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Benny Maru known as rimuru's right-hand man is a subordinate who is well liked by the strongest Fighters for his love of fighting and his willingness to take on any opponent originally he was the son of the chief of the ogre tribe and attacked rimaru with a mask along with a few survivors however he is now trusted by rimaru to the extent that he is.

Entrusted with all the military leadership despite his position and exceptional appearance Benny Maru is not very good at romance and can be quite cowardly in this video I will explain the circumstances leading up to Benny maru's marriage as well as introduce the fierce battle between Momiji and Alvis please enjoy the video Until the End.

This video contains spoilers for the anime and manga beyond the latest episode so be warned Benny Mario's love life Momiji appears after the battle with Hinata and her allies rimaru becomes the Demon Lord and is busy improving the roads and building a road connecting the Sorceress dynasty of thalian and the Tempest Benny Maru Alves.

And some members of Team kurenai visit the Tengu living across the river to obtain permission to build the road they are greeted by Momiji the daughter of the Tengu tribe's Elder but there is no welcome apparently there was a misunderstanding that the Slime Demon Lord was trying to invade their territory and develop their sacred.

Mountain which led to a fight between Momiji and Alves the Kusha mountain range The Tempest wanted to open up was considered Sacred by the Tengu tribe including Momiji in addition Alvis was insulted being called a smelly snake which led to the inevitable fight however alvis's status altering skills had no effect on Momiji who had an.

Overwhelming amount of magicals so Benny Maru had to intervene to end the fight at first Benny Maru watched the fight while drinking tea but he had to intervene when he noticed that Momiji had poor combat experience and control over her Aura and that Alvis struggled with momiji's strength Momiji and Alvis were shocked by Benny maru's.

Intervention however it turned out that the fight had nothing to do with the will of tengu's Elders and Momiji had a big misunderstanding the Tengu tribe was originally caught up in the struggle between the Sorceress dynasty of thalian and the Demon Lord Frey as Frey was aiming for the Sky City and the Divine tree however the power gap between the.

Thalian faction and Frey was almost negligible and the battle was prolonged Frey tried to recruit the Tengu tribe who were excellent in aerial combat and had high combat power to her side as a result a three-way battle between thalian Frey and the Tengu tribe ensued furthermore in the midst of all this Frey chose to join Milam's forces after.

The Clayman vs rimaru showdown at walpurgis as a result opposing Frey became the same as opposing Milam making it difficult for the Tengu tribe to decide on a course of action then Benny Maru the strongest subordinate of rimaru and a friend of Milam and the three strongest Warriors of the carrion infection which also joined Milam's.

Forces suddenly appeared so it was natural for the Tengu tribe to be wary of them later Momiji participated in the audience with rimaru the newly born Demon Lord before the founding of Tempest and became friends with Tempest in addition it was revealed through a letter from kayode the Elder of the Tengu tribe that momiji's father was.

Hakuro in fact several hundred years before the story of tensura began hakuro and kayode spent a night together and Momiji was born during that time after that kayade became weak after giving birth to Momiji and became unable to serve as the tribe's Elder so Momiji became the tribe's Elders proxy when it was revealed that the Tengu tribe's.

Elder had been hakuro's wife the story progressed smoothly and the opening of the mountain range was decided Tempest continues to have a relationship with the Tengu tribe and Momiji participated in the war with the Eastern Empire achieving great military exploits After the War settled down momiji's reward was to marry Benny Maru Benny Maru was quite.

Shaken but Momiji had arranged things in advance so he became Benny maru's first wife it seems that they also talked to Alvis who was also in love with Benny Maru however Alvis naturally had feelings for wanting to marry Benny Maru as well although Tempest recognizes polygamy becoming a second wife is a condition for widows who want to have.

Children therefore according to tempest's rules Alves had to marry with phobio one of the three Beast caters of the carrion faction to become a second wife after that the two fought in a labyrinth and phobio died Alvis was able to fulfill the condition of becoming the second wife of course even if someone dies in a labyrinth they can be.

Resurrected immediately so there is no problem however it seems that phobio did not fall for alvis's plan without any reward but rather believed that he would marry her if he won I feel sorry for phobio who lost in any case Benny Maru also wanted to have children as he was originally the son of the ogre tribe's leader and wanted an heir furthermore as.

