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Hearing that Hyun J would bring Eugene yoon's anger peaked he stared intently at him even high you now called hyunjay a crazy bastard yarin came holding her ax telling him to stop the and give Eugene back hyunjay's attitude made everyone alert even seonghan and peace also looked irritated.

Opened his mouth strictly ordering hyunjay to let go of his brother or everyone would fight to take Eugene away from him hyunjay's eyes radiated a murderous Aura he weighed whether he should kill them all there so he could have Eugene for himself the buff that doubles his attack damage.

Is still active if he kills them all here and makes excuses about the SS class monster everyone will believe it and with only remaining MKC and Hansen Guild he could easily dominate Korea to crawl under his feet Hyuna stomped her spear on the ground then pointed it at hyunjay she gave an ultimatum that Abby's Guild.

Might hold back because they are afraid of hurting yujim but she's different she's gonna go for his hyunjay's neck as soon as he does something wrong because they have already killed the monster and are done eliminating this dungeon he should be nice and listen to them before the Bloodshed starts again pyinja glanced at Eugene's hand.

He realized that Eugene's Pride item which could nullify all the damage is broken now if he was too rash eugen's life could be really in danger there was no other way he finally could only give up he came to hayuna while handing Eugene to her saying that he was a nice guy so.

He won't do anything now but the angry you owned released his power and attacked him who was immediately parried by hyunjay's Chain while smiling sinisterly as they were about to fight each other yarim stopped them with her ice she ordered them to stop fighting and get out of there because Eugene's.

Condition was not good Hyuna agreed and told hyunjay to act his age and stop harassing someone young enough to be his kid you owned immediately came to Eugene then warned hyunjay not to approach his brother again but Hyun J answered it's going to be a bit difficult because he really likes.

Eugene almost exploded again but Hyuna stopped him and made him take care of Eugene Hyuna said this might be for the better as long as Hyun J likes yujin his safety is guaranteed and Eugene is stronger than he looks so he needs to relax a bit after so many things happened in the.

Dungeon they all came out from there the dungeon raid was over so many things happened in this dungeon and everyone was left with relief inside of them a few days later the public was all talking about the news of an ss-class monster appearing in an A-Class dungeon because of some anxiety from the hunters.

And the media the personal information about the hunter who rated it was Kept Secret but seong Han being promoted to S-Class was news all over the world same as for those who were in the dungeon they changed to some degree in Hyena's case she took a bold choice to cut her hair.

She explained that she only cut a little bit because it's hard to recover burnt hair and she won't care about the old geezers anymore it's not worth being tied up over Breakers have to grow and learn how to be independent too well everything has to be changed for the better.

The appearance of the Beast Mount and the presence of a blacksmith while S-Class Hunters got experience as a teamwork together it's the beginning of changes to the old system on the other hand Hyun J called someone told them that the plans changed he ordered them to prepare and come back.

To Korea the twin siblings of diovelschisis he was sure that the cogwheels had started turning and everything now sucked into Korea and in the midst of these changes Eugene wakes up because chirpi kicked him in the face he asked why chirop woke him up but what.

He saw instead were people screaming with emotion because Eugene had finally woken up he was surprised because all he remembered the last time was when he fell asleep in the dungeon in response myeongwoo yelled that he had been fainting for two days seonghon told them that the doctor.

Explained there was nothing wrong with Eugene's body and myung-woo replied that Eugene must overwork himself then there were four S-Class Hunters yet they couldn't even take care of him Myung Woo's angry face made everyone stutter yeren told Eugene about chirpy that kept crying so they brought him to this.

Hospital with special permission she asks how if they should take chirpy back so he can rest better but Eugene answered that it was okay chippy didn't bother him at all he petted chirpy and asked if our little chirpy missed his daddy a lot remembering what happened Eugene immediately checked the system and.

Checked his perfect nurture skill he was delighted to see seong Han on the S rank list that's a sign of seonghan successfully completed the level up requirements but something seemed strange here he is startled to know that peace has also become an S rank confused Eugene questioned whether peace.

