Boruto Anime Ends After 6 Years

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The boruto anime is going on Hiatus it's time for the latest news out of Japan a recent leak revealed that boruto would be going on indefinite Hiatus starting in April 2023 then viz confirmed it when they announced the final episode for part 1 on March 26th this means boruto fans have only a few episodes left until the break but that also means a second.

Part will be coming in the future according to the leak the break will last anywhere from three months or more but this still hasn't been confirmed in the latest episode boruto followed kawaki who was using himself as bait to protect his new family he met up with two new villains Ada and code so he could keep Naruto safe boruto got.

Involved to keep kalaki out of danger too and activated his karma from the pacing manga fans figured out that part 2 will start after a Time Skip and that will leave anime only fans on a major Cliffhanger but other fans aren't sure about the choice to split the anime into Parts the Nar Naruto anime did the same thing during its run by renaming its.

Second Parts shipoden while in the manga it's just one story with a Time skip in the middle when Naruto finishes training with Uriah but Berto has received a lot of criticism because of the anime's choices one of the main reasons is the amount of failure episodes it includes of the 293 episodes there's about 126 Filler episodes that's 43 of its content.

So the news that it's going on Hiatus has brought out a lot of negative comments and some people are hoping it doesn't return back in February fans took to Twitter to complain about the quality specifically because of how Naruto's face looked and there's the scene of boruto crying in 2022. that's still famous for how badly it was.

Animated fans are hopeful that this means they'll get more episodes that follow the source material even if it means less content likewise animators and the staff for the show can have a much needed break and that would also mean better animation over all but considering that studio Piero also animates bleach's Thousand-Year blood.

War Arc people believe the break is to focus on that since it returns in July 2023. it's also expected to have 52 episodes total black Clover's first feature film was also done by them and is releasing in June 2023. it makes sense that the staff would need a break from the promise of an epic time skip to this upcoming Hiatus boruto fans can.

Only hope that their patients will pay off half as much as it has for fans of the Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi games

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