A reward for the war with the Eastern Empire rimaru gave Benny Maru 100 000 Souls which allowed him to evolve into the top-rank a god Orga however if he had evolved he would not have been able to have children so it was the best timing for Benny Maru features of Momiji Momiji was born between kayode and hakuro she looks like a normal person.

But has dog ears White Wings and beautiful hair that Fades from white to Red she has a fierce temperament that shows hostility from the first meeting but that's because she thought her precious Village was being threatened when the misunderstanding was cleared up and the Elder coyote forcibly tried to bond Momiji with benimaru Momiji blushed.

And showed signs of agitation Momiji was attracted to benimaru who was handsome and stronger than her furthermore she believed that a good woman is one who can make the man she loves turn around and became proactive in trying to attract Ben any maru's attention rimaru listened to these reports and thought it was up to the two of them to decide if.

Benny Maru would become momiji's partner however Benny Maru was confused by the sudden news Momiji also misunderstands things such as rimaru's friendship with Frey and is quick to jump to conclusions even kayade reminded rimuru that she is causing a lot of misunderstandings but take care of my daughter momiji's feelings for Benny Maru were clear to.

Everyone and her sister shuna supported her it's heartwarming to see Momiji trying to learn to cook and get closer to Benny Maru strength of Momiji it is often thought that strength is not related to getting married but there are many women who chase after Benny Maru in Tempest and strength is naturally essential Momiji can control Flames.

Freely and burn enemies to ashes using the Yokai magic inherited from her mother kaide moreover Momiji seems to possess a power that is trusted even by Executives like Shion as she is a user of the obero flow used by hakura and Benny Maru momiji's extra skill godwolf sense is superior to the magical power perception system skill and can nullify.

Not only illusion and hallucination magic but also abnormal status skills in fact when they fought in Tengu Village she showed a state where the abnormal status effects like paralysis of Alvis did not work at all furthermore as mentioned earlier Momiji has inherited almost all of kayode's power so she has a huge amount of magicals inside her.

Body in battle as a Tengu she uses the fan and she has overwhelming strength against Alvis even though she has almost no combat experience with this there seems to be no shortage of support for Benny Maru alves's characteristics Alvis is the leader of the three beast coutures and has the golden snakehorn she is a beautiful woman with long hair.

And a calm and intelligence demeanor in her first stage of beastification her lower body is that of a snake and in the second stage she transforms into a dragon-like figure to fight Alvis witnessed Benny maru's strength when they fought together against clayman's Army in the war and it is believed that this is when she began to be strongly.

Attracted to him when Alves and Benny Maru visited the Tengu Village together Alvis who was identified as a follower of carrion a member of Frey's group was treated with suspicion and hostility by Momiji although it was a misunderstanding their relationship as Rivals both aiming for Benny Maru continued after the walpurgis it was.

Decided that Frey would be in charge of intelligence albus's wisdom was often wasted on how to make Benny Maru fall in love with her and she started appearing frequently in Tempest for no apparent reason Alvis and Momiji often had battles and a certain friendship began to Blossom as they fought together to become Benny maru's wife both of them.

Have the intelligence to lead an army so it was only a matter of time before Benny Maru fell for them let's take a closer look at alvis's specific strengths first of all alvis's extra skill snake eye is a skill that inflicts status ailments on anyone in her field of vision allowing her to defeat a wide range of enemies in an instant in fact.

During the battle with clayman's subordinates she petrified yamsa's henchmen in addition Alvis also possesses the unique skill suppressor suppressor is a spatial skill that has the abilities of thought acceleration spatial motion and spatial suppression among them spatial suppression is a perfect ability for Elvis allowing her.

To trap enemies with it and then sweep them away Alvis is also skilled in close range combat not just long-range combat thanks to her bestialization ability bestialization is a transformation skill unique to lycanthrope which allows them to exhibit the combat power of their animal traits making it their preferred form to use when fighting seriously as.

The leader of the three Beast kateers Alvis is a strong individual who can defeat even phobio she was able to defeat clayman's subordinates with relative ease determination to getting married the changes in Momiji leading up to her marriage to Benny Maru are significantly different between the web version and the novel version let's.