Grew up quickly when he was asleep he immediately asked Myung woo to take him to peace but Sean Han interrupted explaining that peace went to a dungeon with uion for a couple of days Eugene then remembered that his brother told him that he was going to go to an S-Class dungeon soon but why seonghon.

Didn't go with you owned and stay here seonhan glanced at yerem and she responded that the two of them went to the dungeon alone leaving yujin who could only be surprised to know the fact when they were about to enter the dungeon together peace suddenly turned big and shocked the other guild members.

But when Yeon saw it he noticed that peace had grown stronger from the last time he saw him they stared at each other like talking to each other through their eyes then used his skill and created a barrier between them and the rest of the guild firmly he ordered everyone there to get.

Out because he would only enter alone with peace due to that Eugene now feels dizzy and annoyed because you yawned in Peace's behavior is arbitrary he couldn't believe how they could enter the dungeon alone an S-Class dungeon takes 10 days to raid they are not going to even be able to.

Sleep if it's just the two of them kept calming Eugene assuring them that they would be fine since they had a gate Stone and started to distract Eugene by asking what reward he got from the last dungeon yearim explained that she got SS class equipment as the reward an earring called mermaid queen.

It increases mana and mentality let her move freely underwater and also efficiency for water and ice skills increases by 30 percent with pride she told him that she would raid all the underwater Dungeons and repay all the debts real quick Eugene was suddenly taken aback while seeing yarim's happy face.

He remembers that jerem was supposed to be a cold person as an A-Class Hunter but now is an S-Class who after Awakening is growing up while being taken care of by many people eugens is really excited to see how much she will improve Sean Han told him he was happy enough to get a gate Stone and Eugen immediately.

Opened the screen to find out the reward he got he told them he got some SS class item and opened it quickly but somehow the atmosphere became odd something strange came out from the system a nameless Demon King's old water wheel a reward he never expected to get.

They are all confused because it is a water wheel is it supposed to be for threading well it's an unexpected hobby for a demon king Eugene was lost in his mind he's sure the system should have given it for a purpose not just a random useless stuff he never used for.

After a couple of hours Eugene who was bored turned on the television to find entertainment but the first news he heard was news about seong Han who is now being prepared to be appointed as Vice guildmaster within the month shocked by the news Eugene asked about the truth of it and seonghon informed.

That it was true since yarium is also S-Class they thought of making her the bi-skilled master but because she is still in middle school seonghan is the best option hearing that Eugene became very happy and congratulated seonghon he was sure that Sean Han would be the.

Best for the job and he looked forward to it because it's a big event they should celebrate a promotion party but Sean Han refused that he explained that many people had already congratulated him even the Hansen Guild also sent him a bouquet of flowers so he thought everything was enough.

Knowing that the Hansen Guild had congratulated seonghon Eugene was aware of the gossip that Park mingyu from the Hansen Guild was close to seonghan seonghon explained that he has connections with the Hansen Guild because he used to be in Hansen long ago Hansen Guild is under the big Corporation of Hansen group and he with.

Hunter Park mingyu used to be co-workers when one of the guild owners offered him to take over the guild and marry his daughter mingyo suddenly awakened as an S-Class so he ended up marrying the daughter and becoming the Guild Master Eugene made a surprised face he didn't expect seong Han's life story to be like the drama he often watched.

Seonghan said the Hansen Guild apparently doesn't see Abby's as a threat despite having three s classes well he knows that mingyu doesn't like being in the spotlight so he won't try anything to make his Guild more powerful like the other guilds he recalled that many people said his opportunity was being taken away but he.

Liked how things are now he doesn't want to be a Guild Master because he feels more suited to be a support character than a leader so he will make sure to be as supportive as he can if you own Eugene realizes that seonghon really suits to get this position he took care of all the members in the.

Dungeon and was really good at Teamwork despite being a high-class Hunter Eugene smiled and told him that the future Abby's would be bright with seonghan care unexpectedly a dope KB appeared from behind YouTube he also commented on seonghan who had been appointed Vice Guild Master and.

