti oh it's a pleasure meeting you.

Congratulations for your son's wedding anyway where is Johnny so I can congratulate in myself he's probably at the bar drinking with his friends what about Miss Kyle dark-haired woman she's usually wearing a black dress oh Selena Kyle what a beautiful girl she left the party a few minutes ago she said she had other business to deal.

With tonight ah okay thank you good night Miss VD Alfred prepare the suitcase meow foreign step away from the Vault Catwoman Batman you find me you left the window open it's why you're the world's greatest detective darling.

surrender Catwoman Catch Me If You Can congratulations Johnny I'm sure that your mother and don't Falcon are very happy about your wedding thanks Angelo I'm glad that Zeo Falcone build you up for my wedding yes Don Falcon is a good man I owe him.

My life and what about that bad vigilante any news from Don Falcone he's thinking about offering about you one billion dollars for whoever brings a BET's head to Roman one million I should try to kill the bat myself boys Sophia what can we do for you it seems.

That the re-elected days of the party Uninvited that bastard will take care of this Miss Falcone you and me those can go I need to go to the bathroom I swear to God you I will kill that son of where the hell is that.

Thank you I want you to find out who killed my nephew commissioner whatever it takes then I expect that you forget what you think about your feelings in this case and though an honest judgment I will do my job Falcone I will find a killer no matter what you or your relatives do murder is never an option Merkel I want.

You to interview whoever was at this wedding party this is really unnecessary haven't you just asked me to do my job and find a killer that's what I'm trying to do and I expect full cooperation from you and your family Mr Falcone and I ask you to leave the restroom no civilians are allowed to stay in a crime scene.

Of course this will be a hell of a long Halloween did you hear everything yes do you think that he has something to do with this no he loved his nephew he would never kill Johnny Viti not a Johnny's wedding party then who that's the most difficult question to find an answer to some men told me that they saw.

You hunting down Catwoman did you catch her no she escaped damn but that's not important right now we will catch her later Jason give Batman the information about the victim Johnny vitty 28 years old six inches tall single shot to the head instantly.

Killed time of death around 8 to 10 pm we haven't found a weapon or any fingerprints besides the victims sir ballistic came in it's a 38 pistol our John Doe also left the pumpkin on the crime scene and a message on the wall let's do it it's a word in Latin it means Justice since the killer knows Latin we can.

Assume that we are dealing with someone who knows Latin maybe someone who studies languages or someone who can use Google it's easy to translate a word to Latin nowadays you're right I still have to get used to all these Technologies from the 21st century have you asked Falcone if he heard any gunshots.

Falcone said that they didn't hear anything and that they have found Johnny's body here around one hour after the murder so the killer used to silence her that's what I thought what about the pumpkin it is Halloween today the gcpd just left the building they are.

Taking Johnny's body to the morgue one about my sister Sophia is taking care of her gone I can't even think about how bad my sister's feeling after her son died on his wedding day there is something else what is it we found your Vault opened one of our.

Men saw Catwoman and Batman getting out of the building through your room's window that's it put a bounty for the heads one million dollars for whoever can kill the bat or the cat Yes Papa a new case Johnny VD was murdered yesterday.

Oh dear but I assume that you already have suspects yes but it's too fast I'll have to narrow it down what about the board meeting sir how did it go they approved the investment I have to scare Richard Daniel sohil canceled the deal is it the right thing to do sir I thought that you would use the cowl to.

Fight crime not capitalism Falcone is a criminal Wayne Enterprises can't do business with that man it'll ruin everything that my father built that he stood for believed in but by doing so what will it cost sir what a delicious mind that Falconi gave me.

Huh weird I thought that I had closed the window Richard Daniel oh my God it's you what what do you want Wayne Enterprises money it should stay away from Falcone's company.

That bastardo I want him dead I warned you Falcone and now we're going to have a lot of problems making a deal with any company my family has a million sin this is a serious problem coming the other families are already looking at you sideways and know about a situation.

Angela ask someone to hire that mercenary you know I want the job done whatever it takes Angelo and Milos told detective Alan that you were trying to sneak into the party yes it's true goodness Harvey what were you thinking you know that I would have to arrest you if you really got inside that party.

Right I know my rights Jim but I had to find something to use against the Roman at what cost Harvey going to jail with him if it's necessary damn Harvey think about take it easy Jim I didn't break any rules that night.

We almost did it would be worth it but I heard that Wayne Enterprises is not investing in falcony's company anymore it seems that Richard Daniel broke the deal and quit I hope that Roman doesn't end up killing the guy the movie was amazing dear I was.

Thinking why don't we leave Gotham for a while maybe go to Paris oh Richard you mean it foreign Batman he put a banner in your head too perhaps I can kill you and get the money from your Bounty too I don't think so tell me who hired you I'm sorry Ben but.

I got paid early and I'm not going to give you his name I can pay double if you tell me the name you are a funny man uh fine it was Mickey you hired me thank you for your cooperation we are thankful for this particular life that we have though we can support each.

Other and I'm thankful for being a better man than I could ever dream of I'm thankful for having this amazing life with my amazing husband who's the best lawyer on this planet and I'm thankful for that too being a family means you're part of something very wonderful it means you'll love and be loved for the rest of your.

Life no matter what Happy Thanksgiving you got any news from Don Falcone nothing the old man is pretty busy dealing with money problems he even canceled the bounty on Batman and Catwoman damn so the business is not good wait I have to take this.

Hello Mickey who who is speaking you know who I am it can't be I'm watching you in the shadows Mickey let's talk oh God no oh God what.

