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To see new ghost stories every week, subscribe to the Bangla Bhuter Golpo channel and don't forget to press the bell icon. [bike engine starting sound] Friends, today's true ghost story is sent by Abu Sufian Shihab from Bangladesh. And this incident happened to him. Thank you very much for sharing.

Our Facebook videos on your Facebook ID by typing #bbgolpo. So let's start with the real story. Year 2019, winter. And at this time the specialty of our area was playing badminton from 7 pm till late night.

And I had a special attraction towards this badminton game. After studying a little in the evening, I would go to play badminton and return home around 12 to 1 am. And on the way home after a badminton tournament from a particular area, a ghostly incident happened to me.

Which will be a dark chapter in my life. That evening, to play a badminton tournament, left for a distant village on my father's motorbike. I rode the bike for some time and reached the badminton field of that village. The game of the tournament.

Started exactly at 8:15 PM. When it's time for me to play, I put my mobile on silent mode and put it on the organizers table. The game of the tournament ended around 11:30 pm. I was surprised with my mobile in my hand. 19 missed calls from home!.

I quickly called home and informed that I was leaving immediately. After saying goodbye to everyone, I left for my home. As it was late night, I was very scared in my heart. And with the terrible fog sometimes nothing could be seen.

in front of the road. As a result, I was riding the bike very slowly. After slowly traversing several roads like this, suddenly the engine of the bike stopped. And stopped at such a place, where nothing could be understood.

around in the fog. At that time, a gust of hot wind passed me this winter. And as if the fog passed! Looking at the side, I could understand that it is a road next to a cemetery. I started to fear for some unknown reason in my mind.

Now I tried to start the engine of the bike quickly. But the engine did not start. I was surprised when I looked ahead. A light came from a hut near the cemetery onto the road. I got off the bike and headed in that direction. I went to the hut and saw,.

A man is sewing a white shroud. And the wax light beside him was all I saw on the road. The man is sitting all alone in that hut sewing the cloth of the shroud. Hoping for help from the man, this time I moved towards him. I went right in front of him.

And asked, Hay! listen. Now the man looked at me and said, What! Is the bike not starting? I was surprised to hear this! I immediately asked, Yes, but how did you know? This time there was no answer to my words,.

He said directly. Why did you come this way at night? Suddenly the candle went out before I said anything! And the surroundings were engulfed in darkness. I quickly turned on the light of the mobile phone, but Alas! The phone turned.

Off showing “battery low”. Then I thought, hey, I have a gas light. I immediately lit it. But what I saw in that light, I was absolutely stunned! Where is the hut! and where is the man! There is nothing ahead.

Now I ran to the bike. I was completely shocked when I looked at the cemetery. The man entered a broken tomb wearing the shroud he had made. At the sight of it, I fainted there. I opened my eyes and saw that I was lying on the road. Now sat up, tried to.

Turn on the mobile. The mobile is turned on and there is some charge. Now I saw the time, 4 o'clock. I did not understand what to do. Meanwhile there is no mobile network to call home. Now I tried to start the motorbike. After several attempts,.

The engine of the bike did not start. I picked up the mobile phone again to check whether the network came on the mobile phone or not. But what is this! It is now 4:40. So I have been trying to start the engine of the bike for 40 minutes! What is happening to me!.

Suddenly I heard a sound of footsteps. And that's what I saw A headless ghost, with a skull in his hand, was coming towards me! After seeing this scene, I felt like I was going to die now! I immediately closed my eyes. At that time I heard the Fajr Azan.

Open my eyes and see, there is nothing ahead. Now the courage was transmitted in my mind. When trying to start the engine of the bike, the engine started. I quickly left for home. And when I reached the front of the house,.

I lost consciousness again. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a hospital bed. My father was standing in front and he asked, Where were you all night? And what happened to you? I didn't answer. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

After being released from the hospital, I told my story to a well-known Imam of the area. After hearing everything, he said to me. Whatever happened to you, these are all the work of evil devils. Had it not been for the Fajr call,.

Something worse could have happened to you. I give you a glass of holy water, drink it. And also try to forget the incident of that night. And especially at night, going out should be reduced. [ The End ].

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