Agreed with Eugene shocked Eugene's eyes almost left his head screaming why Union could be there Union replied that he just visited and brought him a gift so that Eugene would recover quickly being the dope KB in front of his eyes seonghan asked Eugene isn't okay be dangerous.

But Eugene only smiled while praising Union as a good dope KB and his friend Eugene then gave Union a drink and checked the development of the long-distance travel skill from him but the system pop out telling that Union species is incomplete and he needs an item that's similar to the basic elements of the specific species to.

Awaken the long-distance travel skill Eugene who just found out about this thought what incomplete species meant and started looking for basic elements that were suitable for him since Union's basic element should be a water wheel he needs to get something similar but then he realized about his reward.

From the dungeon before an old item that is similar to a water wheel this is it the system gives him rewards only for this purpose Eugene then gave the water wheel to the dope KB when he saw Eugene's gift dokebi said that this thing was really from The.

Demon King and it was way older than him he told Eugene that the Demon King should be something terrifying with big horns and a strong body but when he proclaimed that he would become a demon king Eugene who didn't notice what he meant just laughed at him from the water wheel a black Aura came out of nowhere.

Seonghon reflexively activated his barrier and protected Eugene from the dark aura but that aura wrapped seonghan and it looked like it was going to do bad things to him Eugene who panicked immediately told Union to stop doing weird things and immediately put seonghon down.

But the dope KB before him suddenly transformed forming horns and wings from its body shouting that the Demon King should be scary and he will be a demon king himself not knowing what happened Eugene could only check Union's condition and it turned out that the system stated that.

Union had now become a demon king and became an SS class Eugen was even more surprised he had never heard of a case that a dope KB could become a demon king like this Union went berserk and kept talking about him as a demon king he kept emitting his Aura making Eugene have to activate the shield from his.

Equipment he never thought that doke KB would turn out like this especially after knowing his rank was SS class doesn't this mean he's stronger than bavar of the giant turtle at least bavar was Meek not aggressive like this seonghon kept trying to free himself.

From Union's Aura but he felt that his strength was not enough to save himself or Eugene the dope KB laughed evilly asking them how scared they must be right now if Union runs amok this place would be destroyed in an instant even seonghan that is already S-Class now can't even touch him.

But Eugene realized something he didn't feel any effect from Union's Aura didn't his earring only provide b-rank defense and it should be broken against SS class or like this the aura that's completely wrecked the special Ward hasn't touched him or the area around him maybe this is because the influence of.

Skill still has an effect and Union as the Demon King still considers him as his grandma grasp the situation Eugene immediately shouted and scolded Union pretending that he wasn't scared at all he took pieces toy fishing rod and kept talking that Union made a shitty mess in the hospital.

He approached and hit him with the toy without the slightest fear you who was surprised asked why Eugene wasn't afraid of him when he had already been a demon king in response Eugene explained that the Demon King was not scary at all and a goblin would be a hundred times scarier when he was a goblin myung-woo and Dr.

White both fainted Union glanced at seonghan then said that maybe Eugen wasn't afraid but other people must be frightened of him now Eugen immediately gave seonghon a code asking him to act with him aware of Eugene's code seonhan immediately shouted at the Goblins were indeed much scarier and he was only.

Startled because he thought Eugene might be in danger Eugene made fun of yunyun and kept saying that the Demon King wasn't scary feels that he failed to scare people and because Eugene and seonghon kept explaining that goblins are more scary he finally decided to stop being a demon king and started transforming again.

The black Aura dissipates and they can only see a bright light coming from Union said instead of being a demon king he would transform into something cooler the system shows that now Bill KB become a great Goblin King The Mask broke revealing a new form of Union which is now very different.

He opened his eyes and smiled introducing himself who was now the Goblin King Eugene just smiled happily he managed to get through the crisis earlier and even Union evolved into something greater though KB explains that he lost the Demon King's power but it's okay since now his power is stronger than before.