Are you finally food foreign he's my food now and so are you gcpd Chief O'Hara speaking how can I help chivo hair I got Mickey and I fought a human crocodile you'll find Mickey trapped on Grundy's Alleyway okay I'm sending some men to come pick them.

Up wait a second did you just say a human crocodile oh how was John vidi's murder case going commissioner Falconi wants an update about it and so do I after all it's almost been a month since the murder happened we're doing our best to find out who killed Johnny VD Mr Mayor.

I hope so James if you don't find that killer soon I may have to think about replacing you as soon as I have anything new I will let you know sir but now I have a wife and a daughter waiting for me at home Happy Thanksgiving sir foreign.

Residents oh my God how did it happen okay I will let him know Gilda who was it it was Merkel from gcpd.

He said that mayor Robert was murdered Jim wants you at the Town Hall Robert Cohn shot in the head time of death around 9 to 10 pm I spoke to him right before he died he was pressing me to find a killer of Johnny VD and now I have to find the person who killed him too.

Do you have ballistic results already it's a 38 pistol the same used on Johnny vidi's murder yes so we can assume that it's the same killer probably we also have a message on the wall mendax what does it mean it means a liar in.

Latin and there's something else what is it today's Thanksgiving Day another holiday Jim I am here sorry I'm late it's okay Harvey I'm sorry for summoning you at this time of the night that's okay.

What do you need me here I'm doing a press conference tomorrow morning I need you to look at the legal terms so I can talk to the Press mail Khan's death is not good to business Roman I agree Marvel D.A has more freedom to come after us the mayor was a great Ally do you think.

That this Mooney is the one calling English strings Betsy hired an assassin to take care of your enemies Maybe we must be cautious about this every day that passes first Mooney takes control of a new person of Gotham she allies herself to the penguin we must.

Counter-attack now Carmine we are in great trouble Moroni if we attack any wrong stuff now we could be ruined it's true that the Batman and Commissioner Gordon are busy hunting down the killer of my nephew in Robert Kahn but the DA's office is still coming after us.

I'm sorry for interrupting you Papa it's okay Alberto we're done here what is it commissioner Gordon's press conference is about to start recording calm down please I'm going to answer your questions now.

But first of all I am sad to officially confirm that mayor Robert Khan died yesterday night in his office is it true that the killer who is being called by your men as holiday is the one behind both Johnny vitty and mayor Robert Khan's murders.

I cannot confirm nor deny that information for now as you all know I cannot comment about an ongoing investigation however the gcpd is doing everything in their power to find out who killed Mayor Robert and Johnny Viti what is the situation at the moment do you have a suspect.

The situation is under control we are working hard on this case to find out who this holiday killer is as soon as we find out who it is we will let you know what about Batman is he working on this case with the gcpd I'm sorry but if you don't have any other real questions I have to go back.

To work as I said before we will do everything we can to arrest the killer known as holiday s what am I saying I do all myself the Joker ah what do we have here it's Mickey Mouse.

Ha ha funny commissioner what do you want I want to know who asks you to hire Deadshot was it the Italian mob you know I ain't telling you that well I tried the easy way you can interrogate him now who the hell are you talking to he's talking to me.

Oh God I will ask you one more time Mickey who asked you to hire Deadshot on EVD too what why would I do that we know that you play Both Sides Mickey look I swear to God I had nothing to do.

With Johnny's murder okay he was a good friend of mine I would never hire someone to kill my friends never I see that you still haven't figured out who killed Johnny v t eh okay that's enough take him out of my office Merkel and send him to Blackgate do you believe him I do it couldn't be dead shot who killed.

Me or Kane he was locked in Blackgate so our holiday guy really is the one responsible for killing Johnny Viti and Robert Khan we're dealing with a serial killer that's what the clues lead to so the question is who is holiday and who's next Jingle Bells Batman Smells Gordon laid.

An egg the batmobile lost a wheel in the Joker got away Joker escaped from Arkham Asylum I need to find him today is Christmas Eve sir I assume that you are going to arrive late probably what should I do with the turkey keep it warm until I get back.

Okay sir what about Miss Kyle she was coming here to celebrate Christmas with you tell her that I had an urgent matter to deal with at Wayne Enterprises on Christmas Eve yes are the gifts in the Batmobile yes sir as you requested I'll pass by the orphanage to give them to the children.

I'm sure that they will be very surprised to see Batman noel giving them presents Merry Christmas sir Merry Christmas Alfred it has to be that bastard I want this man dead son you your brother need to find someone inside the DA's office to take care of Dent.

What are you laughing at Pinot this is serious you okay you know poor little boy died too young don't even think about it good boy Maroney or should I say.

Holiday holiday me are you crazy you are number two in this city always behind old man falcony's back he is the big boss so far only falconi's payroll got killed I swore by my mother's grave I have nothing to do with those Motors it ruins everyone's business the harder kill was bad for everyone.

Then who is he even touch me that is a pretty girl don't you think Butch yes she is fish go see what is happening Butch.

Foreign I expected you sooner I'm looking for the Joker so I decide to see if he came here why would that clown come here I think he's trying to find out who holiday is and you think I'm holiday or at least he works for me.

Ever since the Killing Spree started you got territories from the Italian mob in every situation win you're wrong everyone loses with this killer Running Free and no that clown didn't come here if I find any clues related to the holiday you won't.

What are we doing here at this time Harvey it's Christmas already we should be at home celebrating what we are Merry Christmas Gilda oh Harvey I love it it's our new home now as I promised.

