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To see new ghost stories every week, subscribe to the Bangla Bhuter Golpo channel and don't forget to press the bell icon. It can be any crematorium or graveyard! Now I have no more doubt that the one whom I thought was my uncle for so long.

is actually not a person! Friends, the true horror story you are about to see today has been sent by Aditya Kumar Ghosh from Shatkhali village in Magura district. And this incident happened to him. So let's start the real ghost story. My mother and I went to.

my uncle's house during the winter holidays. But two-three days from uncle's house, my mother left uncle's house to our own house. That is, I was alone at my uncle's house. Every afternoon I would go around the village on uncle's motorbike with him and.

Eat various kinds of food in the village market. And We used to watch movies at night. I spent my winter holidays at my uncle's house with great fun. Thus my school holidays were ending one by one. My school opens tomorrow. And just the day before is a big surprise!.

My uncle called me and said, Listen Adi, there is a wedding invitation today in a village 8-10 km from here. Shall you go there? Hearing the wedding invitation, my heart danced with happiness. Because I like the atmosphere of the marriage house very much.

There is a lot of hanging out with new people and huge meals. But at the same time I was worried, because my school is opening tomorrow. And my mother will come to pick me up tomorrow morning. So even if I goes wedding, I have to come back to my uncle's house by tonight.

Yes uncle, I will definitely go. But we have to come back tonight. ok ok. You get dressed and ready, we will leave after evening. Just in the evening, we both left for the wedding house by motorbike. After some time we reached.

the wedding house in the village. It was very well organized. And along with that, there were different types of food and drinks. After eating and drinking, when I want to left for uncle's home, it was 12:30 in the night. Now I went to look for my uncle. But I was surprised to go to him!.

He is drunk with his friends. What happened uncle! Don't go home? Look nephew, my body is not feeling well. Today it remains here instead. We can go home tomorrow. My school will open tomorrow morning. I have to go to your house now. No words came out of my uncle's mouth.

He closed his eyes and remained drunk. At that time I had an idea! Before that, I learned to ride bike from my uncle. But never riding a bike at night. Uncle then you give me the key of the bike. I will go home alone. Without saying a word,.

Uncle gave me the key of the bike. I was very happy. This is the first time I'm going to ride a bike at night! Starting the bike as usual, I left for uncle's house. Since the road is quite straight and there are very few bends in the road, I was driving the bike at a speed.

of 60 km. After some time, I came to a road where there were paddy fields on both sides of the road and some fan palm trees and date palm trees bordering the road. Just at this time, suddenly the bike's oil indicator showed “0” and the bike's engine stopped.

I was quite brave since childhood. But here, for a moment I got a bit scared. What to do now on this deserted road! Now I remembered that even though the bike has run out of oil, there is some oil in the reserve tank. I use the reserve oil and started the bike. As usual, the bike started,.

but the headlight of the bike did not light! I was completely surprised by what I saw in front of me at such a time. Uncle is standing in front of me! Uncle, what are you doing here? You were at the wedding house, right? You told me to leave alone. So how are you here now? I will told you everything.

First you get off the bike, come with me. I was very happy to see my uncle. But I was surprised. Because, where does uncle want to take me at night? Now I left the bike and started walking behind my uncle. Uncle where are you going at night?.

There was no reply from my uncle. After walking through the fields like this for some time, I was startled when I suddenly saw the side! Two or more graves can be seen in the distance. It can be any crematorium or graveyard! Now I have no more doubt that the one whom I thought was my uncle.

For so long is actually not a person! It may be an insatiable evil spirit. Realizing this, I quickly turned around and started running with all my strength. But after crossing the road, I saw the spirit standing in front of me! Seeing this appearance of the soul,.

I fainted there. On regaining consciousness, I found myself in front of a sadhu or tantric. My uncle and my mother were present there. What did you see at night? I then told him the whole incident of the night. He listened to my story and said,.

Your luck was good that you had a amulet on you. So that soul could not do anything to you. Just he scared you and tried hard to hurt you. And you are rescued from a roadside crop field, blocked by foliage.

Since this incident till today, I am not out of the house after 8 pm.

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