After all this mess someone knocked from outside the door inquiring about the situation in the room seonghan then said goodbye and would take care of everything that happened in the doke KB when berserked before Eugene just nodded telling him to calm down and go because now you noon is back to normal.

Eugene then turned to the doke KB asked him to demonstrate the new skills he got after evolving but Eugene's eyes could only widen when he saw a union who could disguise himself it's a new transformation technique called Goblin mask but he can't imitate skills or stats only looks.

This skill is so good even chirpy can't tell the two of them apart and is confused Eugene then asked about the Goblins teleportation skill because from the start he intentionally influenced him for this super long distance portal skill Union was surprised because Eugene knew.

His new skill then immediately activated his skill and summoned a big gate he explained once every 10 days he could go somewhere really far even though it had to be a place he visited before due to this jackpot Eugene jumped for joy and cried with emotion because finally he could use Union as much as possible so now that dungeon research.

Will be a breeze he was so worried that the hospital and society would crumble to Pieces because Union became a demon king but now he is so relieved even thanks to the system because they are doing a good job with a vicious face Eugene immediately ordered Union to investigate at dungeon right this moment.

But the dope KB refused because he was busy now since he's a great king now he needs to have his own subjects so he must go around and visit Old deserted buildings to gather his people hearing that Eugene was stunned asking if Union could create goblins from the old building now.

To which he immediately agreed he is a king now so it is his responsibility in Duty therefore he is going directly to find subordinates enter the gate and wave at Eugene Eugene who turned out to be afraid that Union would forget his duties still asked him to investigate some dungeons.

While looking for subordinates he convinced him to visit China After Japan since there's a huge population he might find many subordinates feeling it was a good suggestion Union promised Eugene to keep doing his job even though he was now the Great Goblin King then enter the gate and leave.

Immediately leaving Eugene relieved because everything was over but he suddenly stiffened remembering Union said he would bring a lot of goblins so how many is that that time Eugene only thought maybe Union would only form a goblin Village so it would be okay and perhaps he.

Needed to start looking for Village territory eventually Eugene regretted letting Union go that day the next day The Guild leader was on the phone with a chairman explained that Eugene would be coming home today also informed that the training facility had just finished being constructed.

But the other person said something shocking making him slam down his cell phone after the phone went off he complained about the association that would send a representative to Eugen but he couldn't refuse or do something because you owned was still in the dungeon now Dr White asked wouldn't it be a saver.

Option to have public officials check out the training facility rather than another Guild Master but the guild leader just shook his head describing that indeed Jupiter in the breaker Guild Master are dangerous too but the representative is another person of an entirely new dangerous caliber an awakened management chief officer.

That man will be the representative on the other hand jerem never thought that Eugene's hospital room would be destroyed overnight since this is a specially constructed Hunter Ward there must be a disaster here before but Eugene calmly told her that nothing much happened and he was fine now.

Rim came to him with a scary face emphasizing that he was not fine look at his Dark Circle it's sure that Eugene couldn't sleep yesterday annoyed Eugene yelled why yerim came there on a weekday she was supposed to go to school now yearin panicked and immediately found an excuse clarifying that the teacher just.

Sent her here after she asked for early dismissal Eugene was only dumbfounded he scolded jerem and told her to seriously attend her classes because he knew this matter was not something they should be laughing about the awakened can easily bypass legal regulations especially high-rank hunters.

Even more so if they are an S-Class like yarim they aren't Bound by society's rules or physical strength overseas the guilds with high rankers already have more Authority than their governments or have overtaken their governments paralyzing the nation the reason Korea is able to function.

Right now is thanks to its existence Eugene then told yerim to go back to school because he already had someone to pick him up the association is sending someone and that person will show him around the new training facilities too the only S rank Who belongs to the nation the only person who remained even.

After his Awakening for government and acted as support for the hunter Association among the big guilds the former police officer who comes to arrest an S rank Hunter as soon as they disobey the law the person in question came and greeted them introduced himself as a representative from the hunter.

