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Are your videos kind of boring? Do you put effort into yourvideos but it turns out like this? Don't you know the right resourcesto enhance your video? So today invest 10 minutes inthis video and get such result. In this video I will tellyou all the websites which I use daily to edit my videos. So this is my secret folderwhich I have saved in bookmarks. Whenever I edit my videos, I open it and it has all the treasuresthat you need to edit a video.

Let me take you in this. So this is the first website that I alwaysuse before I have to upload a video.. Now by putting your thumbnail on thiswebsite, you can check how it is going to appear on different devices and that toowith its title, let me tell you how. So first of all here we have todrop our thumbnail in this way and here we have to drop our title. And after that you cansee how it will look on your laptop, phone, tablet,youtube and everywhere?.

This is the home page, this is thehome page small, here it is in the sidebar. If it is visible on the channel'spage it will look like this, in playlist it will look like this. And from here you canturn on its dark mode as well. So always after making a thumbnailin Photoshop, I put it here and see if some important text has becometoo small that you are not able to see it. After that if you needfree templates then I will tell you a sitecalled, Here you will find animatedtemplates, which you can use,.

Such as this Twitter or a text messageor simple animated background. And after that this like, subscribeand also this message notification. And here you get manytemplates which you can also edit. Simply tap on it, from here you can change your logo,here you can enter your company name. And Done. After that you can exportit here on the right side. Now for 1080p you haveto get the Pro version, but simply export it in 720p and scale iton the timeline, nobody will know anything.

And similarly here you getunlimited templates which you can edit as you wantand it is very simple too. And its special thing is thathere you can export it as a video, so you can use it anywhere, use itin any software, put it in any video. And even you can export itas a transparent video too. Or after changing the background colourto green, I can remove it in any software. Then the next websitethat I use daily is And here you will get stock video,stock music, sound effect, video template everything and that too absolutely free.

Like here I go to the videosand from here I take any video. Here I can download it in 1080p or 720p. If I want drone shots, Ican take that too from here. Like this is a shot of a drone. After that, you get the music here,which you can use anywhere in your videos. This can be a very goodintro music for any video. Wait, let me save it, Iwill use it in the next video. After that you will get a sound effect here. Is there a fire somewhere?.

And also I use this websitefor templates for Premiere Pro. Now as you come here youwill get an option of templates, here you get templates for Premiere Pro,After Effects, Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve. I come to Premiere Pro becausehere you get to see good text effects as you can see this text effectwhich I used in my last video as well. Or if you want to use this text effect. And not only texts, here you get transitionlower third, glitches everything. We have come out for the next website. As you must be shooting yourvlogs, I hope you do not do like this.

There is a lot of noise behind,as you can see, the noise of the vehicles and the noiseof the tonga that is coming. So if you are a news reporteror make a vlog like me, then you can remove yourbackground noise from this website. But the people who arestaring at you in the background, you cannot do anythingto them with this website. So here's the website This is one of their AIfeatures, which removes your backgroundnoise with the help of AI.

I wish this could correct my fumble too. By the way, the audio thatyou were listening till now, it was something like this. And yes, there is a lot of noise. But after enabling it you canhear my voice, how crisp it is. Now I can sing too, but youwon't want to hear that, thanks. Then comes anotheronline tool, Magic Eraser. Simply go to this website,here upload any of your files, from which you want to removesomething unwanted or something.

As I see what we have to remove. Like let's take the thumbnail of thelast video, drag & drop it over here, and here you'll get a brush, let'ssee what we can remove from it. I'll draw on it and it's doing its work. O, it removed the text aswell and put the wood at the back. Very nice tool, by the way, Iwill try to erase here once more. Will it make my facedisappear too, let's try. The face has also disappeared, if youwant you can put someone else's face here. Means if you do this work in Photoshopthen it takes you at least 5 minutes,.

Here this work is done in 5 seconds. Brother, this is a cool tool, Ican relax and it will keep working, wow AI is doing great. After that I'll tell you a website for freesound which you will not find anywhere else that is freesound. org And from here I took a lot ofsounds for my Anime video. Here you will find sound effectsthat you will not find anywhere else. So this is also a very good sitewhich you should bookmark now. Now as I search hereAnime so here you will see it..

You will get such sound effects,Freesound is a very good website. Then I have some free stock videos & photoswebsite that you can use in your videos. If you make green screenvideos, you're going to need a lot of stock footage, a lot ofstock photos, in the background. So this is a website, here youwill get photos which you can use anywhere. You read their licence once,then as you go on explore here, there are free videos here too. Here now you search anything like food, then here you'll get to see videos relatedto food and so we can use it anywhere.

Like this beautiful and wonderful videoof donuts, you can use it for transition. Or Pixabay, here you will find stockimages and as you click here on All Images, here you will get to seewhat this website has? Photos, Illustrations, Vectors,Videos, Music, Sound Effects and Gifts ! Here you are getting a store of everything, you search anything here and youcan use the same thing in your videos. But read their licence here, maybe youhave to mention the owner of that video or else you have to mention the website. But these websites aremore safe & secure than your.

Images and videos takenfrom Google or anywhere else. Now let's go to our next websitefrom where you can search many fonts, Which is But here you get a lot offonts, very beautiful fonts. Now this is not like any otherwebsite where you get millions of fonts, that too in different styles. But here you get cinematicand very elegant fonts, which you can use in each of your projects. As you can see the interface ofthe website only after it is opened.

Tell me which font you wouldnot like to use from this page? Here you get 32-33 fonts in total. But as soon as you like any font, like theBasier Narrow font, I like it very much. Here you can see belowhow you can use this font, how it will look like after you write it. And after going above, you candownload it for free or you can pay. I'll download it for free. Here after a couple of secondsyour download link will come and you can download it.

I really like it, I'm installing it man. But wait, this is just thebeginning of my folder, more treasures are yet to come out of it. Apart from this, there is another websitewhere you will get Ai's Tadka on memes. You can create as many memesas you want with this website. The name of this website is And here if you want to makea meme of yours with text, then here you can enter any idealike spent 10 hours to edit a video.. Now let's see what wonders it shows.

Here it will give you manymemes by making them, but you have to choose which one is better. Like when you spend 10 hours to editing. Yes you can also edit it from here. You can edit the text oryou can make it as you want. The next website is Yeah, weird name, but this websiteseparates your vocals and your instrument. And from this you can extractbackground music of any song or any video. I hope you have understood.

Now, as they have alsogiven an example here. This was the song. Now here the instrument isseparated and the vocals are separated. You get 10 minutes in the free one, so if you want to do avideo, you can simply do it. So till now in the video, you have foundany such website which you did not know or it is going to be very useful foryou, in your videos or in your life, so go ahead and commentfreely, whatever you feel like. We target for 2k comments and.

As soon as we get 2k comments wewill upload another part of this video. Where I will open my other tools folder. And yes in the last reaction video weasked to make a reel in 2k comments, that too is coming soon,so follow on Instagram. I have probably written 10 in the title,but I myself have forgotten the count, which website is this, but Iam tellig you, so keep listening. After that I use many times in my videos,this type of text which is behind me, then you can use a website for that Upload your video here, it willmake your video transparent.

This will select your subject and thenyou can add anything in its background. Well it takes a lot of time todo this thing in After Effects but here you can do it within 10 minutes. So as always subscribe the videoand like the channel if you like it, and yes we come to anotherplace, our Vlog channel. If no one has seen itthen go there and watch it, if you like it then like that channel too. Come here, let's take some Gutkha 🙂

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