And we can now start our family thank you Harvey welcome home this is dent wow Harvey it's beautiful you even put a Christmas tree there actually I didn't ah then maybe the broker left it there.

As a Christmas gift yeah probably it's that you should go check out our bedroom it's two times bigger than our last one really I need to go see it it's upstairs I need to go to the bathroom oh okay Oh what a beautiful house oh what did.

You think of the Christmas tree it's a gift for you and your wife get out oh wow what a punch big bad huh you are good samarronic and the right maybe you really are all the day and Gotham doesn't need two homicidal Maniacs there can only be one and that.

Will be me I'm not holiday I am a lawyer I would never kill someone maybe you're right oh well then I have to go I still need to find the real holiday and I hope that you will be a good boy big bad Harvey or I will come back for you laughs.

Harvey I heard everything are you okay I'm fine Gilda damn I feel like I'm here foreign acts would kill us and do your work it's not my style I don't kill and how many people die because of this.

Anyway what the hell do you want the Joker what did he tell you he's hunting down holiday he wants to know who he is I told him that probably I'll be Den is a new serial killer soak our mind we have important matters to discuss why do you want.

He is the thing you're getting soft if it was in the past you should have killed this holiday guy already things change clown you better find and kill this holiday guy until New Year's Eve or I will find a way to kill him myself foreign.

Is everything okay and Alberto in here now uh can I help you same procedures made on Johnny VD and Mayor Robert's murders yes same weapon no gunshot heard and he left a message on the wall ego Morton I am death it's in Latin too so we really are.

Dealing with a serial killer who kills on holidays I need Harvey to convince the warden of Arkham Asylum to let the interrogate an inmate who do you want to Julian day the calendar man do you think that he is holiday no he hasn't escaped Arkham at least.

That's what the footage on the camera shows but the Joker ran away we can assume that he could Escape too I need five minutes with him okay I will talk to Harvey about it Alberto Falcone the first born of Carmine Falcone was the third victim of the holiday killer and tonight we have a.

Guest Mr Grant Morrison good evening info so Grant it's been two months since Johnny vitti's murder the vice mayor sorry the mayor Milton finger promised that the Assassin would be caught before the end of the year but the question Still Remains who is holiday.

Who do you think is the serial killer Grant I think that Batman is the serial killer Batman a killer oh yeah that's right Bo I think that he is responsible for the killings and why do you think that Grant think about it Bo Batman and the gcpd have it reportedly been trying to take down the mob for almost a year and.

Nothing now that the age is on their sides Batman have the free access to do whatever he wants to but Batman was seen hunting down the criminal known as Catwoman at the time of Johnny vitti's murder how would he be in two places probably it's just a lie told by the.

Police to the press to cover up Batman ax well I guess that's it thanks for bringing your point of view about all this situation Gramps we just hope that whoever this serial killer is he is caught by the authorities and after the break you are going to see a documentary about how you can.

Celebrate New Year's Eve with your friends Galleon Loeb Don Falcon it's an honor to see you again my old friend how's business with your substitute James Gordon and the day I tracked me down I am powerless and we are losing a lot of money I'm sad to hear it and I'm really sorry.

For your losses Carmine the Batman appearance was a bad thing to all of us he brought hope to this city and I warned you about it though you're sure to listen to me and I regret not hearing your advice Carmine this mistake cost me my career anyway do you still have any contact from the gcpd do you know if they have.

Any news on the holiday killer nothing new they just confirmed that it's a serial killer I need to find that bastard important interest do you remember when the Italians Allied themselves with the gcpd to take down the Irish mob I do that's when the Falcone family and the people of.

Gotham's respect yeah those were good times indeed Gil I heard that the Joker threatened you to find Holiday before New Year's Eve it dead in today's New Year's Eve I just wonder what that Maniac is planning for tonight.

it's time for some fireworks time to ring in the New Year where where am I Harvey who.

Who is there who is speaking it's me Harvey no can't be I like how Joker called me on the night of Christmas big bad horse please.

Go away I can't do that Harvey I am your two face no you're not real of course I am I'm you what do you want I want Justice Just Like You you oh we have to do it our way and what is our way.

Chances Harvey the law of averages the great equalizer no this this isn't right go away no wake up Harvey wake up clay what what happened.

You tell me you look like you're having a hell of a dream probably I fell asleep while I was working and why are you working so late anyway it's New Year's Eve I should ask you the same thing clay I am looking at Old cases related to the Italian mob.

What about your wife Gilda you should be home with her you could look at these old files tomorrow I guess you're right what about you clay don't you have anyone waiting for you at home nah I live alone what about your parents why don't you go celebrate with them.

Because they're dead Harvey oh my apologies why have you never told me because you never asked I I'm really sorry Clint it's okay it happened a long time ago they died in an accident.

Why don't you come celebrate New Year's with us I'm sure that Gilda would love to have visitors I'd love to but uh well I tried happy New Year clay happy New Year Harvey stop this truck now.

Donald Falconi my condolences for all Bulldog's death just like you I lost my own son recently not because of this holiday killer we have to find a way to stop him I appreciate your concern murani it touches me really and I've been thinking about holiday as.

The breasts calls them uh-huh all I know is that holiday likes to attack my family my business it doesn't seem to have blood on your side of the table what are you trying to say Carmine Papa it's almost midnight where's Gill he is outside.

And go call him please oh my God why are you trying to stop me I'm going to stop the holiday killer by killing everyone on Gotham Plaza of course you know who holiday is there's a great.

