Be finest my like Chapter 6 (English Sub)

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Be on me my love if you likemy video don't forget to like comment and subscribe thank you yeah zero yeah so you came to visit Grandma again what is itany of your business sister let me tell you some good news I'm entering at University you actuallyreally out here my father's product made a lot of money since they were delivered on time that washow I had the chance to enter the university for novels thanks to the young master ball for sparingus thanks Mission if you want to thank someone harming me like this aren'tyou afraid of Retribution yes I wanted to harm you what can you do about ityou once I go to that University for novels and meet someone through it I can live a life oversorry just by there as for you or talk you are.

Pretending to be me you don't have a singleCent to pay attention with isn't that right how about you beg me sister perhapsI can loan you some spending money and look that using Force haha goodbye sister probably even when harming others the cell phone is swinging hell how come youstill haven't come back yet you want to you have become so daring I I still return right nowwhat's the matter my food was slightly injured that's all I will go back right now don'tknow I will come to pick you up I'm fine who is that he is so handsome.

Oh here let it come so quickly how are you I'm fine I had a doctor take a look just nowit's all yet you are saying that you are fine who did this I didn't know that personforget it it was just an accident looks so come I will take you tosee the best doctor just carry her

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  1. WOW he cares about her tons perhaps he wanna catch out who did it he going to sanatorium camera stare then he is aware of who develop this to her 👍😘🌹💗💕💝💘💘💖💓🌺♥️😍

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