First examine Momiji in the web version initially Momiji completely underestimated rimaru and Tempest in fact during the audience ceremony Momiji mocked rimaru as a mere slime and displayed a disrespectful attitude saying things like being a Demon Lord was just a stroke of luck anyway moreover she made these remarks not only.

In front of Benny Maru but also in front of Shion which was quite terrifying however since these remarks were made just before the Marshall tournament rimaru invited Momiji to watch the tournament Momiji who had been making a confident remark saying I will check the level of those who serve the Slime was left speechless after watching the.

Tournament this was because the members who participated in the web version of the tournament were monsters like Benny Maru Diablo Xi'an soe hakuro ranga geld and Gupta to put it bluntly watching their battles was like watching Demon Lord class fights especially concerning Benny Morrow and Diablo they were even stronger than Momiji had imagined and as.

A result she recalled her comment to rimaru and thought about the Tengu Clan being destroyed after the tournament Momiji immediately went to apologize rimaru who wasn't bothered at all accepted her apology however momiji's words didn't end there to show her sincerity she proposed to marry Benny Maru in fact while watching Benny Mara's.

Fight Momiji had fallen for him and her straightforward personality was fully displayed in the novel and manga versions as well Momiji initially displayed open hostility but when she learned of Benny maru's strength she blushed immediately although she displayed a strong attitude that wouldn't allow her to be underestimated.

During the audience ceremony as soon as she realized that she had misunderstood rimaru's intentions she quickly settled into a character like a natural and cute young girl however even though Benny Maru knew of momiji's affection he didn't immediately respond as rimaru's right-hand man it seems that Benny Maru had his own thoughts on the matter such.

As not being able to ignore the nature of monsters that losing their power after marrying and having children as well as frequently going to the battlefield as a samurai General however Benny Maru was pressured by hakuro's mysterious words like don't tell me you don't like my daughter and was criticized for his indecisiveness by.

Shuna although he managed to postpone his decision while being shaken he was eventually put in a situation where he couldn't avoid it when a certain situation arose during the temporary ceasefire in the war with the Eastern Empire Benny Maru received Souls from rimaru and aimed to evolve into an awakened Demon Lord by reaching the.

Level of a god Orga the concept of lifespan disappeared and it was revealed that Benny Maru had a lingering desire to leave descendants as the son of the clan Chief before he became unable to have children at that point when rimaru tried to Grant getting married as a reward without permission Momiji and Alvis stood up and each volunteered to.

Be Benny maru's partner in fact the battle for Benny Maru had already established a clear hierarchy in which Momiji was the first wife and Alvis was the second wife and all that was left was to wait for an opportunity to push for it Benny Maru continued to be confused but when soe said take them and show us the results and hakuro and shuna.

Recommended them and finally confirmed the unwavering feelings of Momiji and Alvis Benny Maru made up his mind and publicly proposed to take two wives thus the two beautiful women and Benny Maru bonded their souls by the way polygamy is not allowed in Tempest however there is an exception for widows who want children and Alvis was adopted as that.

Exception the three Beast caters phobio and Alvis got married once and fought in The Labyrinth with phobio dying for the time being this allowed Alvis to gain the position of a widow who had lost her husband and officially become Benny maru's second wife here too their strange wisdom was at work childbirth did Benny Maru and his wives.

Successfully have children after getting married in volume 16 of the novel Benny Maru successfully had a child and evolved his magicals did not decrease but actually became stronger Benny Maru himself is not sure how this happened and soe persistently asks him about it by the way the gestation period of monsters varies greatly and some lay.

Eggs while others give birth in the midst of the increasingly fierce battle since volume 18. both Momiji and Alvis are taking refuge in a labyrinth waiting for the time of childbirth either child is likely to have the potential to become an awakened Demon Lord like Benny Maru and his two children but the priority is for them to be born safely.

How was it this time I introduced Benny maru's marriage Benny Maru who is inexperienced in love has finally welcomed two wives Momiji and Alvis it would be fun to see soe continue to tease Benny Maru without being caught by shuna In This Channel I will continue to study to enjoy tensura in the future so please subscribe if you haven't already.

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