Chance that he's in the middle of those people you're insane how did you figure that out now do I get a little kiss.

Foreign detective Gordon it's commissioner now oh and I see that you've got a friend too I've spoken to the district attorney and he is willing to reduce your sentence in half if you help us with these murderers.

Tequila killer kills on holidays or as the Press calls him holiday will you help us February is Valentine's Day she will kill again she she likes attention no one knows who she is.

But he has made a name for himself herself March is St Patrick's Day March surely will have caught the Killer by then April Fool's Day Mother's Day Father's Day Independence Day Labor Day Halloween let's go.

February is Valentine's Day Miss Kyle came here looking for you sir she asked me to remind you about your date ah tell her I can't go I'm busy trying to find the serial killer and today is Valentine's Day perhaps going on a date can help you solve the case.

How well you'd take some fresh air it helps with your mind and at the same time you preserve your social image and the Wayne name I don't care about my social image Alfred Wayne is just a name no it's not it means more than just a name.

It's your father and mother's Legacy and I expect that you respect them and go to this state with Ms Kyle fine you won but you know Selena is Catwoman right at this moment I'm willing to accept you dating even a canary make sure to look everywhere we have to be certain.

You ain't find any guns in my restaurant it's against the rules I believe you but we have to search for it anyway I'm sorry that this is your doing isn't it Mr dent we got a report that your bodyguards use guns in your restaurant which is illegal so we came here to check if it's true.

We looked everywhere Jim but we found no gun I told you the same say information was wrong Mr tits it doesn't matter I know about your illegal activities I am putting together the pieces one way or the other you and the other families are going down.

Are you threatening me Mr dent Harvey that's enough let's go Jim Selena Bruce I thought that you wouldn't come anymore sorry for making you wait I was at a meeting I know.

Alfred told me you credible right back at you I had a bet with Holly that you wouldn't show up that I would certainly get a phone call with some excuses after all this happened on Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Well you lost I'm glad for that you know I've been rethinking about certain things in my life at first I thought that our relationship would interfere in my work but I might have changed because I like what we're having.

Me too since we started dating I've changed a few things in my life before our relationship I was less social that didn't change much maybe you're right.

I arranged this meeting because we haven't bought models to deal with that's how the Killer is ruining our business and it's making us lose a lot of money I got information that Harvey Dent the gcpd and the Batman might start their own offensive against us very soon.

We have to take care of them agreed how should we handle this situation Phil Comey I'm not a woman a few years ago a scientist she had special abilities we can use her to take care of the Batman and then holiday.

What about the district attorney I'll take have it good if you need anything for the job just contact Sophia of course Stanford County what about Fish Mooney and the Penguin don't worry about that Vanessa I have my man watching them 24 hours per day I can't believe that domini made us stay.

Here you're right I should be on a date with my girl not spying on that fat little animal exactly anyway what do you think holiday is foreign are you awake.

Harvey what time is it it's late sorry if I woke you up Happy Valentine's Day I was wondering when you'd get home Barbara I know I've already said that too many times but I am sorry.

It's okay it can never be too many times Gordon here Marco what is it damn it okay I'll meet you there and turn on the damn signal I'm sorry Barbara but I have to go this time holiday exploded the car.

Killed two men we still can't figure out who they are but we can't assume that they could be related to the Italian mob how did holiday explode the car detective Allen saw footage from the Iceberg Lounge security camera and holiday shot the fuel tank how about the message this time it was mortis.

Death detective Allen said that holiday was wearing a dark Hood so he couldn't see his face on footage he is smart he hasn't left a concrete trail that we can lead so far agreed but do you think that holiday could possibly work for the penguin after all it was in front of his Club.

This time hmm possible the Press is on to us we have to end this case as quickly as possible very well fish I will get the weapons for you.

Do you think that the boss is holiday what are you crazy oh God do you want the boss to kill you I mean that would make sense for revenge against the Italian mob maybe you are right I hate all this Revenge drama what the hell.

It's him what what are you I'm vengeance I'm sorry fish but I will have to turn it off I have to deal with a bad infestation.

Laughs well you did great theatricals as usual now you have earned my attention I want answers penguin who did you hire to kill moroni's Men last night surprisingly or not I didn't hire an assassin to kill them I don't do this kind of thing.

This is not my area of business that was someone else your area of business yeah I'm just a club manager don't lie to me we both know your real businesses now tell me who holiday is I I ain't telling you the truth I know nothing about this how did they get up what about the weapon he used it was a.

38 caliber pistol have you sold any of these I don't even throw this kind of weapon just the big ones like a machine gun or a rocket launcher do you know who could sell this kind of weapon every ordinary store sells this kind of pistol everyone can have it but I heard about a Gotham's gift store.

Once it shows missing evidences the seller is Holland Graves maybe you'll find something there let me guess you're the famous Doctor Pamela ivesley call me poison ivy no my plants you will pay for that Batman.

first I was doing that just for my payment but now I will enjoy killing me I'm sorry green lady but no other woman touches Batman but me what are you doing here Catwoman she was attacking my home the East end so I had to do something.

Thanks for the help you're welcome Bruce wait tell me who hired you or what I burn every plant in Gotham you wouldn't dare try me fine it was Falcon he hired me to kill.

You in a holiday he was gonna give me the Amazon forest thanks for the help Batman I didn't do it alone Catwoman helped me we saw her leaving the place a few minutes ago I have to go on patrol of the city yeah today's St Patrick's Day right that.

Holiday killer is probably going to show up probably we're going to take this poison ivy to Arkham good luck on your hunt Batman thank you good evening citizens of Gotham after.