Association and would accompany Eugen he introduces himself as Sante won the chief officer of Awakened management as soon as they saw him taiwan's big body caught their attention Eugene knows the S ranks are all pretty big but this feels like his width is especially noticeable his body is so big that his car looks.

Like a child's toy when he was trying to park his car unexpectedly a car from the other direction drove fast and looked like it was going to crash into his car the car kept going until it finally hit taiwan's car Eugene and yarim could only be shocked by their silly faces.

But the man came out from his destroyed car as if nothing happened based on Eugene's perspective the car that hit him seemed to do that on purpose and as expected Hyun J got out of the car that hit Tay one saying whenever he saw Taiwan shoved into the car with such a huge body he couldn't help but press.

The accelerator in reflexively said that hyunjay was getting crazier every time they met but Eugene immediately covered her mouth and told her to evacuate everyone in the hospital if it's Hyun J everything is possible this Hospital could really explode at any moment.

Since Taiwan possesses a special investigator permit for hunters and it's a huge eyesore for all the big guilds Hyundai sure has a grudge against him they stared at each other then Hyun J told Taiwan to send the bill for repairs to Jupiter Guild or maybe just take his car for now but Taiwan instantly declined if he.

Accepted anything above a certain amount it might be considered bribery so he would call his insurance company first on the other side of the road Eugene and yarim were even more surprised they didn't expect that Taiwan as an S-Class Hunter would just let it slide and not get angry if it were Hyuna or you owned the hospital would have.

Already exploded he's even cleaning up the broken debris from the crash Eugene stared at Taiwan in all he's really different such an excellent example for an s-rank police officer and of course utterly different from all the other s ranks looking at his calm mannerisms Eugene is.

Sure this isn't the first time such an incident has occurred mainly the problem from that crazy Hyun J Hyun J then came to Eugene and asked about his condition he also pointed out that he had heard geon's position was currently in a dungeon Eugene who didn't know what to do just.

Made small talk and asked the purpose of hyunjay's arrival there which he immediately replied that he actually came here to pick up the infant female thornwinged dragon that was recently born since soil must already be at the training facility they can go together but Taiwan interrupted them explaining.

That he was the one in charge of showing them the training facilities hyunjay then stared at taiwan's wrecked car taunting him because he couldn't take Eugene and yarim now he said sarcastically that he wonders if Taiwan is going to cause harm to Eugene as a person holding such an important skill because he is using a car that can.

Be destroyed with just a slight Collision feeling cornered by hyunjay's words Taiwan Bose to Eugene and asks for forgiveness but Eugene instantly told him to stop apologizing because he would ask Abby's Guild to send a vehicle for them and for Hyun J he politely asks him to.

Go because he must be busy he's sure that soyong in himself can take care of the new baby monster Hyun J who was disappointed said that he was always rejected by Eugen when he offered something he thought they would become closer by now Eugene who initially felt disgusted became uncomfortable remembering that.

Hyun J always gave peace snacks even giving him items in the end he agreed to hyunjay's suggestion to go to the training facility together feeling a strange pressure yarim turned her body and looked at Taiwan who was staring at Hyun Jade with a scary face well this is predictable hyunjay keep.

Provoking him before but after being observed he's not glaring at hyunjay but at Eugene what is happening right now does he have another objective in mind sometime after they finally arrived at Eugene's training facility this building was just finished and all of this belongs to YouTube.

Currently hyunjay is touring Eugene in yerem explaining various things in this facility suddenly soyon came and greeted Eugene while carrying something in her hand she said that she had been waiting for him for a long time and she was so excited she then showed the baby dragon that she.

Was holding a female Thorn winged dragon and she named it comet Taiwan saw the baby monster and said he didn't expect that the infant Beast Mount could be this small but soion clarified that the baby dragon would grow to be very big later Eugen activated his Sprout skill confirming that this baby monster has.

The current stat as a d-class and has s-rank acid breath without wanting to wait Eugene pulled out the owner token he was carrying and tried to tame comet because of perfect nurturer skill Comet instantly took a liking to Eugene and flew towards him while Eugene and soil were having fun.

