Bekas suami sanggup berkorban nyawa demi isteri, tetapi isteri memilih lelaki lain

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Wang Yue is the bride. Her blood pressure is stable now. Eighty, 110. Liu Dong. The groom is also stable. He's not the groom. I'm the groom. He came to my wedding and asked my wife.

If she would go with him. Liu Dong. Just you wait. This is not over. Wang Yue doesn't love you at all. Say it again! Don't move! Do you want to die? It's not a fatal wound.

My wife is… She's not your wife yet. Shut up! Liu Dong, stop talking. If you hadn't come, we wouldn't have been pierced together. Doctor, take the pipe out. I don't want him to stick behind my wife.

Would you stop arguing? It's not as simple as you think. We cannot move the pipe casually. If it is moved casually, both of them might be in danger. So stop arguing. Can you cooperate with us? And you two, try not to move.

And talk less. I heard it seems to be a violation operation of the inflation can for balloons in the wedding hall. It exploded. The bride's ex-boyfriend just came to make a scene. And they got pierced. What we need to do now is to send them to the OR.

And we must reinforce it. In the process of transporting, there should be no bumps. Otherwise, it'll be dangerous. Wang Yue mainly hurt the aorta and lung. Liu Dong's position is behind her. So he directly hurt the right atrium.

But if we move the steel pipe now, they may die of hemorrhoea any time. The best result will be high paraplegia then. So we must think of a plan to save both of them as soon as possible. Wang Yue, you hurt the aorta.

And lung. Liu Dong, you hurt the right atrium and the spine. We should have thought of a perfect way to operate on you. But we don't have much time. It's urgent. So now we have to remove the steel pipe of one of you.

To operate on the other person. If we remove Wang Yue's pipe first, then before we do it, the doctor needs to perform an extracorporeal circulation for Liu Dong and evacuate veins. In that case, there won't be too much bleeding in the right ventricle. He can barely survive. And his spine.

But… Wang Yue, you won't have time to do the thoracotomy in this way. If we remove Liu Dong's steel pipe first… Stop it. Remove mine. Liu Dong. I owe you too much.

I don't want to owe you life. Liu Dong, listen to me. If we remove yours, even if your life can be saved, you'll still have high paraplegia and lie in bed for the rest of your life. No. Don't try to persuade me.

I don't agree to move Wang Yue. No. I know you well. If I let you lie in bed for the rest of your life, it'll be more painful than let you die. Doctor, I'm willing to take the risk. Move me down. I disagree.

I absolutely disagree. I came to you. I brought all these to you. Even if you didn't come, it would still explode. If you hadn't jumped at me, I would have been dead. Director Tang, I don't agree to move Wang Yue.

I will not agree to move Liu Dong. When I was in the OR, I thought of a plan. hybrid surgery? Yes. It's totally feasible. The plan is right in front of us. We didn't figure it out. Even a group of surgeons didn't figure it out.

But you figured it out. But you have a reliable anesthetist. The stent is released successfully. The aorta is saved. We can separate the patients. Yes. How is Liu Dong? I'm here to tell you.

Liu Dong made it through, so don't worry. Great. I've discussed with the nurses. When you almost recover, I'll ask them to let you have a video call with Liu Dong. No need. Why? When I recover,.

I will marry Wei Jie. You still want to marry Wei Jie? But when you and Liu Dong were in the OR, both of you were willing to sacrifice for each other. I thought you would… When the explosion happened, Liu Dong jumped at me and protected me. Both of us.

Can sacrifice our lives for each other. But we can't get through the trivial things in life. Dr. Tang, how many explosions can people experience in a life? But in life, trivial things are everywhere. Wei Jie is the most suitable person for me.

Some people are suitable to be together forever, while some can only be hid in the heart forever.

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