You saw exclusive footage of Batman arresting the woman dressed with a costume made with plants we now welcome again Mr Morrison to discuss the threatening serial killer known as holiday who has been on a killing spree on numerous members of the mob hello Grant we are happy to have you here tonight.

My pleasure Paul Now Grant what is your opinion about this holiday figure it's been five months that the gcpd and Batman have been chasing him and still nothing what do you think about this Criminal so first things first I think we should stop calling him a criminal.

Holiday is doing to this damn City a favor get the rid of the mob I mean how the BET has been doing this for the whole year it's always the same he look up someone that person gets out and the circle starts again over and over again so what do you think we should call him last time we checked murder is against the very law book we stand upon holiday.

Is still a murderer the bat although being a vigilante never killed any of his catches holiday is the Batman that works in my opinion Batman is wasting his time trying to maintain this rule I pray to God that one day he sees that and start doing the same thing until then I believe in this new hero.

So I believe Gotham needs Batman to remind us that we must follow the rules by heart without it this world would be way worse but thank you for your opinion Grant here we believe in the plurality of ideas our debate will return after the Break Meanwhile our new villain is on the.

Trending topics in social media a lot of Internet users have been talking about The Coincidence of this woman showing up on St Patrick's Day and we will also discuss her Alias they are calling her poison ivy poison ivy these town just gets crazier I know right.

Sorry server we're closed huh Jesus Christ here is unit 52 reporting gunshots moroni's wrist drop Miracles back up immediately.

I assume your holiday the Reaper I am mortgage what the hell kill them.

Are you okay Papa oh my men are dead to set your brother Pina and it's all because of holiday Alfred dear Lord master Bruce what happened I Met holiday I have to I.

Welcome back to the land of living sir oh what what happened I saved your bloody ass from certain death again that's great thank you Alfred ah thank you won't make up for making me sell you again you know I have to do it because of a bloody vow why don't you invest in Gotham Police Department instead give.

Money so they can suit themselves up to do their job better no one can do what I do why not just look at this holiday killer he's doing what you do but he is just someone who is willing to kill to reach his goals you're a young man with a childish vow and too much anger you're out of your bloody mind.

And I don't want this to be your end every night I'm out there protecting my city I'm the only thing between the innocent and the cry I am the one who makes thieves and muggers think twice because I make them afraid that he's probably Commissioner Gordon the.

Phone has been ringing for the whole night commissioner Batman thank God you're alive officer Foley told me that he saw you leaving moroni's restaurant bleeding out I'm better now I'm glad to hear it because moroni's men aren't what the hell happened holiday killed them I tried to stop him but.

Moroni showed up and started shooting at us so holiday ran away you see his face no he was wearing a mask which may surprise you but he was wearing the Reaper's mask the Reaper that's not possible the Italian mob blew him up a long time ago it may be somebody else did Judson Caspian have any relatives alive only a.

Daughter Rachel Caspian but she's a nun and lives in Rome right now his other relatives are dead are you certain about the Reaper's mask because it is supposed to be here in the gcpd evidence room are you sure about this I remember the case of the missing evidence on gcpd maybe the mask is one of them.

Maybe you're right then maybe holiday could be a cop or he bought the mask on the black market do you know who would be selling those things I heard about a Gotham gift shop on Gotham's underworld selling those kinds of objects I'll look into it okay what about the message he left.

Celebramus it means celebrate celebrate what St Patrick's Day or moroni's gang death maybe both anyway we will wrap everything up here if you find anything new let me know sir look there on the wall what does it mean it means fall look out are you okay Don falcon.

I'm fine was that holiday most likely he missed the shot why didn't he shoot again because he meant to miss the shot why it's April Fools every time I come here I remember about that night the gunshots the pearls falling.

The light leaving my parents eyes as I stood there powerless to do anything as I learned that nothing ends well for those who live in this city it's been 19 years since they died but the wound is still fresh not died Bruce murdered what happened to your parents was terrible but you survived you could have been spending.

Your time doing charity or investing on gcpd but instead you're using your time and money in this auto-destructive life of yours Leslie there's no other way don't even start I don't want to hear your excuses you're wrong there's always another way Bruce your parents death was not your fault.

I know that I'm doing what must be done but now is not the time for this why did you call me here after all Bruce I've never thanked you for being there that night you were the first one to approach me and offer me something to keep me warm and after that you've always looked out for me.

You're like a mother to me Leslie and I thank you for that but I will never stop being Batman that's what this city needs Jim jeez you scared the hell out of me another murder yes the victim this time was Carla viddy the Roman sister.

Today's Mother's Day it's a holiday what about the message it's fasciness it means crime do you have any suspects Carla was one of them now I have three Fish Mooney the Penguin and Harvey Dent Harvey what the hell.

Did you know Harvey is seeing a psychiatrist yeah just a routine after all he suffers a lot of pressure as D.A it's worse than that I had a dream on New Year's Eve it felt so real I was talking to my other personality.

He called himself big bad Harve because that's how the Joker called me when I attacked him on Christmas and what did he tell you he said that he wanted to do justice but in his own way what is this other way probably he was talking about killing but this is wrong.

I would never kill to achieve my goals and your other thinks the opposite what if something really bad happens and he takes control God this is terrible what should I do doc this situation is worse than I expected Harvey I want you to go admit yourself over at.

Gotham general for a few days I can't do that doc it would have ruined my career as D.A and a lawyer how would I support my wife without my job there has to be another way please well maybe we can intensify our sections great I will do it just set up a schedule and I will be.

