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To see new ghost stories every week, subscribe to the Bangla Bhuter Golpo channel and don't forget to press the bell icon. A woman, dressed in white, bows and rests her head between her knees. And from his direction some very vague words are coming out. Today's ghost story(sotti bhuter cartoon) was sent by Sion Das from New Barrackpore.

in North 24 Parganas. And this incident happened to him. Well, have you ever seen anything unusual at night? And if you see what it was? The year was 2019, then the festival of Durga Puja was going on. And every year this time brings endless joy.

and happiness in my life. Because during these few days of Puja, I hang out with my friends a lot and don't study at all. Because the school is closed due to Puja festival. The most enjoyable thing is that during this time, my two friends and I went out almost every night.

To visit Tagore in various puja mandapams. And when I went to see Tagore at night, I was faced with a ghostly experience. That day was the Ashtami night of Durga Puja. Later in the evening we three friends arrived at New Barrackpore railway station in a toto. After waiting for some time the train came,.

we all quickly boarded the train. Sajib and I sat side by side on the train seat, and Gaurav sat in front of us. The train was quite empty. We left for Sealdar. Reaching Sealda on time, hired a toto and started visiting various puja mandaps.

With much cheering and cheering, it was ten o'clock in the evening when we arrived at Sealda railway station. Meanwhile, we were so busy roaming around the puja mandap that we all forgot that we had not taken any food since evening. And not eating this food or stomach hunger is main couse of.

My ghostly experience. Well, it's only 10 o'clock at night! Let us now go to Bangaon. Let's visit the worship temples there. I opened the wallet and saw that there was some money. Now I said with respect to Sajib, I agree, but Gaurav you say. What is your opinion about this?.

Look brother, I will be out all night today! That's my last word. We both laughed a little at Gaurav's words. And when a Sealda to Bangaon local train stopped at the station, we all boarded the train. The rooms of this train were also quite empty. As a result, we sat with two seats facing each other as before.

After chatting for some time, everyone expressed their hunger pangs. First Gaurav said, We have not taken any food since that evening. Very hungry brother. What to do! would you say Yes brother, I am very hungry. I didn't feel anything for the fun.

But now the stomach is very hungry! Sajib looked out of the window of the train and said, Only we cross Guma station. Let's do one thing, don't go to Bangaon today. Get down somewhere in front, eat and drink and then explore the puja mandaps of that area.

Hmm, agree bro. After about half an hour the train reached Habra station, we got down there. We checked into a small hotel near the station and ordered food. With chicken and thick dal served with white rice, three of us ended up eating quite contentedly.

Now with the information about the puja mandap of this area from the hotel manager, we started walking. After visiting 3-4 nearby puja mandapas, we left for Habra railway station in a van. There was no movement of people on the road then. After some time we reached Habra railway station,.

We left for New Barrackpore by the last train of the night. When we reached New Barrackpore railway station, it was 1 pm. Look now it's 1 o'clock, and after some time it will be dawn. There is a famous tea shop near this station. Every day from early morning,.

The sale of tea starts. We spend the night here instead of going home. I already said that I am not returning home tonight. [laughter] We sat on the bench placed next to the wall of the station and started chatting. After chatting for some time,.

all three of us got busy with our mobiles. Sajib and Gaurav were playing games on mobile, and I was browsing Facebook. After dinner we wandered around the various puja mandapas. As a result our food was digested very quickly. I saw on the mobile screen, 2:15 am.

I was feeling very hungry at that time. Meanwhile, the other two people were very busy playing the game. I am very hungry. Let's look for some food from the market near the station. Bring some food for me too. Yes, I am also hungry. Bring a bottle of water with you.

Now I started walking along the platform of the station. As I move forward, it seems as if the darkness is increasing. Because the station has no lights on this side. Suddenly 5-6 feet ahead of me on the floor of the station platform.

A woman, dressed in white, bows and rests her head between her knees. And from her direction some very vague words are coming out. I was surprised at times! In the darkness of this night, why is a woman sitting on the floor?.

I was very scared. The surroundings are completely silent. There were some puja mandapas near the station, but there was no sound coming from that side either. And there is no sound of a fox or a dog.

Only a vague sound coming from the side of the woman! I dare not take another step forward. I quickly turned back and saw, in the distant light, two of my friends playing mobile games. I didn't call them again, lest they think I was a coward. Courage came in my mind.

At the moment, and I thought. This woman might be crazy. And she stays here every night. But I did not dare to cross the woman and exit the station. So I decided, I will go out of the station through the next platform number two. Now I jumped from the platform.

and reached the rail line. After crossing two railway lines in a row, just as I was going to get on the platform, I saw that woman dressed in white sitting on the platform in front of me. I could not believe my eyes, how is this possible! Suddenly the woman raised.

her head and said, Hey, are you very hungry! I also hungry too. The woman's voice was not the voice of an earthly women. As if I was dying there! At that time I ran along the railway line with my last strength towards my friends.

I shouted in front of them, Sajib—Gaur-B! They made me sit on a bench and asked, Hey, what happened to you? I told them the whole story. Turning on the flash light of the mobile, the three of us again went there.

But the woman was not seen there. We did not stay at that station that night and quickly went to each house. The next morning I did not tell my family about this, because if they knew, they would not allow me to go out to see the puja at night.

After that I went to that railway station and trying to took a lot of information about that woman. But no one could say anything about the woman dressed in white that night I saw her. Still I visited that railway station many times, but never saw that woman again.

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