Taiwan felt something behind him he then unconsciously glanced there and was surprised to see a griffin unprepared he immediately asked everyone to evacuate however it turned out that the Griffin was blue that had come to Eugen when blue sees Comet he remembers that peace used to beat him up then does the.

Same thing to become comet's boss seeing Blue's reaction Eugene immediately ordered yarim and soyan to catch the monsters when he distracted them he took out his musical instrument and tried to attract the attention of blue and Comet so that in the end the baby monsters could be caught and put in a.

Cage seeing all that taiwandu was also there could only be silent without expression he clenched his fists like he was angry about something then mumbled that something was definitely wrong here after all the commotion soyang finally said goodbye and asked Eugene to take care of comet.

She hugged Comet one last time then left happily from there after she left Eugene could only cry seeing how much soyong loved Comet and hope that if only you owned could be a tenth nice to peace he then turned around telling Hyun J and jerem to go home too of course they refused they still.

Insisted on accompanying Eugene because they had no activities at their homes but then yarim pointed at Taiwan explaining that if he went home too she would also go she claimed Taiwan had been glaring at Eugene all this time and it was bothering her Eugene actually already knew that from.

The start Taiwan seemed to look at him with an angry feeling he's not that stupid well he already knows there must be another reason why Taiwan is here why would he come here just to be a guide he's sure that taiwan's purpose is related to you owned because thinking that Taiwan would never.

Try to hurt him he explained to yarim that Taiwan is a public official so he won't kidnap or do anything Taiwan immediately responded that it was true unless Eugen had done something illegal Eugen also persuaded hyunjay to leave there after seemingly thinking for a long time.

Hyunjay finally agreed to leave there and yerem immediately followed while giving orders to contact her immediately if anything happened after all the annoying people went home Eugene asked Taiwan to grab some coffee and talk while making coffee Eugene asks if it must be a lot of work dealing with.

S-classes and if it must be harder since it's his job in response he said that everything was okay there have been fewer dungeon breaks recently the hardest time was when there were a lot of dungeon breaks because it was common for a high-class Hunter to get upset when dealing with dungeon breaks.

Especially when 2s class Hunters were in the same area it was impossible to deal with feeling the direction of their conversation towards you yond yujin also asked about how his brother had been he innocently replied that yuyong did blow his arm off once too ashamed Eugene cried and asked for.

Forgiveness for him but he just told Eugene not to worry since arms can get stuck back on as long as a potion is available and Yeon did pick up his arm so there's nothing to think about unable to believe it Eugene said that his little brother was worse than a monster.

Taiwan said yes to Eugene's opinion and because of that he was worried when he heard that Eugene was entering a dungeon with those kinds of people Eugene just smiled he understood why Taiwan could be worried Taiwan continued to say that awakened s classes are impossible to manage even if Eugen has a very precious skill he is.

Still an f-class and a very easy opponent to them he suddenly came closer to Eugen causing tension between them and said the real reason he came here today was to check on him Eugen lost his word but Taiwan ordered him to answer without hiding anything did Eugene receive any physical or.

Psychological damage from them did nothing really happen back then when they were together at the dungeons a bit clueless Eugen only thought that Taiwan was worried too much about him so he just replied that it took a lot of work to stop them from fighting but he never got any physical damage or anything.

Right at that moment something terrible happened Eugene's coffee fell to the floor because taiwan's grip on his shoulder was painful enough that he had to lean and hold it then taiwan's hand went up to Eugene's neck started to strangle Eugene until Eugene said shakingly to let him go.

But Taiwan with his cold eyes didn't feel sorry at all and continued to strangle Eugene he is now sure after watching him ever since the hospital the real problem is Eugene can't believe what he hears Eugene's eyes widen what is this stupid officer talking about isn't he coming here to discuss about.

You owned no it doesn't matter now the most crucial subject is why he choked Eugene all of a sudden so that is the end of the chapter if you enjoy content like this don't forget to like And subscribe to web story and don't forget to check another video.

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