Here good afternoon sir how can I help you I suppose you only my name's Malone matches Malone oh it was you who called me a few days ago yeah it's right so I guess this is the Gotham gift shop yes it is if a piece is featured in golfing crime and it's not in gcp dividends room.

You'll find it here as I said on the phone I'm looking for a gun used on the Wayne's murder yeah I have it here foreign I'm asking for a thousand for it change that's a deal hey what about that old Reaper vigilante.

Do you have his mask no I thought it last year before Halloween who bought it why do you want to know are you a cop or something I just like old stuff maybe I could buy the mask from the other guy hmm okay well I don't know his name he covered his face with a dog Hood.

And called himself Mr mortis okay I'll start looking around for this Mr mortis thanks for everything Mr Graves thank you for buying JoJo's old gun have a great day tell me how is your business going Salvatore this holiday guy killed most of my men.

That lead up an end to the serial killer it might be all in soon let me tell you a story my son a long time ago got them already had to deal with someone like holiday he was called the Reaper me and Vincent Carmine's father joined forces with the gcpd to kill the vigilante the first thought that the reaper was.

Working for the Irish mob so we killed all the Irish that we could find in Gotham but the killing spray continued anyway so we discovered that the reaper wasn't working for the Irish it was just a man trying to play Hero what happened to the Reaper we burned the whole building to kill the bastard.

That action ruined our business for a while but we recovered from that we always do you have to act like a man if Falcon couldn't get this holiday you must take the lead so the other families that you are capable of doing what Carmine couldn't show them that you will do whatever it.

Takes to stop this holiday killer do you hear that father I can't believe that you're actually taking me to the theater neither can I this day has been surprisingly calm.

Gordon's house Jim it's Merkel it's an emergency they need you at Luigi maroney's house tell them that I'm going he's going to meet you there I'm so sorry honey but has to go to work it's okay Happy Father's Day Dad thanks honey.

Sir the bad signal is on I saw thank you Alfred what is this sir this is the gun that killed my parents oh dear what are you going to do with it I grew up broken and sad after this piece of metal took my parents away from me but.

After tonight it's never going to hurt anyone ever again I burned the gun and forged it into something useful so the same metal that broke my heart as a child will protect my heart as a man I always think about how my life would.

Have been if my parents didn't die but it's just a child's dream and I'm thankful for having you as my father figure Alfred and that's why I promise that I will be more careful from now on Bruce I might have treated you too harsh on that night when you almost died but I did it because I know Alfred.

Thank you and Happy Father's Day Harvey how was Father's Day it was terrible I had to visit my father at least you still have one anyway there's someone waiting for you in your office I think they will like it oh okay thanks moroney I think it's time for us to help each.

Other I want to make a deal tell me something Bruce why do you do this why are you the Batman I made a promise to my parents that would fight against Crime so no other child would have to see their parents murdered in front of them I prepared myself and trained for years.

To become who I am today oh touching now tell me how did you discover that I'm Batman oh I've known your secrets since we first met on the street when you're trying to play Hero by Saving Holly and everybody else that oh so big scar didn't hide Gotham's.

Playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne for me so when Batman appeared weeks later I knew it was you after all we have been hanging out for a while now and being Batman is the only reason for you to leave a woman like me alone on Christmas and New Year's Eve maybe it could be a coincidence.

I'm well aware of that but it's it still amazes me that you are a thief I'm not a thief I just like taking back what powerful men like Falcone steal from ordinary people like me that's still robbery even if it belongs to me it belongs to the people not only you.

And who told you that I grab it for myself what I get is to the people of the East End still it's wrong maybe it is but deep down you know that what people like Falcone and Moroni do is far worse than what I'm doing well if I don't stop holiday probably what you.

Do will be worse speaking of it how haven't she captured the whole day yet I mean you had months to hunt him down he knows what he's doing and about the time I've had you should know that crime never sleeps while I investigated this case I still had to deal with other crimes like.

Poison ivy and the Joker why don't you just leave those other crimes to the cops they can handle it they can't if they did I wouldn't even be Batman do you have any suspects I do.

Am I one of them definitely not that's a relief excuse me sir but the bad single is on I'm sorry cat but I have to go it's okay bad I know my way out good luck.

Harvey where's Gordon he's not here I called you what is it Moroni made a deal he's going to turn over all the Italian mob for us he is going to testify so the Italian crime families will.

Finally be dissolved that's exactly what we wanted congratulations Harvey I just hope no politician gets in the way and frees these mobsters now we have to go after the Penguin and Fish Mooney before they try to continue Falcone's Legacy maybe I'll have to sit this one out.

I might have to take a break after taking Cal Falcone I'm sure that'll be well deserved but what about holiday Jim I was just talking to Batman about you can tell me about it later Harvey there has been another murder who was it this time Fish Mooney.

Civilobus it means politicians what does he mean by that my theory is that he's building a sentence with these words I was thinking that too so far we had justice liar I am death Vengeance death celebrate fall crime corrupt and now politicians but I don't think that they make a connection they're probably connected.

I think the message is Justice is a liar I am death death celebrates the fall of crime and corrupt politicians so death would be a subject when I fought him on St Patrick's Day He said I am mortis the word mortis means death and that's how he called himself mortis.

What about the word on loab's murder vengeance you didn't put that in a sentence because Loeb was a personal Vendetta whatever mortis's reasons are it has a direct relation to loeb's past that's a strong Theory with fish Mooney's death I can only think about one person to be holiday.

