Blast From The Previous Normal Dragon Ball I Dragonball Normal Assortment

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If you were a 90s kid you mighthave heard this music yeahit's Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball was created byAkira Toriyama serialized in Shonen Jump magazine from 1984 to 1995 and the anime serieswas aired in 1986. Adaptations by movies video games and other forms have led it to becomea global phenomenon making an indelible mark Goku on his quest to find the legendarydragon balls if these mystical spheres are combined they can unleash the GreatDragon Shenron who can grant him any wish as the story progresses Goku develops intoa great martial artists pushing his limits through rigorous training and difficult battleshe competes in various Martial Arts events fight strong opponents and battlevillains looking for Dragon Balls.

Later on the franchise launched Dragon Ball Z in which Goku grows older. It alsoshowcases the growth of his son Gohan. the next sequel Dragon Ball super in this series explores other universes with thespice of Multiverse tournament foreign Dragon ball Gt- In a gist, Goku transforms into a child and looks for dragonballs to reverse his transformation. the franchise has formed countlessmovies specials and spin-offs head off to them the strategy isstill working even after decades.

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