Boruto Manga Unearths Sudden Hiatus

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The boruto manga is going on Hiatus it's time for the latest news out of Japan big things are brewing in the world of Shinobi following the news that the Border anime has now injured Hiatus after episode 293 fans were expecting the manga to use this time to try and get ahead of the TV show instead it's become clear that the manga is now also.

Taking a break after chapter 80 the staff plan to take a three-month pause from their prior monthly schedule with chapter 81 planned for release on August 20th this makes it very likely that a Time skip is incoming perhaps one that pushes Us close to the scene we witness back at the start of episode 1 following events in chapter 79 the status quo of.

The Ninja world has shifted greatly this pause will give Kishimoto and his team a chance to refocus on the new arc and amp up the stakes for the coming battles they have one remaining chapter to put a cap on the current ERA before moving forward to a relaunch of sorts a new sasquale and a whole new plotline Black Clover did almost exactly the same thing.

Taking a three month break before beginning its final Saga one piece did the same following the end of wano taking a one month Hiatus before moving on towards the Egghead Arc this is becoming a trend for mangaka allowing them to better Pace themselves rather than risk burning out there's also a possibility that this delay has been.

Caused by the narrow top 99's contest conclusion Kishimoto promised to produce a one shot focused on the winner of the contest in this case fourth okage Minato if that task is proving more difficult than expected this three-month break on the board to manga will get Kishimoto more time to get it made before returning to his current main series he.

May have even chosen to expand Beyond a one shot kishimoto's statement at the end of the contest mentioned that it was currently running to more pages than he anticipated perhaps he's going to run it for a couple chapters or expand to cover the top three contestants Hitachi and Sakura that same statement did have Kishimoto highlight his pride in how.

High Sakura placed getting more votes in Sasuke and Naruto combined whatever the reason behind it however fans are far from enthusiastic about this Hiatus with both anime and manga taking a break at the same time there's not going to be any new ninja content for a while more than a few Avid ninja Watchers have taken to Twitter in despair at how long.

A break this is going to be fans who dislike the anime original content are particularly annoyed pointing out that this will likely mean the show will start part 2 with their own arcs to buy the manga time to progress still even this news can't kill the ninja fandom Spirit fans are already planning on re-watch parties for the duration of the.

Hiatus While others are speculating on what cool new status quo ships we might see once the manga finally returns no one likes their favorite manga taking a break but when it's one with a fan base as passionate as boruto's you know everyone's going to celebrate when August 20th comes and the new chapter drops the wait will only make that.

Moment even sweeter at the same time the new Pokemon anime without Ash is finally here and we even have a brand new Pokemon

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