Or mortis It All Leads to the penguin he is one of the two suspects on my list you still think that harv is a suspect Jim can you tell me where Harvey was when the murders happened I'm so glad that you came by to take some coffee with me Gilda I'm glad to be.

Here by the way where's Jim and little Barbara Jim went to work already and Barbara is at school ah okay is everything okay I I don't know I have been worried a lot about Harvey lately why what happened he's been acting weird.

Since the Joker attacked him on Christmas maybe he's just too stressed about his work Jenna's like that every time that's what worries me everything is going to be okay soon Gilda after all today's the big day your husband and mine are taking on the.

Italian mob finally I know and I'm really glad for them but is it really going to ever end my father knows that you're going to testify against him and the other families I would never do that against them I'm doing this for myself I am well aware of that.

Is that what I think it is as far as I know it's just a remedy it's how the woman's worried about my ulcer how touching this court is now in session the prosecution calls Salvador Vincent moroney also known as boss moroney to.

The stand oh one second I'm coming do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth I swear Mr Moroni that you work the Roman no I walk with Falcone but like a big family.

But isn't he the head of this big family a witness said that he is number one and you are number two that means he is the chief whoever said that's a liar we work together to control our business and what is your business restaurant.

Who sell drugs in the which is your main business and you also have killed for Falcone we have proof that connects you to their murder of the bertinellis I don't know about that Mr Dan I have to remind you that you're under oath and everything that you say can be used.

Against you yeah so yes the Roman sends his regards Salvador Moroni you've been accused of theft 12 murders and organizing crime what do you have to say in your defense can I take my remedy to treat my also.

First ulcer what remedy this Harvey I'm calling an ambulance your dad Dan did you really think you had me take the defendant back to his cell we are live with urgent news the district attorney Harvey Dent was attacked by Salvatore Maroney the owner.

Of maroney's restaurant right after that the gcpd found Mr Dent's wife Gilda Dent dead at their house the police department couldn't give any more details about what happened to her we just hope that Mr Dent recovers from these two situations Jim why don't you have a seat I will never forget the sound of Harvey.

Screaming I I just hope that I could have done something there's nothing we can do right now until the doctor Tommy how was Harvey he will survive right now he is stable and the nurse is taking good care of him.

Plastic surgery will be able to repair most of the physical scars I've just scheduled it for next week thank God right now I'm more worried about the mental scars foreign what was that.

gosh he's gone why are you here where is Harvey Dent if I know that you've been dead already he disappeared on August 16th the nurse who was treating him was found dead today is September 6th.

My theory is that you already killed him if I did it would have prove that then is holiday something that you couldn't or maybe you don't want to maybe you let him create this whole long Halloween thing so that we could be taken down I saw my man call us long Halloween if you think that Harvey is holiday and.

You haven't killed him yet I would be very careful after all today is Labor Day officer Aaron Cass called you on the red phone from Arkham Asylum he said that they may have found something about the holiday killer officer cash love you God.

Well I have a big friend of detective Christmas Allen who was working on a holiday curler case he told me that you discovered the killer calls himself mortis that's right so when I came to work today I remembered about some letters that and made received and The Sinner was referred to as blade Morris there's no sender's address.

Yeah we just found them in the mailbox he probably put them there himself but there are no currents where the mailbox is and who is the inmate that received these letters Julian day I know that you're not holiday Julian Gordon said you'd capture him by March.

But you didn't he's smart who is he who is holiday there's a lot of Mystery but officer cash told me that you received letters from someone called blade mortis.

And we both know that holiday prefers to be called mortis but I want his real name it's Labor Day Batman and you have something he wants sure to kill me commissioner no we're transferring you to Blackgate Stewart really we are taking serious precautions to avoid that holiday kills.

You all right why not just put me in an armored car thank you I am mortis no I hit you now it's over.

I will call for backup go after Moroni who who's that the jury tense are you alive heads you live and cave you die.

No no I've got your sick Batman Batman what the hell happened here Harvey Dent killed Moroni Harvey was here yes but he ran away what is that.

He's a human his name's Waylon Jones okay we will take him to Arkham and moroni's body to the morgue what about Harvey we will go after him later right now we have to put an end to Holiday he is in our custody at gcpd's interrogation room.

So who's going to start no more games Duncan start talking oh commissioner you can end the theatrical of the good and the bad cop you can tell your friend because stop lurking the shadows and face me look at him the man of the hour just between us the guys in blue would never.

Have caught me if you were not there guiding their little Minds why did you do all of this this Oh you mean my heart you know that Latin is a dead language I'm not here for a history lesson Duncan Justice is a liar I am death death celebrates the fall of crime and.

Corrupt politicians but I suppose you're wondering about my missing word why I left out Vengeance on this sentence that's because Loeb was a personal matter he killed someone very close to you didn't he very perceptive.

Maybe you are the world's greatest detective you know what they say about New Year's Batman bye bye all things the same death my parents received without any motives the mob and these corrupt police officers killed my parents message is not only a threat but also a.

Promise and why kill on holidays holidays or special days during the year out of the ordinary something to be remembered turns out I'm an ordinary killer every holiday will be turned into a tragic memory for those people who ruin lives and pursuit of power and.

Know about the letters you sent to Julian day you can tell I got that inspiration from calendar man I was his lawyer helped the guy to be cleared insane and go to Arkham Asylum you told me about his crimes I like the idea I would know that ideas.

Are powerful they can spread faster than a virus my work is done my message is sent the mob destroyed lots of lives already this has to end just look at some of the more popular examples Bruce Wayne had his parents killed because of a criminal Harvey Dent the Beloved D.A was twisted.

With a bottle of acid I didn't what you could not I declared war a crime I won did you have a hand on what happened to Harvey I may be a killer but I have principles and of course nothing against Harvey need someone to blame.

What about you start looking in the good old Falcone family Sophia may know the answer to your questions because I saw her visiting Moroni before the trial so did Harvey what the hell is happening Gordon we believe that dent might be coming after you so I was right he is holiday no we've.

Captured holiday clay Duncan is the serial killer clay Duncan a lawyer I have to ask you to go back inside Falcon for your own safety fine it's been two hours already do you think that he's coming no okay guys let's go back to the.

Department Gilda my wife they took her from me the job my wife they took everything from us we got to take care of them for good she deserves Justice what Jim and Batman do her justice.

Yes she deserves justice but our Justice Good Hits we LED Batman the gcpd take care of Falcone we hit them hard excuse me sir but miss Kyle is calling you tell her that I'm busy I have to find.

Harvey it's been one month since Mr Dent disappeared have you stopped to think that he may not want to be found that's out of the question Alfred Harvey is a dangerous man now so I can just hope that you find him and figure out a way to help your old friend I will.

But I don't think that Harvey wants help what is it master Bruce there's something wrong in the asylum from the footage it seems like everything is fine sir that's the problem Alfred those guards on the footage are Sunday's crew but today's Monday.

Oh my I'm sorry just like Mr sturkin says today is not your day of freedom Julian day happy Halloween.

Batman there's been a massive breakout from Arkham Asylum send a team here there are a lot of guards dead Julian what happened here you're too late Batman he's already on his way who did this.

A two-faced man he's known as Harvey Dent oh no today is Halloween laughs your Reign is now over Roman I will let no monster run in my city.

I would rather burn this whole city instead of giving it up to Maniacs like you chances you may have a chance to fight back Carmine the coin will decide it but first I have to deal with the personal Vendetta what Vendetta.

Sylvia now it's your turn Harvey wait I don't think so all right bye bye that's it.

Harvey don't pull the trigger you're a good man if you kill Falcone you'll be just like him let's solve this by the book you of all people should know that the system doesn't work the only law that works is the law of averages I can decide Justice by the flip of this coin.

No this can't be now it's over Harvey give me the gun think about Gilda what would she think about you right now Gilda give me the gun Harvey we can help you I don't think.

let's try this one more time no how so here we are the three of us reunited once again Falcone is down and he is down by the book we got him.

But at terms we agreed one year ago soon enough so Coney will be out there destroying more wives you need help Harvey as far as I know it's you too who need help with Falcone each runs free again I have to congratulate you too as Falcone's men called The Long.

Halloween is finally over and you've captured the two holiday killers Merkel take him to a cell what did he mean about two holidays clay Duncan is holiday but Harvey killed Moroni and Sophia Falcone in two different holidays.

So it means that Harvey Dent was holiday killer too this was hell of a long Halloween but at least the Italian mob is down and we captured a serial killer but after all that's happened losing our friends was it really worth it.

Jim I heard the news you arrested Harvey yeah Harvey's not himself he killed people the Harvey I knew would never do such a thing we had to transfer him to Arkham I'm so sorry Jim and what are you going to do now.

I have to continue my duty still goes on I believe in Gotham City chilled up you keep doing that in a mural break look who it is the man of the night it's good to have you back Bruce thanks harf it's good to be back man how long.

Has it been since you started this crazy study aboard of yours five years wow five years I guess that this is a welcome party though you never had any reason for those big parties when we were in high school you're right this is Alfred's idea actually.

I wanted to keep me updated about Gotham's news but I could read about the cleaning up that you and your bat friend are doing in gcpd congratulations thanks Bruce it still is a work in progress we sought to go after the Mobsters they are the big ones hopefully I get reelected so I can.

Finish what I started I'm sure you will you know that you'll have my support put a dent in crime oh look that lady is coming in our Direction I guess that nothing has changed you still monopolize the girls I actually brought this girl to meet you.

oh Harvey Dent this is Gilda gold Gilda gold Harvey Dent it's a pleasure to meet you Miss gold I guess that you're the White Knight of Gotham I'm more like a gray Knight actually I don't like to wear white though I am wearing a white suit tonight.

So why did you choose to be a lawyer Mr dent I believe that everyone deserves a fair judgment what about you what do you work on I'm a sculptor but I also work with marketing okay so if you don't have a boyfriend or a husband let's have dinner tomorrow wow you move fast Mr Dent life moves.

Fast Miss gold so what do you say would you have dinner with me yes Gilda Harvey spoke to your psychiatrist Grace Lamont.

And to Dr Thomas Elliott will do everything in our power to make sure that you get the help you deserve old friend how do we let this happen Bruce why is the world so cruel I was just trying to do the right thing and Gilda she was just married to the wrong guy.

I'm so sorry Harvey no you don't it's because of you that we are like this you and Batman all this started when you supported our campaign to be re-elected as D.A and Batman was not there to save us and I lost everything Harvey.

Go away Bruce leave me alone I swore to my parents to free this city from the evil that took their lives I declared war on crime I took down the serial killer known as holiday I arrested Carmine the Roman Falcone and my friend Harvey Dent.

Now the war goes on it may never end but I believe in Gotham City and I'll never stop fighting because I am Vengeance I am the Knight I am Batman foreign foreign.

foreign foreign foreign.

thank you foreign thank you.

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